After a Japanese guy lost his bicycle in China…


On Feb. 17th, a Japanese young man lost his bicycle in Wuhan, China. He has a dream to travel around the world on his bicycle and has been to more than dozen countries. Two days ago, he came to Wuhan, China. But, unexpected thing happened. His bicycle got stolen.  He felt very depressed and then asked for help on He posted:“This bicycle is like my girlfriend. I’m so sad for losing her. Hope Chinese friends here could help me to find her back.”

His post made a big splash on Sina Weibo. Tens of thousands of Chinese netizens forwarded his story and tried to help him find back his bicycle. Meanwhile, most people made serious self-blame, like “why such things only happen in China”, and “One Japanese lost a bicycle, but we Chinese lost out faces”. A netizens in Wuhan commented:“I feel really bad. After such thing happened, what would people think of Wuhan? What would international people think of my hometown? I feel shameful.”

Luckily, two days after, with help from thousands of common people, Wuhan policemen found the bicycle on black market and returned it back to its owner. The local media put this news on headline.


Thief A: “Did you find out owner’s information?”

Thief B: “No yet, but this bicycle is so awesome, let’s steal it first, don’t think too much!”

Thief A: “Are you crazy?!! What is it belongs to a foreigner, we will be caught very soon!”

However, this accident didn’t thus have a happy ending. Fiercer arguments have arisen on the Internet. People began to ask why Chinese need to feel ashamed about it. One post on Weibo claimed: “Every country has thieves. It’s just a minor accident which could happen everywhere in the world. Why should we Chinese look down on ourselves? We are always afraid of others to think less of us. When can we overcome our inferiority? We really need to be more confident!”

But more people swung their fury to Chinese government. Many netizens questioned:“why the policemen became so efficient when an international friend lost his bicycle? What were they doing when so many Chinese people lost their bicycles?” A netizen named “absolutely anonymous” posted on Tianya, “I lost three bicycles, a motorcycle and a scooter in last four years. The surveillance camera even caught the thief stealing my scooter. I went to the police station, reported the crime and went back home waiting for news. But, news never came.” This post attracted more attentions and was soon put on the front page.

Some Other condemnations were even harsher, such as this cartoon. They compared Japanese bicycle with Chinese life and their implication was very clear. This cartoon was forwarded widely on Sina Weibo. In order to avoid being deleted, netizens made no comments on it but only a label: “an automatic forwarding by the system”.

The Japanese young man will never expect his minor accident to cause such a storm in China.


Title: In China

First picture: “After a foreigner lost his bicycle…”

Second picture: “After a group of Chinese people lost their lives….”

  1. Dumbass Chinamen, what do they expect when they kowtow to foreigners all the time and always on their knees worshipping whiteys and foreigners in and out of China.

    These Chinamen don’t even care about their own people.

    1. Please do not insult Chinese people. Every country has good guy and bad guy. It’s Chinese people themselves who drew and forwarded this cartoon. I respect their spirit and courage to do such deeply self-questioning.

  2. A pregnant woman in China will always be behind it because they are released no matter how much they steal, they will still be set free.

  3. While netizens quarrel over police efficiency regarding foreigner vs Chinese property, the only reason this Japanese man got his bike back so quickly is because the story became very popular and the young man who bought the stolen bike at a second-hand market turned it in. The police did very little.

    1. This event shows that there are still Chinese people who have a heart and are willing to help.

  4. korean_guy 참 미친 사이코 개 새끼네

    I’m happy that the Japper dude got his bike back (cycling over China, epic adventure), but the netizens who are complaining definitely have a point. China needs to start looking at providing support for it’s own people, as well as it does to foreigners.

    Though Joel likely has a point, it wasn’t so much the police as the viral nature of his pleas. Still, I could understand how it would leave a sour taste in Chinese people’s mouths if they’ve lost multiple bikes and property and got no support.

  5. Here is the status quo:

    “If a Chinese person did something bad, then blame all Chinese people and call them by derogatory remarks. But if a Chinese person tries to be kind and do something good, then find some small loophole in their good deeds and use all the energy you have to blame them because of this loophole”

  6. Shit @powerbulltroll is hilarious! His comment almost every single post I enjoy his innuendo about white folks. he has such a narrow minded mind I bet he can’t tell A holes and pee holes due to his retardation.

  7. China’s police agency vows to crack down on illegal foreign workers across the country, Thursday’s newspapers report.

    Shanghai Daily says Vice-Minister of Public Security Yang Huanning told the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Wednesday that the crackdown will include improving visa policies and strengthening border controls.

    People’s Daily says police agencies across the country have investigated some 20,000 incidents of foreigners illegally entering, living or working in mainland China.

    Those working without a proper visa were mainly involved in foreign language education, acting, housekeeping for expatriates and labour intensive industries, it said.

    About fucking time the govt did something about illegals in China.

    The illegals are making the shitty country looking more like a crappy Amerika.

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