Are the Diaoyu protesters behaving rationally?

| September 12th, 2012


Of mice and menace [By Jia Qiang/]

Have anti-Japanese sentiments gone too far in China in the wake of the intensification of the Diaoyu Islands controversy? Some Chinese writers think so. After Japanese activists landed on the islands to reassert Japanese ownership following Hong Kong activists’ landing, protests were sparked throughout China, and some protesters smashed Japanese cars.

Liu Wending, in a column that was published at, a website published by the State Council Information Office, wrote that “some [protesters] threatened Japanese businessmen and some even smashed Japanese-brand cars owned by Chinese people.” While supporting people’s right to protest, Liu criticized the extremists who have been smashing cars and threatening Japanese people.

Some would argue that I am being unpatriotic. But what on Earth is patriotism, exactly? Are hurling abuses, destroying goods and shouting slogans patriotic behaviors? Actually, patriotism is not a kind of spirit. It’s an instinct. Loving one’s motherland is like loving one’s family. No country has elevated patriotism to the level of importance that China has. However, at the same time, the government has not clearly defined what it means to be patriotic. This is why some people behave improperly and damage national interests in name of patriotism.

If you are a real patriot, you should continuously work hard for China’s progress and to make her an ideal destination for immigrants instead of a country where many of her people wish to emigrate. When that happens, neighboring countries which have territorial disputes with China will rather be conquered by China’s charm.

Sun Xingjie, a writer for Elite Reference, echoed that sentiment in a column that was published in Elite Reference and then republished in the September 5 issue of Blog Weekly. He said that there are some problems with protests descending into extremism.

A translation of column appears below, as in appeared in Blog Weekly:

Defend Diaoyu, But First Learn How to Protest Rationally

On August 19, after Japanese people landed on the Diaoyu Islands, there were protests in many Chinese cities. The scale was large, and China’s foreign affairs office has also sternly protested Japanese actions. Defending Diaoyu requires the Chinese people’s strong support, but some aspects of these protests reflect many people’s private worries that cannot be ignored.

There were varying size and scopes of protests, and many of the protests went smoothly, but there were also some cases of Japanese cars being smashed. From the photos that have been spread of the demonstrations, you can see that a lot of the protesters have never studied how to rationally express their message. A modern nation requires a strong public opinion foundation with a rational and self-controlled public. When demonstrations become venues to exert angry and destructive urges, the result will hurt the country’s image rather than help it.

Public demonstrations are an important part of the public sphere. They train communities to give voices to a public opinion. Protests can not only express opinions but also construct opinions. Thus, for any protest issue, organizing a protest group requires a certain level of skill. Because public protests are actions of the masses, they can quickly get out of hand, and group passion can overpower reason, especially with people focusing on the actions and slogans of the most extreme elements. This time, at some of the protests there were signs using the words “China’s empire.” Some people at the Diaoyu protests were excited by sentiments of the Han and Tang dynastic empires, but after World War II, the era of empires ended. Putting the Diaoyu Islands and China’s empire of old together is too overdramatic. The changes in the East Asian order have been brought about by the death of two empires. China’s empire declined when colonial powers exploited our weakness, and after Japan’s empire perished, a global era of interest in protecting national sovereignty began. History cannot be turned back. Imperialistic slogans not only put on display a long-discredited ideology, they also reflect a poor level of organization of the protests.

Demonstrations should be constructive activities. But this kind of protest can allow for people to think the defense of national sovereignty is connected with violent and destructive acts. There’s nothing wrong with boycotting Japanese products to express a viewpoint, but the act of smashing Japanese cars to vent an opinion has far exceeded the bounds of protesting, and it also threatens law and order. Public society requires building a foundation of private property rights. Smashing people’s cars and storefronts in the course of a protest is an attack on property rights.

Demonstrations should be orderly peaceful affairs in accords with law and order. If a protest turns into an unorganized, unprincipled display of pure anger, that is a big mistake. The public (公民) and the mob (暴民), although there is just a one character difference, are not the same. In a country with a long tradition of revolution, training the citizens in public decorum and protest is a long process.

Defending Diaoyu is a starting point for training and developing a public sphere. The demonstrations are part of the learning process. Naturally, in this course, public education and rule of law should not be lacking. A country and its people should understand, only with rule of law and protection of individual liberties, can we protect our sovereignty. At any time in history, mob behaviors must not stand.

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  1. Alejandro says:

    rational chinese articles? wow, something big is on the corner…

  2. voiceofhomer says:

    Hong Kongers are not patriotic but they are protesting more than the Chinese mainlanders are.

    And that guy above will protest China every time, I betcha.

    • BigCAD says:

      Really couldn’t care less who the islands belong to, but have sided with the Japanese as the average Japanese citizen isn’t a rabid nationalist foaming at the mouth having lost all rational thought and had a sickening victim culture forced down their throats from birth.

      Living in Taiwan I see no protest, I see no rioting, Japanese offices and resturaunts go about their daily business and the Japabese integrate well in to the culture here, they are not seen as an invader, or outsiders. The issue over the islands isn’t really all that serious to warrent consideration. This is all things considered a modern and well ajusted societey in comparison to the throw back which is the mainland.

      In addition, if the mainlanders feel that they are being bullied, they are obviously ignoring what they just pulled on the Phillipines. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

      • BigCAD says:

        And as to HongKong they are protesting about real issues, not about some dirt ball rock. For example blocking the recent educational reform, which would have them become as retarded as some of the posters here.

        • voiceofhomer says:

          Hong Kong had over 150 years of British teachings in white man’s ways and western culture, and yet the HKers didn’t give a shit that they were used as brain washed slaves.

          So why the turn around when the HKers are free now from their old white masters?

          Morons don’t know better, me thinks.

          • BigCAD says:

            You are right, morons don’t no better, this is why the HK just protested against and overturned a PRC legislation, ensuring their children are protected from loving China…and hopefully unlike yourself, when they grow up their cognitive reasoning will be intact and they can form able to form a reasonable argument.

            150 years of colonial rule was not wasted. There is only one China thankfully HK isn’t part of it.

            • voiceofhomer says:

              Hong Kong had apartheid for 150 years as so they didn’t know shit and they didn’t protest that unlike RSA, there they killed the whiteys and forced them out of Afrika.

              Amerika is for blacks, the UK and the EU are for Indians and muslims, China is for Chinese, Afrika is for Afrikans and you whiteys have no where to go, just may be HK and Taiwan but for how long.

              Russia won’t even take you neither and they may kill your whitey ass.

              Are the HKers smarter than the Afrikans?

              They teach Afrikan history here and in the US too, but it’s OK that HK teaches UK BS and won’t teach China’s BS to the Chinese.

              What they call that if not western brainwashing?

              • BigCAD says:

                swallow some more English teachers’ semen, it works for Chinese girls to improve their English, will hopefully work for you to.

                Honestly, that is the most badly written and off topic reply I have ever read, you must have failed English and your parents must be extremely disappointed to have you as a son.

                • voiceofhomer says:

                  “swallow some more English teachers’ semen, it works for Chinese girls to improve their English,”

                  This is what I have been telling all those China netizens all the time and now they can hear it from the whitey scumbag himself.

                  Thanks for the back up and fuck the english.

              • Tracy says:

                but…Russians ARE white.

            • m says:

              Hmm, I wouldn’t be too enamoured with the HK public education system and you are making, IMO, a misguided assumption that it’s capable in any way of imparting critical reasoning and argumentative skills in its students.

              The public education system in HK has been failing students on many levels for many years and is under ever increasing pressure from parents and other stakeholders. This goes beyond the NME issue and goes to the systems inability to create students that are able to think critically, cope with unfamiliar situations, demonstrate leadership skills, collaborate with others effectively, engage in creativity, have any real life skills, etc.

              These are deep rooted problems linked to an archaic system (feudal, in many respects) that is over reliant on a handful of all or nothing summative exams (often poorly designed and implemented), mindless rote learning, poor levels of professionalism and training of teachers, and a one-way teacher centered teaching methodology which stifles intellectual inquiry, curiousity, and debate.

              • m says:

                The British didn’t care one iota about the local education system because they would never have dreamt of sending their kids to a local school. They would either go to an international school, ESF, or a boarding school in the UK. In the same way, expats living in the city would not even consider putting their child in a local school which contrasts markedly with the situation for expats seeking schooling for their kids in other places in Asia such as Singapore, and even Japan to an extent, where parents are quite comfortable putting their kids in the local school system.

                Ironically, the HK Chinese bureaucrats who currently administer the local education system don’t appear to have much faith in it either since the majority of them still receive allowances to send their kids overseas (generally the UK or Canada) to be educated.

                • voiceofhomer says:

                  May be 81/2 out of 10 HKers cannot even speak a sentence in English and they think they are sub brits.

                  Say, a coffee double double and they say, what?

                  A coke a cola for a dollar?

                  At least in China they will say, no speaky fucking english.

                  • bb says:

                    Been speaking English since I came out the womb and drinking coffee almost as long, and I have never heard the phrase “coffee double double” before.

      • Sweetfeat89 says:

        the average chinese or japanese citizen would obviously not fall under the fringe category of ‘rabid nationalists’, instead most average chinese and japanese citizens are patriotic to varying degrees; though i find it funny how western journalists and writers normally reserve the label of ‘patriot’ for those western nationalists.

        patriotic japanese people have become fed up with the scandalous american military occupation and have democratically voted for their LDP administration under hatoyama yukio who promised to be assertive in removing the american military presense, beginning with the futenma marine base.

        needless to say, japanese people were duped by their revolving door democracy, much like how we americans are duped by our own regime under the facade of our own bipartisan revolving door politics, although i think president barack hussein obama is the lesser evil for the face of our regime for the next four years.

        it’s interesting to point out that some chinese government officials took some extraordinary steps last year to warm sino-nippon relations by establishing a sort of post war japanese settler victims memorial in heilongjiang province of china. but apparently a minority of fervent nationalists had defaced the monument dedicated to the displaced japanese people who were victims of their own cruel wartime government. a true chinese patriot would’ve supported recognization of those japanese people, especially since many of them had served the kmt and ccp in their resistance against imperial japanese tyranny.

  3. Cleo says:

    As an ordinary person, having internet access provides access to whatever the Japanese are spouting and that is aggravating and yes, KNOWING does make you more pissed off. But I don’t even watch NHK World news now that the HK Foo Dogs have returned from Diaoyutai. And I don’t read or WSJ’s Japan Real Time since my comments have been blocked. Probably too many DIE AKIHITO DIE posts. haha.

    But China is VERY rational and that is probably upsetting to other Chinese as well as myself but the Allied governments have to be diplomatic, right? Japanese government OFFICIALLY is definitely not diplomatic but China has to be wise, prudent and walk that path believing that ultimately that is the only path to a good result. But we audience members, we’re emotional and this is upsetting. This is personal.

    • BigCAD says:

      China – Rational – diplomatic….Have you ever been to China or read the crap their foregin ministry pulls out of it’s ass on a daily basis?

      • voiceofhomer says:

        Not as bad as what the BBC and CBC pulls out of their asshole, it’s all anti China BS and not one news story about the China the Chinese living there cares about.

        Don’t like China stay away from it and do like what most whiteys do, stay home or go somewhere else.

        • BigCAD says:

          I did, I went to Taiwan bro.

          Once again their is only one China, and thank the lord I don’t live in it.

          Please remind me how easy it for you to get in HK or Taiwan these days, I get issued with a half year for HK and 3 month for Taiwan no questions asked? How is it easier for me to get into and live in these places than a P.R.Chinese person? Really must sting…

          • voiceofhomer says:

            Poor Chinese have to wait over 10 years for an entry visa just to visit North America.

            And you are bitching about China, you sad ass.

            Stay in Taiwan those foreign worshippers love whiteys, just stay out of China.

            And stay out of Canada too, we don’t like you kind here.

            We like slum people from India and terrorists from muslim countries.

            • BigCAD says:

              Once again, your mother must cry her self to sleep at night knowing she had you as a son. Sad very sad.

              • voiceofhomer says:

                How does your mama get any sleep at all?

                I mean with all those blacks guys lining up at her bed room door and Obama in the whitehouse and all.

                Betcha you wanted an Asian man for a father, didn’t you?

  4. Cleo says:

    You know the most decent gentlemen ever would crush the Daleks never mind boycott their goods for what they did to Asia. You know that’s true because when INDIVIDUALS do just a little of what the Japanese did, public opinion does not contain any defense of the rapist killer because he/they are individuals not a country that everyone else tip toes around.

    yeah, they have nukes.

    That’s how Naruhito got into Oxford and Masako got into Harvard.

    • Cleo says:

      but it’s okay when Japanese rape Chinese grandmothers – no problem, save the sharks, don’t throw them in the water without their fins, you BARBARIC Chinese.

      They gangraped us. Is everyone in a coma? Do you have brain fog from epilepsy? They are evil animals who are remorseless and they are moving in on any part of Asia that is not covered in Chinese or American weapons. They are circling every one of those Asean countries looking for a good one.

  5. Cleo says:

    That Twincest marriage was arranged LONG ago.

    Too bad Yoko Ono went off the rails or she would be Naruhito’s mother.

    • Cleo says:

      She would have given Akihito a lot of aggressive ideas and self confidence to be blatantly offensive in a very pomopous self rightous self-centered and because Akihito would not have wanted to play Weeping Angel the way he does with his commoner wife, it would have been impossible to pull of this Cold War ploy of pretending that post war Japan is peace loving and “kawaii.” Yoko Ono’s sexual jealousy as well as her own unbridled sexuality would have meant Gwen Stefani and her long legs would not have been well-received even in that trojan horse of loving all things Harajuku.

      She ain’t no Hollaback Girl, don’t you get it?

  6. han says:

    the next time you see a chinese, say arigato for ramming their ship into japanese patrol boat. so now japan takes senkaku as compensation, everybody goes home rational and happy.

    • voiceofhomer says:

      Chinese communities in a number of cities around the world have held protests outside Japanese embassies, over the continued row over a group of disputed islands.

  7. Cleo says:

    The HK activists fixed the hole they got from the Japanese as well as the broken windows the Japanese smashed when they boarded uninvited. The light is fixed too and they are ready to go again.

    This picture is my desktop photo and I still don’t understand how the Foo Dogs managed to survive this:

  8. voiceofhomer says:

    Anti-Japanese protests spread to cities across China on Saturday in an escalating row over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

    On Sunday, hundreds of protesters faced off against riot police at the Japanese embassy in Beijing.

    Japanese businesses have also been targeted by protesters.

    And………….. Sporadic protests in China over the past week became larger and at times violent and spread to at least two dozen cities over the weekend. Protesters torched a Panasonic factory and Toyota dealership in the eastern port of Qingdao, looted a Heiwado Co. department store in the southern city of Changsha and ransacked Japanese supermarkets in several cities. Though larger numbers of police imposed more order on demonstrations Sunday, they fired tear gas to subdue rowdy protesters in the southern city of Shenzhen. In nearby Guangzhou city, protesters broke into a hotel that was next to the Japanese Consulate and damaged a Japanese restaurant inside.

    and………………mother nature will put Japan down and take good care of them for good.

  9. voiceofhomer says:

    The book, called “Chou hai tu bian” (筹海图编) published in 1561, shows that the Diaoyu Islands had been placed within China’s maritime defense system in the Ming Dynasty.

    Li Zhizhong, Chief of Ancient Books Revision Committee, said, “Diaoyu Islands are included in our maritime defense system. There is no need to argue who owns the Diaoyu Islands. They’re obviously Chinese territory.”

    However, books and maps published by Japan during that period shows no mention that that Diaoyu Islands are their territory.

    Backed by historical evidence, the Diaoyu Islands are, beyond all doubt, Chinese territory. Japan’s claim to the territory is groundless.


    This is going to the UN and the US wants their 2 cents in these Asian matters.

    The US has no rights in this kinds of things that are all Asian, the west just go F-off.

    • White.monkey says:

      Shut up you wu Mao scumbag! Take your bullshit and pound it up your ass with a kilo of sand.. Just like all maps in china I think your ideas are misplaced and twisted. I hope someone drops the bomb on that big pile of shit you call china’s diayo island and bring it back to the bottom feeders. At least if that happens you Chinese shit can’t fuck it up like you fuck up everything else you get your wu Mao hands on… Just take a look around , what do you have to be proud of? You say fuck off westerners only because of your jealousy towards them. It’s ok, We will forgive you this time, or give you just enough rope to hang yourself… I guess you will never know…

      • voiceofhomer says:

        Homer Simpson votes for Mitt, then gets outsourced to China.

        Homer Simpson is a member of the demographic who describes himself as a “40-year-old white guy who didn’t go to college and gets all his news from monitors at gas stations and Oprah.”

        After Homer votes, the ballot machine pulls him in and outsourcing Homer via suction tube to an American flag factory in China – where, Homer quips, “At least I’ve got a steady job.”

        This could be you too, asshole fake homer.

        • Angelus88 says:

          So it’s homer picking on homer and homer talking about homer… how…. oddly… intresting…

          • voiceofhomer says:

            There are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many wannabe homers in the world.

            And they are all fake homers, they also are all too stupid to be like the real homer.

            You will know that homer is the smartest Amerikan around, besides Obama may be.

            Homer is the king.

  10. GinTama says:

    I agree on this article.

  11. Hello says:


    i skipped through most of the comments since a lot of it seemed unconstructive, but the article was quite intersting.

    Ive lived in japan most of my life, apart from going to university in the US. Japanese people are in fact peace-loving and mostly reserved.
    I have trouble with understanding some of the animosity against Japan; I agree that the history is Asia (in reference to the treatment of Korean/Chinese peoples, among many others) is disgusting and should be condemned. But who alive in Japan now is responsible for what happened? the wounds of those inflicted wont heal, and I know there are some victims as well as perpetrators still alive, but to hate an entire nation for something that happened 70 years ago seems unreasonable; especially given its recent teethless state.
    i just feel like its being used as a political excuse for surrounding nations to take what they want, and that doesnt seem reasonable at all. Emotional at best, and most likely just plain mis-informed.

    as for the islands, you can imagine theres a lot of coverage here on the issue. One point in the above article i disagree with is how the protests are being discribed as ‘protecting Chinas islands’. I agree that both sides have an argument to make with some level of backing, but the fact is the islands ARE currently controlled by Japan and the act of sending chinese fishing boats at the island is an act of invasion, however legitimate the invadors’ claims may be. This point here is not a protest, but an act of aggression. The Japanese that landed on the islands were not allowed to stay according to Japanese law that prohibits them from staying on those islands.

    The Chinese still claim Taiwan to be their own territory; they also believe the disputed islands are part of Taiwan. I would imagine that leaves Taiwan in an awkward alliance with China; wanting the islands but also independence.
    The Japanese are NOT aggressors; the Chinese have been. Taiwan is just one example, but the island dispute with SE Asian nations are another, and the people of China are acting very irrationally in their violent protests.
    There is nothing wrong with claiming disputes, but the manner at which it is bieng done (through private fishing boats and forcible landings) seems somewhat unreasonable to me.

  12. TROGG says:

    The NED is strong here. Sure smells foul!

  13. margomartinez says:

    Japanese protest signs:

    Beijing is a terrorist government
    Defend our country’s sovereignty

    Chinese protest signs:

    Defeat puny Japan
    Declare war on Japan
    Boycott Japanese products

    I dunno… modern Chinese nationalism feels alot like Japanese nationalism did during its imperial days.

  14. AsiansWearFur says:

    “some [protesters] threatened Japanese businessmen and some even smashed Japanese-brand cars owned by Chinese people.”

    Toyota owner Li Jianli was brutally beaten by a “fake patriot” (self-hater, national disgrace, unfortunately), now has to deal with a long and arduous recovery and may never fully recover.

    The last time a Chinese got so badly mauled for anti-Japanese sentiment was in Detroit, when Vincent Chin was killed by Anglo-Jewish autoworker guys who lost their jobs, allegedly to better Japanese imports. Needless to say, they were slapped on their wrists for their disgustingly barbaric actions and freed on $3780.00 fine by a White-Jewish judge (Charles Kaufman). Classic American racial profiling, paranoia and xenophobia.

    • margo says:

      Aren’t you the same guy that goes around a bunch of sites complaining about how non-Asian guys date Asian girls?

      • AsiansWearFur says:

        why would i do such a thing? We Asians guys are very polite when we date and have lovely relationships with beautiful White girls, and we don’t go around bragging about sexual exploits that actually take place, unlike lonely White chauvinist guys that go around bragging about their “sex exploits” that never even took place. Quite ironically however, these lonely White male chauvinists, ever perturbed by BMWF intimacies, go on their internet rampage against Asian guys for their failures and shortcomings in life. Kind of like the situation with Vincent Chin. Kind of like American protectionism and paranoia with a “rising China”.

        • margo says:

          Yea you’re definitely the same guy

          Everything is “white chauvinists” with convenient references to chinese nationalist sensibilities
          Even the relationships you covet is only with whites, typical asian racism

          I’ve never seen men of any race flip out so much except asian dudes, who make it their life mission to stalk people, write lengthy essays and start whole social movements just to protect “their” wimmens

          For all the whiny white dudes in the end a lot of white girls still end up dating outside the race. I can’t wait to see how insecure asians handle it when asian women in asian countries are being packed and children mixed by foreign immigrant males

          • AsiansWearFur says:

            lol, geez. You’re too stressed out, need to take a vacation, maybe take up some Buddhist virtues. I covet my relationships with good Asians, African Americans, Whites, Hispanics, etc. In retrospect, I wonder why all these women have even bothered having a relationship with me, the ironic fact being that ignorance can indeed be a bliss.

            “their wimmens”? Like I said, you need to take a departure, a permanent one hopefully, from your trailer park mentality.

            True, whiny white dudes have a lot of psychological baggage which they want to pass onto Asian guys. No thank you. Democracy does not work like that. They should accept the fact that AMWF love produces very outstanding and talented “mixed” people: Apolo Ohno, Russell Wong, Art Chin, Paul Kariya, Mike Shinoda, Tommy Chong, etc, etc, etc.

            Don’t get mad at me. It’s the act of God.

            btw: speaking of “act of God”, China, for you White male chauvinist-nationalists out there, is by far more TRUE a secular nation than USA is.

            • margo says:

              Good mash of nonsense and derailment

              I think I’ve seen that exact same vaunted list of half-asian people somewhere else, you must’ve been doing this for a long time to have your routines all memorized. See what I mean?

              No, sorry. There are insecure white guys but it ain’t even close. It’s asian dudes like you that carry the most psychological baggage. I’ve seen weird ass asian guys collects photos of asian men with foreign women and post them all over like that makes em feel better or helps them get a white girl. That’s just creepy as fuck. Or that one dude who got so mad white guys were dating asian women he had to start a comic starring asian women who only found asian men hot. Never known any other race of men who take it that far, not even individuals. There’s butthurt, then there’s mental problems. Serious.

              And before you pull some white chauvinist!! shit on me, I’m a brown woman of color.

              • AsiansWearFur says:

                nonsense and derailment? Please. I commented on this topic of anti-Japanese protestors gone bad, and pointed out the same misguided sentiments and actions which have reared its ugly head in the tragedy of Vincent Chin and the terrible American injustice that followed. my goodness!

                LOL Ain’t nothing creepier than an angry White chauvinist or loner assuming the ethnicity of an Asian or Black (or a “brown woman of color”) to promote White and nationalist sentiments. Well….. except those White or Asian loners who are packing guns (unlike you, who’s usually concerned about other men “packing other women” as you’ve stated earlier), and going on their mass killing sprees. Despite massive Black inmate population in our country, Blacks are relatively gentle pussycats compared to Asian and White male gunslingers wouldn’t you say? LOL somehow the idea of “gentle Black gunslingers” strike a chord with my perception of your true psychology.

                Come to think of it: what exactly is a “brown woman of color” anyways? r u sure u ain’t “brown woman” who’s a White guy? Proof? Oh, sorry, did I piss you off when I revealed the facts about THOSE PEOPLE who miscarried American justice in the murder of Vincent Chin case?

                Shit on you? LOL….. even if I don’t, you’re a sad reeking pile of it anyways, and it clearly showed from your very first silly response to my commentary to this topic in the forst place. @rolleyes@

                (sorry, i redundantly misposted off thread below ~/~)

                • margo says:

                  hahahaah you could not have come off more butthurt

                  I’m embarrassed for you.. just step back and read what you just wrote and imagine saying it in real life

                  Don’t take my word for it, just read this guy. What is he rambling about? This guy make any sense to you? Black gunslingers? The fuck? Serious.

                  K I’m really a white dude like you say. Never mind I’ve been posting from the perspective of a WoC long before running into you, I magically morphed into a white guy here just to piss you off real good.

                  Remember when i said paranoid asian guys get super insecure and act butthurt as fuck


                  • AsiansWearFur says:

                    (“yea”? LOL omg!)

                    Frankly, in all the world’s honesty and goodness, I’m not butthurt at all(!) Quite the contrary, ever since you revealed your misery and accusations of a certain interracial relationship after I spoke out against the American injustice against Vincent Chin, I’ve found that I had an unusually joyous time picking your malnourished brain and lifestyle and your types’ ways detrimental to real American values and dreams. Common sense: two wrongs don’t make it right.

                    Your embarrassment and shame(and chauvinism) in life is an inherent thing, like I said earlier, don’t pass your personal issues onto Asians or Blacks (or “brown women of color” lol). I have utmost confidence and conviction in things I say and write and vice-versa. I have the freedom to express all the incredible/incredibly ridiculous things I observed in life and media, which often and ironically offends those who espouse “freedom and democracy” more than anyone else.

                    Paranoia and Insecurity, it’s what’s on the White male chauvinists to-do list including the Judeo-Christian versus Islam agenda! Unfortunately, Asians and Blacks and everyone else get caught up in the dangerous situations caused by this Judeo-Christianity vs Islam sectarian violence and the brainwashed sick state of society morphed from the psychology and penis panic of White male chauvinist tyranny, colonial activities and territorial dealings.

                    Free Bradley Manning! Free Palestine! Free your mind!

                    • margo says:

                      Good god I can’t stop laughing at this shit

                      Yea, you’ve officially gone off the deep end dear

                      It’s completely unthinkable that someone can point out you’re being a weird ass insecure little man all over the internet unless its a white chauvinist with an agenda right? Does that make you feel better or what, cus i’m wondering what excuses you’d have if we were talkin face to face

                      I’m actually supportive of interracial marriage. All I did was wonder why you’re so obsessive and look how you reacted… like a threatened psychopath

                      If you get this mad about losing your women to white boys in america I seriously can’t wait to see your reaction when lotsa immigrants start settling in China


                      Now he’s gone off on another road to talk about religion or some shit, this guy is serious deep. Or mentally ill

                      I’ma leave this thread here so people can read it and wonder what’s wrong with you, cus if I ever needed proof of insane butthurt this is pretty much it

                    • Sweetfeat89 says:

                      @ AsiansWearFur:
                      i hear you! this is the 30th anniversary of the murder of vincent chin, and tenth anniversary of the passing of his mother, lily chin; r.i.p. poor lily grew up in the detroit area since childhood, but had to move away from detroit, actually the usa, after her son’s death for last 20 years of her life, because it was just to painful to live under the rule where her son could be murdered for just a $3000.00 fine.

                      apparently vince was having a bachelors party at the fancy pant’s strip bar in detroit, where he didn’t immediately draw the raging ire of the two white guys, but it was when he drew the attention of the white female dancers celebrating his bachelors party, that the two white guys finally blew their top and confronted vince in a menacing way, accusing vince of taking their jobs (apparently ‘their women’ as well). the rest is just tragic history that should unite the asian communities for remembrance as a whole against the jim crow justice.

                      it’s quite revealing to see the scorn and callousness of how people respond to injustices committed by their own, but not surprising at what they’re actually concerned about despite all the injustices; in a nutshell, their ‘face’.

                    • AsiansWearFur says:

                      re: Sweetfeat69:
                      “this is the 30th anniversary of the murder of vincent chin, and tenth anniversary of the passing of his mother………. not surprising at what they’re actually concerned about…………. their ‘face”

                      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Finally SOMEONE with some moral conscience instead of “penis panic” lol. It’s got to be the Anglo-Jewish pertinent facts in the Vincent Chin tragedy that I brought to light at top of this thread. Yeah the “face” thing, its what happens when you expose an ethnicity faker, then the “face/loss of face” thing just compounds like snowball effect. Despite folklore, White guys are extremely conscious about their “face”, but Asians are more honest about “face” and tell you straight up if they’re “losing face”.

                      Bless Vincent Chin. BLESS HIS MOTHER LILY!

                      Re: margo:
                      “I’m actually supportive of interracial marriage………. If you get this mad about losing your women to american white boys”

                      Me too! But as long as it’s not a farcical marriage! Too many abused and single mothers in America threaten the fabric of our society, therefore I’m more supportive GOOD MARRIAGE rather than just blind “interracial marriage”. If your own women don’t like you, then of course you can “go east” and find a good woman with more secure family values! American population is declining if not for minorities/new immigrants: WE NEED THAT IN ORDER TO SUPPORT OUR DECLINING SOCIAL SECURITY! But this is the bad news: AFWM marriage last year is about 20% LESS than 10-20 years ago: while AMWF marriage, even in China is UP 20-50%! While overall marriage has declined and single American women past 40 year of age have actually increased. Go ahead. Blame China. Blame outsourcing. Blame the economy. Blame me for all your misery. China is dealing with reality. We Americans? Hmmm(!).

                      margo: “K I’m really a white dude like you say.”

                      No. Not like I say. It’s the “will of God”. The only honest, down to earth information you provided here.

                    • margo says:

                      Haha oh wow

                      I bet this creep checks here everyday for my response
                      Does it make you anxious, knowing I was right on every account? That all your flailing makes your butthurt even more obvious?

                      Sorry, we don’t “own” women in America, let alone get into insecure fits of statistics over who’s taking “your” women. Check your male privilege.

                      Assuming everyone who points out your fearful nationalism is a “white chauvinist” is denial and minimalisation of threat, this is a common symptom of psychopathic disorder.

                      I’d bet this guy is some kind of right wing nut who goes around injustice collecting on China while not actually living in China. You’d be sputtering about like an idiot if we were talking face to face where you have no room to hide in your own delusions

                      All you gotta do is go outside and meet all the people of color who’ve dated asian girls, including my boyfriend, or are you too shut in? Reality is good medicine for your cloistered worldview.

                      This is the reason I support multiculturalism around the world, because I know the inevitable browning of China will make this guy lose his marbles

                      Don’t forget to check this page constantly btw, I might respond when I feel like it

                    • AsiansWearFur says:

                      Re: Margo

                      LOL OMGoodness! I see what’s going on here(!)….. someone here has disabled my queuing for followup messages, while the mad anti-China lapdog regulars here check to see if the coast is clear, and bark their foamy anti-China fluff LOL MAO…. the only way I can easily find this article is by Googling “Diaoyu protestors behaving”. Now I see what you guys actually mean by ChinaHUSH!

                      Geez dude… it’s been over month(!), and now you’ve cracked under your own ChinaHush withdrawal pains to come back trying to save your White male chauvinist face here in ChinaHush land. Yes, that phallus you stuck up your buttocks last time, sorry, DOES NOT constitute “boyfriend”, otherwise Justin “Little Jim” Dale’s blow-up doll is his “girlfriend” (poor Little Jim, overstressed, morally violated and cracked for having to serve Western democracy’s military adventures and crimes against humanity in the Middle East).

                      Look. Just put up a Youtube video of “Margo the brown woman of color” with her boyfriend who stands by her against the “mentally illness” of me: AsiansWearFur and his “fear of browning of China”, and all is said and done LOL.

                      BTW. I’m actually not conservative nor liberal. Middle of the road! And China is very multi-cultural/multi-ethnic: many tones of white, yellow, red and BROWN. China PREDATES USA in multi-culturalism and multi-ethnic integration long before the advent of planes, trains and automobiles.

            • Sweetfeat89 says:

              @ AsiansWearFur says “, whiny white dudes have a lot of psychological baggage which they want to pass onto Asian guys. No thank you. Democracy does not work like that. They should accept the fact that AMWF love produces very outstanding and talented “mixed” people: Apolo Ohno, Russell Wong, Art Chin, Paul Kariya, Mike Shinoda, Tommy Chong, etc, etc, etc.”

              mike shinoda is cool, but my favorite ‘AMWF’ love child rock musician is tim yeung. he does the most incredible mind blowing things on the drums in bands like divine heresy and morbid angel!

  15. AsiansWearFur says:

    nonsense and derailment? Please. I commented on this topic of anti-Japanese protestors gone bad, and pointed out the same misguided sentiments and actions which have reared its ugly head in the tragedy of Vincent Chin and the terrible American injustice that followed. my goodness!

    LOL Ain’t nothing creepier than an angry White chauvinist or loner assuming the ethnicity of an Asian or Black (or a “brown woman of color”) to promote White and nationalist sentiments. Well….. except those White or Asian loners who are packing guns (unlike you, who’s usually concerned about other men “packing other women” as you’ve stated earlier), and going on their mass killing sprees. Despite massive Black inmate population in our country, Blacks are relatively gentle pussycats compared to Asian and White male gunslingers wouldn’t you say? LOL somehow the idea of “gentle Black gunslingers” strike a chord with my perception of your true psychology.

    Come to think of it: what exactly is a “brown woman of color” anyways? r u sure u ain’t “brown woman” who’s a White guy? Proof? Oh, sorry, did I piss you off when I revealed the facts about THOSE PEOPLE who miscarried American justice in the murder of Vincent Chin case?

    Shit on you? LOL….. even if I don’t, you’re a sad reeking pile of it anyways, and it clearly showed from your very first silly response to my commentary to this topic in the forst place. @rolleyes@

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