University official and his wife expelled and fired for indecent photos leaked online

| August 14th, 2012

From Netease:


There is new development on the “Indecent Photo Gate”, which the top leader of Lujiang County, Anhui Province was rumored to be the one in the photo. These photos circulating the Internet had three men and two women fully naked in a hotel.  Luijiang County made a announcement regarding the incident saying the photos have nothing to do with the county official, and they should be called “Photos of 3 Kunming couples partying in a hotel”.

(After investigation) Two involved persons, Wang Yu, Vice Secretary of the League in Hefei University, and his wife were expelled from the Party and fired of their official positions.

Journalists learned from Hefei University that at 12:30pm on August 10th, the university captured the indecent photos on the internet and started investigation immediately, and confirmed Wang Yu was among the involved parties. Wang Yu himself confessed that the other two men in the photos were not government leaders in Lujiang County and they did not know each other. The university immediately called a Party Committee meeting and decided to remove Wang’s office. The university also reported the decision to Hefei Municipal Party Committee and Discipline Check Committee, who started investigation and reached a conclusion at 11pm on the same day that the photos were taken in May 2007 when Wang Yu participated in licentious activities. The university held a Party Committee conference at 11:30pm on August 10th and decided to remove Wang’s party membership and official position. One of the females in the photos was Wang Yu’s wife, a middle school teacher in Hefei, and she was also expulsed from the Party and fired from her job.

On August 11th, the university held a meeting among middle-ranking officials to announce the decision and sent the notice to Wang Yu. The University held a University Check Committee meeting to strengthen thought and political education on officials and staffs, using this incidence as an example.

In addition, the rumor that, He, an official of the League in Hefei University, was involved in the scandal was found out to be untrue.

For more photos the search term is “昆明三对夫妻聚会照”

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  1. east2west says:

    Who posted these photos to the internet? My guess is that it has to be someone who dislikes one or more of these people in the photos. Why else would you do this?

  2. voiceofhomer says:

    It is illegal in Canada not to have a black man in the photo.

    They are fired.

  3. Alejandro says:

    This is how someone should serve the preople!

  4. vonskippy says:

    That’s pretty much universal – if you post a picture of your wang on the internet, you’re gonna get fired.

  5. Hidamari Desu says:

    my eyes

  6. Ah Lek says:

    COME ON,, They were just inspired by the Olympic Diving Team’s performance.
    B.S. That’s not fully naked anyway

  7. Gary says:

    What’s with Chinese people so addicted to holding up two fingers whenever anyone points a camera at them? They even do it when taking naked party pictures? Sheesh!

  8. Random Person says:


  9. Ah Lek says:

    What’s with Chinese people so addicted to holding up two fingers whenever anyone points a camera at them? They even do it when taking naked party pictures? Sheesh!

    Hey gringo you no understand..
    2 finger — 2 orifice.

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