Driver dodges hundreds of steel rods during collision

| October 29th, 2011


(From ycwb) On Oct 26 in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a dark grey Volvo bumped into a taxi head-on then got a truck up the rear, causing hundreds of steel rods on the truck to thrust into the Volvo’s windshield. Surprisingly the driver managed to dodge all the flying steel rods that turn his car into a porcupine.

24-year-old driver Yang was driving a Volvo downtown when he suddenly spot road block police at the front. Thinking that the car didn’t have a plate yet, Yang quickly turned the car around and moved onto the opposite lane only to meet an upcoming taxi. Volvo hit the taxi at the side and was immediately pushed away to tail a truck loaded with steel rods.

  “I was panic because the car was going at over 60 km/h. But my brain is still clear, I realized that the car was crashing onto those steel rods, so I threw myself on the passenger seat.” Yang recalled. As soon as he bent down, the rods have already pierced through the car with a deafening blow.

“When the car stopped, steel rods were all over my head with one only a few centimeters away from my face.” Yang was then sent to the hospital. After checkup, he was only slightly scratched.

Fortunately he managed to escape death unhurt, good for him, but his irresponsible driving has definitely cost mental and financial damage for others. Nowadays tragic car wrecks and road accidents news are all over the media, but none of those works to give Chinese drivers some warning at least if not deterrent? Or have Chinese drivers got accustomed and numb to them? What will it take for them to learn their lessons and start acting responsibly?





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  1. drewwang says:

    I call bullshit on the story behind this crash. Look at all that fucking blood. On both airbags. I think this wouldn’t have been a story if the guy(?) driving had died. It sounds badass when you say someone dodged that shit though.

  2. bjm says:

    The Chinese Olympic Committee should send scouts.

  3. Gary says:

    “Thinking the car didn’t have a plate YET”? How does it work in China? In the USA if you buy a new car you get a paper “plate” as a sticker in the window. The car dealer won’t even give you the car key without putting one there. Then you get a regular plate in the mail after a month or so. How did this guy get a new Volvo without one?

  4. expatrick says:

    Asians (esp. Koreans) can’t drive. Probably due to the slits they call “eyes”.

  5. Augis says:

    Ouch. Looks like an accident from some “Final Destination” movie.

  6. Curren$y says:

    He dodged that shit like my dad dodged child support

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