Government cadre’s infamous speech on the siege of Wukan village


The anti-corruption movement in a small fishing village Wukan(乌坎村) in Shanwei City, Guangdong Province has triggered international attention including that from nytimes, WSJ among many others.

Today an internal speech given by Zheng Yanxiong (郑雁雄), municipal secretary of Shanwei City, went viral on sina weibo and all kinds mainstream websites in mainland, only to be pulled off almost immediately by censorship due to the political sensitivity in the speech. Why? What did he say?

Quotes from the video:

Addressing the issue of villagers requesting foreign media’s attention:

Finding several reporters to make a scene, thinking that the more the press defame me the more I will suffer, thinking the problem will get me fired. What good can come of getting me fired? They will just send another Mayor down here, and I bet he won’t be any better than me. Ha, I am kidding, but there is some truth to it.

If overseas media are trust-worthy, then pig can climb up the tree.

Addressing the reason why placing over 1000 armed police to control the protest:

If only you just stop making a fuss, stop breaking the rules, let the government see that you behave well and won’t make any trouble, then I don’t have to bother the armed police. You think it is cheap to hire armed police? To put hundreds of armed police and normal police here, our Mayor Qiu’s wallet will shrink day by day, don’t you know?

Addressing how painful it is to be a government cadre nowadays:

There is only one group of people that are feeling the pinch of every year. Who? Those who are government cadres, including me. It was never this tiring to be a municipal secretary before, we now have to manage everything. The right we enjoy are decreasing, the means we can use are decreasing, but the responsibility for us are increasing day by day, whereas our ordinary folks are becoming more and more greedy, more and more clever, more and more untamable.

Addressing people turning to overseas media for help instead of the government:

I have personal experience of our national policies. Instead of counting on such responsible government, you are turning to a few crappy overseas media, crappy newspaper, crappy websites? You are mistaking the right with the wrong. What can they do to help you? Nothing. They can’t wait to see us fighting each other, turning socialism into a mess. Then they will be happy. If you need any help, just come to the government, don’t go to outsiders to spread rumors about.

 Background from wikipedia: 

The protests began on 21–23 September 2011 after officials sold land to real estate developers without properly compensating the villagers. Several hundred to several thousand people protested in front of and then attacked a Chinese Communist Party building, a police station and an industrial park. Protesters held signs saying "give us back our farmland" and "let us continue farming." Rumours that the police had killed a child further inflamed the protesters and provoked rioting. Residents of Wukan had previously petitioned the national government in 2009 and 2010 over the land disputes. In an apparent attempt to ease tensions, authorities allowed villagers to select 13 representatives to engage in negotiations.

Security agents abducted five of the representatives and took them into custody in early December. The protests strengthened after one of the village representatives, Xue Jinbo, died in police custody in suspicious circumstances. The villagers forced all Communist Party officials and police to flee the village. As of 14 December 2011, a thousand police laid siege to the village, preventing food and goods from entering the village.Government authorities set up internet censorship against information about Wukan, Lufeng and Shanwei.

Photos from BBC.



Villagers protested that their democratic appeal was treated as illegal rally.


Villagers held memorial ceremony for Su Jinbo, representative died during negotiation with the government.


Villagers gather to discuss the protest on Dec 21st. Banner on the right: give me back my civil rights.


Hong Kong groups support the Wukan protest.

  1. More than 1,500 people have died in official custody in India in the past year, according to data released by the country’s Human Rights Commission.

    So what does a poor peasant Chinaman worth in China or in the west?

    A village, a country or a war?

    May be $1.50usd.

  2. “What good can come of getting me fired?”
    We CCP cadre are the Borg, resistance is futile.

    “If overseas media are trust-worthy, then pig can climb up the tree.”

    Pig climb tree, pig fuck woman, pig take long lunch and drink lot of shaojiu, pig called CCP cadre.

    “stop making a fuss, stop breaking the rules, let the government see that you behave well”

    Why would anyone want a government of pigs to approve of their behavior? It is natural to not behave when you are governed by greedy corrupt pigs on an unprecedented level?

    “There is only one group of people that are feeling the pinch of every year. Who? Those who are government cadres”

    So hard to be corrupt greedy pig. Before the internet all of China was our pail of slop.

    “They can’t wait to see us fighting each other, turning socialism into a mess.”

    As if corruption and the ccp pigs would go away if there were no foreign media attention…

    “If you need any help, just come to the government, don’t go to outsiders to spread rumors about”

    We are the CCP Borg, resistance is futile…

  3. Somewhere in the halls of the powers to be in Beijing – someone has done a {facepalm} while attempting to Hoover up the fallout afterwards. This twit’s reaction is going to be nothing more than a lightning rod for any other group to that seeks to air issues (1. Contact ‘foreign media’, i.e. anyone one with a line of communication around the GFW 2. Stock up for a siege with the local cops 3. Maintain a solid front until the CCP is embarassed enough to deal with the local twit that screw things up in the first place).

    It is surprising how fast (in terms of various forms of China in the past) that the ways of Imperial past are rearing its ugly head. “The sky is vast, and Emperor is far away” may not exactly work anymore, but neither can the ‘Mandarians’ keep the Emperor, or the Foreign Devils, from hearing about their misdeeds.

  4. This was a key turning point for a prickly oppressive regime on edge after the Arab spring and the mass demonstrations in Russia.

    According to NYT villagers drove out every party official, and declared the village an autonomous zone. Although the leader stressed theirs was not a revolt the implications are obvious

    “The villagers chased out Communist Party officials, repelled an assault by police officers and barricaded all roads leading into Wukan with tree trunks. The two police stations in the village stood empty. So did the headquarters of the Communist Party committee. ”

    For a shinning moment the people of Wukan moved from being peasants to citizens fully aware of their rights, and how they had been abused by the government.

    The Wukan protest was the first crack in the regimes facade because it reminds the Chinese people what they are capable of when they put fear aside, and join together in mass action.

    1. actually chinese people used to do that every now and then when its hard to make a living, its just that with the invention of nationalism people think its weird to see chinese people “rebelling”

  5. These Chinese peasants got their money or land back, so the party is over.

    Everybody back to work and go live like you did before 1999.

    1. I am not saying the Chinese officials were right but I know the farmers land is not worth too much as is and if nobody wants to buy it than it is worth nothing.

  6. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  7. I am so proud of these villagers. They did good. I think all the chinese in those poor rural areas should do the same. Protest and tell the China gov’t they will not tolerate mistreatment anymore. They are not second class citizens and shouldn’t be treated as such.

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