Female with mini-skirt gets half off park admission discount in Guilin

From Netease and other source:


The promotion launched by a park in Guilin triggered lots of controversy. A theme park in Guilin launched the campaign, “Happy Summer Loves Mini-Skirts”, stipulating that from July to August, females who are over 18 years old, with skirts shorter than 38cm, could enjoy half price adminssion, which is 55 RMB. And on July 21st and 22nd, qualified females could enjoy 10RMB ticket before 12pm.

But some netizens expressed their objection, deeming it a vulgar publicity stunt without any meaning, and an unhealthy low-class event.

Guilin Merryland said that we had this promotion for 5 years since 2007, and due to positive feedbacks, it had been kept. And the park did not agree with netizens on that it was a vulgar act.




Despite its continuous controversy, this campaign reached its peak on July 21st and July 22nd when qualified visitors could enjoy 10 RMB tickets. The amount of total visitors increased instead of declining. Statistics showed that around 12,000 visitors entered the park on July 21st.

In order to participate in this campaign, many female visitors who wore pants changed into a mini-skirt before they bought tickets, and changed back after they went inside. Mrs. Su, a visitor, said it was a bit troublesome, but both the length of skirt and the ticket price were acceptable and such a good deal.

July and August are the peak season for this theme park, and the “mini-skirt festival” not only greatly increased the amount of visitors, but also brought new business opportunities for some merchants. The booth, under the tree which was only 20meters away from the ticket office, offered mini-skirts in various colors and attracted many females. According to the cart owner, their target consumers were visitors from other cities, who did not know this mini-skirt promotion and hence were not prepared for it. The mini-skirts were well received by these visitors because the total price of the skirt (30-40 RMB) and ticket (10 RMB) was still slightly lower than a half price ticket. They sold near 200 skirts in a single morning.



  1. If this was done in the USA, a lot of fat females would be wearing mini-skirts to the park.

  2. If they did this in Canada, the parks would go broke and the pres would be fired.

    In Canada the females don’t wear much, some girls go around topless.

      1. i agreee…. if u see that..tell me where pls… cause there is no action like that in toronto ha

  3. Huangshan, Taishan and other mountains with nearly vertical climbing steps might also want to consider enacting a miniskirt discount if they ever find themselves lacking in tourist revenue 😉

  4. Netizens might call it vulgar but they’d still be lining up to go into the park. Quite clever – offer bait in the form of young girls in short skirts by making their prices cheaper, hence, driving up the number of pretty girls showing off their legs in the park. Which then gets more guys going that pay full price to oggle at the girls. They know that Chinese people are cheap and can’t pass up a good deal (heck, if Disneyland offered me a half price ticket for wearing a miniskirt, I’d do it). The problem is, a lot of youth also don’t value their own bodies and so allow themselves to be exploited for a cheaper part ticket. I wonder though, if a lot of old ladies and housewives also donned on a miniskirt. Knowing them, most likely

    If this promotion happened in the US, people would be up in arms about it and there’d be a giant backlash.

    1. “If this promotion happened in the US, people would be up in arms about it and there’d be a giant backlash.”

      Are you talking about the same Country that has Wet T-shirt nights, Ladies drink free night, topless beaches, etc?

      It takes way more skin then what any mini skirt will show to raise eyebrows in the States, and even more then that in Europe.

      China is so full of prudes. If sex is so taboo, how did they get 1.7 billion people?

  5. Chinese need more covered walkways, our thinner skin wrinkle in the sun instead of deeply tanning without penalty like the Japanese and Koreans.

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