Buying a home by donating sperms?

| September 9th, 2012


“Donating 138 times of your sperm and you are able to afford a down payment of a 100 square meter house.” That was the calculation by Guangzhou netizens as the sperm banks in China are in short of sperms recently.

The netizens also compared the different prices in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. For instance, in Wuhan, a man just needs to donate 47 times to get the down payment.

There are people saying that a man can become very rich by doing this. The National Population and Family Planning Commission of P. R. C (PFPC) also suggests college students and white collars to donate their sperms. They said that donating a sperm will not have negative impact on health.

According to the PFPC however, what people saying online is not true because a man can only donate once in his life by the policy of sperm bank. And there are very strict restrictions.

The age of a donor must be 22-45 and he must be healthy. Then he is enrolled in the process which includes 4 times of sperm quality tests and full body exam, which will take a month to complete.

The donating process is also very complicated. A donor must go to sperm bank ten to fifteen times within six months. After that, he has to be tested for HIV. The whole process takes more than seven months and the subsidy is just 3,000 RMB.

One staff working at the sperm bank told the journalist that there are 740 people come to donate sperms this year but only 13% of them are qualified.

Source: NeteaseHexun News:

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    Whitey men need only to donate 20 times and he gets a 200 sq meter house.

    And a black man needs only to donate one (1) time, that’s because their sperm can make 5,000 babies.

  2. Bo Wang says:

    The age of a donor must be 22-45 and he must be healthy. Then he is enrolled in the process which includes 4 times of sperm quality tests and full body exam, which will take a month to complete.


    So, what are the other criteria to qualify for sperm donation? Height, looks, social status, education, etc?

  3. Oliver says:

    It works with the Laowai? What do you think?

  4. TRUTH BE TOLD says:

    Did you know Chinese eggs go for $20,000 a pop while white eggs only fetch $14,000.

  5. Cleo says:

    This is so fake. Maybe it is a charity trying to give desperate people some cash but frankly, Chinese people don’t like each other enough to have some mystery baby from one another. It’s just an impossiblity.


  6. Random Person says:

    Wish girls had it that easy – if we donate eggs, it’d be a much steeper price cause you only have a certain amount in your body

  7. m says:

    Sperm is an uncountable noun

  8. Cleo says:

    Has anyone noticed how World of Warcraft has changed with the appearance of many “baby” murlocs in Alliance territory?

    Just like in Shanghai, neh?

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  13. xiapei says:

    i want to donate my sperms in guangzhou….all i want is money..i am a foregnier..5 feet 8 inches tall ..strong and 22 years old…any one can contact me..i have a report of my HIV test its negative…i need money and ready to donate sperm according to your demand..+86-13268267420..

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