Man hides in next room while wife being abused and raped for 1 hour

| November 8th, 2011


(From ifeng) In a small rental apartment in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, 29-year-old Wang Juan lies on the bed staring at the ceiling, she looks pale and trembling. Suddenly she sits up, puts her hands in the air and waves frantically and starts crying.  For the past half month, she couldn’t eat or drink regularly and attempted suicide several times. She has gone delirious after what happened on Oct 23rd night. She couldn’t decide which man did more harm to her – the joint-defense personnel (similar to neighborhood patrol) who beat and raped her for an hour, or her husband who hid in the next room trembling the whole time and too scared to even call the cops.

Yang Wu, 31 years old, runs a home appliance repair shop in Xixiang Street, Bao’an District in Shenzhen. His repair shop only makes about 1000 yuan per month, barely covers the family’s table. What’s worse, the shop is constantly harassed but Yang Wu always turns the other cheek just to get by with his re-married wife Wang Juan.

The seemingly peaceful life was disrupted on Oct 23rd night when a drunk joint-defense team personnel Yang Xili along with two other strong thugs came into their shop smashing everything with steel pipe and baton.  The yelled “I will make you suffer to death”. In Yang Wu’s eye, Yang Xili was really “flippant, unstoppable and often beat people up and smash cars”, instead of performing his duty of protecting the neighborhood and assisting police work.

When Yang Xili rushed in, Yang Wu just got out of the shower and his wife Wang Juan was doing house work. Yang Wu immediately fled into the storage room to escape being beaten up, whereas her wife came up to stop the smashing. Yang Xili grabbed her hair and pushed her towards the table. The more Wang Juan resisted, the more violent Yang Xili bashed her and shouted: “I am a joint-defense team personnel, brother of the police, it is useless to call the cops.”

Yang Xili also used the steel pipe to threaten Yang Wu’s 76-year-old mother and his 13-year-old daughter, driving them far away from the house. Yang Wu as man of the house witnessed the whole thing while holding his breathe in the corner. He thought Yang Xili got tired and left just like before. He was wrong.

A few minutes later, Yang Xili returned and ordered the other two strong men to watch for him at the door. Then it came Wang Juan’s screaming for help. Yang Xili swore and forced to beat up Wang Juan’s body. Wang Juan resisted only to get another round of walloping. After 20 minutes of beating, Yang Xili started tearing Wang Juan’s clothes, and dragged her into the bed room. Yang Wu heard his wife getting abused and raped.

In this less than 50 sqm apartment, the room where the violence took place and the storage room was so close that the hiding spot of Yang Wu was less than 2 m from the bed. Yang Wu could hear clearly what’s happening. In fact, he could see the living room and the bed room clearly if he could just raise his head. However, Yang Wu only hid there in tears, biting his lips for fear of making sound.

An hour later, he finally plucked up his courage and dialed 110. He was so weak and shivering that he only whispered into the phone “my wife was raped”, which was mistaken with “robbed” by the operator due the low voice. After a few round of calling 110, Yang Wu finally managed to report the situation and told the police the crime scene. A few minutes later, Yang Wu came out of the storage room seeing the police arriving. Yang Xili has finished rape but was still beating his wife naked. Lots of blood on the floor. Yang Xili picked up his pants and tried to escape while Yang Wu was looking for clothes to cover his wife. Yang Wu grappled with him until the police came in.

Wang Juan was covered in a mass of bruises and blood all over her face, murmured: “I don’t have face to live on, rather just die.” She cried and scolded at the sight of his husband: “You are not a man.” Yang Wu’s mother also cried and hit his son while crying “useless husband, useless son. My son is too weak, he failed my daughter-in-law”. She kneeled on the floor, begging for Wang Juan’s forgiveness.


Yang Wu wept: “I wanted to rush in there with a knife and slay that monster. But I have 4 children to raise and a 76 years old mother to support. If I go to jail, who’s going to take care of them? I can’t afford a broken family.” He said his 160 cm tall was no match for Yang Xili’s, plus they carried weapon and two sidekicks. He also worried that if he called the cops, he would be bullied even harder later.

Yang Xili was arrested by the police. But the nightmare is not over. In the following half month, Yang Wu was constantly harassed by Yang Xili’s family in order to make him drop the lawsuit. In a phone recording, Yang Xili’s brother threatened “Your whole family may die out” “I can’t promise your children’s safety after my brother gets out from the jail in a few years. His wife has already run away, he has nothing to lose, you think about it”.


Yang Xili’s mother even took her grandson along to come to Yang Wu’s door and scolded them “The woman’s shameless, she seduced my son and then accused him for rape?” “You are raped but still make a fuss of it, don’t you have sense of shame?” Yang Wu’s mother kneeled to stop her making false accusation and begged for justice.

Fear for revenge, Yang Wu actually went to the police department to request to drop the lawsuit, but was rejected and reprimanded by the police.

Wang Juan only stayed for a short while in the hospital since the family couldn’t afford her complete treatment. She fell into very unstable mental state, refused to drink or eat. Yang Wu and his mother took turn to keep an eye on her as Wang Juan already attempted suicide several times.


The bloodstain was still there under the bed. Bandage wrapped around her left wrist, the same hand she wore her wedding ring. Her 13-year-old daughter cried along with her mother. The youngest kid was only 3 years old, doesn’t quite understand what’s happening yet.


People are confused about Yang Wu’s action. One bystander said, the police department was only a few steps away. Yang Wu could have run out of the house and shout for help, police and neighbors would come to his rescue in seconds. But he didn’t.

Joint-defense team claimed that Yang Xili was only a personnel of the force, but only for temporary employment. He was unemployed days before the crime.

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  1. aodaliya ren says:

    Poor woman.

    The least the husband could have done was take a beating in defending his wife from this animal.

    I understand he was scared but if this was a continual occurance at the point where someone is harming a family member it is time to man up and take action.

    As for his mother the way I red the store suggests she fled the scene with a child. She too could have gone to the police a few metres up the road and informed them.

    The family of this vile rapist are all in denial. The mother of the offender going to the premises and abusing the victim’s family is just a low as her son’s actions. And as for the brother who cannot ensure the safety of the victim’s family after the offender is released is a parasite in any culture.

  2. Bo Wang says:

    Yup, the offender was obviously a temporary worker.

  3. Joey says:

    More of this coverage is devoted to shaming a man who clearly was outnumbered instead of shaming the thug who actually committed the crime. Whoever wrote this article has to question whose side he is on.

  4. Curren$y says:

    That’s some scary shit

  5. China>Korea says:

    Lol filthy Korean beggars, all Korean women look like trolls before plastic surgery and the men are balding little shits who eat dog meat all day

  6. Random Person says:

    I’m more disgusted by the rapist’s mother than anyone else. She actually goes to there house (grandson in tow) and says the poor woman seduced her son, scolding them. With that type of REALLY old-fashioned attitude, no wonder her son is screwed up and his wife ran away.

  7. Venus says:

    it’s the 21st century and this shit still happens??? says a lot about the country and its people.

  8. Huzhang says:

    I woulda beaten those fuckers like I beat Koreans.

    gook_shit knows what I’m talkin’ about.

  9. Mr.Steal.Your.Girl says:

    18 people walk passed a dying child.
    Man hides in closet watch wife gets raped.

    Can it get lower than this?

    Sec…let me get popcorn.

  10. nil says:

    I thought rape is against maoist ideology.

  11. LL.lies says:

    We are all human,I know since he is the husband he should’ve help but he is scared,like any person would be. Ton of you who have commented probably won’t even do shit either,not saying I would too idk if I would or not. At first I thougt he was pathetic but now…..I just feel pity towards him. He may be both but you know,why just blame him what about those three scumbags??

  12. Dddie says:

    China.. that name itself tells you everything you need to know, but don’t want to know.

  13. harry says:

    wait wait!!!

    See how JOINT defense team fooled reporters & media persons saying that ” rapist defense personnel is a temporary employee” to protect defense service from insult (defamation). Officials can easily dupe media persons & internet users..

  14. So Sad says:

    This is soo sad. Yang Xili deserves death.

  15. voiceofhomer says:

    In the west we pay guys to have their wives get it on with strangers so we can watch.

    What’s wrong with them China men, make some money with the wife.

  16. TruthTeller says:

    Country full of worthlessness

  17. 老外 says:

    If anyone even tried it to my girlfriend, I would kill them with my bare hands. And then I would throw their corpse in a fire.

  18. Voice of China says:

    How would you do that? I heard you were gay.

  19. Random Person says:

    Oh my goodness…for once you are being serious.

  20. Mark says:

    This is the same type of peasant mentality that allowed the Japanese to conquer most of China, and the occupation only ended due to the hard work of the U.S. forces in destroying the Japanese Empire.

    Peasants build trains that collide and then dump them into ditches with a live baby still in them. Peasants poison milk to make a quick ruble, and allow their livestock to feed at toxic dump sites. Peasants cower in fear and allow anyone with authority to violates their wives.

  21. 老外 says:

    You know, I’m actually quite friendly to China. This man, however, is a scumbag. Go fenqing somewhere else, ladyboy.

  22. 老外 says:

    This man = the coward husband. Not korean_guy.

    korean_guy is hilarious, and he’s the only reason I visit this website.

  23. Mark says:

    I should know about peasants, I was born in the rural deep south the inbred retard of cousinfuckers. I just now impregnated my white trash sister

  24. Mark says:

    Yes there are lots of rednecks in the Ivy League…

    Even the lowest redneck from Appalachia or Alabama would protect their home, hearth and kin folk with lethal force.

  25. Mark says:

    Oops my bad, I meant the ivy thistle where I fucked a pig and ate me some of them grits cuz I ain’t got no teeths, not after my mouth full o buck teeth got knocked out by dem black boys. Im so scared of the blacks since my mom got her white country ass pounded by black dicks

  26. Voice of China says:

    Hey Mark,

    don’t forget to bark. I really enjoyed it when you and gook_guy were having a family feud.


  27. Mark says:

    I squeal like a pig on all fours when dem black boys come round and make me their bitch, that’s how it goes round here

  28. korean_guy says:

    Marks dick is about 2in long. I sucked him off last night and fingered his asshole. That’s just normal behavior for us white trash folk and we always swallow after we give blowjobs. I really want to be Korean or Chinese cuz they are so superior to my pathetic caucasian inbred ass.


  29. Alex says:

    I don’t get it. If you hate China and Chinese people so much, why are you still on this website?

  30. 老外 says:

    Just don’t ask. Sit back and enjoy the show.

    I personally love China, but I can still laugh at how hilarious korean_guy is, especially when he’s right on the money. I don’t go as far as to blame all Chinese, but you have to admit… most of the time he has a point.

    I’d laugh even if he were white_guy making fun of blacks, or black_guy making fun of white people. Any combination is fine, including my own race. I make fun of my race every day!

  31. Korean_guy says:

    at least someone is taking me seriously. i’m actually a white guy pretending to be asian cuz i got raped by black guys and i feel insecure. everytime i see a black guy my asshole starts tingling.


  32. geum ja says:

    but what ain’t understand why you hate chinese so much what’s the relevance the black guy and the chinese………..???
    could you explain to me………

    even you’re white why you have to pretend to be korean guy…..???
    why were you hide your identity and now you’re confessing as white……? ain’t get it???? hehehe

  33. Shi xue jia says:

    Ya, some of your stories is true but less in validity…..I mean maybe you forget that
    why Silla can unify Korean Penninsula because of Tang’s support. Then Silla kicked out the Tang. About the Monggol, in fact at that time, around 1200s – 1350s every land that invated by the Monggols were conquered, not only China but also Goryeo (Korea). China was the latest which is subjected to Monggols. Afterward the Monggols want to adopted culture and pretend to be Chinese (Hans) by using name Yuan Dynasty.
    As I remember Korean Penninsula is always be protectorate of China’ dynasties, back to Hans, Tangs, Mings…….to protect Korea from Japanese and other foreign power.
    About the Manchu’s, Manchus adopted the way of Chinese in organize the state thats way the Chinese can accept they as government.

    I mean in some points yiu were right but I suggest that you should look the history in holistically not parted.

    The truce is Chinese civilizations had tremendous impact in human live, in fact Korea, Japan, Monggolia, Vietnam are deeply influenced by Chinese civilizations. Korea, especially Goryeo and Joseon were adopt Chinese administration in government and cultural live. I think that all facts that can be denied.

  34. Evan says:


    I am Korean – don’t listen to the guy above me. I realize we’re upset, but this has nothing to do with China or Korea – it’s about a police officer who abused his powers, a woman who was raped, and a husband who was powerless and fearful. Let’s not strike an “international debate”. We can all agree, wherever we are from, that this was wrong.

    I am EXTREMELY curious as to the outcome of this all.

  35. some_guy says:

    korean_guy you are my god-damn hero! I agree with every reply you have made so far!

  36. Dddie says:

    if the law is against you… or peasants in that case, then you’ll be really shit.

    politics > law > people. so pick the right party.

  37. Killuminati says:

    sar·casm/ˈsärˌkazəm/ noun:

    The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

  38. voiceofhome says:

    This is a China bashing site for whiteys.

    So what do you expect, nice things about the Chinese and China.

  39. Meas says:

    White people bashing on the Chinese? Interesting…thanks for the heads-up…

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