5 year-old girl kidnapped from home and molested, thrown in trash can

From Netease:

The evening of August 21st, a 5 year-old girl named Xiao Hua was taken by a man from her home and molested, afterwards dumped in a nearby trashcan. Panyu Police have already captured the man. Results of a hospital examination revealed the girl’s vagina was seriously injured by straining, and perhaps she would lose her ability to have children in the future.

“Mama, I’m afraid, I don’t dare to return home, that ‘uncle’ will come to get me.”  5 year-old Xiao Hua (not her real name) cried as she dug into her mother’s bosom. On the 21st around 8 pm, when Xiao Hua and her little brother were at home watching TV, a man broke into her home and carried her off. In an alley a few meters from her home, Xiao Hua was allegedly molested by the man, and afterward dumped into a nearby trash can. Waiting until the man walked away, Xiao Hua, crying, crawled out of the trashcan and walked home shaking.

The reporter learned the Panyu police captured the male suspect last night, and have the man under arrest as a suspect for molesting children. The case is currently under investigation.

Kidnapped from home into the rainy night

Xiao Hua’s family is from Hunan.The mother and father have worked in Guangzhou for many years. The father Mr. Sun is a construction worker and the mother is unemployed.  At the beginning of this year, Xiao Hua who had always lived in her hometown in Hunan was taken to Panyu to start primary school. Yesterday afternoon, when the reporter saw her, she was trembling, hiding behind her mother.

Mr. Sun recalls, it was drizzling at around 8 pm on the 21st. At that time he was playing cards at the neighbor’s, and his wife came over to chat for a little while, leaving only Xiao Hua and her little brother at home watching TV.  Suddenly a neighbor ran up to Mr. Sun and said, “Your daughter had an accident.  Come quick.”  When Mr. Sun and his wife returned home, saw their daughter bawling in the rain, and there was a pool of blood on the ground.

Mrs. Sun asked her daughter what happened. “She said, a man had entered our home and rolled her into a sheet, used his hand to cover her mouth and ran off with her.” Xiao Hua was carried to an alley several meters away from her home. Mr. Sun said, according to Xiao Hua’s description, there was another man acting as a lookout, and after this two people went away from the scene while speaking to each other.

“That man later threw her into a nearby trashcan,” said Mrs. Sun.  The results of a hospital examination revealed that their daughter’s vagina was strained, the insides suppurated and she may lose her ability to have children if she doesn’t have good treatment..

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the alley, and there was dried blood trail.  Mr. Lao said the blankets were thrown into a trashcan have already been taken away by the police.

Father plots to catch the suspect

Mrs. Sun said, she already asked her daughter who the man was. “She said she knew the man as he came to our house before.” At this time Mrs. Sun thought about a man she ought to know from her hometown named Sun X*(See Below). This year in April, Sun X played cards in Mrs. Sun’s neighborhood, and hearing he was from her hometown, she spoke a few words to him. Afterwards, Sun X also came to Mrs. Sun’s house to chat but after some time she hadn’t heard any news from Sun X. “Later I heard he cheated someone out of money and was caught,” said Mrs. Sun.

In June, Sun X with a short buzz hair cut came to Mrs. Sun’s neighborhood again. On the evening of August 20th, Sun X suddenly gave Mr. Sun a call saying, “Your wife said I stole things, she talked crap about me.” Mr. Sun thought it was a little strange, then Sun X said he would seek revenge against them. Mr. Sun said, when they went down to the PSB for investigation , the police showed Sun X’s photo to Xiao Hua to identify, she said the man was him.

Yesterday evening, Mr. Sun again answered Sun X’s phone call, where he asked about Xiao Hua’s injuries and whether or not they needed help. “We had not told anyone that our child was injured, how could he know?” This phone call made Mr. Sun to belief that Sun X was the suspect. Therefore, he pretended that Xiao Hua’s injuries were so severe she was still in the hospital. He asked Sun X to wait in front of his home so He could take Sun X to the hospital. Mr. Sun then called the police and captured Sun X.


* Chinese people have dommon surnames. Sun X and Sun’s family are not related.

  1. I hope the rapist is punished severely. Maybe if they cut off the rapist genitals they would not do it again.

  2. Things like this happends wayyy too often.. just makes me wonder if that man is mentally ill or something.. i mean no person in a sane state would do this to a child. Cutting off his genitals won’t do the job.. once a rapist always a rapist, making him never to be able to have children doesn’t mean he wont rape again. I say put the guy in prison in solitary confinement and feed him viagra. Let him feel the urges and not being able to feel it for the rest for his life. An eye for an eye.

  3. What a coincidence. I just wrote a comment a few days ago about how the Japanese used to kidnap little boys and rape them all night before throwing them out beaten and destroyed outside NAKED for Occupied Chinese to find.

    Did this really happen or is it the Ministry of Propaganda again? Because if it really happened so that internet comments about Akihito will stop, forget it. DPRK needs to bomb Japan RIGHT NOW before they start kidnapping girls and forcing them to claim that they are voluntary hookers so their parents don’t get murdered back in Korea.

    They don’t get to play any blackmail games in public. No Aids needles in Beijing cabs after that flag gets pulled off. NONE of that. No Foo Dogs getting mysteriously sick with a factory made strain of H1N1.

    DPRK, you are perfect. Don’t let them hurt us any more.

  4. If DPRk is perfect, that is if perfect exists at all, then why dont u defect there? Seems to me that something perfect would be no less than the garden of eden?

  5. Why was the mom not in the home?? I know it’s a common practice to leave to see the neighbors for a bit in China but I could never fathom leaving a 5 year old and a toddler alone. And that rapist….what a horrible thing to do to a child. I’m glad there is still the death penalty in that country

  6. No doubt Western influenced as it happens all the time in the West with barely a mention.

  7. Police on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have taken over a poor neighbourhood following the discovery of the mutilated bodies of six young boys.

    Their bodies were discovered by workers in a ditch alongside a busy highway, police said, and at least one other boy is missing.

    Not that China don’t have their child molesters, mother rapers and father muggers, it is not as bad as some western countries.

    Catch them and hang them by their balls, teach them the error of their ways.

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