Chef spends 4000 yuan homemaking a knockoff Hummer

| December 8th, 2011


(From  Netease) Chinese folks have always had the self-entertaining mindset to compare little things to big renowned things even just for the slightest resemblance. We had a post last year talking about a homemade knockoff Lamborghini by a 25 years old guy. Recently a chef from Zigong City, Sichuan Province became famous on the Internet for spending only about 4000 yuan in designing and handcrafting what netizens called a knockoff “Hummer”.


The 2 meter long, 1.5 meter high homemade auto took Qu Zhibo 3 years to build since he was busy running his own restaurant. Small as it is, it has everything an auto needed, it burns gasoline and can be driven in the similar manners of a normal car. The only difference lies in the starting – one have to start the kart from behind before jumping into the driver seat to drive, since the engine that remodeled from a motorcycle locates at the end.

From distance, the kart looks like Hummer or Jeep used in America military field operations. “I am a military fan, my design is inspired by armored command vehicle. I am thinking painting it camouflage to make it look more of a real thing.” Said Qu. As for craftsmanship, everything from engine cover, seats, car skin etc are completely handmade by Qu himself, except for steering wheel, tires, tank and engine which are bought parts.

“The kart took me 3 years of hard work, I spent days and nights working things out and designing, I am obsessed with it.” Qu smiled, “I spent nearly 4000 yuan in getting the hard wares, to include painting it, it could amount to 5000 yuan.”

Qu said his “Hummer” is for self-entertainment only. He used to run a suburban passenger transportation business so he knows well about what’s inside a car and how to fix small problems. Although the kart is not remotely comparable to that of a mass produced car, it is kind of swaggering to drive. It can go up to 30 km/h.

“I only drive it a little in front of my restaurant.” Qu is aware that it is against national regulation to put a homemade car on the road, “when I lend it to other people, I always warn them repeatedly to keep off the road.”

Qu invited the reporter to have a try. “Push the lever forward to come down a gear, and push it backward to increase, other things are similar to normal car.” Qu instructed the reporter, who practiced loosing clutch, shifting gear, stepping on gas and driving about in front of the restaurant. “Hey, it is kind of swaggering.” commented the reporter.

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  1. Bo Wang says:

    Hummer my ass, more like a crap jeep.

  2. dongshizhang says:

    Give this guy a cigar and a pair of aviators!

    “Hey, it is kind of swaggering.”

    Yes, he is. Leaders taking bribes, trashy hos showing off, and a restaurant owner who spent 3 years to build his own vehicle. Unfortunately the innovator has the bribe the leader to even think about having a chance with the hos.

  3. Gary says:

    The faux Lamborghini was a lot more amusing than this. Looking at this all you can think is “WTF?”

    Are those two garden tractor tires per hub? And a motorcycle engine that has to be started from outside?

  4. Augis says:

    It’s similar to toy cars for kids. If it costs just 4000 Yuan – then it’s not bad at all.

  5. voiceofhomer says:

    Chinese fisherman kills S. Korean navyman over fishing in free waters.

  6. Mark says:

    I live in a state famous for garage mechanics and hot rods. The best garage mechanics produce vehicles that are street legal and have the craftsmanship seen in a car fresh from a major car company.

    Looking at this jeep thing I see poor design, poor welds, shoddy work, and rust. No American garage mechanic would showcase a creation without giving it a fresh coat of paint even if just primer…

    I realize China is new to automobile culture, but by American standards this is really pathetic and shows the huge gap mainly in standards and craft between West and China. A junk jeep like that would get no attention in the states other than a smirk.

  7. Turkmenistan_First says:

    You Chinese and Koreans are pathetic. Dogs, each and every one of you. Both of you are inferior in both your physical failings and mental retardery. While you both remain bitches of the USA, you whine about which one of you dogs (Japanese included) are a little less pathetic than the other. Evey aspect of your culture is degrading and vile. Koreans are the worst of them all.

    Turkmenistan people are the true pure people and will never sell out and become like you stupid herds of moron. We innovate and keep pride in our identity and heritage while scumbag Chinese choose to become pawns.

  8. Kyrgyzstan4Lyfe says:

    Ha, don’t listen to this Turkic pretender. Everyone know true free Turkic people are Kyrgyz only. Calling those comment as shit for brains is to give alms to a dead man! Without sense and worthless!

    The only “herds of moron,” are from Ashgabutt Shitty, the true capital of mental retardery! You are Rusian bitches fo real! At least those Asian dogs blow Uncle Sam, you dogs blow Cousin Vanya!

    Koreans and Chinee, listen to the truth! Your Asian power rivalry is like a two heads dog biting own’s tail! Rice is rice and you are all the same to us who are your fathers anyways. Study history to know that Kyrgyz is the father of all Asian people. Who’s your daddy? These Kyrgyz nuts, that’s who!

  9. chinese_in_america says:

    chinese or korean
    quite distinctive
    you can easily tell
    yes the odd few that resemble one another will fool you
    if you hang around enough
    you can tell
    heck, easy enough to tell which is from America, north, south, etc etc

    all have their own styles and trends, even if they trying to copy, sorry but not everyone does that great of a job 😛

    i welcome surgery, too many ugly ppl out there that need to be banished from public society

  10. Lisa says:

    You are such a loser!

  11. dongshizhang says:

    I think Koreans have Chinese beat in the big head category

  12. fsda says:

    Ahh…typical korean troll with a “korean #1 pride” mentality. Have you ever ponder to yourself why can’t you get a life like everyone else? Maybe your koreans friends can teach you how to hit on those plastic face girls instead of trolling on the internet 24/7. Putting a reference to Russell Peters in every comment isn’t helping either. You poor thing.

  13. Bo Wang says:

    Koreans are also paler and Korean men are circumcised.

  14. Bo Wang says:

    Wow you really paint a flattering picture of Korean features. You forgot to mention that Koreans also have flat faces and are squat looking. Their heads are big due to disproportion not because they’re taller. Don’t forget the slit eyes and really broad faces.

  15. Huzhang says:

    That’s bullshit
    Koreans have huge moon faces with massive cheekbones like that guy from Lost

    And what’s wrong with being darker? I’m Cantonese and I’m a bit browner than a northerner, so what?

  16. expatriot says:

    I’m not Asian, but I get what you’re saying:

    Chinese=dark skinned, wide negro noses, short, and flat face

    Koreans=light skin, thin nose, masculine, and taller

    From what you’ve described I prefer the more caucasian/white appearance of Koreans compared to those dark, negroid, 3rd world-looking Chinese.

    I am willing to kick out Japan and let Korea have “honorary white status”, as long as they’re allies!

  17. OhChina says:

    well, I feel reluctant to reply but since you’re insecure enough googling images to make a point, I better shot it out too.

    you are talking about the chinese in china town who are mostly cantonese descendant, not the chinese in china. Most chinese stay in their own provinces, however, as of today, many move to Guangdong and settle down there, but the cantonese don’t usually go up, so maybe the differences between us can be less and less, just like the hongkongers.

    the majority of chinese are in sino-tibetan stock that is very different from the Koreans, it’a a fact that both N/S chinese despite the differences between these two, don’t look like koreans. However overlapping is not less common, some Chinese/Koreans/Japanese can look alike.

    the cantonese chinese and people of some other southern provinces Indeed can look quite different, not all of them, but many, nevertheless they are still chinese so we are related regardlessly, they are actually the result of Chinese troops intermixed with natives.

    China is a vast country, a lot of histories happened here. Korea is like a peanut compared to China, so it’s perfectly natural that the Koreans are much much less diverse than the Chinese.

    also the south Koreans are beauty freaks(I use the word freak not to insult) who can do anything to make them look paler or prettier, even the boys alway try to stay out of the sunlight, rub creams on the face so they look whiter, not to mention the girls. on the other hand, the north Koreans, still 100% koreans, look much uglier darker and shorter, why? you know better than me.

  18. Anon says:

    Ewww.. those pics proved that Koreans have ugly square jaws. Bony faces are very unappealing to me.

  19. OhChina says:

    I don’t why I’m even bothered to reason with them. they’re here purely to insult

  20. S. Smith says:

    do you realise how disgusting you sound?
    look down upon SEAs thinking you folks look closer to Caucasoid?
    you people are really shallow and disgusting
    this is korean, a disgraceful race, a country just being known recently, living like parasites under the shadow of China when China was powerful, then turned into slaves of Japan when Japan was powerful, now you became the USA’s bitch because the USA is powerful, and feel so good about yourselves, disgusting

  21. OhChina says:

    FFS, the Koreans really think we want to look like them.

  22. Bo Wang says:

    “Korea is not the US’s bitch”

    Is that why there’s 30,000 US military personnel occupying S. Korea?

  23. OhChina says:

    “the majority of chinese are in sino-tibetan stock that is very different from the Koreans, it’a a fact that both N/S chinese despite the differences between these two, don’t look like koreans. ”
    Here is what I said and yet you keep saying “Koreans and Chinese do not look alike.” what are you implying? did anyone say otherwise?obsessed much?

    If some people can’t tell the differences between K and C, then there’s not much you can do, they probably don’t even care.

    See, it’s you the koreans who come in and seek for tension, I mean, you seek for fight, you will get one.

    You guys have some unique features that make you Korean, we have some unique features(the flat nose, darker skin in your list) that make us Chinese, life goes on, why bother each other?

  24. Voice of China says:

    Korean v Chinese phenotypes have been discussed time and time again. It’s hardly worth going back to.

    Generally Koreans on average have a higher incidence of mongoloid eyelids, as well as having flatter faces and shorter stubbier legs (provides reduced surface area exposure to cold).

    Some of these are genetic developments which stem from the fact South Koreans essentially share a genetic pool with the early Mongolians and the Eskimos in Siberia. The rest are essentially evolutionary as those traits help them cope with colder and harsher environments.

    Can I go on forever about why South Korea is inferior? Sure, but I don’t need to. There’s a general consensus already about what Koreans are like without the need to add insult to injury. Giving a brief explanation of how Korean phenotypes developed that way is merely an objective way to address the obvious.

    On an overtone however, we can see clearly that puffer is a good example of a pseudo-intellectual. Aside from being incorrect and/or disingenuous in his examples and statements of fact, he also doesn’t understand basic economics.

    Too bad Puffer couldn’t pay me enough to educate him. He’d probably need to save up that Korean Won to feed his family this Christmas.

  25. Jason says:

    I don’t really think the US think its a mutual and cooperative alliance. as far as they’re concerned, everyone, including japan’s their bitch.
    they do try to be more civil about it but it’s definitely not what you call an equal partnership.

    as for a foreign emperor, lol

    most of the dynasties were foreign anyway if you take a closer look.
    shang and zhou were separate entities.
    Qin was considered barbaric.
    Liu Bang wasn’t originally from Qin.
    Tang’s emperors were mixed.
    Song never ruled the whole of china and had to pay tribute to Jin (foreign dynasty which claimed the mandate again?)
    Yuan’s as foreign as they go.
    Qing rulers might even look more chinese with the way they adopted chinese culture wholesale.

    “Han” seems more of a political construct than an ethnic group.
    But if you want to look for a “pure” Han/chinese dynasty which isn’t foreign, there’s maybe only 2-3 out of the whole lot?

  26. Anon says:

    Wtf.. i didn’t know that Asian women can have such massive jaws (mandible) until you posted those ugly North Korean girls. And i thought the previous Koreans have big jaws. How are the Chinese you posted considered uglier than the Koreans?? I don’t care whatever features they have that you try to claim, but they certainly don’t LOOK uglier than those gooks. And they look very southern.

  27. Jason says:

    how did a discussion on an old man’s hobby turn into an argument over who’s race is more beautiful?

  28. Voice of China says:

    [blockquote] The climate is also responsible for Koreans having much more angular and chiseled face, smaller pointer nose, higher nose bridge, lighter skin, oval shaped head, smaller mouth, greater height, lankier limbs and stronger physical build. [/blockquote]

    Firstly, having an angular and chiseled face, or a smaller or “pointier” nose doesn’t help in any way to mitigate exposure to cold environments. So your paragraph doesn’t make any sense.

    Secondly, if we take the continent of Africa as an example, there is a large variance of height between the population demography of different countries. Sudan and Pygmy as examples of polar opposites. Generally, Pygmy are shorter and have stubbier legs, as this helps reduce the total surface area that is exposed to the cold environments.

    If we use the analogy above as an illustration, Sundanese = Chinese, Pygmy = Korean. It makes evolutionary sense. Unlike the bullshit that you wrote :)

    Having a flat nose also helps in effectively warming up the air that enters into the nose and is another evolutionary trait that Koreans have in common with their Mongolion brothers.

    If I wanted to, I’m sure I could find plenty of pictures of ugly Koreans with all the features you listed above. But unlike you, I don’t care enough to do so.

    You Koreans are pretty pathetic 😀 Hahaha.

  29. Voice of China says:

    I find it quite entertaining that you would spend your free time researching and posting comments to fuel such a useless topic.

    The fact of the matter is that Koreans share a gene pool with Mongolians and the environment necessarily resulted in features I listed above.

    Scandinavians are necessarily different as there is evidence from fossil records that indicate they evolved from a different common ancestor than Asians. Similarly, diet plays a huge part in the way their body developed. The African example I illustrated above is the best because essentially the only experimental variable would be the environmental factors.

  30. Huzhang says:

    More like shitty korean “commandos” get their asses kicked by a fisherman with a piece of broken glass

  31. Voice of China says:

    Of course it doesn’t take much research.

    You simply had to find samples of various ‘average’ looking Korean and Chinese children which support your hypothesis and link them to this site.

    What I suppose takes longer is writing a few dozen 500 word comments to prove your imaginary point.

    Doing something as unproductive like that is such a predictable Korean trait. Especially since no-one is going to actually open the links. Talk about wasting time.

    If what you are saying is true, why do you feel the need to come onto a Chinese news based site and “prove” it to everyone. Nobody asked for your opinion in the first place. LOL! Insecure much?

    Besides, you’re not going to convince anyone. In China, we call Koreans “Da Bing Lian”. It means big pancake face. Flat nose, small eyes, etc. It’s so ironic you’re trying to prove the opposite here. Laughable 😀

  32. Huzhang says:

    So are you some kind of fucking autist or what?

  33. Voice of China says:

    I write a few paragraphs and you write a few essays in return. I think that demonstrates who is insecure in this context.

    How do you know whether anyone has opened the links? It’s funny you make the assumption that people are taking you seriously.

    I automatically assumed a gook or anyone making a derogatory comment would post evidence that supports their case.

    Too bad to hear about the Korean coastal guard. Gook should have been paying attention. Maybe the Korean navy is generally incompetent? Take Cheonan as an example 😀

  34. Hustla says:

    I’m impressed of the picture of those S Koreans after surgery.

  35. cindy says:


    Sorry puffer that you wasted so much time writing rubbish and lies.

    In general natural Koreans have bigger heads and faces compare to other Asians. That is why they have a small face phenomenon obsession and jaw/cheek bones reductions surgery commonly done and they are expert in this surgery.

    If you want to look like a barbie doll with perfect oval face. Go to south korea. They can change your whole face into perfect oval and reduce the size of your face.

  36. Mark says:

    Ha Ha …I guess this dude must have one of those greasy shoddy looking back alley joints where they bring in filthy alley cats in cages and blow torch them alive at your table.

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