Automatic sperm extractor

| September 19th, 2012


Recently an entry on Weibo about an automatic perm extractor went viral, it says, “A hospital in Nanjing introduced an automatic sperm extractor. The screen on the machine plays artistic movies and with surround sound in the room. There is a massager at the bottom of the machine with adjustable speed and frequency. Now you can make that money standing up!”

Zhengzhou evening news claimed in a report that hospital in Zhengzhou also has this machine. Reporter went to Zhengzhou Central Hospital, affiliated to Zhengzhou University. Directed by hospital urology department head Zhu Guoxin, reporter finally saw the “amazing machine”. Just like the pictures on Weibo, the machine had a display screen on top and automatically played artistic movies when the machine was switched on. The “massage pipe” in front can be adjusted according to the height of the user. Users can also adjust speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature etc. Machine is also equipped with headphones and two handles on both sides.


However as to what was said on Weibo “make that money standing up”, Zhu Guoxin stated that this sperm extractor was not used for sperm donation but rather it was used on infertility patients.

“When male infertility patient come for treatment, we must first fully inspect the sperm which requires sperm extraction.” Zhu said, “This machine is only recommended for patients that had difficulty retrieving perms, user must use a condom, but lubricant and chemicals on condoms will affect the accuracy of the test results.”

Zhu then said, “Perhaps netizens misunderstood the usage of the machine, and thought it was used for sperm donation. In fact, sperm bank has very high standards; donors must go through strict medical examination and they will definitely not use a sperm extractor.”

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    I want to see the old porn XXX movie deep throat and the mouth opening widen and it on full speed.

    If it is good at doing the job, I want to buy one for research.

  2. Hidamari Desu says:

    nifty device
    would purchase

  3. White.monkey says:

    Have you ever used a chinese condom? That thing is just right for Chinese doods, but a little too small for your average man….

  4. pico says:

    I for see alot of STDs if they don’t have a way to clean the device. Even if they have a catch system there is still the chance for contamination of the outer plastic. I don’t ever want to go to my local hospital and have a doctor say here stand here and insert your penis so that we can get a sample of your semen,no thanks.

  5. Couldn't they... says:

    …Just make the machine look like a woman?

  6. margomartinez says:

    My man would break that machine.

    • voiceofhomer says:

      Gonna break another machine this weekend, lucky I work for a chain store with a lot in stock.

      This is a China made machine made for Chinese not for horses.

      • Angelus88 says:

        So… why would u break it? U using it on a horse? or implying that you are a horse? “ofcourse you mean your little brother is a horse.. but that would make u either 6 meters tall or very unproportionate…..=D


    thank u if u can send me a machine imformation or sperm machine imformation


    pls send more imformation on sperm machine

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