Female driver strips naked to stop ambulance after hitting a girl, causes death of victim


From Sohu and various sites:

A latest video about a traffic accident aroused the sympathy of millions of netizens. After the female driver hit a girl and her mom, she did not try to save the injured; instead, she ran naked onto the ambulance to “grab” the heavily injured girl and lay at the wheel of the ambulance to stop it from leaving. The girl was dead while her mom is still in a coma. Many netizens criticized that the driver was lack of conscience, and even compared her cruelty with that of Yaojiaxin. Witnesses claimed that the psychiatry teacher “went mad” and she even yelled “bitch, I want to kill you.”




According to Guangzhou Daily, this traffic accident took place in front of a government kindergarten in Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. The mom of the girl lay flat on her back beside a white car. Her legs twisted, with a part of an electronic bike under her right leg. People nearby hurried to raise the car together and a man in camouflage coat carried the girl from out from under the car. The girl’s face was full of blood, and she was already dying.

Due to the harsh crash, the car windows cracked while the car body bended. Suddenly something shocking happened – the female driver took off her own clothes and lay naked at the front wheel of the ambulance. With the assistance of a hospital staff, a man in grey T-Shirt took the heavily injured girl onto the ambulance. To people’s surprise, the female driver got up, rushed onto the ambulance and tried to pull the girl out. The nurses and other people on the spot hurried to take the girl back. After she failed to grab the girl, the female driver lay down again to stop the ambulance from leaving. The ambulance had to drive backward in order to leave.

Yesterday, this incident spread widely online. Netizens condemned the female driver for “deliberately delaying the rescue of the injured and lacking conscience”. It is reported that the female driver was once a psychiatry teacher and many netizens suspected that she pretended to be insane, attempting to shirk responsibility for her crime.

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