Coast guard killed by Chinese fisherman, South Koreans protest

(From Netease) According to South Korean news agency Yonhap on Dec 12, a South Korean coast guard was killed and another injured when trying to detain a Chinese fishing boat 85 km to the southwest of Small TsingTao Island. 9 crews including the captain were transferred to Incheon for investigation. The press also said that the captain refused to admit guilty.

On Dec 13rd, some Korean groups totaling over 300 people gathered in front of the China embassy in Seoul to protest and demand immediate apology from China.

According to multiple South Korean press including NEWSIS, MONEYTODAY, protestors condemned the Chinese fishing boat crews for killing South Korean coast guard, some urged the government to “take military action against Chinese fishermen”, some demanded “Chinese government to compensate the dead coast guard and apologize immediately”, some threatened to “start a countrywide boycott of Chinese products if the Chinese government doesn’t apology”.

Local time Dec 13rd, protestors are in conflict with the police in front of the China embassy in Seoul.

An angry protestor was chewing and tearing China national flag into pieces.

A man drove his car into the police vehicle.

The driver was arrested.


Netizens’ comments on Netease:

Sticks (offensive slang for Korean people) for go the hell for politicalizing civil dispute, we are fine with you boycotting Chinese products.

You boycott us, then we will do the same to you. My Samsung phone has always had problems, should just throw it away”

I swear my family and I will never buy Korean products, never watch Korean soap opera as a way to show my anger upon Korean arresting our fishermen.”

It is the fisherman’s fault at the first place. He crossed the coast line to fish and stabbed the coast guard, he really should apologize and compensate to the guard. We can be tough when needed be, but we must admit guilty when we actually are. Denying the obvious mistake only makes you boneless and narrow-minded.

Korea boycotting Chinese products? What if China also boycott Korean products? Which country will suffer more? I bet it is Korea.

Netease is shameless in favoring the South Korea side.

Why apologize? It is a purely individual incident, why demand the country to take the bullet? Did Korea apologize for the Virginia Tech massacre?

This is only a individual incident, it didn’t come from the China government, it was not a plotted attack against the Korean coast guard. What do you mean by protesting, what do you mean by burning China national flag? Are you protesting against all Chinese people? I can only say Korean are too narrow-minded. Such ethnicity can hardly flourish.

Just be a man and apologize. Shame that most people think being a man means not admitting wrong. Our people’s quality really doesn’t deserve democracy.

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