Multiple corpses of children dug out under a bridge in Jiangsu Province

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Recently the Chinese netizens are talking about corpses of children dug out under a bridge in Xiangshui County, Yancheng of Jiangsu Province. According to the police, the person who reported the crime Mr. Sun Rongrong was separated with his child’s mother (Wu Weiwei) who took their 4-year-old daughter (Sun Jier) to live with a man in Xiangshui County. The child was dead for unknown reasons on the night of January 21 even before sending to the hospital for rescue. Until on the fifth of Chinese New Year (January 28), when Sun came to Xiangshui to see his daughter, her mother said their daughter was already dead and he could not even see the body. Sun reported it to the police and also learned that the mother gave the hospital 600 yuan to dispose the body, buried under the Yulang Bridge. Assisted by the police, they started digging under the bridge. Shockingly, in the beginning, Sun didn’t not even find his daughter but found 3 other dead babies!

The police came to Yulang Bridge, Xiangshui County to dig out the dead child Sun Jier’s body. In the process of digging, they found three other infant bodies, which caused many people to watch and also posted discussions on the Internet. On February 1, reporter learned that there were total four corpses of children dug up under the Yulang Bridge. One of which, the cause of death was determined as violence, the 4 year old girl was believed to be beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend. Suspect Sun Hailang was arrested. The other three infants believed died of normal causes, their bodies were just disposed here, which did not constitute as criminal cases.

According to suspect Sun Hailang’s confession, on January 21, 5 pm he went home to his girlfriend Wu Weiwei and her daughter who were living with him. Around 7 pm, after three of them had dinner, Wu Weiwei was getting ready to go to work, however her daughter started crying because mother was leaving. Wu tried to confront her daughter, put her in the kitchen and left the house. 4-year-old girl Sun Jier did not stop crying, so Sun Hailang opened the kitchen door and kicked the girl in the back and the stomach then threw her towards the bed. Jier bunched off the bed onto the floor. She kept crying and said her stomach was hurting. Sun Hailing called Wu Weiwei back to send her daughter to the hospital. But it was too late, Sun Jier had died in the County hospital.

Reporter went to Xiangshui Hospital for more information. Mr. Xu, the director of the hospital told the reporter that he had no knowledge about the incident. The person who buried the corpse was not an employee of the hospital. He is in the business of carrying corpses and burning bodies. Mr. Xu said the hospital mortuary was torn down last November, so that they had no way to keep these corpses.

Yancheng City bookstore president told the reporter that there is a local custom in Yancheng: After the death of a child, he/she cannot go into graves of the ancestors, nor he/she can go inside the home. They should be buried somewhere else simply. If the child is not yet one year old, he/she will not be listed in the family tree. People of Xiangshui could be burying their dead infants and young children this way for this reason.




The picture shows the 4-year-old girl’s body.


Sun shows photos of her daughter alive.


Other corpses of children found


  1. So what?

    They are poor and have old ways to deal with death.

    The one murderer is going to jail.

  2. This are children you are talking about, please show some respect for those dead little ones! A child deserves to live, any child killed by abuse is one to many!

    1. I agree with you. It’s a fact that life is hard for most people, and much harder for some; but no matter how hard life will be, every child deserves a chance to live… even if life is a struggle for them.

  3. bravo for the village police
    the crime scene has been contaminated by all the bystanders
    good luck on finding the killer for kids

  4. It takes a special kind of psychopath to murder a child. There’s a special place in hell for these degenerates.

  5. I don’t understand why the mother didn’t leave the child with her birth father.It’s always the same story.Mother’s deadbeat boyfriend kills child.

    1. we are talking about China
      what more do you expect?
      at least it made it to the news
      so people hopefully won’t make the same mistake

      1. Pretty sure he meant in the general sense that boyfriends of the mother are usually responsible for these types of incidents. The notion that these males feel no paternal emotions towards children not of their own.

  6. I come from Xinagshui, the burial is a local form of treatment of meat, it has the effect of maturing it and tenderizing the flesh. The children were to be dug up and then used in local meat dishes as a form of “Xiangshui Pork” until they got found out. It’s actually very delicious and the meat of cured young children preserves the looks of women and increases male virility. Don’t worry, after all this dies down in the media it’ll be back on the menu again soon.

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