Foreign naked women walking in streets of Kunming

| August 6th, 2012

From IFeng:


There is a naked woman walking in the street of Kunming? Yesterday 5pm, Netizen @Air_Lele posted a photo on Weibo. In this photo, a foreign woman waswalking naked, only wearing a pair of sneakers, the background was Kunming Culture Lane.  It immediately attracted attentions on the Internet, netizens started guessing the motive of “streaking”.

Netizens also pointed out that the woman in the photo also did similar act in Chenggong.
Yesterday evening, a jewelry shop owner Ms. Wang at the Culture Lane recalled, it was 5 pm in the afternoon, she looked up in front of her store and saw seven or eight people walking behind following a foreigner.  Then she suddenly realized, this foreigner did not have any clothes on, “I was shocked by it.”

Netizens made fun, this foreign woman “expressed her bossiness”, “This world is too crazy, at least wear something!!! The weather in Kunming will give you a cold.”  “Is this teaching everyone ‘sex is zero’?” “You won’t understand her world.”

Some people also said being naked in crowed downtown area is really indecent. “It is a public place, there were so many children there too.”  “Why don’t the police do something?” “Lacking in moral integrity!”

In addition, Netizen also revealed that the foreign woman is an Italian student studying at a medical school in Yunnan.

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  1. myna says:

    nice to see

  2. Hidamari Desu says:

    My fucking eyes

  3. LC says:

    Is she mad?

  4. B says:

    Well, now at least they have a reason to stare. Normally Chinese stare and take photos without asking even when foreigners are fully dressed.

  5. voiceofhomer says:

    Foreigners that are in China think they are the special people or they want the Chinese to give them face.

    Go home and get a life.

  6. Ah Lek says:

    not that nice to look at anyway, trash.

  7. shenmeniao says:

    maybe its a TCM remedy of some kind

  8. rL says:

    Eek, there have always been some weird-ass laowai’s in Kunming, too many brain-fried hippy backpacker types. And lots of Italian students for some reason, guess this lady ticks both those boxes. Yunnan’s actually somewhere where the Chinese netizen line about loser laowai’s who can’t find a job blah blah kind of applies, not somewhere to move to if you have plans in life!

  9. Jeff McQueen says:

    When I lived in China, women would put their bikes down in the middle of the street, come over to me, pull the hair on my arms and giggle. Not sure what the proper response should be …and ideas?

  10. Jeff McQueen says:

    When I lived in China, women would put their bikes down in the middle of the street, come over to me, pull the hair on my arms and giggle. Not sure what the proper response should be …any ideas?

  11. Pomguo says:

    Kunming laowai are some of the maddest… I had a placement there as part of a teacher exchange between my high school and one in Kunming, and the other laowai there (well, the long-term ones anyway) were bizarre.

  12. Cleo says:

    At first, I thought the Japanese were eye-raping yet another nonJapanese female because I thought this was just an infrared photo taken without permission exactly like the Japanese did to Guo Jingjing and other Chinese divers.

  13. SS says:

    She is making a point. The world is sick because we are sick. Why do we even enjoying seeing this body if we feel ashamed of it?

  14. Fred says:

    rape that foreign cracker cunt.

  15. Animal says:

    People, it’s only a body. We all have one. If she feels comfortable being naked in public, why attack her for it? She’s not hurting anyone.

    I’d rather see naked people in the streets than thugs, thieves, violence, etc.

    This puritanical behaviour should have left our species a long time ago.

    Remember: nakedness isn’t the same as sex.

    Also, don’t worry about the children: they aren’t offended by naked bodies, they find them really funny.

    It’s only puritanical adults who are “damaged”. But hey, if you don’t like it, don’t look!

  16. JohnC says:

    I find it ironic that communists should refer to moral integrity. And then what about the 20+ people who ignored, and even drove over multiple times, that toddler? Chinese society is as sick as Americas.

    Do not forget that nudity in China used to be much more common. Peasants usually worked on the land naked.

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