Shanzhai Lamborghini, 99% identical exterior, sells for 420k yuan

| June 24th, 2012


I believe, you only need to spend less than 300 yuan to own a smartphone that looks like an IPhone on the outside, but have you heard of spending 420,000 yuan for a “Lamborghini”? Recently, a report on the Internet with pictures and videos once again stirs up waves with the word “Shanzhai” in the Chinese auto market.

A home automaker has made a Shanzhai version of the “Lamborghini Murcielago LP64” model. Different than the earlier Shanzhai cars, the car maker said this Shanzhai Lamborghini’s exterior is 99% identical to the genuine mode, interior is up to 70% similar. The Shazhai Lamborghini is modified from a Toyota MR2. The craftsmanship alone has won netizens’ admiration.

Shanzhai Lamborghini maker has his own workshop, according to this announcement posted, he is selling this model LP640 for 420,000 yuan, reservation period is 5 month and order deposite is 50% of the cost, 210,000. However the car cannot get license plate, is only meant for public display and driving on non-public roads.



2.2 liter Toyota 5s and 2.0 t 3S engine, 100 kilo-meters in 9 seconds, top speed 2000, 175 horse powers, sound decibel frequency can be more than 90% identical. Body is 1:1 ratio. Interior is Lamborghini style, dash board is not Lamborghini.

Cannot get license plate, reservation period is 5 month, order deposit is 50% of the total cost, 210,000 yuan.

Power window, power wings, GPS navigation, backup camera, real leather seats and leather interior.

Interior can be done upon customers’ request, it is impossible to be 100% (identical as the real)

Interior and exterior color can be determined by customer.

Engine cover is not transparent, rims are custom made, original rims cost 50,000 extra

Car’s front bumper is 2007 style

Original car key cost 9,000 extra

We did not make modification on the original beam, so car safety index is same as the original Toyota.

However we added stainless steel, steel pipe and steel plate in the driver and passenger side doors.

We also added 4 point racing seat belts.

This car cannot get license plate, but satisfies all driving capabilities. However our factor sells the car only for display.

Car symbol, glass, grille, tail lights and exterior accessions are all original factory parts. New style of LED tail lights cost 10,000 extra.

Steering wheel is racing car steering wheel with original Lamborghini symbol.

All buttons in interior are all original Lamborghini parts.

Real Lamborghini Murcielago LP64:

Shanzai Lamborghini Murcielago LP64


original Toyota MR2:



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  1. ssfsx17 says:

    It probably *IS* the real manufacturer of those Lamborghini parts.

  2. ChinaSucks says:

    Chinese companies again shamelessly steal the designs of other companies. Yet they cry when some western company a hundred times bigger than them even remotely the same name as a local chinese company.

  3. ChinaSucks says:

    China is really a center for stealing and cloning other people’s work and design.

  4. i don't get it says:

    If it doesn’t have that massive Lambo rumble under the hood, and have that amazing feeling of power when you push the accelerator, then it’s going to feel exactly like driving a Toyota.

    Lamborghini has nothing to worry about.

    Now: If they can make a 100,000 yuan version with a killer engine… then we’re talking…

  5. Mat says:

    This was not designed by the Chinese at all
    It was developed in the UK they have just stolen the kit that is all.

  6. Paulo says:

    As pessoas que compram replicas podem andar livremente nas ruas?

  7. kenan says:

    Hey im looking for lamborghini murcielago headlights, do you have access to getting these or could you tell me where i would be able to get them?

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