American high school boy becomes popular for singing Chinese song

| July 25th, 2012


Today, one of the trending topic on Sina Weibo is #美国男生翻唱中文歌走红#  #American boy sings Chinese songs and becomes popular#.

Recently, a video of an American high school boy, Clay Garner, Chinese name Gaoshan (高山) singing the Chinese song “Jar of Love” (我的歌声里) originally written and sang by Artist Qu Wanting, gain popularity on the Chinese Internet.  Lyrics: “Appeared just like that, in my world, brings me surprise…” Netizens thought Gaoshan’s Chinese is unbelievable, and his handsome playing and singing are very attractive.  Not sure what the original singer of the song Qu Wanting think of this version. What do you think of his singing?


He wrote on the video description he uploaded on Youku

Sina Weibo: @高山claygarner
Hello, everyone! I am Gaoshan, the English name is Clay Garner. I am a 18-year-old American high school student. I really like compilation of original songs, singing, playing guitar, learning Chinese. I studied Chinese for almost 3 years. The first short song I sent to my friends in Beijing!
Contact me:
The piano part of this video is per-recorded!

here is the original version of the song by Qu Wanting

More songs by Clay

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  1. Bo Wang says:

    “Netizens thought Gaoshan’s Chinese is unbelievable”

    Big deal. My English is unbelievable.

  2. Jazz-on says:

    This is mediocre at all levels at best. Just another little punk thinking he is something special because has learned how to sing a couple of songs in Chinese. So awkward to watch.

  3. Cleo says:

    It might be a real gem but I didn’t activate the link – the internet is too boring. Is that top picture of a Westerner because he looks Chinese to me.

  4. Hidamari Desu says:

    Even high school kids know China is pussy heaven for white boys

  5. voiceofhomer says:

    China foreign worshippers are making westerners sick, the Chinese want the whiteys to do all kinds of tricks to get a China girl.

  6. Chinawhisper says:

    He becomes famous because Chinese songs are seldom sang by foreigners. although China is stronger in econmy, but not strong in culture. Chinese like to see a foreigner who sing their songs. If this guy is a Chinese singing English songs, I am afraid he will not go viral on internet. Right?

  7. jack says:

    I’ve lived many years in china and have no interest in chinese girls…they have bad breath and no class. how’s that, assholes?

  8. Grey Mamba says:

    so many gays here in chinahush

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