Taobao to offer beautiful Tao Girls personally delivering Internet goods, Ingenious!

| April 20th, 2012

From QQ:


Recently, Taobao is setting up a delivery/logistics company with their “Tao Girls” (淘女郎) to delivery goods purchased off the Internet.  Currently hiring “Tao girls” all over the country whoever is interested in participating.  Choosing a Tao girl to delivery your purchase will cost ten yuan extra.  According to sources, Taobao had the idea of Tao Girls delivering goods for long time, consumers purchasing goods on Taobao have the option of choosing a Tao Girl in the same city personally delivering the goods.

Actually, as early as beginning of April, on April fools day, Alibaba Group vice president Tao Ran said in his Weibo, “Taobao department is working with a logistics company, to allow customers to choose Tao girls in the same city to deliver goods, delivery cost will be slightly higher.”   One day later, Tao Ran announced on Weibo, “Choose Tao girls to be the beautiful couriers, since everyone’s voices are so high, “Tao girl” has been taken into consideration.”

Tao Girls (淘女郎) platform under Taobo ( officially went online on March 23rd, 2010.  Tao Girls are girls who are active on Taobao since the yearly Tao Girl Competition started in 2007 to today’s Tao Girls Platform.  Tao Girls today has developed into a platform of Internet models where beautiful girls show off their beauty and outfits as well as posting their prices of Internet modeling and waiting to be hired. While creating stylish and influential Internet popular figures and talented people, it also let major brands on Taobao and media find their shops’ suitable spokesperson.

Currently “Tao Girl” platform has over 40,000 members, scattered in various cities across the country.  Large number of them is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc. where e-commerce is highly developed, as a lot of Taobao merchants are also in these cities.

Interesting comment on Weibo:

You all think too simply, Tao Girls, it is completely impossible for this service to make money.  The most profitable is the added service of the Tao girls.  After singing the order, “Dear, we do offer other services, don’t know if mister needs any?”


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  1. Alec O says:

    Wonder if they’re accompanied when they make the deliveries. If not, could be dangerous.

    • Lol says:

      Wow. I didn’t know innocent farm boys like you still existed.

      The “unchaperoned” nature of the business is what allows the far more lucrative business to take place.

      You wouldn’t understand

  2. Mario says:

    do they come dressed like that all the time?

  3. voiceofhomer says:

    You all think too simply, Tao Girls, it is completely impossible for this service to make money. The most profitable is the added service of the Tao girls. After singing the order, “Dear, we do offer other services, don’t know if mister needs any?”

    So China man, what if a Tao man comes to your door with the delivery?

    And after singing he asks, “Yo, we do offer other services, don’t know if your Mrs needs any?”

    “How about you? You like boys, mister?

    Girls need jobs too, silly China dipsticks.

  4. cindy says:

    wow…I am speechless. If all the girls have to do is delivery then it ‘s not such a bad job for students It’s like those mail boy working in the office. I hope these girls get paid well.

  5. Curren$y says:

    inb4 one of these girls gets raped

  6. voiceofhomer says:

    Canadian Criminal Code relating to prostitution should be struck because they are unconstitutional.

    The Appeal Court agreed with Himel’s ruling, including that the provisions prohibiting common bawdy houses and living off the avails of prostitution are both unconstitutional.

    Ontario’s top court struck down the ban on bawdy houses on the basis that it increased the dangers prostitutes face because they are forced to work on the streets.

    China girls come to Canada and make easy money the eazy way, and no need to go out.

    Lay on your back and no worry it only takes a few seconds or 8 minutes if they are black.

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