Founder Electronics purchases typography created by street beggar

From Xinhua News:


A beggar named Chui Xianren recently became famous after pictures of his handwriting leaked on the internet. Begging on the streets in Shangdong, Chui would often write lists of life opinions in remarkably beautiful style on the ground adjacent to him. Founder Electronics, the biggest Chinese font supplier in the world, has decided to buy Chui’s handwriting.

Chui, 49 years old, is from Hei Longjiang province in the northeast of China. 18 years ago, he was heavily burnt during an accident when a barrel of diesel fuel exploded at work… He was wounded in the face and hands, and all but his fore and index fingers are paralyzed. Unable to work, Chui begs by the means of showing his beautiful handwriting on the streets. In October this year, a netizen named CMYKer posted a picture of Chui’s work, gaining the attention of Founder Electronics.

"Chui’s writing is quaint and elegant. It is so beautiful that we believe that with some development it will be widely used in advertisements" said Wang, the product manager of Founder Electronics who holds high praises for Chui’s style. Being perfectly designed, it is suitable to be applied to the packages of products. "It can also be applied to the titles of magazines and as furniture carving," Wang added.

Chui has signed a contract with Founder Electronics. His font is named after his own name "Xian Ren." All profits in the next 50 years belong to him. Founder Electronics has paid 50,000RMB (about 7,800 dollars) in advance to support Chui’s living expenses as he works on his font collection. Chui’s font will be made into a personal version and a commercial one, the latter charging more with about 2000RMB for one-year’s authorization.

Amongst the fonts produced at Founder Electronic, plenty are named after famous persons, For example, the "Jing Lei” font, is named after the actress Xu Jinglei for her distinguished features. Chui’s font, however, is the first that comes from a blue-collar worker. Chui added that though he has financial support now, he will continue to beg with his chalk masterpieces.


Chui has signed a contract with Founder Electronics. His font is named after his own name "Xian Ren." All profits in the next 50 years belong to him.





  1. This makes me hopeful. The company didn’t just steal the font from him–plagiarize without anyone knowing.

    1. I bet you anything those greedy chinks STOLE and PLAGARIZED that beggers handwriting. That beggar is probably an ethnic tibetan, korean, or taiwanese. He may even be White because we all know chinks looove to steal the White man’s ideas.

      Too bad Chinks, wetbacks, and Niggers can’t come up with anything original without stealing it.

      1. Wow, what a tough keyboard warrior you are, calling out races like that as if every invention discovered in this world was created by “white” people…

        Maybe if you left your country or even state you would learn that the world is a lot bigger than your backyard you racist dumb fuck…

    2. Well it does say “all profits” belong to him but what defines a profit? Did you know movies never make a profit due to accounting tricks? The film companies are notorious for getting suckers to sign the rights to good stories in exchange for the “profits” of which there never are any. Stan Lee for example did not get any payment for the Spider-Man movie even though it grossed $400 million because there were no profits. Don’t be surprised if this guy never gets more than the advance money.

      1. During the early 70 Stan Lee worked for Marvel. Whatever he creates is owed by Marvel. I am sure he was well compensated then. I think he becomes greedy and asked for share of profit when Spiderman become a hit.

  2. This website could seriously use some monitoring on the comments page. It’s on my blog roll and every once in a while there will be some interesting content. But without fail there is always incredibly offensive comments by a few people. I don’t know what type of image this website strives for but it’s pretty lame to see nothing done. Either moderate it or remove the comments section. What it is right now is an embarrassment.

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  3. You can’t be a “font supplier” you morons.You can be a font designer, but not a font supplier unless you make all those fonts that you sell, yourself.

    1. You really don’t know anything, do you?

      It’s a font foundry. In this case they didn’t hire the designer, they just bought an outside designer’s work which happens all the time.

  4. wew……….I’m very proud for him (“Xian Ren”), he never give up…….Jia You!

  5. Cool this guy is a true artist…. I’m a westerner who doesn’t know anything about how Chinese calligraphy styles are conceived, but shouldn’t it be based on brushstrokes? I am puzzled because he’s using chalk and not a brush, but has nevertheless made this beautiful calligraphy-style.

  6. What a beautiful story. It makes me sad to think that this man wasn’t compensated for being injured on the job.

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