Colleges and professions most loved by opposite sex in China

| February 12th, 2012



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Which university do you wish your other half graduated from? What profession do you want him or her to have? Recently, media in China released rankings of colleges graduated from and professions singles took which are most loved by the opposite sex. This ranking is provided by China’s popular dating site, based on the number of times asked on a date by the opposite sex out of their 35 million members. The most popular men graduated from Fudan University and the most loved male profession is civil servant (staff member of government administrative department).  For girls, Central Academy of Drama graduates and (middle or) high school teacher ranked number one respectively.

Judging by this, women wish to find someone with stable job and higher income, but men not only want their wives to be beautiful and talented but also wish them to have a stable career.

Founder of Dr. Li Song gave his analysis, most single men and women go on dates on the basis of marriage, they realize that both men’s and women’s work will directly affect the quality of marriage and family life. “Men focus on work and women focus on home is the most traditional and also most stable way to maintain a family.”

The complete rankings:

For single men, university graduated and profession most liked by women in 2011.



University Graduated from



Fudan University

Civil servant


Dongbei University of Finance & Economics

Owner of a business


Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Employed in finance or banking


Beijing Jiaotong University



University of International Business and Economics

Employed in Internet / Computer


Jinan University

Free lance


Southeast University

Military officer


Nankai University

Civil engineer


South China University of Technology

Professional manager


China University of Political Science and Law


For single women, university graduated from and profession most liked by men in 2011.



University Graduated from



Central Academy of Drama

Middle school teacher


Xinhai Conservatory of Music

Free lance


Shanghai Theatre Academy

Employed in Internet / Computer


Chengdu College of Education

Owner of a business


Beijing Film Academy

Employed in finance or banking


Beijing Dance Academy



China Conservatory

Sales / Advertising/ Marketing


Xi’an Conservatory of Music



Wuhan Conservatory of Music

Civil servant


Shenyang Radio and TV University

Flight attendant

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    China girls and women love to get their ass up for a white reject and may be a black baller or rapper from the slums of the UK or Amerika or from a developed western Afrikan country but not from latino nations and truly not from Asian ghettos.

    • 老外 says:

      I knew a Chinese girl who married a very uneducated and moronic Mexican. Of course it was only for the green card. She slept around on him countless times, and he still decided to stay with her. It’s a shame really, because he doesn’t have much to choose from: after marrying her, he ended up with several felonies; he can’t import any future Chinese brides, and nobody else wants him.

      I suspect once her conditions are lifted, she’ll either wait until she graduates, or bail immediately.

  2. Bo Wang says:

    I’m surprised Beida or Tsinghua isn’t on the list. Anyone know why?

  3. Curren$y says:

    Thanks to Korean_guy, I now hate Chinese women

    • voiceofhomer says:

      But I hate most China girls and many Chinese women more and so much so that I will screw all I can get when I go to Hong Kong.

  4. 老外 says:

    Both? She was extremely ugly, and most definitely a digger. Not very many options for her either. She confided in me that the biggest reason she hates him is that he has no money. They both work shitty minimum wage jobs.

    I inherited a large sum of money from my Uncle, but you’d never catch me telling any woman about it — especially Chinese. When dealing with them, I always pretend to be poor because it keeps the diggers away.

    Most of them (even the ugly ones) have been raised to find a rich husband, and you can’t trust them. Even if they say they love you, they love money more; watch how quickly they’ll change their minds if they think you’re poor.

    I’m not one for making generalizations about Chinese people, but this one seems true. Out of the hundred+ Chinese girls I’ve met, most of them love money more than anything. But then again, there are always exceptions to the rule; I’ve met a few.

  5. 老外 says:

    > “Boy that’s a shitty combo!”

    You’re telling me. You should see her mother too… even worse. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

    > “Hope you didn’t learn the hard way.”

    Unfortunately, I did. On the bright side, I didn’t lose any money.

    > “Life is full of mystery. Chinese women and their digger-ness ain’t one of them. Matter of fact, the untrustworthyness of a Chinese man or woman is painfully obvious like the stink of a pile of shit.”

    I can see you have experience here. Yes, I’ll agree that most of the dumbasses aren’t smart enough to hide it.

    > “Yes, and they are shameless about it. No subtleties or class in a Chinese women.”

    (referring to diggers) No kidding.

    “Sure out of 1.34 billion I’d say there about a 1,000 China women that don’t have digger mentality.”

    I think there are about 600 million Chinese women. There are actually quite a few who aren’t like that. I’ve met maybe 30-40 out of 100+. Not too bad!

    As for your link, I met some really unsavory folks in Hong Kong. The airport employees were some of the rudest people I’ve ever met in my life. When traveling Mainland China, I still didn’t meet anyone as rude as the Hong Kongers. Not sure if everyone was having a bad day, or if they just didn’t like foreigners.

    That said, I did like Hong Kong. It was very nice looking, even if the people were douchebags.

    I still like China. The nice people always outweigh the douchebags… well, except maybe in Hong Kong? But that’s not mainland. I’ll soon go back for a few years. If you ask me “Why?”, I ask you “Why not?” If the “Chinese shitstorm” as you say, is coming, then it’s better to be prepared. 😛

  6. 老外 says:


    I fucking love you, korean_guy

  7. 老外 says:

    I should add: yes, I am an adrenaline junkie. Every time I was in China, my life was in danger… every single day. I took random Chinese medicine, dodged fast-moving vehicles that refused to slow down, and ate the food.

    Adrenaline > my life.

  8. 老外 says:

    I love the language! Especially the written form. But I feel the same way about Korean and Japanese. :-)

  9. The name and Accronym don't seem to fit logically but thats ok your an idiot any way so it fits you says:

    The name and Acronym don’t seem to fit logically but that’s ok your an idiot any way so it fits you.

  10. aip says:

    Koreans are nomadic animals.

  11. voiceofhomer says:

    Canada Criminal Code relating to prostitution should be struck because they are unconstitutional.

    The Appeal Court agreed with Himel’s ruling, including that the provisions prohibiting common bawdy houses and living off the avails of prostitution are both unconstitutional in their current form.

    Ontario’s top court struck down the ban on bawdy houses on the basis that it increased the dangers prostitutes face because they are forced to work on the streets.

    Canada is good for China women to make money the old fashion way, on her back with a smile on her face.

    Korean women do it for free, so westerners don’t give a $$$$dime for their time.

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