Zhao Meimei flaunting wealth incident, exposure of corruption or jealousy attack?


On December 4th, a forum post on Tianyan.cn (already removed) titled “Hubei (province) Zhao Meimei, daughter of secretary drives a Benz and shows cleavage in USA” gained much public attention and was massively reposted onto various Chinese forums around the country.  Only a little more than two hundred words and a few pictures, this post claimed this Zhao Meimei (nick named after Guo Meimei, the 20 year-old girl claimed to work for the red cross and flaunted about her luxury cars and bags on her micro blog) is the daughter of Hubei Province Party Secretary Zhang Linwei, now attending a third-rate university in the U. S.  “As a county official’s daughter, she could even carry LV bags, go to casinos, stay in luxury hotels and dive a Benz, obviously her family bought her all these.” The post also attempted to expose something else, “Huangshi Central Hospital built two new buildings which worth more than tens of billion, is Zhang Linwei part of it?”  Post attached Zhao Meimei’s QQ number and Space address.

The pictures showed a fashionable girl, wearing sunglasses, carrying LV bags sitting in scenic park or in a Benz.  There is another picture of her on the beach, wearing very little clothing, poster called it “exposing cleavage”.






Netizens soon started human flesh search on Zhao Meimei and Zhang Linwei and found Zhang Linwei is Zhao’s mother.  Chengdu evening news reporter attempted to visit Zhao’s QQ space webpage but this person’s account was already set to private.

According to Baidu, Zhang Linwei, born in 1956, MD, medical director, “currently serves as deputy party secretary of Huangshi Central Hospital, Huangshi institute of Respiratory Medicine honorary chairman, and chairman of Huangshi Female Physicians Association, is engaged in respiration clinical medicine for many years…” and won numerous awards.  Reporter also found similar information on Huangshi Central Hospital website, but a doctor told the reporter, Zhang Linwei has not been working in the department for many years.

This reporter then contacted Huangshi Health Bureau disciplinary office.  The staff answered the phone said, “There is no name of Zhang Linwei in the current list of leaders for the hospital.”  When the reporter contacted the hospital, he surprised to find that Zhang Liwei was in deed the formal deputy party secretary but was retired last year at the end of the year.  A lady in the party office said, “Her family has been very rich, even before she took office.  The reason was Zhang Linwei’s husband is a businessman.  And the two buildings the post referred to were built 10 years ago.”

On December 5, Reporter contacted Zhanglin Wei.  She already knew about the popular post on the Internet and said in an angry tone, “Time will prove everything, I am ready for Procuratorate investigation at any time.  So many people fell in Huangshi, I am still here!”    Zhang Linwei said she is not afraid of investigation and her husband went into business as early as 1992 and he was a very famous businessman then in Huangshi.  At the same time, she commented that the hospital buildings were built 10 years ago, and she had already given up power 2 years ago and officially retired this year.  Zhang Linwei confirmed the girl in the pictures was her daughter, “but so-called “exposing cleavage” was just a hype on purpose, “There is no cleavage, it is just the shoulder, strapless shirt in the U.S. is so common.”  Zhang Linwei also told the reporter, the Benz in the picture was a used car they bought it for over ten thousand dollars.

As the reason for the post to appear, Zhang Linwei thought it was an attack due to jealousy among her daughter’s classmates, but she expressed that she would not take legal action against the poster, “Let it go, say whatever you want.  Time will prove everything.”

Source: Baidu News

  1. Bollocks. She’s getting out of the passenger side. Her boyfriend drives a Benz, so what? Maybe her boyfriend also has a $50,000 auto loan. Sheesh, are netizens in China really this jealous?

    1. Of course. Anytime for some reason somehow some way you obtain your dumb $500 LV bags, and are able to get a loan on a $50k car, you’re “surely” rich.

      Chinese people are fucking dumb both ways.

  2. “Let it go, say whatever you want. Time will prove everything.”

    These people=idiots

    This however is acceptable: “…shows cleavage in USA”

  3. I want to know what 3rd rate university she attends/attended. I know a mainland Chinese guy at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point who drives a Lamborghini Gallardo. Yes, he bought a Gallardo to drive around bumfuck Wisconsin in the winter.

    This must be a regular thing. Can’t get into Peking or Tsinghua? Can’t get into an Ivy? Fuck it.

    1. I can just imagine the disappointment from that UW-Stevens Point guy when he got there as a freshman. “This is America? This is nothing like what I saw in the movies. Oh well, I’m going to pretend like I’m in Southern California anyway. See how rich I am? Where are the ‘American Pie’ girls? Fuck it. I’m going to exclusively hang out with other mainland Chinese.”

      1. I’m surprised that Chinaman ain’t freaking out about the rednecks already.

        He must shiver with fear every time he gets out the door. Cause he knows he a fucking jackass.

  4. Jealousy !! She isn’t very pretty,though. So she shouldn’t overdo the outfits. No offense…hahhahaha

  5. I also lol’d at the 3rd rate university report.

    She must be going to community college.

  6. The girl’s family has wealth, so she dresses smartly and has a nice lifestyle.

    She’s got the decency to do work although she doesn’t need to.

    She’s pretty, and someone’s taken some nice photos of her.


    Shen me wen ti laaaaaaa?

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