How much does a Chinese wedding cost?

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Bride and groom born in 1980s are facing astoundingly high bill for their wedding.

Recently, an investigation report on Chinese marriage in 2011 caused a lively debate in society. In the report, nearly 80 percent of single women considered that a man was not suitable for having a relationship or getting married unless he could earn at least ¥4000 per month.

Mrs. Luo from Wuhan complained that her son’s wedding used up all her savings and the cost of the wedding was ten thousand times higher than her own wedding in 1970s. “At that time, we only bought a bicycle and took a picture in the Department of Civil Affairs. My husband was born in a relatively prosperous family, so we invited some relatives to have dinner. We had three tables and it cost us less than ¥100. ”

In 1980s, wedding photography and wedding banquet became popular. New couples also need to buy new set of furniture. All these caused a higher wedding budget, about ¥3000. “One of my colleagues got married in 1983.” Mrs. Luo recalled, “They rented cars to welcome the bride, ¥30 for each car. But in order to rent a good car, they sent about ¥100 to the rent-a-car company because too many people wanted to rent good cars. They spent ¥500 on appliances. But they made the furniture themselves to save money. Overall, their wedding cost around¥3000. ”

At the beginning of the new century, Mrs. Luo’s elder son got married. “It was in 2000 and we spent ¥50,000 for the wedding. We didn’t need to buy a new apartment at that time and just decorated our old house, which cost ¥20,000. ” Then it took them ¥10,000 to buy furniture and appliance, ¥15,000 for wedding banquet and ¥5000 for wedding photography. Mrs. Luo thought this was within their “power”.

Next month, Mrs. Luo’s younger son will get married. This time, Mrs. Luo has a big headache. The girl’s family asked for ¥2000 as presentation, then ¥3000 for wedding photography,¥5000 for wedding banquet,¥10,000 for honeymoon (the bride has chosen Bali Island as the destination), and¥20,000 for diamond ring. But compared to the cost of buying a new apartment, all the above was just a trifling amount. “It took us ¥700,000 to buy the new apartment and ¥200,000 to decorate. My daughter-in-law said she also wanted a car, which would cost around ¥200,000.”

In sum, Mrs. Luo will spend ¥1,000,000 on her younger son’s wedding in 2012. It is as ten thousand times high as her weddings forty years ago.

  1. This is seriously disgusting. I’m a westerner living in China, and watching how bad this society is getting is actually very disturbing. I would tell this stupid bitch and her family to take a long walk (fuck off). How on earth does a car and a new apartment factor into getting married? What is this, a f*cking wealth parade?

    Women these days in China seriously need to pull their fingers out of their asses and grow up. I feel sorry for Chinese men. What a depressing situation. being surround by a country full of complete bitches!

      1. Eighty percent of women said a man was not worth marrying if he made less than 4000 per month.

        Another way of putting that is: “At least 80 percent of Chinese women view marriage as a purely financial relationship.”

        One must also note that of the remaining 20%, they may also view marriage as a financial relationship, but be content with 4000 per month.

        Which means, gentlemen: the next time she cries, or tries to make you believe it’s about “love”: she is most likely full of shit. The survey is statistically very clear: It’s about money.

        You’d be better off with a hooker. At least the relationship is honest.

      2. Well, considering I make more than 5 times the amount quoted here, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for me.

        1. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be funny, but it was.

          1. You’re by no means “rich”.
          2. 80% of women surveyed openly admit that marriage is primarily about money, and you’re okay with that because…. You believe you have enough money. Ergo, it cant possibly be about money in your case?? Bah hah ha ha ha. Very funny.

          I always wonder where the world finds all these suckers, but I guess they really do exist! Good luck, chumpy!

          Let me save you some time: just give her the house.

          1. I’ve never claimed I’m rich. I’m just saying that this story doesn’t affect me personally. I’m already married, and my income is OK.

            I commented in support of the average Chinese man who doesn’t earn that kind of money. It’s unfair and unreasonable on them that they are expected to spend so much money on a wedding.

            I’ve seen too many examples recently of women dumping men because they can’t buy a house or a car, or because their house is outside the 2nd ring road in Beijing or some other bullshit.

            My point is, Chinese women shouldn’t be such money hungry whores. But, having said that, there is a massive disparity between the number of men and women. Women are a rare commodity for some men, so they have all the bargaining power. It’sa ridiculous situation and one that cannot be resolved easily.

            1. One reason beyond the Chinese female’s perspective on wedding is that cars and apartments are the financial insurance of a sustainable family. Since low income mostly equals to misery living standard in China, some guarantees are necessary. Also, it’s very unlikely that male would not cheat on their wives since there are accessible prostitution and easy whores everywhere in today’s China. So, if men are going to cheat on them anyway, why wouldn’t they seek some financial insurance? There are no love insurance, so financial insurance is the way to go. So, a romantic love or even a normal relationship of commonsense is faraway from the reality in China. I am not trying to defend this situation, but to make sense of it.

      3. After spending all the money on her she probably got a loawai on the side…. double sucker

    1. I guess those are cultural differences that they live by. It may not seem right to us but we can’t go and impose our expectations on them.

      Just be thankful that most girls here buy into the whole Hollywood concept of romantic love and don’t have the kind of subtle money cravings that permeate the culture of China.

      One of the most difficult things for anyone who has never been to China before is that the concept of love is very different between China and the West. When Chinese women think of love, they think more of the ability of a husband being able to take care of her and her being an obedient housewife and mother in return. In fact, marrying for romantic love does not always factor into marriage and may be a relatively new concept imported from the west to China.

      Think of marriage as more of an important business transaction that happens once in their life.

      1. In my observation, most girls ask for a income bottom line of men because they have a high feeling of insecurity. Because of the easy monetary policy Chinese government made since 2008, after financial crisis, the inflation just becomes wild and living expenses soar. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory shows the fundamental needs for a person is survival and safe.

        It’s sad for Chinese men and Chinese women. They work hard to make a better life and they deserve enjoying the higher levels in Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory.

          1. Why would you even ask that? This seems like a reasonable critique of the article. Do you never think of these things? Do you never wonder about the world you live in? I have to say that I, being Chinese American, am very embarrassed by the dialogue in here by both the person from the other country as well as the Chinese who have posted on here. I’m very disappointed that some of the Chinese posters on here jumped to the conclusion that other writers were American. So disappointed in both sides. I am embarrassed to be both Chinese and American when I hear people talk like this.

    2. It’s the same in CA (California) and it is also common in other states in the USA. I have plenty of single male friends who got asked about their balance in their 401(K) first when out on the first date. What type of stocks the guys own, etc. Some CA girls don’t even bother asking for the name of the guy after a long string of financial questions. [These women are so pushy that my male buddies pretended to have less than he really does. Most of these men are quite successful but who wants to be loved for their thick wallets.] These women in CA are no different or better. I think the issue might be that many females are unable or unwilling to earn sufficient income of their own and yet have somewhat extravagant spending habits. When you are holding a successful job or running your own thriving firm, you have different social circles and you don’t run into these kinds of …. ladies as much. If you are dating competent, successful individuals, the size of your wallet matter less, because they are able to support themselves.

      1. Mello:

        Yes and no, women are are successful and financially stable or will be ffinancially successful want a man who can live up to her standard and level. If you are a woman in the medical field or business field, you don’t want a man that has a high school education level working ias a cashier n McDonald’s. It’s not wrong for her to find his background. You are talking about looking for live long relationship.

        And yes of course you have those women who are not successful or educated but are gold digger looking to marry rich so her husband can his money to buy her LV bags.

        Men shouldn’t complaint either way. They are guilty also because they want younger beautiful women. You want beauty like she wants money. So go marry to fat ugly unsuccessful women so you don’t have this problem about gold digger.


  2. It was a fraud trial involving a huge sum of money – and the verdict triggered a national outcry and a rare promise from China’s top court.

    In 2009, at the age of 28, multi-millionaire Wu Ying was sentenced to death for illegal fundraising.

    It better not cost a lot, you may get killed by the govt if you make too much money for your wedding.

  3. In today’s China, marriage is purely a financial transaction. Maybe 25-30 years ago, city people in China used to make fun of how the girl’s family in rural China demanded dowry from the boy’s side, but nowadays the city people in China do things that are much worse than that. The stories in the article are just another example of how much the morality in Chinese society has declined. Yes, you can see many more skyscrapers and highways in today’s China, however, the Chinese society is much worse that what it used to be. China’s so called economic miracle has come at the huge cost of their future generation and it will not be sustainable for sure. There is no more clean water to drink and no clean air to breath in China, and the entire country is becoming a shit hole. But the worst is not the simple physical damage to the country caused by the exploitation of the country by a small number of people; instead the worst is the damage to the Chinese people’s mind and morality, damage to the Chinese civilization that was once an envy of the world. The GDP may have gone up so much (let’s not worry about how false it is), yet the country is full of more disgruntled people than ever before. There used to be a slogan in China said “I love everybody because everybody loves me”, nowadays that has been changed to say “I harm everybody because everybody harms me”, which is the true reflection of what today’s Chinese society has become.

  4. These two clowns “voiceofhomer” and “PowerBullTroll” apparently frequent this web site for the sole purpose of submitting irrelevant comments in order to drown out the meaningful ones. Has it ever occurred to you two that the behavior you exhibit here is one of the reasons the Chinamen are despised all over? You can’t handle the criticism, and you can’t provide a logical retort, probably because you know fully well that the criticisms are well-founded. But instead of simply shutting TFU you resort to using a flood of irrelevant comments. Were you hoping they would actually take away the sting of some of these stories? No morons, your antics just reinforce the image of the good-for-nothing Chinaman.

    1. WM, is that for White Man?

      Hope you are a white man, otherwise you would be a white ass kissing dog.

  5. My fiancee says a private ceremony under $500 would be fine, but I will do something lavish for her because I loves her :3

    Y’all jelly?

    ya u jelly.

  6. My wedding here in China cost us 25.000. My wife is all down-to-earth about such things and basically 90 percent of the money was spent at the wedding place on food and drinks. Honestly, I do find it insane to spend a 6 digit amount of hard earned cash (or for some poor Chinese sods, money borrowed that they have to pay back over the next 10-20 years) on a wedding where the guests aren’t even really into it. Most weddings in China have a couple of hundred freeloaders showing up, say gaoxing, gaoxing, stuff their mouths for an hour or two at the most and then just fade away. We had some 80-90 guests and I was amazed how fast it went. When we went to change clothes and came back, 30 minutes after the banquet had begun, the first guests had already begun to leave and when we were halfway through toasting the tables, half the guests were already gone. IT WAS FUCKING WEIRD TBH, and it made me glad that we hadn’t forked over 5-6 wan all in all. Instead we actually bought an SUV in cash last year.

    Actually, for a while I thought there had been something wrong with our wedding because of peoples’ lack of interest and leaving but since then I’ve been to 3 other weddings myself and they all happened more or less the same way. I say, fuck the wedding, spend as little as you can and use the money saved to assist on a down payment on a house and take a kick-ass honeymoon instead.

  7. Obviously you guys havent had the wisdom from your fathers regarding this subject so Ill pass it on and you can better your life. Forget the bullshit you learned at home, why should you have a wife and kids to make the old fucks, whoops, old folks, happy. As my dad told me, if it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it!

  8. After 19 years of marriage I can assure each of you that it is a financial agreement but not just a financial agreement. No American girl would marry a guy who is unemployed and has no future potential for earning either, its genetically programmed into women to want security in the old days that meant a man who could beat people down with this might today it means a man who can buy his way out of problems. As a Scotish man who can both beat your ass and pay for an attorney to get me off the charges I really enjoyed reading the comments on the article. Its funny thatafter years of tossing out the baby girls in favor of the boys that Chinese men suffer the wrath of free market pussy.

  9. So sad to read lots of what is written here but unfortunatly so much is true i said to my chinese wife years ago, that the chinese people were on a fast downward slope , greed has unfortuatly taken over the whole country, i live in Sheznhen , the amount of money in this city is just ubeleiveable, i can not say how sad it is to see a race destroyed by western values, but thisis a fact, and it’s starting place was of course in government , there are no poor government workers in china now , and the word corruption has to be given a whole new meaning in china ,
    it is now with out any doubt at all the most capitalist country in the world , but still them claim they are a communist country ,
    the peoples republic of china, what a joke , , china belongs to the rich , thje people are just left to rot like always
    sad but true

  10. I will say im from Usa and my wife wants to have a wedding party that cost over 200,000 rmb or 35,000 usa dollars and she is from Hunan China..It is not her but her mom who insist on inviting 500 people. The more people the more red envelopes which are wedding gifts of cash..Because I am not chinese her mom gets to keep the money from the wedding…Not that important. But spending 35,000 is out my budget and I dont know how to get out of it ?

    1. Cheap white trash can’t get a regular woman so must you make a Chinese girl lose face in her own village and make her poor and work for you.

      I am from the USA and I don’t have a China girl and my wife thanks me often.

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