Abbot of ancient temple returns to secular life to get married

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Life is precious but love is even more priceless. These words are very romantic when used on ordinary person, however if applied onto the monk abbot then it must be an incredible story.

The abbot, head of thousands-year-old Qiongzhu Temple in Kunming, named Qing Yin could not withstand the temptation of love, gave up years of practice and retried on June 9 in order to return to secular life from the Temple. He was going to get married on 17 of June. Qing Yin had the wedding with 30 tables of guests at the Grand View Hotel in Kunming on Sunday, June 17, the bride was a 26-year-old jade businesswoman.

Qing Yin did not notify the monks at the temple when leaving; instead handed all procedures to the Kunming Buddhist Association, so none of the monks at the temple knew.

Qiongzhu Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, is one of the Buddhist cultural sites in China. Existing buildings and one of the painted sculptures are built in the Qing dynasty. The Five hundred Arhats sculptures are typical creation of the Qing dynasty. The reporter found the old Master of the oldest temple-cultivation. 90 years old grand master grew up in Qiongzhu Temple and it had been 78 years. Old Master confirmed the news of Qing Yin returning to secular life to get married. “This is the first time I never heard an abbot to return to secular life to get married. We Buddhism has three No begs (to stay). No beg to stay if return to secular life, no beg to stay if leaving for seeking knowledge; no beg to stay if leaving for wandering. His heart is no longer here, he is already returned to secular life.” Old Master smiled and said, “Yesterday someone called me and told me he held the wedding at the Grand View Pavilion. Many others called me, asking us if he made a mistake. But he already returned to secular life, whatever he does is his personal choice, which has nothing to do with the temple anymore.”

In December 1990, Ming Dao was the first abbot at Qiongzhu Temple after liberation. 1997, Ming Dao suddenly gave all affairs to the young student Qing Yin, thus became the current abbot. In the phone, Kunming Buddhist Association also confirmed to reporters that Qing Yin abbot returing to secular life went through the normal procedures. After his resignation, whatever he does is he is personal choice, Buddhist Association has no right to intervene.

Photos of the wedding:




This news attracted much attention on the Internet…

The following are translated from an article on the issue from blog.

Famous abbot to return to secular life to get married, what does it mean? What can we learn from it?

1. Today’s China reveals improvement on tolerance and liberation. However Qing Yin abbot’s marriage, as the secret of the Buddhist community still caused uproar.

2. Qing Yin abbot’s marriage proves that freedom of religion in China. A long time ago, in the eyes of the Western countries, since the liberation, freedom of religion and religious believers are often subject to many constraints or restrictions.

3. Qing Yin abbot’s marriage perhaps shows that Buddhism is not as Western media reported as government-run. The views of the Western media is that China’s various religions are run by the government, through the “Buddhist Association” on the surface, to reflect the authority of the Bureau of Religious Affairs and reflecting the intent of the official.

4. Qing Yin abbot’s marriage proves that love is indeed magical. Love is all pervasive. Even the abbot in thousand-year-old temple with years of practice, eventually is shot but Cupid’s arrow.

5. Qing Ying abbot’s marriage shows Buddhism is humane and speaks of human nature. Buddhism in fact, never forced to promote the practice is to strengthen the individual’s inner mind, Zen enlightenment. But no matter which, whether attained or not, will be treated equally, humanly.

In summary, the head abbot of Qiongzhu Temple could not defend the temptation of love to give up years of practice and get married which is a private affair of a citizen.  It is normal, and showed that today’s religion is open and relaxed, religion is also advancing with times. 


sources: huagusina video

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      1. GO CHINESE! stopping the chinese dominance is like trying to stop the sun from rising! so lock your daughter but sooner or later we’re gonna hump them

        CHINA PRIDE!

  2. 2. Qing Yin abbot’s marriage proves that freedom of religion in China. A long time ago, in the eyes of the Western countries, since the liberation, freedom of religion and religious believers are often subject to many constraints or restrictions.

    yeahhhh 法輪功。。。right???

  3. Reactions on the list found on blog (as viewed from a Swedish person grown up in Sweden and loads both in Asia and “the western world”. particularily 2 and 3.

    1. yes, maybe.

    2. wait, whaaaat? What does giving up on a religion has to do with freedom of religion? Freedom of religion means the right to believe in anything you want as a faith, and also to have free churches and religious gatherings (which is what some Chinese partymembers have been critical of before).

    3. There is no reporting in western mainstream media of buddism as being government run. There is no such belief among any of the people I’ve spoken to, and I’ve honestly never heard the claim before reading it here. Rather contradictory to this, religious easterners are often portrayed as wise, moral and independent in popular western representations.
    Scholars might be of this opinion, but the vast majority of people in the “western world” are not.

    4. Well, that’s a nice romantic sentiment 🙂

    5. Yes, if he is indeed well treated, it is a victory. 🙂

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