Chinese girl witnesses Batman premiere shooting


A 19-year-old Chinese American girl witnessed the Batman premiere shooting.  She wrote down her thoughts on  There is the translation:

Today, I went with my older sister, my cousin and my good friend to see the opening show of the new “Batman” movie.  Very happy we can to go together. My cousin, my older sister and my friend are all first time seeing a movie premiere.  We all went with a feeling that we couldn’t explain.  We could have escaped the chaos.  We originally supposed to see “Spiderman” but the screening time was passed already.  We decided to buy the ticket for the opening premier of “Batman” that is showing at midnight.  We bought the tickets at around 11 pm, but there were so many people.  We went into #1 showing room at around 11:10 pm.

When we were buying the tickets, the movie staff told me that tickets for12:01 am and 12:05 am were both sold out.  The only tickets left were at 12:10am.  It doesn’t matter we did not care much.  When we went into #1 showing room, it was almost full.  Four of us sat in the middle.  We were very happy and waiting for the movie to start.  When the light slowly dimmed, we were waiting for Batman to appear.   However just when Batman was holding a walking stick the movie theater alarm lights went off. At that time I thought the lights were coming from the effect of the film.  The room was very dark and movie’s sound was very loud, could not even hear the siren.  We saw the two African Americans behind us started to walk out, we also followed.  But there were still many people remained seated. Many people said “what the f***, the movie just started” some said “I better get my seat back.” “They better give me my money back.”

At the time I only thought it as only a fire alarm, “it wasn’t even in the room, do I really need to go out? Maybe we will come back soon, hope our seats will still be there.”  These thoughts were in my mind.  We went out from the safe exit orderly.  When I got close to the door, I saw the police and guns, also bulletproof vests and gas masks.  My mind was suddenly blank, only to hear the police say “run, run, keep running.” My sister, cousin, friend and I started running.  I said, “my car is here, let’s run to the car.”  We waited for a minute there and ready to drive off the parking lot.

Just backed up the car and stepped on gas, we saw an American boy, in his 20s, covering his neck with his hands.  His clothes and skin were full of blood.  I was scared.  I could not control myself anymore.  I started to sweat and could not drive the car very well.  My cousin said to my sister, “Sister, you go drive, Shanshan is too scared.”  My sister and I both asked her to drive.  I was really scared, was shaking when I got off the car.  Sat at the back of the car, my mind went blank.  I did not dare to think.  I was scared of the criminal to appear, scared of being the one that got shot.  When we left the parking lot, we saw many people injured.  Someone’s foot was injured, a big boy was crying because his foot hurts.  When I saw their pain, I thought I could be one of them.

When we drove to the intersection, police searched our vehicle for weapons.  After inspection, we drove off.  Driving to a big street from the theater, we saw the beautiful street lights and the red blue and white police cars.  It’s like fireworks at the holidays, the flash kept my eyes from opening.  Saw people being carried onto ambulance, but also saw a lot of fire trucks waiting around.  Because no one knew what the gunman would do next.

All of this happened so suddenly.  I have thought of this before, if nothing big happens in my life, then its like never lived.  Thought about things like this would happen, but now it really happened, I am really scared.  I don’t want it to happen again.  Actually many places are dangerous.

There are a lot of gun crimes in the United States.  There are no requirements for buying guns.  Just have to be over 18.  Everyone says the United States a safe place, I also said the same.  I came to America for 10 years already, I lived in Colorado for 10 years.  I am 19,  it is first time in my life encountering this kind of thing. I often go there to watch movies, we also lived around that theater with my family.  Therefore I was never scared before.  So naïve, thought it never would happened to me.  Now, it happened, I am scared.  I cried, because I knew how important my live is now.

14 people already died, I thought, I could be one of them, I was lucky.  But I am praying for these 14 people.  The criminal has been caught already, how to deal with him is up to the police and the government.  I am only sad now, because these 14 people’s lives were so short, there were babies, children, they did not even start their lives yet.

Family members were calling to find people who went to the movies, worried.  Hope they could find them, come home early.  Don’t be too frightened.  I also hope my sister, cousin and my friend to stop thinking about it.  Maybe this is a big thing happened in our lives, maybe it is a lesson.  I only want to say to everyone here, cherish your lives, do not make your lives as a joke.  Sometimes our lives can not be controlled by us, but, our live can be better protected by us.

Thank you everyone for listening to me venting here, also thank you everyone for caring.  The criminal is caught, my heart is more relaxed.  Thanks to for letting me write about my thoughts on the incident. Thank you.

Now this movie ticket is my guardian angle.  Because of this we went thought the incident and because of it, we escaped the danger.

  1. So funny what she is saying here, shit happens in the US is ok with her but when shit happens in China she will say WTF is wrong with the Chinese in China.

    How I know this, just that she said this…………………”I only want to say to everyone here, cherish your lives, do not make your lives as a joke. Sometimes our lives can not be controlled by us, but, our live can be better protected by us.”

    1. You misread the sentence. “us” in the sentence is the pronoun “us”, not the country “USA”. She means that people can’t control external events impacting their lives, but should be prepared to protect themselves against them if needed.

      No China/US politics here …

      1. Beijing residents expressed fury on Monday after the worst rains to hit the Chinese capital in more than 60 years left at least 37 people dead, with another seven still missing.

        By Monday morning, nearly nine million users of China’s popular Sina Weibo microblog had expressed anger over insufficient official warnings, and at the way the city’s outdated drains failed to cope.

        “If the drainage system had been good, if the warning system had been put in place in a timely manner, if people had been told to stay home, would so many people have lost their cherished lives?” posted one, named Bijiexiang.

        Dambass Chinese netizens at it again everytime god pisses on China.

        1. Hahaha you must be mother fucked by Chinese that why you so hate Chinese,hahaha whats pitty

      2. Then she’d be wrong. People can control gun laws. It’s just that the lawless USA is flooded with gun nuts. Americans are dying everywhere due to gun violence. It’s not a hurricane. It’s not Mother Nature. It’s evil people are making big profits on guns and human lives have to take a back seat.

    1. 13 bux in ontario… !!!! arrrgghhhhhh

      My condolences to the family and friends on that night….’

      may they rest in peace

  2. This is common in America, Weapon industry’s favorite stories. and the less safe people feel the better of sales of weapns. Same reasons for them to making wars every year. Politics in USA are rotten already.

    Don’t forget this is a money driven rich politics capitalism nation, people’s life here worth shit compare to money and business. Last several Presidents are commercially hired play drama and supported by richest Corporate whom aim to Maximum the profit. People who dare protest on wall st are beaten like shit. no wonder …lucky we have less economy and less corruption in Australia.

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