Railway police intern loses legs saving suicide train jumper


From nddaily:

In the afternoon of July 9th, a man jumped off the platform in Changli railway station, in Hebei to commit suicide, and Li Yabo, the 20-year old railway police Intern, went to save him. Both of them were hit by the train. The suicide fell into a deep coma while Li Yabo had to have leg amputation, because his legs were badly mutilated when his colleagues dragged him out from under the train.

Li Yabo is from Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan province and he enrolled in the Railway Police College in 2011. He was an intern at the railway station when the accident happened. Recently, netizens have been forwarding and commenting on microblog, sending their regards to this young man. Many a netizen praised him as “the most beautiful railway policeman among people born in the 1990s”.


5:40pm of July 9th, Li Yabo was arranging passengers to get on the No. 1547 train on a platform in Changli railway station while a middle-aged man jumped off the platform and ran to the middle of the railway swiftly. At that time, a train was pulling in slowly, less than 20 meters away from the man. Li Yabo immediately ran after him and tried desperately to drag him out of the railway. Though the train driver braked hard, Li Yabo and the man were hit and fell on the ground. Li Yabo’s legs become a bloody mass while the middle-aged man was hurt in the head and belly, and went into a coma on the spot. Due to the huge pressure and force, Li Yabo’s legs were separated from his feet – his right leg and the middle part of his left leg were grounded to commination, and could not be found.

The suicide was hurt in the head and belly, and went into a coma immediately. It is rumored that he was dead on the spot, but the truth is that he is still in a coma. He is 41 years old with surname of Liu and from Herbing. The reason of committing suicide was still unknown.

Professor Zhang Xu, a famous expert in microsurgery and hand-foot surgery, achieved the optimum treatment plan after discussion with several experts, and replanted Li Yabo’s legs. The replantation of severed legs was finished successfully at 3:30am on July 10th, and the second surgery was done at July 12th night. Li Yabo’s body is operating properly after the operations. As of July 13th, the hospital said they would transplant Li Yabo’s left foot to his right foot and would try their best to save his leg and restore its functions. Zhang Xu also stated that he would have to amputate his left leg from his knee down, which would be good for fitting the prosthesis in the future.

10:30am of July 13th, Sina microblogger @平安鲁山claimed that Li Yabo, still unaware of the amputation, was under psychological therapy. It is said that when Li Yabo woke up to find his left foot on his right foot, he asked the doctor ”can you switch my foot back?”.

On July 13th, this incident triggered heated discussions on the internet. It became the most concerned news on Sina microblog and there had been over 1.9 million netizens who followed and commented on it by 7:30pm on July 13th. “Salute him! He is a hero no matter whether the suicide was saved!” Thousands of millions of netizens sent their respect and regards to “the most beautiful railway policeman that was born post 1990s”.

There is a controversy on whether his deeds could be awarded the title of “Hero of Justice and Courage”, since to save people is part of his job responsibility. On July 13th morning, an official from Shandong Foundation for Justice and Courage said that although Li Yabo’s brave deeds were very touching and worth respecting, he was on duty when the accident took place, and that meant that he just did what he should do in his job. And according to the legal stipulations, his acts could not be regarded as “for Justice and Courage”.

Many netizens think that even though Li Yabo’s act is within his job responsibility, they still hope the government could award him the title of “Hero of Justice and Courage” for his brave deeds.

more source: Netease

  1. Worthy of commendation. Even though it’s part of the job, still takes a lot of balls to face possible death.

  2. I cry for this honorable young man,,,,,,……..and send my best wishes for what I believe will be an equally honorable future for him…..jim USA

  3. At least in China the cops will help the Chinese in most cases but in Canada just the opposite, they don’t care about the Chinese.

    Do not think so, look at this…………………………………………………

    Jun Lin’s slaying shatters mother’s view of Canada

    The grieving mother of Chinese university student Jun Lin says her son viewed Canada as a place that was welcoming and safe for immigrants, but his brutal killing and dismemberment have left her with a starkly different view of the country.

    “We still believe that most people here are very kind, but this heinous crime happened in Canada. It’s made me reconsider what kind of place this is,” Zhigui Du told the CBC’s Mark Kelley in an interview set to air on The National at 9 p.m. ET Monday.

    Lin’s parents have been treated with “kindness” by the federal government, she said, and people here have shown the couple sympathy and support since they arrived in Montreal following their son’s grisly slaying in late May.

    But his death, the brutal nature of which garnered headlines around the world, has shattered the idealistic view of Canada that Du’s 33-year-old son had impressed on her.

    Before moving to Montreal from Beijing to study in a computer engineering program at Concordia University, Lin had done extensive research online about Canada.

    His mother said he had the impression that it was “a peaceful place with great respect for multiculturalism,” and that there was no reason to worry about his safety.

    Today, Du says, when she walks down the street sometimes she feels like “everyone looks like Magnotta. I live with so much fear.”

    Asked whether the Canadian legal system will be able to deliver justice in his son’s death, Jun Lin’s father, Diran Lin, said, replied, “I hope so … I can only wish for it.”

    They lost contact with him on the evening of May 24, and his mother then got a phone call from one of her son’s classmates in Montreal saying that his friends also had not heard from him.

    She eventually learned of Jun Lin’s death from a TV news report, and said she fainted.

    Coping with grief

    Jun Lin’s death has put a strain on the couple, and the suggestion that his slaying has allegedly been posted online has only heightened their anguish.

    “What a disaster and huge pain for our family,” Du said, sobbing.

    “The most unbearable pain for me is that the video got posted on the internet. People watched it over and over. It’s like my son is being murdered again and again.”

    While they wait for the trial to begin, Jun Lin’s parents are also trying to decide where to lay their son’s remains to rest.

    They had planned to have the burial in Montreal because, his mother said, he loved it so much there.

    But the couple is facing mounting pressure from family to lay his remains to rest in the country where he was born and raised.

    “We Chinese have an old saying: ‘Fallen leaves must go back to the root of the tree,'” Du said. “We’re caught in the middle and really don’t know what to do.”

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