Coast guard killed by Chinese fisherman, South Koreans protest

(From Netease) According to South Korean news agency Yonhap on Dec 12, a South Korean coast guard was killed and another injured when trying to detain a Chinese fishing boat 85 km to the southwest of Small TsingTao Island. 9 crews including the captain were transferred to Incheon for investigation. The press also said that the captain refused to admit guilty.

On Dec 13rd, some Korean groups totaling over 300 people gathered in front of the China embassy in Seoul to protest and demand immediate apology from China.

According to multiple South Korean press including NEWSIS, MONEYTODAY, protestors condemned the Chinese fishing boat crews for killing South Korean coast guard, some urged the government to “take military action against Chinese fishermen”, some demanded “Chinese government to compensate the dead coast guard and apologize immediately”, some threatened to “start a countrywide boycott of Chinese products if the Chinese government doesn’t apology”.

Local time Dec 13rd, protestors are in conflict with the police in front of the China embassy in Seoul.

An angry protestor was chewing and tearing China national flag into pieces.

A man drove his car into the police vehicle.

The driver was arrested.


Netizens’ comments on Netease:

Sticks (offensive slang for Korean people) for go the hell for politicalizing civil dispute, we are fine with you boycotting Chinese products.

You boycott us, then we will do the same to you. My Samsung phone has always had problems, should just throw it away”

I swear my family and I will never buy Korean products, never watch Korean soap opera as a way to show my anger upon Korean arresting our fishermen.”

It is the fisherman’s fault at the first place. He crossed the coast line to fish and stabbed the coast guard, he really should apologize and compensate to the guard. We can be tough when needed be, but we must admit guilty when we actually are. Denying the obvious mistake only makes you boneless and narrow-minded.

Korea boycotting Chinese products? What if China also boycott Korean products? Which country will suffer more? I bet it is Korea.

Netease is shameless in favoring the South Korea side.

Why apologize? It is a purely individual incident, why demand the country to take the bullet? Did Korea apologize for the Virginia Tech massacre?

This is only a individual incident, it didn’t come from the China government, it was not a plotted attack against the Korean coast guard. What do you mean by protesting, what do you mean by burning China national flag? Are you protesting against all Chinese people? I can only say Korean are too narrow-minded. Such ethnicity can hardly flourish.

Just be a man and apologize. Shame that most people think being a man means not admitting wrong. Our people’s quality really doesn’t deserve democracy.

  1. They sure like eating flags

    They did apologize for V-Tech actually, but the US ambassador said it was inappropriate because Cho was an American

    Now waiting for korean_faggot to blow an artery.

    1. “They sure like eating flags”

      Dogs are not in season yet or the Chinese kept it all for themselves.

    2. @ Hu zhang,

      Some Chinese moron pissed on the Korean national flag because of this incident, and one of your fellow faggot Chinese shot an airgun at the Korean embassy in China. Just yourself first.

  2. If the Korean government is actually willing to do something substantial on this, Korean people wouldn’t feel the need to protest so violently. It just seems Koreans resort to this sort of violent protest too often. It’s not good and it doesn’t accomplish anything. Bottom line, Koreans are too rash and sentimental…..I mean maybe that’s why Korean dramas have a following.

  3. Why should China apologize for the actions of a fisherman? Prosecute the murderer in the criminal courts of Korea. Problem solved simida.

    Koreans are so hard headed. No wonder they’re called “bangzi”.

      1. @Bo Wang,
        “Why should China apologize for the actions of a fisherman?”

        China must apologize because your fishermen have continuously trespassed the Korean territory and caught fishes illegally. This is not the first time. Whenever, this kind of Chinese illegal fishing happened, many Korean coast guards were either badly injured or killed. The Chinese government have been ignoring it by simply letting their fishermen break the law and not educating them properly. This is why the Chinese government is indirectly responsible for the death of the coastguard and must apologize for this incident.

        As you can not think of this simple but just idea, you and other idiots who agree with you are in fact hard-headed. And one more thing , I know Chinese racists use the word “bangzi” to look down Koreans, and you are obviously a disgusting racist.

      2. @Cloe,

        Hmm, so you got the audacity to call Koreans arrogant racists when you agree with the moron like Bo Wang who called Koreans hard-headed “Bangzi”

        I am sorry but YOU ARE AN ARROGANT RACIST!!! Just yourself first.

    1. That’s what happens every time the Philippines arrests a Chinese fisherman on similar grounds, and neither country give a shit. But when it’s East Asian vs East Asian then the retarded nationalists come out from under their rocks.

  4. so many stupid slanted eyed koreans up in here, dont you eyeless biatches have something else better to do, go back to work in your variety stores and dry cleaners.


  5. Bo Wang says:
    2011/12/13 at 2:31 pm
    “Why should China apologize for the actions of a fisherman? Prosecute the murderer in the criminal courts of Korea.”

    You should read up on the Diaoyutai protest by the Chinese. Same kind of protest except nobody was murdered.

  6. theres only one way to settle this conflict, north korea and china should nuke south korea off the map. only then will we have peace from these whiny whimpy feminine plastic surgery loving homos

    1. To: i object

      That’s insane! Utilizing those lethal arsenals on South Korea will only aggravate Chinese people’s predicaments. Imagine it! What would really happen if North Korea and China nuked South Korea? Korean citizens will suffer from excruciating pain. This major depravity will lead to severe injuries and deaths…In addition, nearby countries such as Japan will absolutely receive massive quantity of damage and loss. You are talking nonsense. Second of all, don’t you dare villify Korean citizens!

  7. haha korean_guy, cheer up. hope you enjoy watching china’s rise to the top and korea’s demise. You better learn to like the chinese or at least get along with them, or else you’re gonna have a heck of a miserable life.

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            2. Cloe, Cloe,

              You said “cheer up. hope you enjoy watching china’s rise to the top and korea’s demise.”

              A typical rude, arrogant, disgusting Chinese, that’s why everybody hates you Chinese.

        2. @ cloe,
          You have been continuously changing your ID to blab your nonsense. You must be “voiceofhomer “, “Bo Wong”, “Huzhang”, “Steroid bros”.

  8. why the South Koreans just issue a warning to the trespassing chinese ship to surrendar, then sink the chinese ship if they don’t comply?

    new rules of trespassing fishing ships, seize the ship and deport the crew. the chinese will think twice before entering Korean waters.

    1. The Koreans should buy US drones so they don`t have to die by old Chinese hands.

      You so stupid, not to mention very childish and immature.

  9. I was reading some of the comments on Netease and really wonder about some of them. It is very obvious that the Chinese have been fishing illegally in another nations water. Although this is not in doubt there are actual Chinese citizens that are upset at the fishermen having been arrested? Ummmm ..errrr..

    It is clear that this is an ongong situation. Clearly there are Chinese fishermen who do no respect another nations boundries. I understand that there have even been a group of Chinese fishing boats that ringed their vessels with sharp spears in anticipation of being boarded. I mean it seems pretty obvious that these Chinese KNOW what they are donig is wrong but feel it is aceptable to totally ignore another nations territorial waters. Am I missing something when I read comments by Chinese being angry about being arrested and boarded?

    What amazes me is that some fishermen think they actually have the RIGHT to illegally fish and not only attack but kill another nations OFFICER? And Chinese people are angry by Korea’s response? I think there have been moer than 400 ships have illegally fished in these water in 2011. Am I missing something here? There is a CLEAR difference between RIGHT and WRONG.

    I hate to say this but from new reports about everything from baby formula (twice!), exploding watermelons, resused oil from the gutter, fake eggs, glowing pork, tainted toothpaste, pet food, pork dyed in chmicals and passed as beef etc etc how can you describe this kind of behaviour? Shameless? I mean I understand that China is still a developing nation, but I have NEVER read of any other nation that behaves like this. I mean India is a good example. It is a developing nation with over a billion people who do not resort to this kind of behaviour. There are lost of other smaller and poor nations who also do not resort to this kind of behaviour.

    I think it boils down to the pursuit of money no matter what. Who cares how other nations view the Chinese behind closed doors as long as an extra cent or rimmimbi is made! I think a lot of nations would not pursue this kind of behaviour if only because of the shame it would bring about. I have not been to China, but I just met a guy who spent 9 years in China and returned to Toronto 5 months ago. We had a long chat about China and its development. He was amazed at the speed of infastructure development over the years, but at the same time said that he would never really trust a Chinese person because although they will smile they end up stabbing you in the back for any kind of edge, whether that be financial or otherwise. Now I have to say that the way the Chinese behave in Toronto dovetails pretty closely with all these stories about morallity in China. Its sad to say this, but a lot of people in Toronto have certain views of the Chinese which I feel is not appropriate to share here. I realize there are1.4 billion? Chinese and I am SURE not all behave in ummm shall we say umm in a shamelss manner, but hearing story after story about things related to morality I just can’t help but somewhat siding with the growing number of people who have negative images of Chinese people here in Toronto.

    I am part of Toronto’s South Asian community and it has to be said that more people hold a negative views of the Chinese than positive. the reason is not just ONE single event, but an accumulation of events. A number of people in my community have to do business with the Chinese and they all secretly know how they behave and it mirrors stories that you hear in the media. Sorry to say all this.

    1. That’s what you get for watching the CBC TV news, racist views of China and of the Chinese.

      CBC always promotes negative images of China and the Chinese people, those news you read and see are what they sell to the Canadians on their national state owned news station.

      What do you expect from the CBC, real news that matters? Forget about it.

      1. CBC is much more neutral compared to other news services (ie. CCTV, phoenix tv, etc.)

        If you don’t want the world to know your shameful acts, don’t do them.

        1. Like to bash China and the Chinese people go to CBC Canadian website and say all you want about bad China and the evil Chinese.

          But do not say anything offensive, racist or rude that makes Indians, blacks and muslims feel like they are not part of the west or white.

          They will use the race card on your ass.

  10. Although China is growing faster than India, India has a certian level of fairmindedness when it comes to business dealings. A good example is the fact that land developers in Inda pay SLUM dwellers up to $100 000 for their shacks. A fair and reasonable amount. I understand that this is not the case in China and it one of the major cause of the countless censored riorts every year.

    In the long run I can see India have a far better and CIVIL society than China, but its not too late!

    1. What did you say? Like “up to $100 000 for their shacks?”

      So that’s why India has so many Indian millionaires living in Canada.

      1. mainland China CCP arbituary takes land away from its citizens with no compensation, then imprisons mainland chinese in (possibly) black jails for protesting and appealing their eviction.

        WARNING: DO NOT BUY LAND IN CHINA, you are buying a 70 year lease and CHINA CCP could REVOKE that LEASE AT ANY TIME. Don’t let mainland chinese buy anything in your respective countries.

        1. Well that is still better than Canada in the 1970s for the Chinese people.

          Chinese in Canada couldn’t own land until after the 1970s.

          You are like the foreign worshipers I know in my city that suck white and black cocks.

          1. @voiceofhomer
            Case in point: Wukan land grab by provincial government (Guangdong), CCP starting coverup blocking media coverage and internet censors at work

            Chinese in Canada can’t AFFORD to own land until after the 1970s.

            I don’t worship foreigners..I just use my brain and common sense. go get yourself an education.

            stop using 4 letters words your mommy don’t want you to use…

            in the 1970s, CCP still make people do hard labor in work farms for having an education and having their own thoughts…remember the days (1970s, 1980s) when chinese would marry for a TV and a fridge due to lack of electricity in China.

      1. depending on how you see it, India is “fairer”.
        at least where their govt is concern, its harder for whoever is in power to get away from screwing their people openly.
        It is the world’s largest democracy. And the govt actually has to justify its decisions when it makes them or it might not be around by the next election.

        1. not denying the corruption but they are “fairer”.

          beyond that, bigotry against their own seems freely and widely available on both sides. it’s even acceptable and encouraged to mistreat certain segments of the population? Like its hell on earth for you and you deserve it if you’re born poor there.

          A guy I worked with was training as a tank commander in India noticed how the local army personnel would treat the local rather poorly and if they were to stray onto the training grounds and died from the live fire it’s nothing to bat and eyelid at.

          In China, while he’s doing business, the local partners passed women around to entertain foreign partners. Even when the girls were as young as 14 it seems normal.

    2. So sorry, I will buy you all some nice INDIA made wines or drinks.

      And I am glad India is so good to live in, may be now they will stay home and not come here.

  11. The fisherman looks old and slow.

    May be the other Korean sailor man killed that Korean guy.

    1. voiceofhomer,

      you and your mommy should piss off.

      especially now the South Korean embassy in Beijing is vandalized.

  12. Holly cow, it’s like China invaded and killed a whole lotta South Koreans by mistake.

    Obama and the US would do that for sure.

    1. @voiceofhomer, please use your own brain cells instead of believing what your CCP tells you as is.

      no country nearby China likes China nor the chinese, especially now the Chinese government is the Asian bully…why do you think the Southeast Asian countries asking the US to help them negotiate with China while Chinese government want to deal with each country individually?

      breaking a window and SLICING THE THROAT of South Korean Coast Guard IS NOT A MISTAKE and stabbing another South Korean CoastGuard.

      Chinese fishing captain committing murder in South Korean waters.

  13. It’s hilarious to see these angry Korean troll mobs on here denying that Koreans are raging all the time no matter what. IRONY at its finest!

    1. @shittykitty

      Think about your Chinese murders first. Everybody will be sad and angry if one of their fellow citizens gets killed by a beast. I know you Chinese don’t have such feelings because a human life has no value in China so you can be very quite even if one of you dies next to you.

  14. “An angry protestor was chewing and tearing China national flag into pieces.”
    its mavericks like this that really bring some validity to the cause.

  15. you dumb fucks should know all nations are corrrupt, china russia whatever, the government fucks u up the ass all the time you dumb the end of the day whats koreas government going to do ……..drumroll……………nothing , yes nothing,, unless your the murderous united states of america, who breaks international law and nukes coutries back to the stone ages.

  16. Poor South Korea is getting it up the ass from all sides, they are getting it from Russia, from North Korea, from China, from Japan and from the US on both sides.

    Screwing is what they do.

  17. why are you guys on a website based on china news if you guys hate chinamans , do you guys secretly wanna suck some chinese ding dong ,

    1. They are here because no western white website will let them talk or comment like this about western countries.

      China bashing is allowed anywhere in the non China websites and the more hate the better the propaganda for the west.

  18. korean guy, come on now , your telling me korea is a perfect country lol, go preach on your own peeps , leave the chinese peeps to take care of their own problems ,, i know your gonna say some shit lie, oh they arent capable cause they are inferior to other races ,, blah blah blah

  19. i also like how you blame a whole nation, for the act of a few men. your just being a hater ,, serious you are , think about it , get it through your thick skull ,

    1. The reason that everybody hates Chinese is because you guys are acting like arrogant thugs and don’t feel remorseful for the crimes you committed. If you at least have a little piece of an organ called “brain” in your head, you could figure it out so easily.

  20. ok makron we are mentally deficient, and chinese peeeps do fucked up shit ,, its nothing new, now that you figured alll of this out, i think its time for you to stop visiting this site, might be bad for your health , you know when you get mad your blood pressure rises right, i you dont wanna die of a heart attack , STAY AWAY

  21. lol makron you dont even live in korea , no need for so much korean pride ,, but i heard thats what koreans are about, they think they are the shiznit,, lets keep it real you know korea cant do shit to china to even remotely effect them , you can get mad and curse, if i were korean maybe id be mad too , but hey thats life , shit aint fair , get use to it

  22. lol arm your coast guards , how does that effect china lol, what makes you think im chinese , and what makes you think i live in china. people usually hate the ones they are inferior to , if this issue makes you so infuriated why dont you do something about it yourself , more action less talk ,

  23. lol you certainly hate chinese people with a passion ,, but what are you going to do about it, remember talk is cheap ,, show me some actions, im cheering you on

  24. see chinese ships in your waters, sink them after warning shot.

    mainland chinese are morons, getting their daily diet of brainwashing from their shitty CCTV.

    burn the 5 star red flag!!!! use the 5-star red flag as toilet paper…

    1. Wow talk is so cheap.

      Hey pussy maggot, why don’t you start something and be the first to stick the flag up your ass.

      1. @voiceofhomer

        Your talk is cheap too, moron. Why don’t you “stick the flag up your ass” first?

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      2. looks who is using dirty words, it is voiceofhomer.

        I will use the 5-star red flag as toilet paper, another as door mat…, another to clean my furniture…

        @voiceofhomer, why do you think your citizen would go outside of mainland China to BURN the CHINESE FLAG in PUBLIC?

        @all, I suggest you to buy a 5-star red Chinese flag, burn it halfway, then use it as doormats or wipe your toilets with the burnt Chinese flag…

    1. I wonder why Chinese are such evil, disgusting low life criminals… Must be all that Chinese made shi*t.

  25. Here we go. Ultranationalist coming to defend China and angry Korean people egging them on.

    I’m American, but my mom is from China. I live in China now. This is a fucked up place. It’s the reason why anyone who can, does leave.

    89% of people here are uneducated, or probably like voiceofjackass, semi-educated but are very narrow minded. There are people here who really love China,I mean really love it not just shit talk, like Liu Xiao Bo who wants justice and peace for all of China. But then you have the 1% ruling who have no interest in seeing their entitlements change and the 89% who are too stupid to oppose them. The remaining 10% level headed, educated people realize that no matter how hard they try, China is not going to change. The 1% will do anything to maintain power (and call it “stability”) and the 89% is too stupid and arrogant to admit that China is fucked up and needs reform. REFORM is the word here, not democracy so fucking relax.

    The fact is, most people don’t like Chinese. Hong Kongers hate Chinese. Taiwanese. Singaporeans. Europeans. Everyone. Why? It’s not a conspiracy.

    It’s the ugly behavior and narrow mindedness. It’s the exploitative behavior of Chinese people. They exploit everything, including their own people for a little money. Chinese people never admit to wrong doing and never own up to mistakes. It’s just a cultural thing and it’s one reason why China is a fucking hell hole for most people. You can argue that fact, but if you ask 100 Chinese people which country they’d like their kids to grow up in, 99 will tell you “anywhere but China”. That’s a fact even the sea turtles and the assholes here with rich parents who sent them to 3rd rate schools in Canada and China can’t deny.

    China is a big market, and a big player. The world wants it’s money. As soon as the economy here collapses, you think anyone in the world is going to give two shits about Chinese people?

    Then the ultranationalist will get angry and saw “they are all against us” and demand war instead of looking inside at the internal problems.

    It’s very sad really. Chinese people man, 5000 years of the same old shit. Not one lesson learned. Just a bunch of assholes jostling for power and money at the expense of the common people.

    Everyday I thank Jesus I’m an American. Every Fucking day.

    1. just to be fair, while some of my best buds are Korean-Americans, I’ve met some pretty despicable Koreans as well. It’s true of any country. Korea is pretty corrupt. The big Chae Bols are white collar gansters. (from what I know of course). America is corrupt too. We have a lot of problems that are getting worse.

      But we’re talking degrees here. China is one a whole different fucking level. Corruption is institutionalized here. What kind of country requires you to payoff your doctor to get decent medical treatment? What is the point of a driver’s license if anyone can just buy one? There is no judicial system and absolutely no free press whatsoever. There are not safeguards or legal protections for the common citizen in any form whatsoever. People still go to HK/Macau to buy baby formula. What kind of animals poison baby food for profit, and what kind of fucked up government can’t clean up the problem almost 4 years after the scandal first leaked?

      I think any rational person, should really be honest. Criticizing your own country is a right and one you should practice if you are a true patriot.

      mindlessly defending something, on emotional grounds is what a mob does.

      I’m not going to respond to any comments. It’s not going to deter would be commenters but I’m just saying. You can have the last word pals. I know I’m not convincing anyone of anything here. Writing this was for my own benefit. Good night and good luck.

    2. It’s what you get when someone decides to murder the most educated and cultured portion of the population.
      Then after that show your people its ok to get away with murder/robbery if you’re powerful enough.

      My country’s currently flooded with mainland chinese, not all are that bad but most tend to be quite “spectacular”? Is that the correct word to use?

      “spectacular” as in whatever they do they make sure they go out with a bang. Not saying we don’t have crimes here. we have the ocassional crazy people or dumb kids stabbing one another but it usually doesn’t affect or involve the general population.

      But once the mainland chinese started flooding in, you get stories in the papers like lovers stabbing one another every now and then. boyfriend pushes girlfriend onto the train tracks. Guy rapes stranger(girl) and then asks her to be his girlfriend(rejected of course).

  26. lol you bitches still at it,, a korean coast guard died , big fucking deal,, to be honest i laughed when i saw the news,, does that make me mad,, hahhahaha, thats right bitch im laughing at the deceased , only because hes a korean dog ,, hahahha does that make u slanted eye fucks mad,, boo hoo , cry me a river

    1. You laughed at the death of the Korean coast guard? Of course, you did. Nobody expects Chinese would behave like normal human beings who at least know what ethics is. We all know you Chinese are savages living in the sh*t hole where life has no value.

  27. i did also make a comment that koreans are slanted eye dogs,, you didnt comment about that ,, i guess thats something we can both finally agree on ,, cheers

    1. @i object
      If Koreans are slated eye dog as you said, Chinese must be disgusting cockroaches reproducing fast and spreading diseases everywhere which only deserve extermination. At least, dogs are far better than cockroaches. I think your mother ate too much Chinese made sh*t when she was pregnant with you, and the result, you is nothing but a disaster.

        1. Oh, I am sorry, my mistake. you are even a lower being than a cockroach. My apology to all the cockroaches in the world as I inappropriately compared you to them. They must be very angry because it is an insult to them. OK. Then I will call you, a piece of sh*t. Happy enough, eh?

  28. and the light skin thing,, even funnier,, you called all dark skinned people ugly, congrats , hope you dont get ass raped by black guys

    1. Go to news site and bitch about ugly Chinese and evil China all you want.

      Best troll site in the west.

      1. @voiceofhomer, go get a real education…I feel sorry for you (and only you) being so primitive, with bad manners, and very dirty mouth.

        continue to drink the polluted water, eat poisoned food, breath hazardous air (by PM2.5 standards)

  29. When in 2008 the Chinese torchbearer was attacked by pro-Tibet protesters in Paris – Chinese tried to boycott some French brands. They didn’t think it was irrational.

    Now Koreans are talking about boycott for killing their coast guard (who was on duty). Suddenly Chinese “understand” how ridiculous and immature such boycotts are.

    1. I don’t think the chinese really boycotted french products.

      they like to bitch about boycotting this or that every now and then like japanese/USA products but its only lip service.

      for those who could afford they’ll still continue using(status symbol thing? ), as for the rest, they pretty much can’t afford it anyway

  30. LOL I just had to laugh. Some of the comments attached to the article are too funny. 😛
    I don’t have high expectations of Chinese. Most of them I met have some sort of inferiority complex anyway. Irrational, dirty, slaves of money, and lacking culture, civility, and sophistication is their general image. Maybe they’re just like that or it’s from years of being poor, oppressed and denied the basic human rights and freedom from their own government, that they act from that mentality so ingrained. Why are they reacting to defend their ego so much anyway, and fail to see the issue on hand? lol
    Boycott Korean products? They’re probably not even real Korean products but just a look-alike fake products copied by Chinese.

    1. Well I bet you won’t say that about blacks and muslims.

      You know the whites will put your ass in jail.

      1. @voiceofhomer
        Why are you talking about blacks and muslims? I was merely commenting on the stereotypes and generalizations that Chinese hold and how they act in general. I haven’t said anything that was untrue.
        “whites will put your ass in jail” will not happen as they’ll probably see what I see as well.

        Anyway, I’d rather be talking with and about more advanced countries that I can learn from, not lagging behind. I’m outta here. I just thought the comments were funny. Ciao! 😉

  31. holy flying bat shit fuck….

    I’m chinese, and I will admit that some of these comments made about the civility, and altitudes of Chinese people cannot be denied. Still, where is the commentary on the out right stupid shit that happens everywhere else in the world? The backwards societies of parts of the united states or the backwards people of Europe or Canada?

    China is fucked up. No lies. But it’s no more fucked up than any other place in the world, just when the percentage multiplied by the population makes a bigger number and you see more of it.

    Then again, this sort of racism has been applied to Koreans, Japanese and every other culture through out history. Western societies have sling attacks at your life styles and individuals in your culture all the time, does that generalize your whole society? Not really. Just because of Virginia Tech, every male of korean descent is a campus shooter? just because of junko futa, all japanese youth are Satanic beasts that kidnap and torture women for weeks on end?

    That is the truth, no country, no civilization is perfect. Get over it. And just live your life not trying to distinguish the better or the worst, and not to cast the prejudicial cloud that help disseminate hate when we could be working on cures for cancer with all this wasted energy.

    Seriously, if you hate the chinese so much, stop coming here then. go do something productive.

    1. I have written this before and will do so again. As long as the CCP controls and regulates everything that happens in China down to the village level, an idiot in China is no longer just an idiot but a reflection of the CCP.

      Western democracies are pluralistic meaning other institutions are allowed a place at the table such as churches, independent courts, boy scouts,voters, opposition parties etc. so when something stupid happens on the street or in a village, its not a reflection of the national character.

      The CCP wants to be China so they must take the fall, every time some stupid Chinaman takes a dump on the street in Nanking.

      1. @Mark: I could not agree more sir!

        As long as the CCP controls China and the Chinese people, I will continue to bash China and every Chink on this planet. They don’t deserve compassion, kindness, or empathy because they are ANIMALS. And Chinese animals should not be allowed to control ANTYHING much less a country with billions of people and vast resources.

        Until we bring Democracy and western civility to China, those Chinks will be forever hated. I learned in the US Army to use conflict to our advantage. We need to continue fostering Asian on Asian hatred in order to secure America’s interests.

        I would much rather let pluralistic entities like big corporations control things than a fascist dictatorship like the CCP.

        1. And to all you 50-centers saying it’s “none of my business”. Everything that happens in China and Asia IS my business because I have an Asian wife and we need to protect the world from Chinks gaining too much power.

          It’s like giving niggers free guns – you just don’t do it!

          1. You tell them girl.

            Do you parents in first and then go after all them chink niggers in your country.

            We can end all of them if we are united and are of one mind.

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              Do you her parents in first and then go after all them chink niggers in your country.

              We can end all of them if we are united and are of one mind

              And I will take care of your chinky asshole wife, she can not be allowed spread her shitty Chinese DNA around to niggers in your country.

    1. its mostly irrational, if they’re rational they wouldn’t be posting all those up in the first place especially if they knew what they were doing


    1. What really worries me is why Key continues to allow his comments on here, along with all the other moronic trolls. At this point, he’s just creating really negative impressions of Koreans. This isn’t a “debate for open forum”, it’s a few China haters whining.

      You know, his tone reminds me a lot of some of the stupid shit I’ve see 4chan idiots do. I wouldn’t be surprised if he spend a lot of time on there.

  33. Hmm… I think it’s funny how some commentators are accusing South Korean’s of being “narrow minded.”
    If they didn’t protest or show any signs of displeasure then the illegal fishing from the Chinese wouldn’t change in the least.
    Furthermore, how are Chinese fishermen, supposed to refrain from fishing in South Korean waters unless their own government implements punishment for fishermen that do fish illegally?
    It’s already obvious that the way the South Korean coast guard is dealing with the trespassing isn’t working as well as they’d like it to. So either, the Chinese government ought to help in keeping their own fishers away from South Korean territory, or the South Korean guards should get better means of stopping the illegal fishing themselves. And I think few people would want them to have more freedom in inflicting harm on the fishing boats with weaponry or anything like that.
    All actions and decisions have their consequences. It’s stupid how the Chinese fishermen think they can just get away with their illegal fishing. No one would let another simply steal from them and get away with it. So obviously, South Koreans would react to all this.

  34. Chinese fishing boats, Chinese coast guards are thugs. Not too long ago, I heard they crossed the international water in Vietnam and did a bunch of damages to the Vietnamese boats. They even bullied and used force to cut the cable of some explorative ship that is clearly in Vietnam water. Last I heard Vietnamese people were outraged with China and demanded them to stop the invasion obey the law. They cross the Vietnamese water and still disobeyed the law while in their water. Unfuckingbelievable! They are a bunch of bullies and I’m pissed reading this news about the death of a Korean. That’s crossing the line and they need to arrest and punish the fisherman who stabbed the coast guard. I’m not surprised reading the ruthless, insensitive comments from the Chinese because they’re born into the society that cares for noone but themselves. These Asian countries should stand up together and tell them to fuck off. I can’t believe these governments let the Chinese government do whatever they want. I really can’t stand reading news like this.

  35. It is very amusing to read these comments as one can surely see that korean_guy, puffer, etc are all indeed, one person. I think its time for this netizen to find a hobby instead of countlessly checking this forum everyday and raging your unadequate life away at the Chinese.

  36. Why apologize? It is a purely individual incident, why demand the country to take the bullet? Did Korea apologize for the Virginia Tech massacre?

    Damn good point!

    1. we should just stop arguring on this site. It’s such a waste of time. Someone should just translate this whole site into chinese so it would go viral on the china internet, so the chinese understand how the south koreans behavior. China should just ban South korea completely and not deal with them at all. They should also go to the UN and request South korean gov’t to pay for all expenses of the north korean refugees which is like billions every year. Let America start charging south korea for military defense.

  37. Look at this..South koreans are begging china for money again. They couldn’t sell their products to compete with Japan and Usa in American. The south koreans have to rely on China to buy their lower end products.

    S. Korea’s Webzen to take US$11.6 mln in royalties from China By Kim Young-gyo
    HONG KONG, March 8 (Yonhap) — South Korea’s online game developer Webzen Inc. is likely to take $11.6 million in royalties from China in 2012 as its new game launches there next month, company officials said Thursday.

    Webzen, an affiliate of NHN Corp., South Korea’s largest Internet portal, signed an agreement earlier with China’s Tencent Holdings to have its multiplayer online role play game “C9” officially released by the Chinese Internet company in April, the Webzen officials said.

    A multiplayer online game is a game played on the Internet simultaneously by ten or so people in a virtual world. The players can cooperate or compete with each other within the world.

    The officials expect C9 will be able to garner a total of 2-3 million users in China this year.

    Under the agreement with Tencent, Webzen is entitled to 25 percent of the revenues made from the Chinese operation of C9 as a royalty.

    The royalty revenue will rise to about $17.9 million in 2013, the officials said.

    The launch of the new game is expected to help boost Webzen’s business in the world’s largest online gaming market.

    The South Korean game developer was acquired in 2008 by NHN Games, a gaming unit of NHN.

  38. What can South korea do without China supporting the south korea economy? Without China, the the south korea economy will plummet, so the sKoreans have no choice but to continue to kiss china ass and kiss the american ass for military defense.

    1. Cindy,

      Try to be objective and get rid of your bias. Samsung itself could keep the South Korean economy afloat. In fact, Samsung electronics are in just about everything, whether or not they’re made in China.

      Furthermore, South Korea’s biggest problem is the obscenely low birth rate. The economy has nothing to do with it.

  39. 老外
    Whether the south koreans like it or not, China remains one of their biggest market for trading….especially for samsung, south korean biggest brand. The quality of life and the economic well-being of south Korea, depend largely on the money they make from trading with China. Skorean needs China more than China needs skorea, and both skorea and china know that. China put it into perspective for the skorean already, and the skorean president rushed to Beijing wagging his tail like a dog to plead and beg China to re-negotiate. How embarrassing. A president…wow.. That is showing you the skoreans have no self respect and dignity along with their ultra inferior complexes. They are equivalent to dogs and will beg and licking asses with no shame. Even until these days, the Chinese are still laughing at the south korean dogs. Look how sneaky they are.

    “Korea cranked up tariffs on Chinese garlic from 30 percent to 315 percent to protect Korean farmers from cheap imports. A week later, Beijing countered by banning imports of Korean cell phones. Seoul immediately backed off, cutting the tariffs after quick negotiations with Beijing. After the conflict, experts say that South Korea has avoided a head-on collision with China because it realized that the playing field was not level whatever the latter does.”

    The South Koreans they are dogs and will always be dogs..wagging their tails licking china and America asses. They can get tons of plastic surgery but they are still a dog inside.

  40. I have to correct..the South koreans are more like cockroaches, because even dogs know to be faithful and protect their family no matter what. The south koreans neglect to protect their hard working farmers who work hard with their blood and sweat and tears, because of money.
    They are sneaky and play dirty. The South koreans are dirty cockroaches.

    1. To: Cindy

      It is a misconception that the majority of South Koreans disregards dilligent farmers. I might be wrong..I know that I’m not 100 percent correct, yet I absolutely stick to my perspective that you are being unscrupulous and disrespectful towards Korean citizens. Plus, I detest seeing insults that are derived from two nations, South Korea and China. This dispute will not bring about influential changes to both nations. Vilifications emnating from South Korea and China must come to an end! No more insults…….this will only ruin both countries’ images.

    2. To: Cindy

      Spit out whatever you want to utter about South Korea…you say that south koreans are filthy cockroaches…hold that thought…I’m not going to spoil your fun for I have come to the realization that you have a lot of misconceptions regarding South Koreans and that I can’t persuade you.

  41. To: Cindy

    You (Cindy) said: What can South korea do without China supporting the south korea economy? Without China, the the south korea economy will plummet, so the sKoreans have no choice but to continue to kiss china ass and kiss the american ass for military defense.

    My response: This is outrageous! I’d say..your remark has some logical fallacies….I thereby suggest you to toss that thought into the fire

  42. To: Cindy

    You (Cindy) said: What can South korea do without China supporting the south korea economy? Without China, the the south korea economy will plummet, so the Koreans have no choice but to continue to kiss china ass and kiss the american ass for military defense.

    My response: This is outrageous! I’d say..your remark has some logical fallacies….I thereby suggest you to toss that thought into the fire

  43. To: Cindy
    quote: The sk gov’t don’t do anything to help pay for your brothers from north. They need help. It’s only humane! Stop spending money on plastic surgery and help your north brothers. Natural north korean and plastic south koreans..are all the same..the same DNA.

    You don’t understand how perplexing this crisis is. You seem to think that South Koreans are egoistic and arrogant. You’re wrong. You see…if it was so easy..dealing with problems associated with North Korea South Korea would have already grasped triumph in reunification. The South Korean government as you can see is putting all its efforts into maintaining peace with North Korea. Have you any idea how cooperative our nation’s government is in taking good measures when confronted by adversities such as the Yeon Peoungdo incident?

    quote: The sk gov’t don’t do anything to help pay for your brothers from north.

    Your statement is absurd and RIDICULOUS. The SK government has gotten in the process of giving vast amount of supports to North Korean citizens. Have you EVER seen South Korean vessels loaded with inexhaustible food? I’m not sure if you have even taken a glimpse of it. The foods were for the North Korean residents. Our government has established bazillion methods to help North Korea!!! As of now, president lee myung bak is settling on with various activities correlated to North Korean issue.

    quote: Stop spending money on plastic surgery and help your north brothers.

    I, as a South Korean citizen cannot deny the fact that Koreans spend exorbitant sums of money on plastic surgeries. What’s WRONG with being fond of plastic surgeries? These days, hundreds and thousands of Chinese have plastic surgeries with great expense? What’s the problem?! This does NOT mean that South Koreans are only concerened about beauty. As stated above the South Korean government zones in on aiding North Korea.

  44. To: Cindy

    Spit out whatever you want to utter about South Korea…you say that south koreans are filthy cockroaches…hold that thought…I’m not going to spoil your fun for I have come to the realization that you have a lot of misconceptions regarding South Koreans and that I can’t persuade you.

    such a disgrace…

  45. To Luke:

    I believe the south koreans are the ones who are constantly insulting Chinese people making obsenes remakes and spilling lies and fabricating stories against the chinese. I think it’s fitting to call them filthy cockroaches for spreading dirts and feces all over the internet. It’s a propaganda and the South koreans are known for their techniques of bombarding the whole internet with propaganda to defame the Chinese. They did it to the Japanese when the japanese economy were blooming. Now they are doing it to the Chinese. The SK doesn’t have even military power against China so they use internet as an aggression tools to attack and defame. They use cyber war. The chinese from those countries/cities like China, taiwan, hong kong, singapore, malaysia etc..should be awared of this form of aggression and hostility from skoreans and take note. They should copy and paste and google translate into chinese all defamatory insults posted by the south koreans so the chinese knows the ugly truth about the south Koreans.
    If you don’t want the Chinese to call you cockroaches, another common term we use on the south koreans, then stop behaving like one.

    The south Korea and China plus all those other chinese countries/city should just ban each other and stop trading to avoid deeper animosity. There are many other countries they can trade with. You don’t buy garlic from me I don’t buy phones from you, and you don’t need to order parts and components from me, go order from another country. Peace!

  46. korean guy: You just described the vile behaviors and characteristics of the koreans and you are right on. The reason you are so aware of this kind of behavior is because you are surrended by your korean people. I know what you are talking about. I have the misfortune of living close by korean town. I am surrended by koreans. I will tell you what I experience all the time. I walk down the korean town and you see them littering all over the street. They don’t believe in garbage can. In Seoul, very little trash cans around so you will see the koreans throw their used tissues and garbage on the street like they don’t know how a trash can looks like. They are city people right? WTfreak? You won’t see japanese in tokyo or chinese in hongkong litter. It’s a huge fine.
    The korean men comes out of the korean bakery, squat down on the floor SMOKING like a chimney, talking loudly in Korean on their phone, then spit and throw the cigarrette butts all over the street.

    The koreans eat hotpot which is a big pot of hot boiled broth and you cook meats and veggies in them serving at the table, and a few people share the hotpot at the table. They use the SAME chopsticks they eat with their mouths, and dig into this hotpot,fishing for meats, stiring the sauce with their SALIVA chopsticks. While talking loudly in Korean over the hotpot..more saliva.

    Unlike the chinese bakery, the korean bakery pastries are not covered or placed inside the bakery cabinets. Most of the time the korean bakery are just lying on the tray and placed on a table with thousands of people touching and talking over it. How many times I see koreans sneeze next to the pastry and it’s like no big deal to them. They don’t seems to understand you suppose to move away and cover your mouth and not cough or sneeze at anyone or on foods. Then they go on talking loudly in korean over the uncovered pastries, more saliva.

    You don’t want to know about the south korea bathroom situation in the public. What my japanese girlfriend told me when she was in south korea. For example, the korea public school The unsanitary conditions is unspeakable, it’s like pigs living in poops, bathroom with walls streaked with brown poop-stained fingerprints? Endless toilets that have a hearty mixture of urine and rice-filled dung splattered across the seat . They don’t believe in flushing the used toilet paper down, they throw them into a small can next to the toilet with poops. And they don’t clean their bathroom for days, unlike United states.
    It’s south korea, suppose the people are city people and more civil right? not……..I can understand the poor uneducated farmers and fisherman from China the way they behave, but city people like south korea? They practice poor sanitation and hygienes, nothing like japan and hong kong.
    It’s a disgrace!

  47. you chinese cunts should get the fuck of this and do something about your fucked up country, China should be taken off the world map. I really hate Chinese people they have no heart for anyone, yous belong in hell not on earth and yous deserve every natural disasters you get because yous sin too much and rip off too much people and I must say yous are one of the dirtiest and disgusting people in the entire world. Im from New Zealand and we had to put up signs around our city saying “Dont not spit” in chinese HAHAHA shows that only chinese people people spit in public, eww yuck how fucking disgusting. Oh and their restaurants and takeaways are infested with crockroaches and insects of different kinds. No wonder we get food poisioning and to mention that poor 2 year old girl that go hit runned, chinese people just watch this poor baby dying in the middle of the fucking road and pass byers just carry on walking and looking at the poor child splattered and bleeding. The Chinese bastard that ran her over saw her and sped up and hit and then reversed over her the took off and people saw it and continue on walking. I cried for this poor innocent girl and this shows me how fucked up you chinese pricks are. Im not Korean but I support them in every way, they are right and yous are fucking wrong “HEARTLESS BASTARDS”

    1. They are bad people, that is why the govt is trying very hard to kill as many Chinese as possible.

      The govt will kill them for every reason and for small crimes then they take their kidneys and other organs to sell to the westerners, that’s the white folks.

      These drivers will be tortured and then shot, their organs are going to some old whitey in the EU or the US soon.

      And fuckdachinese, you can help the Chinese govt just go and kill a few Chinamen in NZ.

      1. fuckdachinese:

        From a resident of south korea:

        Here is the real deal from a recently retired Korean Linguist who has served in South Korea from Re-unification Village at Camp Greaves(North of Imjin River) to Pyongtaek at Camp Humphreys. I have lived in Seoul (Hannam-Dong) for over 3 years, and at Tong-du-Chon(TDC) in the Western Corridor (2 tours). I’ve been from Sokcho on the North east to Ganghwa Island on the West coast. In term of general cleanliness, you will see a lot of trash on the streets in the gutters. The trash is set out in large (30 gallon ) plastic bags , but seperated into foodstuffs and paper etc..The little kids are allowed to urinate and make cow-patties on the sidewalk in front of stores and businesses, but usually in front of storefront homes. There isn’t really a lot of dog poop on the ground as one would find in some inner cities, but yes, many alley ways are filled with trash and filth and vomit and wreak of stale urine. The subway system especially in Shinchon at the Ehwa Womens University station smells of the worst piss and feces smell that one could imagine (especially in the winter time). Its a shame that htey don’t fix the sewer system there. But at say the Chamsil or Samsung stations, it is very clean. Probably because these are high use stations with lots of things for tourists and locals to see and do and shop at around them. Plus they have amusement parks and large underground and aboveground shopping malls there. Etaewao which is the most popular gathering place of foreigners looking to party in South Korea is very nasty also as is any area that is filled with clubs, cheap curio shops, cheap luggage and purse and clothes shops and rip-off trinket stores every 10 feet. Plus old haggard prostitutes that come out after dark like land of the living dead. Back in 1984 the quality of prostitutes was so high that today you can’t even compare. Anyway, hope this sheds a little light on the subject. Oh yeah, don’t go there for prostitutes, the college girls take care of all that for you and they are a lot more interesting in a cerebral sort of way versusu the visceral way of the 588 or Mia-ri chicks or yongsan station chicks.

        Over 10 years living, working and being a Ville Rat in South Korea.

        another person from sk wrote:
        For general cleanliness, Koreans routinely throw trash all over the streets without second thought. Don’t even mention the drunk old Korean men urinating and vomiting on the streets. It’s very common to see these korean men urinate on the street.

        another person from sk wrote:
        LOL. You’ve obviously never been to Korea. It is not clean at all. Most of the country is comprised of littered back alleyways. If you make a potty stop anywhere, the bathrooms would qualify as a hazardous zone.

        Anyone who have been to south korea or live in south korea will know what I am talking about. So the next time more nonsense and pin point the south koreans make and spread on the internet to defame the chinese, they should look at themselves first. You city people south koreans who live like filthy cockroaches, with ultra inferiority complex, should not start this cyber war with the chinese.

  48. That poor two years old girl who got ran over by the same driver front wheel then back wheel; and he didn’t even get out to look or try to help, was an outrage. She was ignored by 18 passers-by. The whole incident was captured on the surveillance camera. They managed to broadcast the footages on internet and sparked a wave of condemnation and soul-searching on China’s social networking sites. There have been millions of internet comments on China internet about how to encourage good Samaritans – and many more expressing outrage and anger that so many people refused to help. It was a national headline all over the news and internet in China. Such tragedy must Never happen again!

    A chinese young boy in China poured gasoline and set her on fire on a young girl after rejected.

    You think the chinese in China can commit crime and get away? Post it on the china internet and within hours, millions reponses and viewed. The criminal will be hunt down and no where to hide. They will be condemned with consequence. There are more surveillance cameras on the street of china than you can imagine.(big brother is watching,and he has big satellites.). The chinese around the world, not only in China, but in other chinese countries as well pour in their support to help and donate money to the victim and demand the criminal be prosecuted. The Chinese are still waiting for the south koreans and their gov’t to help and donate more money to help the north korean refugees crisis.

  50. To luke: Don’t confuse ultra inferiority complex to egoistic and arrogant, or vanity to having sense of inadequacy and low self esteem. That is why the koreans do plastic surgery starting puberty to get rid of that wide big angular face with jaw/cheek bone shaving or remove portion of the jaw bones, epicanthoplasty to open up their ultra slim eyes, rhinoplasty, skin bleaching with chemical to whiten their yellowish tone skin,,etc..all that to get rid of their korean look.

    “- 76 percent of Korean women in their 20s and 30s have undergone plastic surgery. Most of them were epicanthoplasty (i.e. the “double-eyelid surgery”.)

    – 25 percent of Korean mothers who have daughters between the ages of 12 and 16 suggested plastic surgery to their daughter.

    – 27.4 percent of Korean college graduate job seekers (19 percent of men, 34.1 percent of women) thought they did not fare well in the interview because of their looks. 28.5 precent of job seekers have already undergone plastic surgery or have planned plastic surgery in order to perform better in the job market.”…

  51. continue..

    Eight out of 10 Korean women over the age of 18 feel they need cosmetic surgery, and one out of two has undergone cosmetic surgery at least once, a survey has found.

    According to a doctoral dissertation published Tuesday by Um Hyun-shin of Kyung Hee University’s Clothing and Textiles department, a survey of 810 women aged 18 and over living in Seoul and Gyeonggi revealed that 69.9 percent, or 566 of the respondents, said that they suffered stress because of their appearance.

    ” The researchers found that eight out of ten Korean women over the age of 18 feel they need cosmetic surgery, and that one out of two has undergone cosmetic surgery at least once. 69.9% of the respondents said that they suffered stress because of their appearance. In addition, 81.5 percent of women between 25 and 29 felt the need for cosmetic surgery and 61.5 percent of that group said they have already had it.”

    You say thousands of chinese do plastic surgery in skorea, true, and they are old women in their 30s and up. These are old women. It’s almost impossible for you to find a young chinese teenager with any plastic surgery, or you will have an extremely hard time finding a young chinese adult 29 and under have done any plastic surgery.
    The chinese and japanese girls most of them don’t need to anyway. They have natural round eyes and double eyelids and more narrow face. And their future kids will have the same. It’s call DNA. Not plastic surgery


    The south koreans hate ugly people and they prefer plastic surgery. A group of south korean men yelling at a group of south korean women who never had any plastic surgery, calling them ugly. And ask them why they didn’t get plastic surgery because their korean faces have no character. The other plastic surgery sk women sat there smiling in agreement with what the men said. The sk audience cheered the men.
    WTfreak! Oprah should watch this. Now she can free herself from all the accusation of the south korean stating she is racist against them because she pointed out their inferiority complex.

    1. To: Cindy

      Bear in mind that not all South Koreans hate ugly people….you are being discriminatory towards South Koreans. Would you like it if foreigners condemn and defame China and its citizens?

  53. ok enough with the racism and plastic surgery, to me you asians look the same just like the pacific islanders do. They have same skin colour and all but they get along with each other. Look into it and maybe you people ought to learn something from. At least they dont go around killing each other or comparing whos a better country. Learn to love one another, no wander god is punishing that side of the world.

  54. To: Cindy

    Bear in mind that not all South Koreans hate ugly people….you are being discriminatory towards South Koreans. Would you like it if foreigners condemn and defame China and its citizens?

  55. korean guy:

    South Korean LOCECN cosmetics have now been reported to contain the carcinogen actinolite and the Chinese distributor is recalling the suspect products


    Over 300 cosmetics companies, drug manufacturers, and baby powder companies purchased the tainted talc from Duksan Reagents(a big south korea manuafacturer), which imports more than 20 percent of Korea’s talc

    While some companies are conducting voluntary recalls of their products, other Korean companies are refusing to accept responsibility. Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, a cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart.

    So even though the south koreans had confirmed that the products they produced are poisons, most of the south korea companies refuse to do recall and even continue to sell them to people and claim their products are the best and safe to use. The south korea gov’t don’t give a freak. Take your risk everytime you buy south Korean products.

    The Chinese however, make a hugh report and spread them all over the internet and newspapers when Chinese products are not safe or was contaminated to warn the people. The china officials enforce recalls. Chinese distributors and companies carry out quick recall actions and refunds.

  56. @ PowerBullTroll

    What makes you think Im white aye dickhead? Think before you say shit and for the record check yourself in the mirror for the definitiion of FAGGOT! Yeah you chinese drop your nuts when you see a brown skinned person come to you’s and yous ran away like a pussy. Come to NZ and see for yourself you people wont last here that long with your atittude. We make your kind our bitches hahaha.

    Korean_Guy, i think your right these people are fucking disgrace and stubborn as a motherfucker.


  57. oh can some one tell why this website/news called CHINA HUSH???

    hang on I get it, it means shhhhh dont tell the world about these dodgie chinese oh shit too late
    the world already knows about you fuckers polluting and killing people not forgetting how uncivililzed and sickening your race is. Its a shame, but do yous give a dam? NO! and the same shit carrys on. Chinese people on here, JUDGE URSELF BEFORE YOUS JUDGE OTHERS in the eyes of the rest of the world yous are a disease thats killing the world with your polluted air and water.

    PowerBullTroll, fuck off back to your dying country if you hate white people so much you dumb ass.

  58. haha your so right they have tried that here but the police have no sympathy for them and still throw them in jail. Chinese people here cause more trouble here in NZ than any other race and the funny thing is, they murder and kidnap their own people cause they know they cant pick on other cultures or they fucked up.

  59. korean guy:

    Why is South korea so corrupt?

    As regularly as the Rite of Spring but as dreaded as the Black Plague, Korea is just now being visited by Corruption Fever again.

    The nation is awash with daily reports of arrests and summonses of those in the higher circle of government and power, both past and present, for their bribe-giving and bribe-taking.

    Once again, the nation by turns is fascinated, horrified and outraged by the revelations and, not surprisingly, resigned to the fact of “Korea the Corrupt,” suspected to include everyone, from Presidents to lowly teachers and beat-cops.

    In the eyes of the world where national corruption is measured and ranked, South Korea’s place for corruption is shared by such low-brow countries as Botswana, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bhutan and Costa Rica, not exactly the constellation of stars among whom South Korea wishes to find its neighbors…….

    Naturally, every thinking person wonders: What makes South Korea so “corrupt”? Are Koreans biologically susceptible to bribery? Absolutely without a doubt. They are genetically with the traits and charateristics of cockroaches. Blame it on their DNA. I hate cockroaches. They are born for the Chinese to step on and we are doing a pretty good job on stepping on these roaches as we are far better and superior and being the world power economy.


    Corrupt Seoul Mayor Corrupt

    mayor of Seoul, Bak Won Soon,…….. just got his son, Bak Joo Sheen, out of his mandatory military service as a result of a fraudulent MRI.
    By south korea law, all abled men must serve two years in military and be ready to defend south korea when called. It’s not the first time the south korea gov’t officials use fraudulent medical record to exempted their children from serving. The gov’t officials abusing their power is very common.

    In a country where every able-bodied male is supposed to serve in the military for two years, and where the mayor of Seoul is (supposedly) the second most powerful man in Korea, this is kind of a big deal; although I used to believe that compulsory military service could unify a fractured society, in practice the rich will always find ways to exempt their children from danger, and most of the Korean guys you talk to here will complain about this problem. Flying particularly pregnant Korean mothers over the Pacific to give birth on American soil is one method of gaining exemption; bribing doctors is another.


    More bribery..
    Samsung stands accused of bribing politicians, bureaucrats and prosecutors to do its bidding. Samsung, whose businesses—from electronics to shipbuilding—produce revenues equivalent to one-fifth of South Korea’s GDP

    South Korea is a country infested with corruption, bribery and injustice.
    Gov’t officials openly abusing their power. Politicians taking bribes as a common and normal practice.


    Korean-Owned StarKist Tuna Says ‘No’ To FDA

    At the cannery inspection last Nov. 1-4, FDA found “serious violations” involving StarKist’s seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan and its production of low-acid canned foods. FDA said both the canned tuna and pouched packed tuna being produced by StarKist on American Samoa are “adulterated

    As what the south koreans will always tell you, Their products are the best and very tasty and very safe ,and they will continue to sell it to you in the stores near you so forget about even trying to get your refund or recall, their south korea gov’t already took the bribes, and no they will never let you know the truth. This is the south korean spirit! Aja Aja!

  61. Korean guy:

    Xenophobic hysteria just got a whole lot worse on the Korean peninsula.

    South Korea has an unfortunate history of mass hysteria and severe paranoia, a result of gross national contempt for the world beyond its borders. Perhaps this is understandable for a nation so frequently abused by others and troubled by the outside world.

    In spite of their attempts at ‘globalization’ and the ‘openness’ that has helped lift South Korea from the third world to the first, many Koreans still maintain a fear and loathing of anything non-Korean.

    It says foreigners are unqualified and dangerous to let into your home
    Image from Wandering Seoul

    In recent years we’ve seen mass protests and violence any time a foreign country is perceived to have interfered in Korea’s business. Anti-American and anti-Japanese sentiments run high and even the most trivial of sparks can cause a humiliating explosion of popular racism. National pride and outright xenophobia run together to create a frighteningly – and dangerously – paranoid country.

    So when Swine Flu broken out in Mexico back at the start of 2009, Korea reacted in unsurprising fashion – first by labeling it Mexican Flu, and then by denying it could be contracted by Korean people.

    This is an old pattern here. Koreans like to believe their perceived racial superiority insulates them from the diseases and problems of the outside world. They believe their mighty national dish – kimchi – protects them from SARS, AIDS, and even homosexuality…

    So naturally Swine Flu was perceived as something merely in the domain of the nasty outside world, and not to be worried about.

    However, a certain level of logic and reason prevailed quickly enough and soon people became aware that Swine Flu could be passed onto Koreans. But they didn’t worry too much. The government recommended people eat more kimchi and not travel to dirty foreign countries, or associate with expats.

    Suddenly Koreans were aware of Swine Flu and they knew it was in their country. But they weren’t too scared… Somehow everyone had the same idea – the only people in Korea who had the virus were foreigners.

    It’s important to remember that this is a nation that has yet to implement any law prohibiting racism or any form of discrimination against non-Korean nationals. It is a nation frequently chastised by the United Nations and Amnesty International for its vicious treatment of anyone who doesn’t look Korean.

    Dirty Foreigners Infecting Koreans With Swine Flu

    So when it was decided that only foreigners had Swine Flu and that they were the ones who could pass it onto Koreans, certain measures had to be taken.

    Soon non-Koreans were quarantined and subjected to “laws” that didn’t exist, and no one outside of Korea was meant to know. In fact, very few people inside Korea were meant to know. The whole thing was a big secret, perpetrated mostly by business owners.

    But the trouble with oppression, racism and intimidation in this generation of Twitter, Blogger and Facebook is that keeping secrets is tough. I heard rumours online about foreigners being locked up and subjected to travel bans against their will. Later these rumours were confirmed by half the people I knew working around Korea. Their schools were implementing ‘secret’ policies to appease the parents, whom had become obsessed with the notion that foreigners would infect their children.

    Schools began installing heat sensors and demanding their foreigners be checked daily for the Swine Flu. They were made to scrub their classrooms, wear masks in class and told that by no means could they associate with other non-Korean people.

    It should be noted that no Korean teachers at these schools were ever required to jump through the same hoops as the foreigners, just as they aren’t required to submit HIV tests or criminal history checks.

    Only a handful of foreign teachers contracted Swine Flu, and in doing so they broke their contracts and earned themselves unemployment and, consequently, deportation.

    How paranoid can you get?
    From Wandering Seoul

    Taking a look around any hagwon-heavy area of a Korean city would have at one stage given a Korean-speaking non-Korean person a good laugh… Almost every school had a big sign outside, proclaiming:


    Of course, that didn’t stop subway trains full of people emptying when a foreigner set foot inside, or people from shouting Swine Flu! Swine Flu! on the street, whilst pointing at the only foreigner in sight. And it didn’t stop Samsung from making an advert that depicts all white people as pigs, running around a city as the mighty Koreans strut about without a care in the world…

    But then reality dawned and Korea woke up to the fact that Koreans, just like the rest of us, are human beings, and as such are susceptible to viruses. And, in turn, that awareness didn’t stop the country from going into a panic meltdown.

    As soon as it became evident that Koreans were in danger of dying from this no-longer-foreign virus, South Korea all but shutdown. The government instructed people to avoid gathering in groups, and banned all festivals and celebrations involving more than one thousand people.

    Schools have been shut down periodically, due to low attendance and caution by the government. Parents are too afraid to send the children outside, and the education industry is suffering badly. Consequently, many schools hide Swine Flu cases, gagging parents of inflicted children to keep attendance steady, and causing the virus to spread faster.

    But it’s not all bad. Sales of soap and hand sanitizer went through the roof in a country where washing your hands is really something that just doesn’t happen. Foreigners have rejoiced in the availability of soap in bathrooms around the country, whereas previous they had to simply rinse or go Korean. Many foreign bloggers even thank Swine Flu for making Korea a cleaner place to live.

    Public campaigns have gained momentum in attacking other disease-spreading habits that have disgusted visitors to Korea for a long time – including spitting indoors and coughing directly into the face of another person.

    In the past week the number Swine Flu cases in Korea has almost doubled and the government is talking about shutting down all schools for a short period. Foreign teachers are beginning to wonder whether they will keep their jobs or be cast out of the country en masse. The education industry is worth billions, but many schools simply can’t afford to close their doors.

    Another concern is whether matters will improve for immigrants in Korea when the Swine Flu pandemic eventually blows away… Foreigners in Korea, like so many other parts of the world, are perfect scapegoats. Will they be forgiven for the treasonous offense of bringing Swine Flu to Korea?

    David Wills is the editor of Beatdom magazine, literary journal
    devoted to the Beat Generation. He founded the magazine in 2007 after
    graduating from Dundee University with a degree in American
    Since then, David has worked as the manager of an organic
    farm in California, a journalist in Colorado, and a traveling salesman
    in Scotland. He is currently working in Korea in between tours of
    various Asian countries.

  62. Korean guy:

    Look at all the photos on this article. See it with your own eyes and you will know the ugly truth about the south koreans. They are really filthy and practice disgusting hygienes and lack of proper sanitations. They are good at covering things under the cover and lying. It’s very fitting to call them filthy cockroaches, because they have the characteristic of roaches, they are not dogs because they are not faithful nor loyal. They are like cockroaches with ultra inferiority complex, a nation where more than half of their population men and women had plastic surgery to get rid of their mongoloid down syndrome like korean facial features. They are fake and deceiving.
    South korea, you can cover up and change your face, it’s still the same DNA.

    “But it’s not all bad. Sales of soap and hand sanitizer went through the roof in a country where washing your hands is really something that just doesn’t happen. Foreigners have rejoiced in the availability of soap in bathrooms around the country, whereas previous they had to simply rinse or go Korean. Many foreign bloggers even thank Swine Flu for making Korea a cleaner place to live.

    Public campaigns have gained momentum in attacking other disease-spreading habits that have disgusted visitors to Korea for a long time – including spitting indoors and coughing directly into the face of another person.”

  63. korean guys:

    Michael Daniels wrote
    Aloha David:

    You wrote an interesting article about Korea. I’m spending 1 year in Korea to do some research for my grad work. With regards to last year’s Swine Flu outbreak in Korea, I noticed that it is wrather common to see people throw their rubbish in the street. Not to mention leaving toilet paper with waste on it in a bin next to the toilet. Hepatitis, anyone?

    I never saw this in any western country. Certainly not in Japan. And yet they’re surprised that they had Swine Flu? So let me see if I got this right; trash in the street and used toilet paper on the floor – and the foreigners are to blame? I guess when all else fails, blame the Americans or blame the Japanese – it must be easier than throwing out the trash or picking the shit wipes off the floor. Certainly more cost-effective than building a society that works.

    Thanks for having the guts to write something that matters.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 11:41:50 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate

  64. Korean guy:

    The American film “The Departed” was a remake of the Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs”. It won four Oscars and was nominated 5 times in different category at the 79th Academy Awards.

    Ang Lee Taiwanese director has won numerous Best Director and Best Picture awards on worldwide. He directed “Brokeback Mountain”. The film was the most acclaimed film of 2005, winning 71 awards and an additional 52 nominations worldwide.

    The American film “The Eye” was a remake of the Hong Kong film “Jian Gui”

    South Korean film “A Better Tomorrow” was a remake Of Hong Kong director John Woo’s Hong Kong film “A Better Tomorrow”
    Hong Kong film director John Woo directed Hollywood films include Hard Target, Broken Arrow, Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, Hong kongs films include epic war film Red Cliff. John Woo was presented with a Golden Lion award for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival in 2010

    China director Zhang Yimou has won numerous awards and recognitions, with Best Foreign Film nominations for Ju Dou in 1990 and Raise the Red Lantern in 1991, Silver Lion and Golden Lion prizes at the Venice Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.[5] In 1993, he was a member of the jury at the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival.

    I can go on with my long list with Chinese films. South korea film and entertainment industry is nothing but copy cat lack of important achievements. The south koreans rely on the chinese to buy their low quality cheap film productions. They want us chinese to look at their plastic faces. What a shame.

  65. korean guy:

    South koreans makes garbage low quality things and keep insisting they are the best in Asia. So funny it’s cracking me up. They should write it in their constitution. “We the people of South Korea are the best in the world because we say so.”

    List of South Korean submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film From Wikipedia, South Korea has submitted films to compete for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1962. The award is handed out annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue.[1] The Korean nominee is chosen annually by a special committee assembled by the Korean Film Council.

    Although South Korea has submitted more than twenty films for consideration, but none have yet received an Oscar nomination. Every year, each country is invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to submit its best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films.

    @korean guy: When south koreans start making quality films getting awards and recognition in Oscar then you can come back and talk, as for now lying and making false statements is just showing the world you are a typical south korean liar.
    I have yet to see any south korean director direct any big budget Hollywood films eventhough they are constantly trying to break into the USA entertainment industry.
    You are right about you folks are good at making so many love dramas and all that emotions. South k dramas are as low quality drama as those America daytime soap opera. They have like a community of housewives watching with a box of tissue. So pathetic it’s not funny.

    And also
    “from the late 1990s, South Korean cinema managed to attain domestic box office success exceeding that of Hollywood blockbuster movies due largely to laws placing limits on the number of foreign films able to be shown per theatre per year. This government-enforced screen quota system has stood since 1967, and limits the number of days per year non-domestic movies can be shown on any one movie screen in South Korea.”
    Also the south koreans practice on limiting the number of import of foreign dramas. China would import dramas from hk,taiwan, skorea, and japan. South korea would ban most foreign dramas. The south koreans are like cockroaches. They play dirty and don’t believe in fair trade. China should ban all south korea film and drama import like the way skorean ban most foreign productions.

  66. korean guy:

    sk = surgery kingdom. South koreans are people of plastic surgery kingdom.

    The practice has become so widespread in Asia that Japan and China introduced regulations last year to control the industry. But plastic surgeons in South Korea remain unregulated. And many unscrupulous surgeons are operating on teens without parental consent.

    Korean give their newborns double eyelid surgery right after birth or they do it right before they enter preschool. Most koreans celebriteis had plastic surgeries. Many Korean celebrities have the same face, because they went out idea. This is due to plastic surgery, and they all want the same eyes , nose and facial structure. They even copy some idea from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan .

    9 of 10 korean women in south korea 35 and under had plastic surgery.

    South Korean teens buy dreams of beauty in Plastic Alley.

  67. korean guy:

    Again caught red handed. South koreans roaches use the usual south korean practice. “Steal from other then deny of wrong doing.” With no shame and completely lack of moral. These low lives south koreans are garbage need to be disposed of.

    “S Korea suspected of stealing US arms technology”

    The south koreans wants technology but don’t have the abiltiy, so all they do is steal and copy from the japanese and USA. The sk steal from Apple technology like left and right. Watch out USA! These south koreans roaches steal from you and claim they didn’t do it, that they are your friend. wow! What a bunch of low lives with no shame. The south koreans take the word “low life” to a whole new level.

  68. To: Cindy, Korean_Guy

    Wow! I am quite appalled by this humongous dispute. Don’t you see that having conflicts is totally pointless and nonsensical? Korean_Guy and Cindy are apparently fighting for the sake of their nations. Well…It’s so obvious that the cyber war associated with South Korea and China will not cool down. Don’t you two feel remorse over your endeavours. Don’t you feel humiliated? You two are showing childish displays of temper, just because your nationalities are directed to China or South Korea. You must come to the realization that you are wasting your time engaging in this activity.

  69. To cindy, Korean Guy

    Wow! I am quite appalled by this humongous dispute. Don’t you see that having conflicts is totally pointless and nonsensical? Korean_Guy and Cindy are apparently fighting for the sake of their nations. Well…It’s so obvious that the cyber war associated with South Korea and China will not cool down. Don’t you two feel remorse over your endeavours. Don’t you feel humiliated? You two are showing childish displays of temper, just because your nationalities are directed to China or South Korea. You must come to the realization that you are wasting your time engaging in this activity.

  70. To Cindy: You are pointing out the drawbacks of our nation, South Korea. Bear in mind all countries have drawbacks. Therefore, please keep yourself from posting the wrongness of our government and the bad deeds that some Korean citizens displayed..

    To Korean_Guy: The same….

  71. 老外 is absolutely right!!!! It’s unfair to judge people by some malicious behaviours.

  72. korean guy:

    Let’s say one hears rumblings that certain East Asian countries are stealing US defense technology. Naturally, the immediate assumption is that it’s the North Koreans or the Chinese. Little would anyone expect that it is South Korea, one of the US’s staunchest allies…….

    ….American intelligence agencies were investigating Korean defense companies to see if they had developed weapons based on stolen US military technologies…….

    In early June, U.S. officials raised suspicions that the seal of one box which the Air Force had sent to the U.S. for maintenance showed evidence of having been broken, disassembled and put back together again.”

    ………………US was looking into whether or not South Korea had appropriated American technology for equipment such as a multiple launch rocket system, torpedoes and an electronic jamming device.

    Poor USA, your so called friend South koreans are stealing from you left and right…causing you billions of dollars. The south koreans can easily sell those stolen USA technology to other country and make billions. The South koreans can also use the stolen technology to make their military stronger. These are the characteristic of the south korean culture and the behaviors of koreans. They will admit no wrong doing even though they are completely at fault. They are stubborn and believe they are the best because they say so. They can sell you poisonous products and refuse to do recall and keep insisting it’s safe.
    South Koreans are fake, phony, and deceitful. They are as fake as their plastic face.

    USA better start charging south korea for military technology or for defense. USA needs to be compensated.

  73. korean guy:

    Vigilance, South Korea technology plagiarism

    Posted on December 6, 2011

    The United States” defense news” weekly website says, more and more reports that Korea stealing American weapons technology. Message personage said, The United States officials suspected of Korea a series of weapons to copy and use the American technology, about ALQ-200K Radar jammer,Fire control system,Multiple launch rocket system, torpedo and so on.

    People don’t care how South Korea how to steal technology from the United States, because we are concerned about piracy in China. According to some sources, South Korea in the economic field also sent a lot of information collection staff, may be included in the apple, Nokia, Ford, Toyota, sharp and other large companies, in order to obtain the relevant product design technology, replication and upgrade their product.

    The South Korean company to get the technology, use since the product shape design advantage, develop the Korean style shape product, but use the core technology is still questionable. South Korean companies spend large amounts of money to invest to train technology plagiarism personnel and maintain the relevant technical Americans.

    South Korean companies use the USA-South Korean alliance, to copy and use the United States technology, technology research and development cost saving, large investment and the development of their own products with competitive price.

    Wake up USA because the south koreans steal your underwear.
    With so much stealing done by the south koreans, yet they still produce low quality products compare to USA and Japan. It’s pathetic!

  74. to powebulltroll… would put a bullet in korean guy andmy head????? That is not nice!!! You are being rude and pernicious to all koreans. ..this ckearly means that you are condemning yoursel considering the fact that you vilify south koreans……such a disgrace……….

  75. Article IS biased…most netizen reactions to the incident, in China, were MUCH more negative and hostile, like, calling for the murder of South Koreans in China and for genocide of Koreans in general…

  76. Dumb article. I just wanted to post that. A friend of mine(ex-friend) is Chinese and he was looking at some youtube video and laughing. It was a dog being strangled for 8 minutes by Chinese dog butchers that believe the more horror experienced and the most pain experiences by the animal the tastier the meat. Let me just say you couldn’t recognize my friends face after I got done with him. His wife called the cops but he was too afraid to press charges. I told him I would finish the job if he did. So can’t wait to see him again. He lives next door. I already knocked 4 front teeth out while he was unconscious. Maybe ill take the rest. Muhahahahahaha bastered Chinese and Korean trash. Uncivilized waste of skin.

  77. You gooks seriously need to get a life. China’s gonna stomp on Korea and the rest of the world and all the bitching you butthurt nerds do on this website ain’t gonna prevent it from happening.

    Just get used to it and bend over with a smile you flat-flaced bangzi rotten cabbage eating gooks.


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