Pictures of Jeremy Lin shirtless in bed leaked


Pictures of Jeremy Lin shirtless in bed have been leaked online, and the story made the front page of the influential discussion board Mop. Since they were posted to on February 18, the thread has been viewed over 610,000 times, and the pictures have spread to many other Chinese news websites. The original post includes no text and two pictures of Lin in bed and pictures of women holding “val-Lin-tines”-related signs.





Some selected comments:

#12 – The media is once again creating a focus. First it was Yao Ming. At a minimum, it is a Chinese person. … From dawn to dusk, foreigners are laughing at us.

#39 – Feng Jie, (Sister Feng) your husband!!!

Some of the most interesting comments were deleted or “harmonized.”

  1. ‘The headline “Chink in the Armor” was used Friday on ESPN’

    Man that chink is so good it makes the black mad.

  2. One asshole whitey said this, “The only racists are the ones who saw the racism in the comment. I didn’t and I bet the author didn’t either.”

    They, the whiteys call Chinese all kinds of names, so for a long time the Chinese didn’t know the meaning of the names and they accepted it as American or Canadian words for Asians or Chinese.

  3. Those are aren’t leaked. But rather screenshots from his own video on youtube, entitled “Jeremy Lin – Episode 1: A Day in the Life.” Check it out over there.

  4. “Pictures of Jeremy Lin shirtless in bed have been leaked online”
    this was from his NBA video
    JLin posted this on youtube account
    man… who wrote shits like that?

  5. The USA do not want Lin to play for them in the Olympic Games.

    So will he play for China? Or will he be too proud and not play?

    Some would just do nothing and wast their lives, and save face.

    Taiwan does not have a team.

    1. Taiwan does have a team
      go look it up on FIBA
      Team USA pretty much already pick their team
      besides JLin was born in US
      it doesn’t make any sense for him to play in China
      that’s as logical as Kobe should play for Congo

  6. Get a life, racism is unacceptable under any circumstance. Better look in the mirror when speaking of racism. All the lovely words asians have for westerners are part of the ridiculous aloofness that asians were superior going back to the first contact. No one is more racist than asians! It is however a good excuse to get out of trouble if you are up to no good in the west. Lin is American, yes, of Chinese decent, but he is American. The only reason he is where he is can only occur because he has the free mentality of America to keep on trying and succeed. This is impossible in China because instead of being allowed this choice, you have to be told by peers whether you are good or bad, the choice is not yours. By the way, Im not American!

  7. Voiceless homo and powerless bullshit troll have serious problems and lack of self worth. Sorry to hear that the only thing you feel worthwhile is participation in an ongoing tirade of insecurity. If you ever get a life of your own and become self sufficient you may have an opinion worth listening to. In meanwhile, stop using, buying or wanting anything that was invented by us evil westerners and we will visit you walking to your favorite rice paddy to exist.

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