Coast guard killed by Chinese fisherman, South Koreans protest

| December 13th, 2011

(From Netease) According to South Korean news agency Yonhap on Dec 12, a South Korean coast guard was killed and another injured when trying to detain a Chinese fishing boat 85 km to the southwest of Small TsingTao Island. 9 crews including the captain were transferred to Incheon for investigation. The press also said that the captain refused to admit guilty.

On Dec 13rd, some Korean groups totaling over 300 people gathered in front of the China embassy in Seoul to protest and demand immediate apology from China.

According to multiple South Korean press including NEWSIS, MONEYTODAY, protestors condemned the Chinese fishing boat crews for killing South Korean coast guard, some urged the government to “take military action against Chinese fishermen”, some demanded “Chinese government to compensate the dead coast guard and apologize immediately”, some threatened to “start a countrywide boycott of Chinese products if the Chinese government doesn’t apology”.

Local time Dec 13rd, protestors are in conflict with the police in front of the China embassy in Seoul.

An angry protestor was chewing and tearing China national flag into pieces.

A man drove his car into the police vehicle.

The driver was arrested.


Netizens’ comments on Netease:

Sticks (offensive slang for Korean people) for go the hell for politicalizing civil dispute, we are fine with you boycotting Chinese products.

You boycott us, then we will do the same to you. My Samsung phone has always had problems, should just throw it away”

I swear my family and I will never buy Korean products, never watch Korean soap opera as a way to show my anger upon Korean arresting our fishermen.”

It is the fisherman’s fault at the first place. He crossed the coast line to fish and stabbed the coast guard, he really should apologize and compensate to the guard. We can be tough when needed be, but we must admit guilty when we actually are. Denying the obvious mistake only makes you boneless and narrow-minded.

Korea boycotting Chinese products? What if China also boycott Korean products? Which country will suffer more? I bet it is Korea.

Netease is shameless in favoring the South Korea side.

Why apologize? It is a purely individual incident, why demand the country to take the bullet? Did Korea apologize for the Virginia Tech massacre?

This is only a individual incident, it didn’t come from the China government, it was not a plotted attack against the Korean coast guard. What do you mean by protesting, what do you mean by burning China national flag? Are you protesting against all Chinese people? I can only say Korean are too narrow-minded. Such ethnicity can hardly flourish.

Just be a man and apologize. Shame that most people think being a man means not admitting wrong. Our people’s quality really doesn’t deserve democracy.

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  1. Chloe says:

    So where is the island that this happened on? Who does the island belong to? And isn’t more widely known that Koreans hate Japanese the most?

  2. Mishmael says:

    I deeply disagree with “Makron.” He or she would equate the moral and ethical values of 1.3 billion people with the misconduct of one individual. Such an ideology is racist bigotry, plain and ugly. The vitriol directed against “China” is uncalled for and deeply offensive, and it is for that reason that many Chinese are responding defensively. Those South Korean protestors should really consider how they look to Chinese, who may not be paying much attention to illegal fishing but suddenly are now since there are people tearing up their flag and threatening to take military action against their fishermen. As the aggrieved party, it is understandable for the South Korean side not to bear the responsibility to initiate a conciliation, but they do have a responsibility to remain civil and peaceable. If they cannot control their tempers long enough to reach a mutually agreeable solution with what is after all their most important bilateral partner, then the case could be made that South Korea is every bit as self-centered as “Makron” accuses China of being.

    I do not think the Chinese government is defending, condoning, or even attempting to obfuscate the obviously reprehensible actions of the accused captain. There is no reason to expect here that the Chinese want the South Koreans to go easy on him, so there is no reason for South Koreans to be angry with the government of China or its people. Furthermore, it is in the best interests of both China and South Korea to cooperate on a wide variety of issues, which cannot be possible if South Korea assumes every wrongdoing by a Chinese national is somehow a plot to destroy Korean sovereignty. Those who would advocate a confrontation with China over this issue are totally misplaced or are intentionally trying to undermine the peaceful and amicable bilateral relationship between China and South Korea.

    My sincere condolences for the families of the Korean coast guard servicemen.

  3. cindy says:

    The koreans coastguards killed a chinese fishingman(a cilivian) back in 2010. I don’t blame the civilian for protecting himself when a gov’t trained person use violent and force… look at this video on youtube…Chinese Sailors Arrested for Illegal Fishing in South Korea. I am very sorry for those who was hurt or died. Sad…but the south korean coast guards are known for their violence and force. China has repeatedly told the sk to stop the violence and be civilized and stop using force and violence and hostility. The fishing men are civilians with only a knife…the sk are gun armed trained gov’t do the math why they stab for self defense. And it’s dumb to believe the china fishing men try to kill two people and risking life sentence in china jail just to avoid a ticket like the south koreans distort on the internet.

  4. Steroids Bro says:

    Not really. The Chinese are too skinny and have buck teef.

    Koreans on the other hand, are fat and pudgy, and rage all the time.

  5. Chloe says:

    I notice you make a lot of unfriendly comments on this site. What you say won’t make any difference in the world, except leave a bad impression for Koreans. Really, just saying. You’re promulgating the stereotype that Koreans are arrogant and racist…

  6. Huzhang says:

    >Responding seriously to a troll

  7. You are a hypocrite says:

    Do you truly believe Markon made his negative comments against the Chinese just because of this one single incident? About the Chinese illegal fishing issues, there have been many such incidents where Chinese fishermen attacked violently and murdered or severely injured Korean coastguards as a result. Whenever, these incidents happened, I see a lot of Chinese making comments rather cheering those fishermen up for their violent attack and being happy about the injuries or the death of the Korean coastguard. What about the Chinese government? Have they ever done anything to prevent their citizens from illegally entering Korean water? Nothing at all. This is not all. What about all the Chinese who sneak into Korea, commit heinous crimes such as murder, robbery, frauds, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and prostitution etc, breach social order and cause all kinds of conflicts between people? From various news sources, I heard all the times about Chinese producing poisonous baby formula, lead-containing seafood products, glowing pork or beef, fake eggs, oil made with sewage stuff, dumpling made with cardboard fillings, tainted toys, tooth paste, pet food etc. You name it. Which country around the world other then China does these kinds of evil things so frequently? Do you believe all of these craps done by a small number of Chinese? I do not think so. Look at the behavior of the Chinese around the world. They are notorious for immorality, arrogance, selfishness, making loud noises in public, breaching rules and being greedy and being money hungry etc. Many people I know do have negative views against the Chinese, and it is very difficult not to have one. Not all the Chinese would behave like that, but the majority would. So, instead of complaining other people complaining about the Chinese, aren’t you supposed to reflect on yourselves and try to behave in more ethical civilized manners?

    If the Chinese government continuously ignore to prevent through proper education their fishermen from doing illegal fishing and committing crime not only Korea but also the entire world will go against China, and at the end who would be in misery? It would be you, the Chinese.

    I saw recently (although Chinese do this all the time, and which is nothing new) some photos of a Chinese guy peeing on the Korean national flag or chopping it, and heard somebody shot an airgun at the Korean embassy in China soon after the death of the coast guard. Well, I think before you blame the Korean in the photo for chewing your national flag, you should blame the nasty and violent behavior of Chinese first as this incident caused by you, Chinese and we are so sick and tired of your behavior.

  8. Voice of China says:

    These pictures show how ugly Gooks are. Small eyes, large nostrils, flat face.

    Need I say more sumnida?

  9. Chloe says:

    Ok, I see you’re very adamant about your message. I wish you luck then. But seriously, cheer up! It’s not all that bad, and being this pessimistic won’t change anything.

  10. 老外 says:

    korean_guy, is there some way I can contact you outside this website? I’d like to share something.

  11. i object says:

    all stupid shit aside, i assume you are chinese chloe, dont be so quick to back your people and your government .you need to know your people and government dont give a shit about you, get that through your thick skull ,, its not only china but governments worldwide, they dont care about you regular citizens

  12. shh says:

    the people that tell you you’re wrong aren’t sinophiles. They’re just correct, making you look like an absolute moronic thug in comparison, particularly when someone like Chloe responds in a calm and rational manner.

    Not even your sentence by sentence breakdown can save you this time. You just look like a pathetic pissant.

    I wonder if Key hired you to post ridiculous bullshit on here and get people riled up, increasing traffic to the site.

  13. Steroids Bro says:


  14. You are a hypocrite says:

    @ shh

    I think you should first think about the disgusting behaviors of Chinese in this incident before you blame “Korean_Guy”, and do not worry, many people around the world already know that Chinese are absolutely moronic thugs, and this is one of the incident that proves it.

  15. voiceofhomer says:

    If you are right than it would right that China should hate all those peoples back and make them pay for their disrespect for Chinese people.

    China keep it up and screw them all.

    Chinese people should not have to suffer racism from those little low life sums.

  16. voiceofhomer says:

    That is why all white and China women want to mate with beautiful blacks and make cute black monkey babies.

    God hates Chinese men, that’s the reason Chinese men cannot get any white women and make pretty pale face babies.

    And what does a black call another black? It starts with N.

  17. voiceofhomer says:

    That is the way “The rest of the world” wants China to be, weak spineless slaves for the world.

    So you should be glad and feel superior.

    Chinese cannot fight back, they are like you say and you are so big and pretty.

    Why ain’t you happy yet?

  18. Huzhang says:

    Man where the hell are you from? All the posts I read from you seem like you hate just about race/ethnic group there is

  19. Bo Wang says:

    I would be hateful of everyone too if my foreskin was cut off unnecessarily.

  20. voiceofhomer says:

    Good reasons to hate and go to the dark side.

    These are the same reasons I hate Indians and muslims in Canada.

    You are now Darth Makron and I am your master.

  21. Alphonse says:

    Yea you should be thankful Chinese people buys Korean crap , I hope this incident go bigger and Chinese people stop buying Korean junk and stop traveling to Korea , i dont understand why Chinese are the only country that like to go that shitty place called Korea Besides Chinese people who else want to go Korea ? maybe some Japanese to fuck some Koreans like old good times.

  22. cindy says:

    The china chinese see all these anti chinese sentiments from the south koreans…Now the chinese in the world know South Korea is the real hostile country against china. The china has been helping taking care of north koreans with food and money……help the South korean with their economy by trading.. and these south koreans behave unthankful. The south koreans are like cockroaches, beggar ,and thieves. Look what the SK are doing with the north koreans refugees…their brothers….nothing! They expect China to pay for everything!
    The south korea gov’t should really step it up and take care of the problems with the north korea refugees. They estimate somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000 refugees living in China illegally. China has to pay billions to house them because they need shelters and food..possible transportation in order to get them to south korea. The south korean gov’t are not doing enough to help and pay for these refugees. The south korea religious groups organized parties trying to help the refugees but they have limited money…and the south korea gov’t are not paying for anything. you are talking about billions…and all you south koreans do is curse china out when all china wants to do is try at best to protect it’s border and not interfere between the south and the north,, They don’t want to spend billions on the koreans problem. Tell your gov;t to pick up the tab and form organization to help your brother north koreans instead of spending billions on your plastic surgery because of your inferior complex.

    You should also ask your south korean govt and the american army(who the south korean kiss up ass to)…. to stop training marine and weapons by china sea…polluting china water….causing environmental concern causing China millions of dollars. China is working hard with their space program and improving the earth environment.
    If it comes one day that china chinese listed south korea as unfriendly country..most likely the other chinese countries like singapore, taiwan, hong kong, malaysia.etc will side with china. The south korea will have to rely and kiss up to american asses even more for support and protection. And the america now are debating they want to start charging south korea billions of dollar for military protection. China..however will protect north korean at no cost. They even help them and trade with them.
    I thought the south korean are plastic on the outside..I didn’t know they have plastic brains also preventing them from thinking.

  23. voiceofhomer says:

    He is hateful of Chinese because Chinese and China don’t have to suck white US and white western cock like Korea and Japan and Taiwan and Philippines and Indonesia and India and Singapore and Veitnam often does.

    China is the fucker and S. Korea is fucked.

  24. nulle says:

    voiceofhomer, you ARE an IDIOT and a waste of brain cells.

    China is screwing the world over from claiming the entire South China Sea as their terriority to having a pissy fit when countries allow the Dalai Lama for visits/conferences, more hissy fits when anyone exposes China wrong-doings (like selling weapons to Gaddafi when Libyian revolution started.)

    Any nation, see any chinese ships in your waters, feel free to sink them.

  25. voiceofhomer says:

    Oh yeah, the USA owns the entire South China Sea that is why they are there.

    Don’t call people dirty names if you don’t like bad karma.

  26. dongshizhang says:

    slight logistical flaw in that comparison

  27. You are a hypocrite says:

    @ Huzang,

    Judge yourself first. You have been making hateful comments against Koreans.

  28. You are a hypocrite says:

    What do you want to share? Do you want a stab him just like what the Chinese murderer did?

  29. You are a hypocrite says:


    Oh, do not worry, the world will fu*k China. Until then wash your bum properly and get yourself ready because it would be no fun if your bum stinks like skunks.

  30. You are a hypocrite says:

    Don’t worry. A lot of Canadians hate Chinese too.

  31. i object says:

    HAHAHAH hey bro you should consider stand up ,, you would be good at it,,,Koreans possess traits that are polar opposite to you Chinese. Tall, pale light skinned, smaller angular face, high nose bridge, smaller pointier nose, long limbs and lanky body.thats some funny shit,, HAHAHAHA, thanks for a good laugh,, koreans are sooooo good looking , thats why all the girls and guys have plastic surgery ,, instead of college funds, the parents save up for surgery funds when they turn like 10 they under the knife, might not be true but thats what ive heard

  32. i object says:

    your indeed right those are some ugly ass bitches,,with slanty eyes,but i guess all koreans are so beautiful , thats why theyre notorious for surgery ,, sorry bro im blessed with no slanty eyes, but since you were offended i guess , ur a slanty crosseyed korean ,, no hates

  33. i object says:

    so youve come to the assumption that people who go under the knife wants to look like a korean,, good hell , i guess everyone in L A looks korean

  34. i object says:

    haha 0 too funny,, show me your stats, ur so ignorant, you think people go to korea for surgery is because they want to look korean, really , are you retarded, they go there because the surgeons are better , i cant picture anyone going to a surgeon and saying can you make me look korean,, hahahaha thats some funny shit

  35. voiceofhomer says:


    And worst.

    The Chinese also eat all the sharks in the ocean and shit in all the waters that you drink.

  36. 老外 says:

    korean_guy, I usually enjoy your posts because I think they’re funny, and sometimes spot-on.

    But… I don’t really believe all Chinese are like this. I know China has a lot of problems, but they are a developing country. America also had a lot of problems such as these when we were developing.

    I’ve lost children because of a Chinese woman (ex-girlfriend) who couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it; she would rather kill our children to take revenge on me than let them live. I’ve met quite a few other equally-despicable Chinese people (like her mother), but I’ve met more good people than that, even in her own family; her grandparents, two of her aunts, etc… for every bad Chinese person, I’ve met at least 15 “good” ones.

    Just because some are bad doesn’t mean all of them are. Despite all that I’ve lost and suffered at the hands of that bitch, I wouldn’t blame all of of China. It’s better to just condemn all the evil people in the world, no matter where they’re from. Condemning all for the actions of a few isn’t wise.

  37. Jason says:

    both groups look that same to me

  38. voiceofhomer says:

    China women want to look like Korean women for one or two things. To fuck white and black cocks or to get into the west as a non Chinese person.

    One thing Korean women cannot do that the China women can.

    China women would always beat the Korean women when it comes down to fucking ugly old white rejects in their wheelchairs playing with their slimy noodle cocks.

    China women can make babies with these old grandpas and make them cum like a water fall.

    Beat that Korean women, you can not.

  39. cindy says:

    It’s funny but you got the whole description upside down. All country have beautiful and ugly people. I will just tell you the general phenotypes and these are facts and people before plastic surgery. These are just general.

    1)Japanese are smallest in bone structures and shortest. They can be light or dark depends on the part of the islands they come from. They tend to have double eyelids, big round eyes, and narrow face. They have smaller face and heads.
    2)Chinese because is a very big country so the north chinese and the south chinese can look very different. The south Chinese mostly all double eyelids, big round eyes and narrow faces, smaller face and heads, smaller bone structure and shorter than koreans. They can be light or dark.
    North chinese are the tallest among east Asians. They are bigger bone structures, bigger face and heads, very white, mono eyelids.
    3)koreans are darker and smaller and shorter than north chinese. They are taller than south chinese and japanese. Majority of them have mono eyelids, their eyes are really small even smaller than north chinese. They have bigger face and big heads than south chinese and japanese. They can be dark or light.
    These are the generalization and description of east asians. and people before plastic surgery. Go read up on east asian traits. Go to cities with a large population of east asian. South Koreans don’t count. 90% had plastic surgery done already. If you want to look at real koreans look at north koreans. The same DNA. We have alternative names for the koreans.. Natural koreans(north) and plastic koreans(south)
    Many of my spanish co workers agreed on my description I given above.

  40. voiceofhomer says:

    And it is so, China women want to look like Korean women for one reason. Korean women are easy, they can get fucked by blacks and white in any place in the world and the China women wants some of the action.

    China women have always been foreign worshippers and they will do whatever to fuck black and white cocks.

    China women are doing their best to erase their Chinese DNA from their future Chinese children by mating with whites and blacks.

    China women will have no more ugly Chinese babies born to the world and all the mixed kids will be as good as blacks, whites and Koreans.

    So soon you can not say this any more, they will all be one of these new groups, Chimericans or Africhinks or Chireans.

  41. voiceofhomer says:

    Chinese are born that way.

    What other peoples would allow themselves to be worked or slaved like that and then to live like rats in the sewers.

    Be glad some people like the poor dumb Chinese are willing to suffer all their lives to make your fun stuffs for you and all the good people of the world.

  42. Jane says:

    @ Korean_guy,

    I have nothing against the Korean or the Chinese. And this incident was started by a Chinese. But to generalize the entire Chinese people and there “Chinese-ness” is damn offensive. Every country has within them the good and the bad. There are good Koreans but then therire people like you shit-holes who’s
    job is to spread hate!

    Its trolls like you who should be shot!!!!

  43. nulle says:

    moron, the UN states China only owns water 12 miles from its coast. NOT the whole South China Sea.

    like China is owning Africa where it requires its partner countries to hire only chinese workers…

    like China claiming their water is clean and their air is slightly foggy when Chinese city air quality is hazardous..Chinese leaders resort to using indoor purifiers and eat only imported organic vegetables

    the word IDIOT is NOT dirty, go read a dictionary MORON. I am not using 4 letter words….go get a REAL EDUCATION

  44. voiceofhomer says:

    You are what you eat and not to mention very childish and immature.

  45. Voice of China says:

    You learned the word ‘phenotype’ from me son.

    Look at the photos, then talk. LOL

  46. expatriot says:

    Koreans love to hate (especially when better looking White guys steal their girls). Japanese have done horrible shit to them, but Chinese are just savage and vile.

    Knowing that Chinese gorillas are involved, I’m totally going to point the finger at China.

    Since China poses the biggest threat to western civilization, I fully support Korean Hatred Towards China! I wish for a Korean/Chinese war to jumpstart NATO’s economy.

    In the 80s I fully supported Japanese hatred. But we have to get smart and change our strategy.

  47. John says:

    Faggot good korean_boy just loves to stir things up. And eat dogs.

    Meanwhile, back in NK, Kim Jong Un was just dubbed “supreme commander”, so korean_faggot now has a new Dear Leader to tell him how to hold his penis as he urinates.

    Gooks will be gooks will be gooks, and korean_freak is no exception. Maybe he thinks coming here and making fun of the Chinese will make his penis bigger? Someone should tell him it ain’t gonna happen. His penis will always be tiny.

    korean_gay is one of the greatest trolls I have ever witnessed. Perhaps it comes from his Korean heritage. Take a look at the fucking joke fest that is North Korea to see what his brothers and sisters are capable of. Oh, but korean_troll doesn’t want to acknowledge the existence of the Great northern half of his shit-hole of a country, where 90% of the women use plastic surgery by the time they reach puberty to hide their natural ugliness.

    Fuck korean_guy and everything he stands for. He stands for nothing but spreading hatred, and if he is a representation of Korea, then Korea is the leaking anal hole of the world. Nothing but shit a steaming pile of dog shit (right after the Koreans ate the dog).

    Merry Christmas.

  48. cindy says:

    are you for real??? compare to south koreans..chinese don’t do much plastic surgery at all…you can find like thousands and thousands of articles about south koreans and their plastic surgery on the internet. The whole world knows south korean 90% had plastic surgery done. They all do that double eyelids surgery, they have square big flat face so they do jaw cheeks reduction..bone shaving, they do nose because they have flat nose…and skin bleaching with lasers and chemical to whitening their yellow skin……They do all that to get rid of the korean look. That is why the south don’t look like the natural north koreans. The south koreans have inferior complex. They do plastic surgery cheap with discount and south korea is the only place on earth where you can see posters everywhere on the street promoting plastic surgery. Also it’ s very common to see many people walking around with bandages wrapped around their faces and chests. It’s no big deal to walk on the street looking like that. It’s quite a sight. Go to south korea and see it for yourself.
    The start plastic surgery at teenage years…

  49. cindy says:

    go read this’s just one of the thousands report about south korean having plastic surgery.

    The plastic surgery mania in Korea is led by women in their 20s. That may soon change: the big new market for cosmetic procedures is teenagers.

    According to an e-Seoul survey, 41.4 percent of teens interviewed ……

  50. cindy says:

    You are such an educated person..I feel sorry for you. The whole world knows the only thing South korean has is trying to copy Japan which the south korean failed miserably. All the south korea products are poorly designed, lower and cheap when compare to Japan, German, and American..That south korea LG …cheap products..sorry to say but it’s piece of garbage..I am sure the Americans know what I am talking about..We buy Sony and panasonic…that hyundai car is a joke…poor technology and cheap…who in the right mind will buy a hyundai car over toyota and honda? Even the koreans prefer to buy honda and ford over hyundai. They will buy hyundai only because it’s cheaper than honda and ford. South korea economy has to rely on china for trading heavily to sell the south korean products because the skorean products are not as good as japan,german, and american products. SK sell their products cheaper. Even the samsung has a really hard time competing with the apple iphone, panasonic, sony, motorola which are all more popular and better made, and samsung is suppose to be the finest product of Skorea. Again skorean has to rely on China to buy samsung and without the china market, samsung will not be able to continue to survive or compete with sony or other.

    China has space program, satellites, and massive military advance technologies and advance internet which China has total control over their people. China produce cars also and working on environment improvement. EVerything you touch…from the parts of the elevator,building materials, furnitures, parts and components on eletronics and computer, cars, even the pen you are holding are produced by China. China has the technologies and factories to mass produce them….The only thing south korean is good for is their plastic surgery because their doctors have millions of operations performed on the south koreans. So your south korean economy will rely on plastic surgery business…and China for buying your cheap goods.

    I say to avoid any more conflict between South korea and China, the two countries should just stay away from each other. China should ban all trading with South korea and south korea should ban all trading with china. Peace.

    I thought you south koreas have big brain because a typical korean have large head and bigger face than the chinese and japanese. The korean are thicker bones. How come your brain is not big?

  51. cindy says:

    “I just hope your kid doesn’t eat or play with anything shit made in China lest the kid dies of poisoning or grows…….” talk and behave like a low life. Don’t tell me this is a typical south korean.
    So much hate from south koreans. You guys should use your energy to urge the south korean gov’t to ban China and stop trading with China. This way china can officially ban south korea and stop trading. You complain so much only on your korea tv broadcast and internet but your Sk gov’t still won’t do anything, still wagging your tail and begging China. You don’t want the china chinese to laugh at you and call you sk dogs? Urge your gov’t.
    China should really stay away from the koreans period. All the north korean refugees China should pass them to south korea including the billions dollar expenses each year for housing and shelters. Use those money for the china people instead. China should take it to UN and make the sk gov’t pay. The sk gov’t don’t do anything to help pay for your brothers from north. They need help. It’s only humane! Stop spending money on plastic surgery and help your north brothers. Natural north korean and plastic south koreans..are all the same..the same DNA.

    The American and their economy crisis, they are talking about charging foreign countries for military defense. Let south korea pay billions to America for military defense, this way to improve the america economy. Also the south korea should stop doing marine practice by the sea of China polluting the water and environment..China is working to improve. China should take it to the UN and bill south korea for clean up.

    Peace to all nations and work for a better economy!

  52. 老外 says:

    LG has really high quality products. Sure, their phones might not be the best, but I have an LG TV which I’m more than satisfied with. Furthermore, Samsung makes some of the best quality ANYTHING in the world.

    Hyundai is not a joke, and the technology isn’t either. Hyundai vehicles are comparable, and in some cases better than luxury vehicles for a fraction of the price. Their low-end vehicles aren’t bad either; 40 MPG with excellent safety for only $12.5k MSRP? Try finding that in a Japanese Devil Machine. Now go look at the Genesis.

    I’ve had one bad experience after another with Panasonic products, and don’t plan on buying from them again. Moreover, Sony products are uselessly overpriced. Samsung > Sony.

    Samsung isn’t having a hard time competing with Apple. I suggest you visit websites such as to see the patent wars that Apple is using in fear of Samsung. Samsung has several phones better than any current generation iPhone, and will soon catch up to the iPad3 in tablet specs – if not surpass them.

    Samsung sold more smart phones than apple sold iPhones. In fact, their galaxy S II almost matched the iPhone in sales by itself.

    With that said, I worry about China’s utter disdain for human life. Your idea that China is working to improve their environment is not very sound. Although some places are, others aren’t; they continually falsify environmental reports, but don’t realize their population is educated enough to know they’re lying.

    China is having a tough time right now, and their leaders aren’t helping. But the leaders are raised in a society which behaves much like they do: with disdain for human life, and selfishness.

  53. cindy says:

    I meant I feel sorry for you being so uneducated. That was a mistype. You are cracking me up. You are very desperate. You keep stating things that has no actual facts behind it and type 3000 words of your personal opinions filled with bias and hatred against chinese. I just want to point out the facts and what is happening right now with the world and the north korea refugees and China spending billions each year. The north korean refugees need money to take care of and it only make sense the south korean pay for the whole cost. They need to let those refugee move into South korea and stay there. It’s your family. There are estimate somewhere 400,000 refugees reported in China..But they believe the actually number is higher. SK needs to step up and help accept the responsibility for the cost. Also Sk practice marine weapons drill polluting the china sea and that is the truth. They need to pay for keeping the environment clean.
    It’s also fact the American want to charge sk for military defense.
    etc etc etc…everything I point out about China trading with sk and sk rely on china to sell their lower quality products competing with japan,germany,USA are all based on facts..none of my personal opinions. I am not trying to anger you. But facts are facts. And no..if one day China ban South korea..chances are the other chinese countries like Taiwan, hong kong, malaysia, singapore..will most likely side with China and not skorea because like you say, China plays a major power role in world economy and we are making too much money from China. You guys will have to side with the japanese, but the japanese always call you koreans dogs making fun of you(sorry), and the Americans.(hope they don’t charge you a high price on everything like military)
    Majority of south koreans have starting teenage year. The south koreans want to look “white” and tried to get rid of the korean look because they have inferior complex. They do plastic surgery to shave down or remove portion of their jaw bones to narrow their wide big korean face, then change their flat nose, do double eyelid because they mostly born with mono eyelids. Skin bleach white their yellow skin. Everybody knows Actually I should say the south koreans want a more chinese or japanese look because majority of us are born with double eye lids and narrow face. I have big round eyes heavy double eye lids and narrow face, and fair skin and a small nose. so is my other chinese girl friends and a japanese girlfriend. I know how natural chinese, japanese, korean look like. I am surrounded by them. I am telling you the facts..
    The sk coast guards are known for their violent behavior. (I mean look at you..a perfect example) They are armed with guns and trained. In 2010 they killed a china fishermen/civilians. The china had already urge sk repeatedly to stop the aggressive violent behavior. Very sorry now the cilivian killed that gun armed coast guard with a knife. Tragic. I am sorry. If the sk guard shoot the fishermen intentionally the sk gov’t will have to answer to China. Then they will officially listed as hostile country. Maybe they will stop trading with each other. Sk will ban China and china will officially ban south korea. I don’t know. Maybe that will work. The skorean and chinese will stay away from each other and peace..

  54. cindy says:

    so what car you and your families are driving now? Hyundai? I am a embarrass if I drive a hyundai. sorry. I am just being honest. I will keep my honda. My family all have toyota , ford, and other german car. and you use samsung phone? I will keep my iphone. Like you clearly stated. They are actually(quality wise) not bad for the lower price. Just like I told you most of the time people buy them it’s because it’s cheaper. I am willing to pay higher price for better quality products. So you just agreed the sk are using the same strategy. Make cheap lower quaility products and sell at a lower price.
    China definitely need to do more. A nation with massive goods production. They need to work even harder on improving the environment. They should put billions in. Where will they get that money I don’t know. maybe from charging the skoreans for refugees.
    China are spending money on space program building space stations and satellites, and hopefully , maybe one day get natural resources. maybe it will help the earth.
    The south Korean should do their part also and stop polluting the environment and china water doing military drill. Pay and clean up their mess.
    China can also use those money instead on the korean refugees, use to build more school and medical facilities for the china people in the rural areas.

  55. 老外 says:

    PowerBullTroll, do you like bird?

  56. Luke says:

    You are really biased. (Not that I am siding with China….As a matter of fact, exorbitant amount of fury stirrs inside my veins as I receive news associated with the spontaneous malicious actions of Chinese people.) What I am trying to say is that you should show some respect to China no matter how crooked the country seems to be according to your fixed notion . Regardless of the fact that Chinese companies are usually mistrusted due to its constant attempts to gain inexhaustible profits you must fake into consideration etiquette.

  57. cindy says:

    korean guy:
    Don’t try to infect the chinese with your south korean ultra inferiortiy complex. Chinese are not big on plastic surgery like the way south koreans are.
    99% of south korean celebrities are plastic surgery face. They completely alter their face.

  58. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    I know you are into plastic stuff, but sometimes it’s good to go natural. Here is a page of all natural for you to jerk off your two inches.

  59. cindy says:

    Korean guy:

    Thank you again for proving south koreans are born liar, they lie with no shame, with moral as low a cockroach. I believe you are the one who brought up first in this thread how chinese movies suck and they copy other country, and chinese women need extreme make over for their natural face. So I answer you by giving you some facts about chinese movies and chinese directors commonly winning international awards like Oscar and directing Holllywood big blockbuster films. And where is your BMW korea films and directors? Don’t make me laugh. It’s BMW to the south koreans only and some Asian house wives with a box of crying tissues who will watch a bird poop in the sink and call it a good BMW drama. Don’t make me laugh.

    Yes, a south korean man said he loves plastic korean woman, no surprise there, they send their kids at age 8 for plastic surgery to get rid of the mongoloid down syndrome korean facial features. Oprah Winfrey said it’s the South korean inferiority complex. I call it mental illness.

    South korea is an evil country. They don’t respect nature and human rights. Their gov’t are so corrupted they abuse their power openly and tons of bribery. It’s a country of liars stated by korea justice minister Kim Seung-kyu. They will often produce contaminated or poisonous products and refuse to take responsibility or do recalls. They would insist that their products are safe to use and are the best and continue to sell it to you. You are risking your life basically everytime you use a korean products. The south koreans are well known by the foreigners who visited and live there for their disgusting hygienes and lack of sanitation practice. Absolutely foul and nasty. They urinate everywhere and throw garbages every where on the street. Never flush the toilets leaving poops in paper next to the toilets. Never wash hands with soap. That is why it is only fitting to call them cockroaches because they do have the characteristics and traits of roaches.

    The bottomline is that the south koreans trained armed coast guards should listen to China gov’t to stop using violence on the chinese fishingmen/civilians. And just continue to fine the fishingmen heavy fines, thousands and thousands of dollars of heavy fines like the sk always do to these chinese fishingmen.
    And China should stay out of the korean refugee crisses and pass the the annual billions expenses to south korea. Stop importing low quality korean products and increase on more imports from Japanese, hongkong, taiwan, singapore, malaysia, or USA. Ban all south korean imports and low qualities housewives dramas.

    Everytime I read news, I see sk roaches trying to get money from China. The south koreans are begging and licking chinese asses like they lick american asses. At the same time the sk use internet to defame chinese like the way they defamed japanese when Japanese economy were blooming. The Chinese should understand that these sk roaches will be eating their own poops if us chinese stop feeding them and helping them. They are filthy roaches. They are born for the Chinese to step on.

  60. 老外 says:

    Hey! I love Chinese movies and television! 新三国 is really, really good.

  61. Luke says:

    You spend exorbitant amount of time blurting out SOME negative segments of China which I believe is completely pointless..

  62. cindy says:

    I have already point out that the south koreans have mental illness. They would if they could put it in their south korea constitution “We south koreans are the best because we say so.” They will keep insisting that their corny south korea films and dramas are the best in the world and extremely popular in USA. I am laughing in tears right now. The sk may be good at making corny soup operas for the house wives with a box of crying tissue, but they have no clue how to do major action/adventure films with explosives, firearms, action vehicles, fire scenes, stunts, etc… they keep copying hong kong films, and they couldn’t do the job right it’s pathetic. The sk have been submitting films to hollywood Oscar for like 20yrs and never got nominated. Those poor academy commitees probably rolled their eyes every year and forced to sit through to watch and judge these sk low quality films. That is the reason despite the fact the skorea try so hard to break into hollywood, you never see hollywood hire any sk directors because they already knew how bad they are. The hollywood hire many Chinese directors and crew to film their big action films.
    You will see a lot korean drama on their tv in the korean stores, and the dramas look so corny it’s no joke. The sk men look very girly or gay and all plastic surgery all look the same. Korean pop singer mostly come in group on their TV and the girls and boy looks like plastic barbies and girly ken like gay. You will have a hard time telling who is who.

    Korean guys like plastic

    Maybe you prefer natural

  63. 老外 says:

    Actually, I like a lot of South Korean movies and dramas. But it isn’t fair to condemn everyone based on the actions of a few. The only thing I really can’t stand is Japan… lol… they’re so damn sick/crazy.

  64. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    Chinese are very generous and will donate money to those in need, unlike the south koreans.
    You will see whenever something disasterous happened or someone in need, a massive donation will come pouring in from Chinese. The south koreans should know because China has been paying for your starving brother north k refugees, while the sk look the other way.

    The sk then all day long complaining about China being crude and not help the nk enough. The sk twist and lie and defame the chinese. These skoreans are truly the lowest of the lowest forms of life the planet has ever seen. The south koreans make cockroaches look angelic.

  65. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    And the American said “It is unfortunate that Apple has to rely on Samsung to manufacture components for any Apple product (especially the iPad) considering that Samsung’s tablet designers have been stealing from Apple left and right.”

    Of course the world know south korean are always stealing things from USA and China. The south koreans are shameless. They will steal from you and say they are the best like “we south koreans are the best because we say so.” The south koreans are foul, nasty, disgusting low lives. They are as nasty and vomiting as their nasty bathroom hygienes. puk.

  66. voiceofbart says:

    It is true that Koreans have the worse anger issues. It’s obvious that this guy does not have a life. His daily routine must be eating kimchi, troll, and repeat. LOL….

  67. cindy says:

    Korean guy:

    It is true that Koreans have the worse anger issues. It’s obvious that this korean guy does not have a life. His daily routine must be eating kimchi first thing in the morning in his dirty underwear, troll, and repeat. Then eat grilled dog for lunch. Have worms as snack in between while trolling on the computer. Then cat stew for dinner. He probably use kimchi sauce to rinse his mouth before going to bed. LOL….
    Disgusting, filthy, repulsive typical south koreans….

  68. maci says:

    true the only thing we can do is try to screw our own gov

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