Artist living on a scale to lose weight in public

| March 21st, 2012

From IFeng:


When hear the words “lose weight”, you probably never have thought of using cameras to monitor and record the entire weight loss process. From March 18 to April 18, sponsored by Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc., hosted by Yitel and Yi Hotel management Co., artist Wang Jun’s project “Keep Fit Deal – 15” is on display at the Yitel 798 Art Project in Beijing.

Performance art work “Keep Fit Deal – 15” by artist Wang Jun is based on a electronic scale, and 24 hour camera monitoring and recording the whole weight loss process. He will record details of everyday weight loss as well as time, temperature, feelings and detailed data on his meals. He will never get off the electronic scale before he loses 15 jin. He will be available 24 hours a day on display and to communicate to the audiences. Project will end after the successful 15 jin weight loss.

“Keep Fit Deal -15” continued Wang Jun’s artistic creation style, using his body as media outlet, experiencing physical and psychological limits, connecting personal feelings with public space, in order to create sociological thinking and aesthetic perception between individual and society, between inherited concept and so called popular (trendy).

Wang Jun planned to lose 15 jin in one month on this electronic scale in the hotel. During this period he would not leave the scale for anything including eating, drinking and even going to the restroom. The reason he wanted to lose 15 jin is because his current weight is 15 jin over his previous standard weight. During this period, he will be tracked in full live video and broadcasting onto micro blog.

Wang Jun moved his private daily life into the hotel in public, displaying personal life to a large crowd, using artistic approach making the familiar daily life into something unfamiliar to the public. The psychological feelings of the audiences will play a key role in his performance art piece.

On one hand, artist’s “ascetic monk” like weight loss for anyone would be kind of a tough test; on the other hand, this kind of “self-destruction” will help artists to enter a kind of introspection state, maybe what the audiences see is just the “crazy” side, but the artist’s introspection is more real.

Wang Jun’s weight loss program is closely linked to the social reality, “In this materialistic age, in the era of pleasure-seeking and greed, all things are inflated infinitely, slowly lose the beautiful and clear origins.” Wang Jun told the reporter, his weight loss is also a metaphor of the current inflated era which should lose some weight.

Wang Jun’s weight loss program is a powerful sarcasm and criticism to this vulgar sociology. Then it rises to an unique so-called popular perception and understanding of self. Popular is not scary, what is scary is to lose yourself when blindly pursuit the “so-called popular”.






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  1. Huzhang says:

    Modern “art” is shit.

  2. where is the blog that you can follow his progress on?

  3. cindy says:


    You are too much. You are cracking me up. If you are not South Korean I would date you.

  4. voiceofhomer says:

    Goh, who was born in South Korea, told them he felt disrespected by teasing about his poor English skills at the Oakland, Calif.. So, he bought a gun and a few weeks later took his revenge, opening fire at the college on Monday in a rampage that left six students and a receptionist dead and wounded three more, authorities said.

    “It’s very, very sad,” police Chief Howard Jordan said. “We have seven people who didn’t deserve to die and three others wounded because someone who couldn’t deal with the pressures of life.”

    Koreans are just like natural born killers, they want to war with their brothers in North Korea and they want to kill all the white Amerikans.

    May be they should eat piss eggs and die or go to war with their own brothers and kill their own people instead of us life loving people.

  5. CINDY says:


    America’s Illegal Foreclosure Epidemic:

    “…That’s the virtue of the “ouchie” that Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and other big financiers got last year when they ran into the law after racing wildly through home foreclosure paperwork. They were caught falsifying thousands of documents and taking illegal shortcuts that were causing innocent families to lose their homes. They had to pay fines, make restitution, suspend foreclosures, and pledge to clean up their act. But at least they learned their lesson.

    Oh, wait — these aren’t two-year-olds. They are wily bankers, and the only lesson they ever seem to learn is that shortcuts can be profitable — as long as you don’t get caught. But, once again, they’ve been caught rushing through foreclosures, using the same old scam called “robo-signing.”

    To foreclose on someone’s home, an authorized bank employee must sign the foreclosure document, swearing that the facts in it are true. But that requires hiring people to review each case. To avoid that cost, they take an illegal shortcut by signing the name of someone who has not read the document and might not even exist.

    In one Massachusetts county, for example, the signature of “Linda Green” has recently appeared on some 1,300 foreclosures. Curiously, her signature was written in many different styles, and she had many different titles. Also, there’s no Linda Green presently working in the mortgage banking company involved. Meanwhile, state officials say that robo-signing is, once again, “an epidemic” all across the country.

    It’s a federal crime to do this, yet no bank or banker has even been charged. Until we put a CEO in jail, the banking barons will never learn their lesson….”

    Thousands and thousands of Americans lost their home and life time savings due to this epidemic corruption. Yet no one has been charged. Where is the law?
    America..the land of corruption.

    • CINDY says:

      Stealing is not right. Whether you are like the Chinese stealing other people’s fishes in their sea, or like the American legalizing their stealing of thousands of people’s life savings and home by falsifying documents, it is just not right. It should be charged and punished by law either with jail time or fines. Violence and guns and beating should not be permitted. Only the barbarian like some South Koreans and Americans will want to use guns and violence killing fishing men who are poor from the rural areas.
      Do the Chinese use guns to kill the poor North Koreans because they are stealing food?

  6. Malay guy says:

    This is a true story happened in Malaysia, I met a White European somewhere from German or Austria on a wheel chair who came to Malaysia for vacation. He is a Christian and believes in God and Bible. He told me he was having relationship with a Chinese girl. He told me the Chinese girl that he had a relationship with stole RM 100,000 from him. I told him that Chinese girl is not your true love. She is a Gold Digger. Then he went on saying when he is in the hospital he was beaten by the Chinese ‘girlfriend’ (or should I say Gold Digging Sophisticated Bitch) who just stole $100,000 from him. I talked a lot with the German or Austrian old man in a wheel chair. I felt very sorry for him and I sympathized him. He is in a depression from getting tension from that Chinese bitch. He got some sort of illness in his leg like gout or something that made him use the wheel chair. He is now in KL having a tough time in a wheel chair. I don’t understand why a human being who stole $100,000 from him, beaten him while he is having severe pain who is now on a wheel chair could do such a thing? He is just looking for love and respect and you give him depression and illness. I say this to Chinese people not the good hearted Chinese people and I am not being racist in saying this, Where is your immorality? Where is your humanity? Have you lost your mind having good, proper and ethical relationship with people? Do you expect people to be stupid for you wants and wishes and you get away with like a crook? Why is money is more important than the heart? Money is your god? but do you know that money is the root of all evil? Can money buy you happiness? Listen don’t blame others and called them racist when you started the problem. You Chinese are not the victim and you should cleaned the mess that you started. You behaved worst than a Black people. African Black people’s history of hardship, pain and sufferings are worst than Chinese. You Chinese are more than 5000 years of civilisation and should know,think and treat people better. Sometimes I feel like talking to a stone aged people. The Flintstones made more sense than Mao Zedong sometimes. At least people are happy watching Flintstones while Mao treat his own Chinese people worst than animals in the millions and put them to death. As for the German or Austrian old man on a wheel chair, I very sympathized you and wish you have a quick and very good recovery. I wish that Chinese Sophisticated Gold Digging Bitch goes to hell for what he did to you. Next time if you want to date a girl in Malaysia, date Malay girls instead forget gold digging Chinese. Malay girls are pretty,hot and most of them will love by the heart because we don’t have exploitative sinocentrism imprealisitc money culture. White man and Malay girl are still good. Chinese man and Malay girl is regrettable most of the time. Malay girl will end up in prostitutions because of Chinese guys in most cases. We Malay know that Chinese controlled economy in Malaysia. So All we Malay people can do is to be patient with you annoying brats and when the time has come, Sayonara~ Hahahahaha!

    • voiceofhomer says:

      He and the other dirty old whiteys are what we call here in Canada, sex tourists.

      They love tiny little Asian girls and cute little Asian boys.

      Foreign worshipping Chinese girls know that and they target these whiteys which is justified, the dirty old white men deserve all the bad nasty things that happens to them.

      Take all their money and put them all in jail.

      • 老外 says:

        While I don’t like little asian boys, I love tiny Chinese women! Who wouldn’t love them? They’re so feminine and cute! I just want hold them and protect them and keep them safe from all the bad people. :’-(

    • voiceofhomer says:

      South Korea’s police chief has offered to resign amid an outcry over the case of a woman who was raped and murdered despite calling police for help.

      Cho Hyun-oh said he was stepping down to take full responsibility for what he called the “unpardonable carelessness” of his officers.

      The woman told officers where she was being held in a seven-minute call to the police emergency number.

      Police only found her dismembered body 13 hours after she called for help.

      The incident took place on 2 April in Suwon, south of Seoul.

      Local media reports said that the woman described in detail landmarks such as a primary school and a playground around the apartment into which she had been dragged, but officers failed to find her in time.

      Jackass Korean shit heads, what a bunch of westernized crap people.

      Where is your immorality? Where is your humanity? Have you lost your mind having good, proper and ethical relationship with people? Do you expect people to be stupid for you wants and wishes and you get away with like a crook? Why is face is more important than the heart? What are you getting paid to do?

      Two men were arrested Sunday following a shooting rampage in Oklahoma that left three people dead and terrorized the city of Tulsa’s black community.

      Police said one suspect might have been trying to avenge his father’s shooting two years ago by a black man.

      Police identified both suspects as white, while all five victims in the rampage early Friday were black.

      Malay guy, love your whites and blacks before they love hard in your ass.

      And the whiteys in the wheelchair want some cock sucking, did you know or find out.

    • CINDY says:

      Malay guy:

      Your story is again racist targeting only Chinese people. What does a gold digger stealing money from a sick man has anything to do with race? There are millions of cases where the gold digger are non chinese and the sick man are non white. Why are you being so racist against the Chinese? YOu keep saying chinese destroy your country because the chinese in your country control your economy. So are you telling me if that group of people are non Chinese you will feel better? YOu think if they were maybe..Japanese, Korean, American….will treat you better when they are in power and not treat you like a second class citizen. Wake up. Go to America or any other society and you will see what is being treated like a second class citizen when you are indeed born an American but you are not White.

      For any group of people to achieve and gain wealth within a society, they must work hard..I MEAN VERY HARD. If your neighbor work 5 days a week, you need to work 7 days a week. IF your neighbor kids get A in his test, your kids must get A+ in that same test. Competition is fierce. It’s not a Chinese philosophy. It’s universal.

      Chinese girls are not whores and gold diggers. Many are more educated and career successful than your racist brain can comprehend. Don’t get jealous because they work hard and study hard in University. IF you want to you can do the same. Go back to school and get a degree in lawyer, doctor, and engineering and stop your racist comments about Chinese.

  7. Malay guy says:

    If wasn’t for white people, there will be no techonological and medical advancement. All the work are mostly being done by White geniuses. Nikola Tesla create something that Chinese couldn’t do in 5000 years of it’s civilisation. You like to insults white so much but you used their technologies. Have you no shame? Chinese better than Whites now? Internet was created in America. Microsoft was introduced by Bill Gates. Bill Gates the White man. Chinese have no creativity. All they can do is to copy, plagarise and creating scams. The best thing you can do is to do is sextourism which you controlled, annual super human trafficking which is 44 million Chinese women lost every year and Chinese government is secretly arresting people and taking away their money. Children are not treated well in China. A 2 years old run over by a car twice and many people ignored her. That just one case of public child abused in China. There are millions more that goes unreported. Well state controlled media in China, what do you expect. Not only Chinese government are very corrupted, they abused and cheat and get away with it. Gosh your justice system sucks. No wonder you think Tibet is ok which is not. A foreigner from Malaysia who is Malaysian Chinese lost the 90% share of his company because Communist party and the government black-listed for nothing. The Malaysian Chinese guy invested so much and work hard. It’s all taken away from him just like that which is absolutely unjustified. By the way you can thank Mao for putting Chinese people in jail, destroy their property and taking away their money for “national purpose”. He never apologised for every very horrible things he did which I don’t have to explained based on Chinese witness not me by the way. Since your using the internet you might wanna thanks the White man who created it. You Loser!!!

  8. Malay guy says:

    They way you speak is not what intellectuals would say. It’s all about money? Money is innovation? I think you didn’t about American university that has succesfully destroy cancer cells right? You don’t know about America’s secret technologies right? So you know better right? The main reason why America and some other western countries didn’t publicized their works of technological and medical advancements is China will copy,plagiarized and made business out of it. The west already have medicines and the technologies that can reduce weight faster than any kind of products out on the market. Since this topic is about Artist living on a scale to lose weight on public (not gonna go off topic by the way), you might wanna know why the west don’t to publicized it because you guys will make money and not respecting the patent and copyright. China is world’s No.1 copycat with no creativity. Chinese society revolves around money. The glory days of Chinese creativity, innovation and pioneering creations are gone. You couldn’t do it without wearing western coat, suit and scientist coat to go for your job. The machine,your computer and everything you use nowadays was based on knowledge,creativity,innovation and pioneered engineering and advanced developmental research. It’s not all about money. Probably in Chinese culture you need to pay people to cry when you die. Now that you know why the west don’t let the advanced knowledge of medical and technological research out to the public is because of China’s stupid plagiarism that would want to copy every goddamn thing without respecting it’s patency and copyright. Now it’s looks like your the one with the low IQ because I actually know what you don’t know. To know and understand something is to respect and appreciate it’s creator and innovator which is not money by the way. I bet you want the new technology so bad if you found out about it. Can’t wait to make money about it right? About money there is Nigerian guy from Africa who knows how to make counterfeit money. The Black people that you disrespected so much can do a lot of things that you can do apart from banging a Chinese girl for free and making her pregnant and having her paying for it. You want me to tell you about the of black people from Africa abilities? Go find it yourself IQ boy. I am not gonna tell you everything. I am capable of things of things you can’t do and you are very welcome to disrespect me for being smarter than you. By the way I don’t need to call Chinese a loser. Chinese are losing anyways. Hahaha!

    • cindy says:

      Malay guy:

      Westerners are more open mind in terms of exploring and creativity. And their government system usually support that. That is a good thing. They don’t limit themselves and constantly doing studies, research, testing on live animals, etc. for the lastest medicines and technologies. However ,haven’t you notice most scientists that work in the research and lab department are Asians and Indians? The whole team is usually headed by one white scientist and he takes all the credit for the work done by his subordinates, and the research is funded by tax payers who are white, black, asian, latino..etc. I am talking about USA.
      Bill gate I am sure a very large number of his creative research staff are Chinese and Indians. Of course the staff who do all the research work and come up with ideas don’t get the credit.
      Next time look at the scientist team in USA and you will see what I am saying.

      China govenment needs to do better on the supportive system of research and labs and retaining their scientists to stay to work for them. China gov’t needs to do better.

      Malay guy..your yadayada nonsense about child abuse and this and that…people with brain know things like that happens in every countries. Millions of cases of child died and abused in USA alone. Killed, chopped up, drown..etc in USA. So don’t waste your time typing garbage.
      It’s good thing it went viral on china internet about the poor two years old. It raised anger among the chinese society. Chinese in China and all over the world were furious. Donation from Chinese come pooring in to help this poor family and medical expenses.

      There are so many cases of killed and abuse went unreported in the western world too. Nobody knows about the abuse until it gets reported months later.

      • voiceofhomer says:

        “Breivik has said the attacks were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims. He claims he targeted the government headquarters in Oslo and the youth camp to strike against the left-leaning political forces he blames for allowing immigration in Norway.”

        Malay guy, go to Norway, they will love to kill you there.

        May be China should hire a few of these evil white Norwegian guys and send them to western China to kill a few Chinese terrorists, somewhere where the muslims are.

  9. Gary says:

    Is the site admin off on vacation again or just given up on this troll-fest?

  10. Malay guy says:

    Listen here you Chinese gold digging whore!
    If you want to know what going on with the world today, it’s because of Zionists who pretended to Jews and Exploitative Sinocentrism imprelialistic money culturists are cause the world’s problem. Zionists humiliated Palestinians and Chinese humiliated Tibetans. Both have strong economic power. Zionists controlled world media and governments. Chinese controls other people’s country and attacking and threatening their neighbours. Zionism, Communism and Capitalism are created by satanic illuminati. Satanic Zionists controlled Federal Reserve thats prints money out of nothing in America. American dollar will soon collapsed as a result. The economy is getting worst there. Your country is controlled by the Communist devil that doesn’t believe in god. My country’s economy controlled by Chinese the agent’s devil. That is why there is rampant drugs, gambling and prostitution in Malaysia. Chinese doesn’t care what Malay people think and they just want money. We Malay are hopeless to fight you but god will help us. Since your coming from a country controlled by Satanic Communist, you might wanna check your hypocracy, double standard about moral position of certain country which you don’t have and being one-sided about it doesn’t make you right either. By the way if you so concern about being a good hearted decent human being you should tell to you two Chinese idiots making disgusting comments about the old German or Austrian guy on a wheel chair that I met who was taken advantaged of by a Sophisticated Chinese Gold digging bitch. Compare that to my ‘non-sense’ comment to those two idiots Chinese comments without apologising like Mao kills millions of Chinese with no apologies. Mine about helping the world and them insulting the victim who is in pain. Have a heart ya Cindy! Have fucking heart!!!
    After we God help us Malay people in getting back our economy and Chinese people have successfully removed by the help of god. I want to create and made investment in hightly advanced technologies and medicines to give for the poor, disable, ill and victim of injustice and oppression for free. There will be free water, free electricity inspired by Nekola Tesla and other Technologies and medicines that requires them to live without money and independently. Chinese people will not do charitable stuff they will stole it, that why we see you as an obstacle in fighting crimes, problems and evil human beings. You Chinese held us back for your selfish interests for yourself. Imagine the unlimited water in Africa, Imagine the ulimited electricity and other technology that can protect children and people can be individually idependent. By the grace of god, all evil and problems will be over. Satanic Zionists and Satanic Chinese Communists will pay for the evil of the world that they commit which they also inspired. Say good bye to your exploitative sinocentrism imprealistic money culture. Don’t be enough stupid to reply like a drunk gold digging bitch who go home naked from alcoholic toilet!!!

    • voiceofhomer says:

      This all we in Canada can talk about Korea, “North Korea announced plans last month to launch an observation satellite using a three-stage rocket during mid-April celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung. The U.S., Japan, Britain and other nations have urged North Korea to cancel the launch, warning that firing the long-range rocket would violate UN resolutions.”

      We can only talk bad about China and not about other Asian countries.

    • Jason says:

      Satanic Communist,??

      isn’t communism suppose to be atheist? and it’s actually a western construct.

  11. cindy says:

    Malay guy:

    And may I ask who is your God? Is it the same God that the people worship crashing into twin towers on 911 killing thousands of innocent civilians?

  12. Peter says:

    A god that tells people to fly an aircraft into buildings, to deploy road-side car bombs, to become suicide bombers, and to kill people who do not become Muslim seems very satanic. The Chinese government does not even do these things.

  13. Korean_Pride says:

    Look at South Korean army versus Chinese army:

    South Korean:


    Looks like fending off Chinese invasion will not be so difficult after all. They cannot even throw a grenade to the other side.

  14. voiceofhomer says:

    North Korea is planning a third nuclear test and North Korean space officials said Tuesday all assembly and preparations for this week’s planned satellite launch have been completed and denied it is a cover for a missile test..

    Ryu’s points out the use of the launch, with or without a satellite on top, as a test for developing missiles. The United States and its allies suggest that even though North Korea may launch a satellite this time, the rocket technologies involved can easily be applied to missiles.

    Korean_Pride, what about China’s Korean zombie army in the North?

    Can the US and South Korea stop them from throwing millions of grenades to the other side.

  15. cindy says:


    What are the Koreans doing in ice water and snow screaming and yelling? They have strong will? Korean people have such big heads and faces. That is how you distingush Koreans from Chinese and Japanese. I can understand why so many of them did that jaw/cheek bones reduction plastic surgery to reduce their face by 1/4 and give them that perfect oval face.

    Those female korean soldiers are naturally pretty(I think). I hope they don’t follow their south korea culture to change their face.

    That Chinese instructor he is so cool. He thinks so fast and pulled his trainee to safety. That was so close. He is so brave I like him. :)

  16. ander says:

    this news source sucks.. they haven’t posted a new article in like a month

  17. 金泽武 says:

    Just skimming the comments, I wonder if the proud Koreans realize they’d still be using flint tools if China wasn’t nextdoor.

  18. vonskippy says:





  19. juniorboydoe says:

    Anybody see toilet anywhere or shit bucket? Well no knuckle children tonight I guess. Hey korean_guy watch out! Some posser is using your ID!

  20. juniorboydoe says:


    I’ve had lots and lots of white girls (not boasting) but, I perfer European white girls becuse they are less headache. I’m in California when ever I’m in the States and they are OK. I’ve pretty much had all kinds.

  21. usedcarauction says:

    Heya!I am just on the job searching your personal blog from my completely new new iphone4! Just simply prefer to declare I love checking your current website and also look ahead to all of your writes! Carry on the particular fantastic work.

  22. dkfjak says:

    To lose weight, all you need is stinky kimchi! But wait, why are there still so many korean fatties running around?


  23. voiceofhomer says:

    Breivik detonated a bomb in a van parked outside government offices in Oslo on 22 July, killing eight people.

    He then travelled to Utoeya where, dressed as a police officer, he shot dead a further 69 people.

    This is what happens when welfare people in Norway have too much time on their hands.

    Boredom is dangerous, especially to Norwegian knucklehead.

  24. voiceofhomer says:

    Have you heard? There’s been a coup in China! Tanks have been spotted on the streets of Beijing and other cities! Shots were fired near the Communist Party’s leadership compound!

    All on BBC.

  25. voiceofhomer says:

    Police in Brazil say three people arrested on suspicion of murdering at least two women have confessed to acts of cannibalism.

    Mr Oliveira said police were investigating whether the suspects could be linked to the murder of another six women in Pernambuco.

    He said one of the female suspects had claimed to have used some of the flesh of her alleged victims for making pasties, which she allegedly sold in Garanhuns.

    And a black man in the UK………………A cannibal who killed a patient at Broadmoor Hospital because he “wanted to eat him”, P. Bryan “smashed” Richard Loudwell’s head on the floor and tied a ligature around his neck and ate him in a dining room.

    The jury was told Bryan ate another victim after he had attacked and killed a 21-year-old woman, hitting her on the head around six times with a claw hammer in 1993.

    Bryan spent eight years at Rampton Hospital but was eventually allowed back into society.

    He later killed and ate a man, named in reports as Brian Cherry, on 17 February 2004.

    Also in the EU this……………………………..A French convict has gone on trial for murdering and eating the body of his cell-mate.

    Nicolas Cocaign admitted to a court in Rouen that he killed his victim before cutting him open and removing part of his lung, which he then ate.

    Cocaign, 39, faces life in prison if convicted for the murder of Thierry Baudry in 2007.

    Prosecutors say Cocaign beat Baudry before stabbing him with a pair of scissors and then suffocating him with a plastic bag.

    He then allegedly cut him open, removing the ribs and pulling out his lung and heart,
    he had told investigators that he wanted to eat his victim’s heart in order to take his soul.

    korean_guy, I really hope the westerns like your smell, they may have you for dinner.

    Hey, don’t look down on the Chinese bad taste, they may catch up to the westerners immoral behaviors soon and have you for dinner too.

  26. voiceofhomer says:

    The USA owns all of the South China Seas and Vietnam.

  27. cindy says:

    Korean guy:

    What? China issued a ticket to Vietnamese fishing men and they are like cry babies? South korean coast guards issued 30 to 40 thousands worth each ticket and even killed one China fisherman and two went missing in the sea back in 2010.
    Now you know why the china fisherman defended himself against the trained gov’t officers from south korea.

    Anyhow, no one should get hurt over this kind of dispute. Just ticket them fines and avoid from using violence. The offender should pay up.

  28. PopoPopo says:

    The use of the word “artist” is the only thing keeping this story from being laughable, which is why they do it.

    Can you imagine if the headline was “man stands on scale for a really long time so we can watch his weight go down”?

    We would of course, logically conclude that this man was incredibly bored and had a rather feeble mind. But call him an “artist”, and suddenly there is ‘genius’ at work.

    It’s a joke to anyone capable of thinking critically, but most people carry an almost religious respect for the word “art” and so they won’t question it. And they’ll even go so far as to respect this man who is no different from the “living statue” at the local mall.

    Art is a belief system, much like a cult. Your obedient, unquestioning belief is required. If you don’t submit, then you’re not blessed with artistic understanding, and you’re not in the cult.

  29. mary jane says:

    I think I finally understand why Koreans make the baddest, most hardcore Jesus freaks.

  30. Julie Dickenson says:

    Your speech here is inspirational!

  31. juniorboydoe says:

    Gotta give it to you there! when you”re right, you’re right.

  32. voiceofhomer says:

    A number of people have been killed and several injured in a shooting at a university in California, police say.

    Oikos University is a private religious institution offering courses in theology, music and nursing.

    Larry Reid, Oakland City Council President, told US media that six people had been killed and three wounded in the shooting.

    Johnna Watson, of Oakland Police, said: “We know this to be a Korean college. A gunman came in to the college and fired multiple shots.


    Don’t trust a Korean guy, he may have a gun.

  33. voiceofhomer says:

    The suspect was taken into custody in the neighbouring city of Alameda, Officer Johnna Watson did not give any other details about the suspect. Authorities earlier described him as a heavyset Korean man in his 40s wearing khaki clothing.

    “I’ve been shot. I’ve been shot.”

    The wounded woman said the shooter was a man in her nursing class who got up and shot one person at point-blank range in the chest before spraying the room with bullets, Johnson said.

    “She said he looked crazy all the time,” Johnson said the victim told her.

    Crazy looking Koreans are all over Amerika and Canada.

  34. voiceofhomer says:

    South Korean media has found 26-hundred cases related to surveillance conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office ethics team from 2008 to 2010. The media reports include materials related to spying on not only top officials, but also civilians considered critical of the government.

    Wow what a shitty South Korea, 2600 cases of spying on it’s own Korean people and a Watergate style cover-up too.

  35. voiceofhomer says:

    Two Chinese students were shot dead early Wednesday morning in West Adams area near Los Angeles, a city of the U.S. state of California, police said.

    The unidentified victims, a male and a female, died from wounds after they were shot after 1 a.m. in the 2700 block of Raymond Ave. , near 27th Street outside the University of Southern California ( USC) campus, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said.

    Both were in their 20s, and identified as USC students. The girl was an undergraduate, while the male a postgraduate. They were sitting in a brand new BMW in front of the woman’s house when they were shot, according to police.

    Initial reports said that the shooting may have happened during an attempted carjacking, but police say the motive is still unknown.

    Dirty ugly Amerikan cunts, they love to kill Chinese for no reason.

    Just a bunch of wild animals, North Korea will nuke them for the rest of us.

  36. voiceofhomer says:

    Seven people have been killed and three injured in a shooting at a California college.

    Ms Johnson also said that, according to the woman, the gunman had stood up during a nursing class, shot one student in the chest at point blank range and then began firing at the rest of the room.

    Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years ago, told the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was a nursing student who was no longer enrolled. He did not know if the shooter was expelled or dropped out.

    Koreans are smart like Chinese and other dragon Asians.

    Koreans cannot pass the hard tests and must kill others to get ahead of the class.

    And how many times these crazy Koreans are killing people in Amerika?

    Amerikans hate them Koreans more and more each and every day.

  37. Peter says:

    I live near where this happened, and I actually just drove past the crime scene just now.

    The shooter was Korean. If the shooter had been Chinese, then korean_guy would use his flawed logic and say that all Chinese people are shooters. Since the shooter was Korean, korean_guy will simply say that it was just that individual.

    korean_guy thinks he is fighting racism, but he is just as racist as he claims that Chinese people are.

  38. Peter says:

    I am going to be the civilized and mature one (as I have always been here).

    What you failed to present is the fact that even though there are many Chinese who have done bad things, these things also are strongly detested by many Chinese.

    Many Chinese have been infuriated by such events because they know that its wrong. Which means that they don’t like to see this stuff happen.

    This destroys your claim that “1.34 billion jackasses in China who gives shit about another person? Chinese certainly don’t.” The fact is that many still do.

    Example. The mother was restrained by doctors against her will. She had no control over what the government doctors did to her. She certainly did care about another being (the infant), along with many other Chinese who have read about the incident. This article even says that “An unidentified netizen condemned the local birth control office vehemently in his comment on the post”. By the way, he was just one of may netizens that were infuriated by this and many other similar events.

    This only shows that there are Chinese people who do care about others.

    Go ahead, you can call me an “insecure” or “bitchy”, or what ever you please. It’s nothing but your opinion. You have freedom to speak, and I freedom to reply to posts that are childish.

    No thanks, I have no interest in tapping the bong, as I am not a smoker, alcoholic, or drug user.

    Better quit whatever substance you’re using. The US federal government is cracking down on marijuana:

  39. voiceofhomer says:

    An, was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment by the court in Seoul.

    He was accused of targeting Park Sang-hak, an anti-Pyongyang activist involved in sending propaganda leaflets to the North.

    Officials said he was ordered to kill fellow defector Mr Park by North Korea.

    Dumbass Koreans, all they know is how to murder each other.

    No wonder the Amerikans are blocking all Asians that look Korean from entering the USA.

    Stupid dumbass white Amerikans think all Asians look alike and black Amerikans think Koreans are only good for hard XXX sex.

  40. 老外 says:

    Well, North Korea is pretty much controlled by China so your argument is invalid.

    Actually, they’re trying to block Chinese immigrants; Koreans have a much better chance of becoming citizens here.

  41. cindy says:


    North Korea is not being controlled by China. China is just trying to keep hostile countries away from it’s border like South Korea and America. North Korea is the “partition”

    America is using South Korea as a station to “monitor” China of their economy and military. America is very concerned with their biggest competitor China. That is why they always do these routine flying close by or even inside China airspace with their military planes spying on China. South K is just a bxtch of USA without enough real miltary power compare to Russia and China. That is why sk is always kissing America’s ass.(YOu don’t see the Japanese do that) It relies heavily on the military protection of USA and trading with China.

    I don’t know about Obama, but a lot of discussions have been raised about USA wanting to start charging South Korea for military protection.
    China should also stay out of North and South Korea and mind their own business. Go to UN and bring it into attention that South KOrea is responsible for taking care of all North Korea refugees problems and the whole cost.
    China needs to focus on 1)taking care of the poor in the rural areas and reconstructing villages. 2)clean up pollutions. 3)re-structure its gov’t system and work with HOng kong. 4) keep trading with South Korea to minimum or just ban south korea altogether until they agree to take care of the cost of north korean refugees crisis inside China and relocating all of them to SK.

  42. 老外 says:

    Hi, Cindy!

    I agree with you to an extent. Every country has the right to protect themselves, but I don’t think we’re all that hostile towards China. I hope that the two countries can be friends forever, and that Korea can unify (I hate seeing brothers and sisters divided. Taiwan is a good example of this). War blows.

    The Japanese don’t have much of a choice; they’re our biggest bitch in the world. Those bastards got what was coming to them in WW2 when Truman rolled up on their territory and nuked their shit.

    I don’t trust Japan for one minute. Have you ever seen their insanely perverted culture? It’s like all their Nanjing Rape Aggression never went away; it just got shifted into another area. These people have a history of raping the hell out of everyone and everything in sight. They bide their time during peace, but when they time is right… THEY STRIKE when you least expect it.

    America knows that, and that’s why we made them our bitch. You should thank us for keeping the Japanese at bay!

  43. voiceofhomer says:

    “The mass murder suspect, One Goh, 43, a native of South Korea, has been charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder, plus a special circumstance allegation of committing multiple murders that could make him eligible for the death penalty.”

    Korean typical immoral behavior.

    Shit typical immoral Korean thinking. Just kill and murder all they don’t like.

    Koreans want to kill each other just so they can have more to eat.

    The North and South Korea are always at each others ass and each wants to murder and kill their own people.

    Koreans cannot kill at home so they go to shitty Amerika to kill shitty whiteys, black niggers and dirty asshole Koreans.

  44. cindy says:

    HOng kong is really fun. It’s a shopping and international foods paradise. It’s simply beautiful and a clean city.

  45. voiceofhomer says:

    “South Korean Goh was angry about being teased for his poor English at the school, which is focused on serving Korean immigrants but is attended by students from around the world. Victims of Monday’s shootings came from a number of countries, including Korea, Nepal, Nigeria and the Philippines.”

    Shitty jackass Korean action against other people.

    Every Amerikan hates these crazy asshole Koreans running around in the USA.

  46. 老外 says:

    Just thought I’d throw this in there:

    Seems like Asia in general is screwed up. No wait… the world is screwed up. Everywhere you go, people are insane.

  47. voiceofhomer says:

    You gotta be right, that’s why whites hates them blacks in Amerika so much, they are on a whole rude, racist, dishonest, unhygienic, ill-mannered, and downright savages.

    And just because the black men has a big dick that white women like too much, otherwise all whites will not like them.

    You are so smart like a whitey to know that the Chinese are the lowest of the low and they are in the bottom of the human race.

  48. cindy says:


    You just wrote 3000 words of garbage racist comments targeting only Chinese people. The German people I know is quite bad hygiene also. They have heavy smelly body odor all the time. They have very strong smell especially on a hot day. They talk very loud and their language is very hard sound like they are fighting all the time. muk muk nuk nuk all the time so loud in the public.

    I don’t see any Chinese netizens stating that they are the world superpower. This title is given to China from other western people. The Chinese we believe we need to work hard and continue to improve.

    So why are you so jealous and concerned all the time about China? I can only explain that it’s because you are German. The world knows whenever you see a racist German it’s because it’s in their genes and DNA. They have Nazi ideology and many of them still practice it. It lives inside of them. They want to dominate the world. They committed holocaust because they were jealous of another race. Now German like you is jealous of Chinese and want to commit another holocaust by telling all the Chinese should kill themselves. Who are you? Long live Hitler!

    The world see that the Nazi ideology never left the Germans. Beware.

  49. voiceofhomer says:

    North Korea announced plans last month to launch an observation satellite using a three-stage rocket during mid-April celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung. The U.S., Japan, Britain and other nations have urged North Korea to cancel the launch, warning that firing the long-range rocket would violate UN resolutions.

    This is what Korea knows, WMD and shit on the world.

  50. CINDY says:

    korean guy:

    Your IQ is so low. I guess that is what happened to racist people…they lost their intelligent and IQ. How many news articles people read about building debris falling off killing pedestrians in other countries. A brick fell off from a building under contruction killing a pedestrian. It’s happened in NYC.


  51. Peter says:

    Did you meant to type this to someone else?

  52. voiceofhomer says:

    Bomb threats forces Korean Air jet to land in B.C., 2nd threat in 2 days causes diversion to Vancouver Island military base.

    Korean Air flight 72, turned back off the north coast of B.C. after a bomb threat was made in a telephone call to the airline’s Los Angeles office, a Korean Air spokesman told CBC News.

    The flight was diverted to the airbase at Comox, on Vancouver Island, escorted by U.S. Air Force F-15 fighter jets that had been scrambled from Portland, Ore., according to Victoria’s Search and Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

    Another threat was phoned in on Monday against Korea Air, Koh said the caller spoke English and authorities have a voice recording of both calls and are investigating.

    KONG QING DONG, every white and black Amerikan hates Koreans and are willing to bomb all their airplanes out of the sky, so get out and stay out of North Amerika.

  53. Leslie Casewell says:

    I was wondering WTF?? thanks for explaining…came here to read about the DIETING ARTIST and spend the day reading this BS back and forth. WOW you trolls are fucked up. Why don’t you make a site specifically for beating the snot out of eachother…you might even get more people invovled or are you afraid to have it out in the open so you mask your grousing behind totally irrelevant titles like artist-living-on-scale-to-lose-weight?

    Frankly it’s gone on so long that I’m removing myself from the list…at first it was funny…reading all the wacky news posts and seeing all the bloody shots of suicide victims and and dismembered bodies…but frankly it’s getting a bit dull.

    Seriously Trolls….Get a Fucking Life!

  54. voiceofhomer says:

    BUENOS AIRES: An Argentine woman who insisted on seeing the presumably lifeless body of her premature baby found the infant alive in the drawer of a hospital morgue.

    Authorities said the girl had spent 12 hours in the refrigerated room.

    Dumbass latinos, Korea should have them doctors there and all of them Koreans will be dead at birth.

  55. voiceofhomer says:

    “The Philippines’ largest warship is in a stand-off with Chinese vessels in the South China Sea”

    China should be a strong motherfucker like the Amerikans and send the Filipinos a bloody message or teach them the meaning of fake security hiding behind the Amerikan’s fat ass.

  56. 老外 says:

    Your lack of geopolitical knowledge is astounding. If China were to provoke the Philippines, it would provoke the wrath of all the surrounding, hostile nations who wouldn’t lift a finger to help — in addition to the United States. There would be a massive civil war in China, several provinces and autonomous regions would split and form their own country, or start a new government — or a mix of the two.

    China’s Navy would be completely obliterated by the Philippine Navy. It’s in China’s best interest NOT to do anything right now, at least until they can improve their military might — which is already too feeble to begin with.

    China is in a rough spot. She’s completely surrounded by hostile nations who are all waiting for a piece of her. China is a paper dog — not even a paper tiger — and she needs to bide her time until her power grows.

    Do you think North Korea would help China? No, they’d have to fight their way through South Korea and the U.S. forces. Such an event would cause Japan to remilitarize. Do you really want a militaristic Japan again? They’ll show up to help South Korea, and then turn their eyes towards China and begin raping everyone again. You don’t want that.

    The Japanese would be climbing in your windows, snatching your people up. You’d have to hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands… ’cause they’d be raping everyone around here.

  57. voiceofhomer says:

    “Your lack of geopolitical knowledge is astounding.”

    You know jack about Asia and you are not even Asian.


    “China’s Navy would be completely obliterated by the Philippine Navy.”

    Wow lol, Filipinos so powerful and even more powerful than China, you say.


    China better let the west rape their asses before the Filipinos and Japanese do it.

    China is so screwed.

    And China should be very very scared, if you are right.


  58. voiceofhomer says:

    “The recent shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Florida by a neighbourhood watch volunteer has plunged the U.S. into a divisive debate about race relations. The debate has been all the more charged because it has been taking place during the tenure of the country’s first black president. Barack Obama has generally tried his best to stay away from the issue of race throughout his administration, but there have been several high-profile incidents that have pushed the fraught subject into the public eye.”

    When Amerika gets their first black pres in the whitehouse, that will be the end of the USA, this is in the old US school books.

    Looks like it’s gonna come true.

  59. aaron says:

    And you think being a running dog of China would be so much better??? It was you Chinese who supported the North Koreans when they attacked the South; why would South Korea want to be allied with you???

  60. aaron says:

    And what about the British businessman who was poisoned in China just because he was friends with Bo Xilai’s wife??? North Korean refugees will flood northern China when the war breaks out…

  61. cindy says:


    Yes, South Koreans are plastically perfect.


  62. voiceofhomer says:

    Means one thing, lots of whitey asshole guys have bad taste in women or they need thicker US made eyeglass lens.

  63. 金泽武 says:

    Does my name sound Chinese to you dumbfuck?

  64. 金泽武 says:

    For the record, I’ve been living in China for over 6 years now. I like it ok. The food’s generally not as awesome as in Korea, true, but overall pretty good.

  65. 金泽武 says:

    As for Korea, my position is: restore it to the combined 476 AD borders of Goguryeo, Gaya and Silla. Return the old Baekje regions to Japan.

  66. voiceofhomer says:

    A man who was shocked by a Taser stun gun while in custody this week at Edmonton police headquarters has died.

    Jeff Oatway, 34, had been in a coma on life support after he was taken to hospital on Wednesday.

    Doctors declared him dead on Friday.

    Hey Kg, come to Canada, the rcmp is waiting for you with their Tasers out and ready to fire it up you dirty asshole.

  67. voiceofhomer says:

    The man accused of killing 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in Norway last July has admitted carrying out a car bombing in the capital before attacking a youth camp on the island of Utoeya.

    Breivik’s lawyer, Geir Lippestad, later said that his client appeared to have cried over feelings that his attacks were “cruel but necessary… to save Europe from an ongoing war”.

    Mr Lippestad said he understood that victims’ families were worried Breivik would use his trial as a pulpit.

    “On the other hand – and this is important – he has a right to explain himself, a fundamental right under Norwegian law and a human right,” he added.

    Norwegians live forever, no death row over there.

    Too bad Chinese murderers don’t live in Norway, they will have such a great life.

  68. voiceofhomer says:

    A British peer has allegedly announced a £10-million bounty for Barack Obama, prompting his suspension from the UK’s Labour party.

    Lord Ahmed was quoted this, “If the US can announce a reward of $10 million for the captor of Hafiz Saeed, I can announce a bounty of £10 million on President Obama.”

    I bet 5 mao to see a Korean die of murder in the USA.

    And 10 mao to see Korea get nuked.

  69. voiceofhomer says:

    Quebec’s anti-corruption unit (UPAC) made 14 arrests and laid 47 charges in a series of early morning raids on Tuesday north of Montreal.

    The arrests include construction magnate Tony Accurso, who was taken into custody as investigators searched locations in Terrebonne, Mascouche and Laval. A warrant was also issued for Mascouche Mayor Richard Marcotte, who was on vacation in Cuba.

    “The arrests and searches came after a 1½-year investigation, which allowed us to establish that a system had been put in place a few years ago allowing certain companies to gain an advantage towards the attribution of municipal contracts,”

    Gangstas all over Canada and more Chinese gangstas coming to Canada now.

  70. voiceofhomer says:

    “Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik insisted Tuesday he would massacre 77 people all over again, calling his July rampage the most “spectacular” attack by a nationalist militant since the Second World War.”

    He is a good jackass whitey for stopping anti China muslim terrorists in China.

  71. voiceofhomer says:

    “Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., disclosed Tuesday that he has Stage 1 prostate cancer.”

    Blame this rich white guy for China making only cheap stuffs in China.

    China cannot make anything good as long as he is in control of the US retail market.

  72. juniorboydoe says:


    “I’m in Korea now, hahah the people here is so ugly, almost as ugly as the white people!”

    -You mean, “are” ugly? hahah that’s bullshit! hahah because I don’t know what part of Korea you’re in but in Seoul, they’ve got some sweet nice looking Korean girls how do I know? Hahah becuase, I’m looking right out of the window and they are smoking hot over here and I’ve been ALL over the World hahah you,ve gotta have game Hahaha!!!

  73. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    Go to any major cities in the world and they are all similar. You get pushed around in the street in NYC and Tokyo too. What are you saying? City people are more tense and fast paced than the relax countryside people. Hong kong people don’t worship or look up to American or non Asian, but we don’t look down at them neither. It’s probably mis-communication.

    This American man is so upset complaining about us being selfish and arrogant and worship money…he needs to go to other major cities in the world and see for himself. City people live a different life style than country people. Majority of lands in America are towns and countryside with a few major cities. He acts like he is from the countryside or small town.
    One million native Hong kong women and there are like 300,000 philippines house aid workers. How bad is their working environment for them to keep wanting to come back to work and even stay to live in HOng kong? Their working environment must not be so bad.


  74. voiceofhomer says:

    You are looking at those streetwalkers I saw last year in SK.

    They are getting older, you must be a white reject with no chance for a white girl friend.

    Go down to Busan if you like to see ugly Korean girls, you will see some real nice looking pigs with lipstick on and dogs like the kind you are accustomed to in the USA.

  75. Filipino Guy - Jay says:

    I found both koreans and chinese girls beautiful.

  76. voiceofhomer says:

    Experts say a New Zealand woman’s daily Coca-Cola habit probably contributed to her death, a conclusion that led the soft-drink giant to note that even water can be deadly in excessive amounts.

    Natasha Harris, a 30-year-old, stay-at-home mother of eight from Invercargill, died of a heart attack in February 2010. Fairfax Media reported that a pathologist, Dr. Dan Mornin, testified at an inquest Thursday that she probably suffered from hypokalemia, or low potassium, which he thinks was caused by her excessive consumption of Coke and overall poor nutrition.

    Have some Coca Cola on me korean_ gay.

    Buy you a few every day until it takes down.

  77. voiceofhomer says:

    “Canada’s oldest penitentiary, Kingston Pen’s children, child killers, murderers and monsters.”

    This is Canada best well known hotel for misfits like you.

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