Foreign man threw 5-year-old girl into a pool, causes uproar


From Sina:

At around 4 pm on July 1, a man from New Zealand threw a five-year-old girl into the pool at the Cromwn Plaza hotel in Jinan. The girl was scared and cried, which made the girl’s parents angry. Fortunately the girl was not injured.

“The foreigner lift my 5-year-old granddaughter from the water without any reason, then thrown her back into the water.” In Crowne Plaza Hotel, the grandmother of five-year-old girl Dongdong (not her real name) indignantly told the reporters, they were swimming in the pool of the hotel recreation center at that time.

Dongdong’s grandmother said, at around 4 pm on July 1, when she was putting swimsuit onto her other granddaughter, Dongdong was playing in the pool, “All of a sudden, a foreign man lifted 5-year-old Dongdong up high above the water then thrown her out. Thanks to a Chinese man who caught Dongdong on the water. Hasty was not injured, but she was scared for a long time before she recovered.”

According to the description by Dongdong’s grandmother, after that, Dongdong’s mother had a dispute with the foreign man. The foreigner shook his fist, wanted to flight but with no action.

“He also pointed and cursed at us. I told him here is China, we would not stand any nonsense from foreigners” Dongodng’s grandmother said with indignation.

Dongodng’s grandmother told reporters that there weren’t any security personnel and any keepers in the pool at that time. However the staff of Crown Plaza Jinan, Ms. Cheng told reporters,” after the incident security personnel came. They were renewing swimming supplies when it happened, so it was not their fault. “Ms. Cheng also told reporters:” We will wait for the result from the authority of course, we will never push away our responsibility.”

Afterwards, the reporter saw an over 50-year-old foreign man taken away by the police for questioning.

At 18:30, the police told reporters, “After our interrogation, there might have been some misunderstanding between the foreign man and the girl’s parents in communication.

The foreigner said the little girl bumped into him while swimming, he felt no adults were looking after her so he just threw her away. However the parents thought it was wrong to get angry at a little child. Now the foreign man admitted he was wrong, he also is willing to apologize and compensate for some loss. We will help them to agree on a settlement. ”

According to investigation,  the foreign man works as an English teacher at a training institute in Jinan city.

On July 2 morning, Jinan Public Security official Weibo made the following announcement, “After police investigation, the foreign man named Phillips, from new Zealand is now teaching at Shandong University of Finance.  After police’s mediation, the foreigner apologized and paid compensation, both parties have reached a settlement.”

The incident caused uproar on the Internet, this foreign man was unanimously criticized by the netizens.

  1. New Zealand has reserved its decision until mid July in a controversial case involving the sale of 16 dairy farms to Chinese investors.

    The government has twice approved the sale, but many in New Zealand are uncomfortable about selling farms to China.

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    In NZ, the whiteys there hate all Chinese but China has so many white worshippers that need whitey love.

    1. the fact that you are stating “whitey’s” are “racist pigs”, isn’t it being racist what you are doing as well? you condemning an entire race for faults that are not appiable to every “whitey” and at the same time you are doing exactly what you think they are doing. As a Chinese person myself, i know a lot of chinese people as well. In europe, the chinese are far from exemplary for there are those people indeed that calls everyone that is non-Chinese as “pigs/ghosts/useless” and the list goes on. Racists exist in every country on earth, China is no exception. So in the future, look at a broader perspective of things before you judge anything mate, because to me, you just seem super contradictive. Cheers

    2. Sounds like you’re just another Chinese guy who is jealous of Western men. A lot of Mainland Chinese really like to play the race card these days; must be part of your government’s propaganda campaign. Anyhow, you need to get your crap together and stop blaming other people for all of your problems.

  2. ‘ “He also pointed and cursed at us. I told him here is China, we would not stand any nonsense from foreigners” Dongodng’s grandmother said with indignation. ‘

    God that’s pathetic. You’re a human being, and this is Earth.

  3. I guess the family was not so horrified that they could not be paid off. Sounds like a scam.

  4. The translation of this isn’t too good, I’m sorry to say. I really wanted to know what the police were saying the foreigner’s point of view was, but what is this supposed to mean?

    “He said the girl in the pool run up to him, he thought that the girl was in a terrible state of neglect, so he threw her out unconcernedly.”

    1. 外籍男子说女孩在游泳时蹭到他,他觉得小孩无人管,便顺手扔起。
      The foreigner said the little girl bumped into him while swimming, he felt no adults were looking after her so he just threw her away.

      let me fix that…

  5. fucking chinese. i dare them to say that while being surrounded by foreiners instead of chinese. they just wanted to have the other chinese attack the foreiner to exploit money out of him. so what if he throws her in a pool, you came to swim right?

    that girl’s a faggot and so are her parents. i swear you should fine them for bullshiting the police and causing such a neusence.

    foreiners now know what to expect from chinese

    1. So arent u a faggot as well? including your father and mother. I dare you to say what you say in the internet to ANY race of people, see wether u will be attacked. Because it sure seems to me that you have a fairly big mouth safely behind the computer screen. But in face to face u would chicken out.

  6. It sounds like the girl’s family saw an opportunity to make some cash and capitalized on it. I sincerely doubt the old guy did anything worth making a fuss over. He probably was mortified about the whole thing. This happens in China all the time, but Chinese are usually not so bold to scam foreigners in this way. If it was a more serious accusation, it could turn into a diplomatic nightmare that could go terribly awry.

    1. Agreed that they made a fuzz about it. I never understood that really.. why are they always making hell on internet for something that can be solved within closed doors? But i do understand why the parents would be upset tho, if someone threw my child like that i would be upset as well. But compensation is a bit far fetched.. i mean the girl wasn’t harmed in any way, a sorry would have sufficed. So i guess it’s double edged, the man was really at fault, but the parents went out of their borders as well..

  7. All racist bull crap aside. A 50 year old man threw a 5 year old girl into a pool. the little one bumped into him and he threw her away??? Seriously, that issues needs to be addressed. If she would have bumped into me, I would have smiled/laughed and walked away. The girl was a baby, seriously this man has some issues.
    The more I read about China and it’s people, and what they call news. it seriously makes me want to not visit thier. The Chinese seem to be racist as hell to anyone who is not Chinese. Fuck, I’m Native American(Native Indian, American Indian, etc)….. hate to see how they would treat me.

    1. It depends on where in China you want to go i guess. In the major cities their actually quite nice. But in the more.. well.. secluded places they can indeed be quite xenophobic. That man should have indeed known better than to throw away a child, it’s not justifiable. But you should know this, you cannot say Chinese are racist as fuck and a dangerous place to go etc. Because if you base that assumption on the television news, then nobody will go to america because it’s composed out of 100% gangsters, hookers and rednecks. And note: if they really were as racist as u think they are, they would have been the most conservative people in the earth like the N-koreans. Instead they do businesses with every nation in the world.

      1. Angelus88: ‘Because if you base that assumption on the television news, then nobody will go to america because it’s composed out of 100% gangsters, hookers and rednecks’.

        Hmm, I think that says a lot more about your tastes and the type of garbage you choose to watch than anything about the general calibre of TV in the US. Why not try improving yourself and watch some documentaries and quality programs on PBS?

        1. @ anon Well.. i think u misunderstood me. First of all, i’m not from US, so i have no idea what kind of shows the PBS would host and documentaries? plenty of nat. geo. or discovery. My point is not that i have that image of US, not at all tbh. But i stated that so i would point out how stupid it would be IF i were to really think like that. So if the roles were reversed, it would be stupid, so what gives them the right to talk about other countries? People talk like shit about China, like how bad they are and yadda yadda yadda. Point taken. But just how many of them have exactly been to China before, their getting their information from the news or internet or any viral source of information.

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    1. Clen, 94, is in a similar situation. She had driven to Calgary with her relatives and was supposed to fly home to Vancouver on Thursday morning.

      But Clen also wasn’t allowed to board her flight because she also didn’t have proper ID.

      She had some cards, and a photograph of her Canadian passport, but Air Canada said that was not enough.

      “At this age, she’s not a security threat as far as I’m concerned,” said her daughter Judy Chow.

      In Canada, they still do these things to Chinese, even if the Chinese is a Canadian citizen.

  11. Chinese! bless you

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  12. What kind of Kiwi would do this? I have never heard of a white man like him doing this to a white child in his own country.

    He’s dead.

    Any schadenfreude thrill at being amongst the mild mannered demands a reckoning. He needs to be surprised and where is Yang Rui’s absolution? He certainly paid a price in public opinion by expressing vitriol at this type of bullying.

    It’s just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of bullying that Hun foreigners are capable of. If Black Americans didn’t create a reputation of menace, Huns would definitely exploit and bully Africans much worse.

  13. What you think are Asian KKK is nothing but a walk in the park. The real KKK goes around lynching and firebombing people of color. I’m talking real murder and terrorism mind you. Are there any Chinese counterparts that could hold a candle to acts such as those?

  14. Chinese want to leave shit world and come here to Canada to die.

    “Hua Guang Liu a Canadian citizen and a single mother from Toronto had plans to move back to China before she vanished and parts of her body were discovered in two separate cities.”

  15. I find it strange that every detail of the who the man was and even his employer was put up on this site. I consider that irresponsible.

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