Blood and tears of childhood behind gold medals

| August 21st, 2012

From IFeng:

At the London Olympics games, post 90s generation shined.  However, what is not known behind the gold medals is a childhood filled with blood and tears.  Look at these little faces with tears, hands and feet covered in scars, worn exercise bars and training pants, do you feel the pain?


Little body not yet fully developed being forcefully stepped on everyday.


The tearing little faces are easily seen in the training room.


Hold back tears and practice.


Kids endure pain and practice.


Behind them is coach with “the ruler”.


Must finish even with crying.


Four “little bats” hanging there and resting.



Work those abs.


Children’s hands.


Children’s feet.


Training pants that were worn out,


Worn exercise bars


Socks with holes. In order to point the toes, kids need to painfully walk on their toes everyday.




Childhood of handstands







The huge character "gold" is posted on the wall, glowing red and blazing, it has been burned into the hearts of the young children. "There is always a dream, but only a few children will last, most parents feel sorry for their kids (and stop the training), so many good seedlings are buried like that." Coach said with pity “If a child can successfully go down this road, we have to thank his/her parents the most for persisting."


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  1. white dude says:

    it is only a sports

  2. snubs says:

    Brutal training!

  3. devang says:

    who ever says it is ok, is an animal in the face of man. Just to get the gold medals and name in outside world, country is molesting young child who doesn’t know what is passion at a very young age. It is brutal and unacceptable ever and against humanity. Accepting such molestation is foolishness.

  4. Vonskippy says:

    Life (and childhood) is cheap when you have 1.7 billion citizens.

    • voiceofhomer says:

      So what you have against India?

      F-bomb shit heads like you are all the same, racist dogs.

      • Vonskippy says:

        Um…the article was about Chinese Children and the hardship they endure just to compete in sports.

        Had nothing to do with India.

        Are you a complete fucking moron – or do you just play one on the Internet?

        • voiceofhomer says:

          Now why is it that the world’s two most populous nations, with two of the fastest growing economies on earth — China and India — should have such very different Olympic achievements to their name?

          As of dawn this morning, China was top of the London 2012 medal table with 18 golds, 11 silvers, and five bronzes — and India was at number 41 with, er, one bronze. (Four years ago, in Beijing, India did get one gold — to China’s 51 — in air rifle shooting.)

          Um…the article was about Chinese Children and the hardship they endure just to compete in sports.

          Had nothing to do with India.

          Are you a complete fucking moron –

          When you talk shit about China, you have to know the other shit smells just as bad.

          • katanaa says:

            “Now why is it that the world’s blablabla”
            Did you really completely not understand the point of this article? You are a just another brain washed netizen thinking China deserves all the praise.
            Let me answer your stupid question:
            Because India does not torture young lives, train them like circus animals just to increase the its medal count.

            • Bo Wang says:

              That or they don’t give a hoot about any sports besides Cricket, according to an Indian friend of mine.

            • Random Person says:

              India doesn’t give a damn about their kids on the streets just like China doesn’t.

              • wackky says:

                in india , the poors kids can be seen in the streets inhailing the glue, smoking, drinking and living in slums… while in china they are sent to sports camp where they are broomed for the gold medal, mind you not silver nor bronze… i have lived in india and china and i honestly cant decide which way is good… the slums in india or the brutal sports training in china… in india only rich can do the sports while in china usually its the poor taking sports with a dream that one day the sports will make them rich….

                no pian no gain,,,,,,

  5. voiceofhomer says:

    Wow I paid big money to be one of these kids, my kung fu teacher made me do a lot of those things and I never got to the Olympic games.

  6. Hidamari Desu says:

    wow these niggas

  7. I need weed to survive china says:

    The Chinese have to train like this (and cheat!) just to compete. It’s all about face, nothing more.
    Typical nationalistic bullshit.

  8. Bo Wang says:

    Training like slaves and still can’t get gold. Maybe adopt the American system.

  9. 陈妲 says:


    • ddc29 says:





  10. Angelus88 says:

    Yaayyy.. got gold medal…. dignity honour yadayadayada… then what.. back to normal life. 20 years training, 6 days showing. for a medal that aint even made out of gold=p

  11. ddc29 says:

    This this nothing, compare to how many children been abused and raped at western countries, and at mid-east by western every year.

    • thwongster says:

      And what makes you think there are no children being raped and abused in china.

      • ddc29 says:

        Who said not at all, but this this nothing, compare to how many children been abused and raped at western countries, and at mid-east by western every year.

        And they pretend they care about children, actually much worse abuse rape at their home,by them.

  12. thwongster says:

    Sad.. just sad..

  13. Cleo says:

    To pull themselves out of poverty, the Chinese hurt themselves and their own children – they don’t invade other countries, they don’t wage war over “a few rocks” over money.

    Japan harvested our children’s sweetmeats and our babies’ parts after they were finished raping them. They stepped on our children with their boots.

  14. kevin says:

    china is a freaking beast.

  15. Random Person says:

    Many of the children sent to these camps are from very poor families – in order to eat well, they endure this type of training. No wonder China always gets gold medals…they train these kids from a very early age to only think about the olympics

  16. William says:

    This is the reason we fight against Communism! This is NO way to treat anyone, not matter what their age. I wouldnt even treat a dog like this and yet they treat their young children worse than some criminal beating on someone. Cut off trade with China! And I see now, because someone found oil under the Senkaku Islands, China wants to stake claim on that as well. There was someone else in history who we fought and seeked to destroy and that was Adolf Hitler! Is he back again and leading China? It is one thing to push ones self to be an athlete and strive to become the best, but it is against all logic to beat young kids into doing what is the whim of others to have them do. I say BAN CHINA from anymore Olympics! Enough said!

    • voiceofhomer says:

      Yeah but I betcha you like little China dolls in your bed like so many whiteys that go to Thailand and China for, sex tourism is big in Canada and it is just as big in the US.

      May be you like the ladyboys?

      • Zebulon says:

        Sex tourism from US and Canada will never be as big as Asia’s itself. Thailand and Cambodia didn’t need anyone from the outside world to start getting into sex business. They launched it all by themselves. The sex tourist from everywhere else stepped in only later. Ladyboys BTW is a typical ThaI/Pinoy thing.

  17. Gray says:

    I will never be able to unsee this.

    I will pray for them. I wish I could do more.

  18. GinTama says:

    Kinda sad … all for the glory of the communist overlords.

  19. Anthony says:

    Think I would be more proud of my country for NOT winning a medal that requires generations of child abuse.

  20. Nippon rules says:

    China and always will be savages to their own, child abuse is in your culture and accepted as a part of life.
    Sacrifice your childhood, maybe win gold and then back to your poverty stricken village, while the corrupt officials take credit and celebrate with wife number 4.
    Great economic miracle! 90% of population poor!
    Great corruption is what you win gold medals for and have the undisputed number 1 gold tally for grinding your own citizens into the dirt.
    Well done, i congratulate you.

    • Angelus88 says:

      I knowwww right, i mean.. Nippon is totally the perfect examples, we should have been raping other countries and children in the past. Or molest schoolgirls in the bus now.. right? i mean.. that’s soooo civilized. yeah dude, it’s fascinating what you deem as “Chinese culture”, what you perceive to be, doesn’t has to be.

      • Nippon rules says:

        Thank you for you rubbish reply. Let’s examine it together, ” we should have been raping other countries and children in the past.” Oh, like Tibet you mean? But China was justified destroying and imprisoning another culture of course. Next point, ” molest schoolgirls in the bus now.. right?” Like that kindergarten girl raped and killed on a bus in Tianjin? Or the 5 year molested and put in a garbage. In your own words “that’s soooo civilized.” “Chinese culture”, what L perceive it to be, seems to be right.

        • Angelus88 says:

          lol. dude, even if China did do those things. It still doesn’t mean Japan didnt do it init? Or is it “you did it too, so we are off the hook thingy=p”

  21. stopbreathing says:

    who are these idiots pretending to know history.

    you go to sites like chinasmack and chinahush that sensationalize everything. you cherry pick the worst of chinese news and these idiots who read this believe that’s all there is to china.

    it’s the same thing whites do in entertainment media – the asian male is almost always portrayed as some asexual loser and the asian female as a white guy’s sextoy. Ya, china is in rough shape, but they pulled more people out of poverty in the past few decades than any other country and this is after mao’s “great leap forward” that killed off 50 million people

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