Yan Fengjiao’s indecent photos incident organizer to be deported from China

| November 13th, 2011

From Netease:


Maybe you have never heard of the name Cai Guangming (蔡光明), but certainly you have heard of Yan Fengjiao (闫凤娇), a female contestant on the TV dating show If You Are the One, gained much media attention because of her indecent photos incident. Today, Pilipino male Cai Guangming, suspect in the organizing obscene performance case was sentenced at the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court. Defendant Cai Guangming was found guilty of crime of organizing obscene performances and group licentiousness (crime of assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity) and sentenced to five years imprisonment, a fine of 20,000 RMB and deportation from China. Yan Fengjiao was supposedly one of his victims.


May 10, 2010, someone uploaded a set of indecent photographs of Yan Feng Jiao. Because most of the shooting scenes happened in bedroom and bathroom, people called it the bathroom gate. This set of photos was a popular download and the word “Yan Feng Jiao” was quickly rising in the top 10 Baidu search terms. 327 MB in size, this set of photos are in high definition, looked professionally done.

May 12, 2010, Yan Fengjiao released a public statement (translated by ESWN)  and admitted that the person in the photos is indeed her, but she was threatened to take these indecent photos.

In May 2009, a Taiwanese man who claimed to represent a clothing manufacturer went through a certain car show to contact me at a time when I wanted to become a model.  He asked me to do an outdoor photo shoot.  About a week later, he contacted me and drove me to a hotel.  When I entered the room, the Taiwanese, his two female assistants and four photographers threatened me with violence and forced to pose in a series of indecent photographs.  Afterwards, the Taiwanese man told me not to tell the police or else he will publish the photos.

Because I was afraid of getting hurt even more, I did not tell the police.  The Taiwanese man called me many more times afterwards to coerce me to take more photos, but I refused.  Recently, someone has posted those photos on the Internet in order to further their criminal activities.  I was deeply shocked and angry.  I have filed a police report at the Zhabei district police station, Shanghai city.  I want them to put the criminals away as quickly as possible.  I have also hired a lawyer to defend my legal rights through other means.

However some media thinks Yan Fengjiao was lying in her statement.

She first said that they were being threatened and forced into these pornographic photos, also came up with a Taiwanese man. But netizens also exposed more of these pictures and found her laughing and playing in them, not a sign of being forced at all.

In some pictures she and one other girl were happily eating KFC takeout food.


March 3, 2011, the defendant Cai Guangming was detained on suspicion of committing the crime of organizing obscene performances. April 8, he is formally arrested on suspicion of crime of organizing obscene performances and group licentiousness.

The court found, from February to November in 2009, together with Shen Lin, Li Yijun and Dong Zhiyao, Cai Guangming had organized many models to shoot so-called “large-scale” human body photography. They also have organized obscene performances nearly 40 times in varies hotels in the Shanghai, more than 1,300 pornographic photographs gathered.

November 10, 2011 Cai Guangming is given the sentence of five years imprisonment, a fine of 20,000 RMB and deportation from China

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  1. Augis says:

    Although I understand that the whole story about the detained guy was just an excuse to publish Yan Fengjiao’s pictures again – I don’t mind at all.


  2. Curren$y says:

    Damn those fiends who forced her to happily enjoy that bucket of KFC!!!!

  3. Random Person says:

    Oh yeah. She looks upset alright.

  4. Savages Censor Me says:

    Damn, she’s so uggg.

  5. Huzhang says:


    Hurp durp durp
    Right out the mouth of some religious conservative, except not

    Sex kicks ass and is harmless 99% of the time. Quit being so repressed, prudes. Legalize porn so beta shut-ins don’t waste all their time trying to find jAV and jerking off to “legs pictures”. The fuck is up with that?

    Also shitty liar is shitty

  6. LL.lies says:

    We don’t know anything but the last picture…..could’ve been edited or an act so that she won’t be more umm harrased

  7. hsi says:

    so hot, until they showed her with that nasty ass bucket of KFC

  8. LOL says:

    a classic female mainland Chinese

  9. dontmatter says:

    so he serves first or gets deported?

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