Building cement cones under highway bridge to drive out homeless

| July 5th, 2012


From Netease:

Affecting the city’s image with homeless people sleeping under the bridge, it was reported that some people in Guangzhou built cement cones to discourage people to sleep over there, which lead to a hot discussion in Weibo. Reporters from Nandu daily discovered that the underneath area of a number of bridges and viaducts in Guangzhou, Baiyun and Tianhe were covered with cement cones. However, no department or unit step forward and took credit.

People living in the neighborhood claimed, homeless people used to gather in those places. But with the cement cones, they were forced to move out. Comments made by the citizens toward such execution were very different. Nonetheless, some residents thought that the management department of the city should be more lenient towards homeless people, as well as to be more humanized.

Nearly 200 square meters of flat land at the underneath and above of the viaduct of the Huangshi highway connected to the entrance of Baiyun airport were covered with awe-inspiring "teeth". There were 100 cones on each row and 20 on each column, in total about 2000 cement cones arranged neatly. The base of each cone was a square; side length and height were about 10 cm; the distance between cones was approximately 10 cm. With such tight arrangement of sharp cones, it is very chilling. Reporter said there were many loosed cement cones and a few of them were removed, creating some empty place for people to lie down.

In the middle of the road, the airport highway bridge deck was covered with rectangular cement blocks. The staggered and dense arrangement of the blocks was found on the 100meter-tall and 2meter-wide ground.

Regarding to such discussion in Weibo, the management department of the city in Guangzhou responded yesterday that they did not make any cement cones to discourage the homeless to sleep under the bridge.

Concerning to the cement cones under the airport highway, Nanto reporters asked the Baiyun District Urban Management Bureau, Department of Transportation, Construction Bureau and other departments for clarification. However, none of the departments admitted.

The airport expressway company staff said the Huangshi toll station under the bridge was under their supervision, but they did not make any cement cones. They pointed out that the cones were built by the district municipal department. The reason behind this was too many homeless people gathered there in the past. They not only slept there, but also cooked there and made it like a home, leading to potential safety problems and risks.



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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    In Toronto , Canada if anyone sleeps under bridges or above street level highways, they will not get up and may be dead the next day, due to falling cement blocks that will kill them making them flat.

    And we have lead plus a lot of asbestos here to paint on them cement cones, if China wants to buy them for their bridges.

    • Bobby Cee says:

      Nice try Jack. I read the Toronto Star every day and have never seen anything like this. Please do enlighten Canadians.

  2. Angelus88 says:

    Has anyone noticed that Korean_guy’s avatar/picture kinda looks like the midget Kim Jung Il/Un? i can totally picture it in front of me. That person standing on a stage yelling some names saying their the best of the world. xD

  3. japanese says:

    koreans eat whale meat

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