College girl offers 5 nights of sex for iPhone 4s, chat log exposed

From Sina:


Lately a chat log between a college freshman girl and a man was exposed on the Internet, revealed the shocking news that the freshman girl offered to sleep with this man she met online for 5 nights in exchange for the money to buy an iPhone. The chat log was posted online by her boyfriend who sadly stumbled upon this shocking truth.







Translation (‘Take Me Away, Please’ is the freshman’ girl’s screen name and ‘lovemelo’ is the man.):

Girl: yesterday when you messaged me, my boyfriend was there

Man: Oh, sorry

Man: I thought something happened to you

Girl: Em.

Man: Hehehe, was he suspicious of you?

Girl: No

Man: Do any of your classmates need this job?

Girl: No

Man: oh

Man: Open-mouthed smile

Girl: What

Man: you said you are in love, so probably don’t have time to go out?

Girl: It’s ok

Girl: but I don’t want to go far

Man: Oh

Man: When do you have time I can go get you, buy you dinner

Girl: Em, where are we going?

Man: In our district center, what do you want to eat

Girl: Shimao Center?

Girl: Which center?

Man: The place I took you last time, we didn’t even eat last time

Man: next time we drink a little

Girl: No, I don’t know how

Man: Ok then we don’t drink

Man: Which night (are you free)

Man: You don’t need to spend the night

Girl: I don’t have time these days

Girl: I am going to eat now

Girl: I don’t like it when (you) can’t do it and find excuses

Man: I am not someone who only talks

Girl: …

Man: When you are free, I will drive to pick you up

Girl: Oh,

Man: Give me a date, I will plan it

Girl: I don’t care. Any time

Man: What do you say? You are free any time? Spending the night or by hours?

Girl: Spending the night on a weekend

Man: Ok Friday night ok?

Man: Next Friday afternoon, I go pick you up

Girl: Spending the ngiht?

Girl: How about Sunday,

Man: Ok no problem

Man: You are busy

Man: 5 nights and you can get an iPhone.

Gril: 4999 yuan.

Man: 4500.

Man: 4500, it’s cheaper now.

Man: I just asked about the price today.

Girl: Then buy me one. You pick a time (to have sex), whenever you want.

Man: But you’re not willing to do everything I want. Why should I buy you one? We’ll see how your performance is in bed this time.

Girl: Forget it. I don’t count on you now.

Man: What are you talking about. 5 nights you can make around 4,000 yuan. Honestly, if you cooperate with me, I can even give you 1,000 yuan for one night.

Girl: I’m willing to do anything except blow-job.

Man: What happened?

Girl: You said I don’t cooperate with you, Isn’t that what you are talking about? Last time you didn’t mention it. If you asked for it I’d cooperated with you. But I really don’t like it.

Man: You must have tried it before, it’s ok after washing it clean

Man: You can be smelly in bed, it’s ok

Man: I will just be couple minutes any ways

Girl: ………

Man: yes, you still can’t not capture men’s heart in bed, I will teach you

Man: It will be useful in the future

Girl: I can capture on the floor

Man: You can’t capture on the floor

Girl: Especially girls like you looks pretty good, if even better at sex, no man can escape your hands.

Girl: You think I look good?

Man: Of course, or else I will ask you out the 2nd time.

Girl: Oh,

Man: Don’t have confidence?

Man: See you Friday

Girl: I want an iPhone.

Man: You want to cooperate with me?… To get enough money for an iPhone is actually quite easy.

Girl: Then buy it for me. What do you say?

Man: We’ve talked about it. You cooperate with me in bed, one night for 800 yuan. With 5 night’s money, you can buy one.

Girl: Get me an iPhone first, I can even sleep with you for months.


Netizens "Human Flesh Searched” the freshman girl and posted many of her photos on the Internet, She turned out to be a college freshman in Nanjing


That’s her boyfriend who exposed the chat log


This is not the only case people in China doing something crazy for Apple products. It seems Chinese youth are wild about Apple products (Some people blames the phenomenon on their vanity and peer pressure). Two years ago, Apple only generated just $1 billion business in China, but today China has accounted for around 10 percent of Apple’s revenues. Though it’s still beyond some people’s understanding, as revealed by news reports, many teenagers in China have considered to sell their body one way or another in exchange for this gadget.

Early this June a 17-year-old high school student from Anhui Province had his right kidney removed and sold for money to buy an iPad and an iPhone. He went all the way to Hunan province to have the operation done and came back home with an iPad and an iPhone. When his parents found out the shocking truth, they reported police. But without one kidney, the health condition of the 17-year-old has been declining rapidly.


This incident also happened this June. A girl who claimed to be an after-90s from Guangdong province, stated in her post on her microblog page that she was willing to trade her "valuable virginity" for an iPhone4. The original post goes,


我的梦想就是买台IPHONE4 可爸爸不肯给钱我买,有没有能人能送我一台。我能够给我最宝贵的初夜给他

My dream is to have one iPhone4. But my dad refused to give me the money. Is there anyone who will give me one? In return, I will give him my most valuable ‘first night’.

    1. Yeah no kidding. I can’t verify this, but my gut feeling (and based on things I have heard from others) is that the vast majority of mainland Chinese girls think blow jobs are icky and will not give them. Hence, move to Japan.

    2. Not worth an iPhone. There are plenty of *much* more attractive hookers in China who cost much less. (And yes, this girl is absolutely a hooker).

  1. I bet Voice-Of-China will be here to spruik his propaganda.

    Seriously i thought chinese (youth) are smarter than their western counterparts but it appear they are all the same – bamboozled by the new world order.

    Die with your gadjets…

  2. ChinaHush is a great site, but needs to take better care with editing. You wrote “corporate” instead of cooperate several times in your post. Like “You want to corporate with me?”

    Now, that just makes no sense. I understand how difficult translation is, and how much effort you put forth, but when every post is filled with basic English mistakes that could be easily fixed by a simple edit, it’s hard to take you guys seriously. If you want to be a respected platform, and I think you have a lot of potential here, you need to assign copy-editing duties to certain native English speaking members.

    Other than that, thank you Olivia for taking the time for translating this!

    1. I completely agree. I like ChinaHush. It has a lot of potential, and the (obviously Chinese) main editor puts a lot of time and effort into it. But it is riddled with errors. Your basic rule of thumb should be to use spell-check. But like the commenter said, you should delegate the final editing to a native English speaker. This you MUST do in order to maintain credibility with me and I am sure many others.

      1. It doesn’t actually matter to me. I like the grammar and spelling mistakes, as they give credit to the author as being an authentic Chinese writer. Chinese speakers of English rarely get everything right.

        I’ve learned a long time ago not to expect much from ESL folks. 🙂

      2. How well can you write Chinese? I’m betting you can’t so how about cutting the staff here a little slack? It’s fucking difficult to learn to write a new language in case you haven’t noticed.

        Thanks CH staff for providing this news in English, good or bad I can understand 99.9% of it, so keep up the good work.

  3. Something seems not to be priced correctly here. But hey… I do them, hands down.. No BJ? Who care.. COF is fine.

  4. Начинающая шлюшка… ничего удивительного!!! Пол страны таких! Уже блять за пиво дают…

  5. пздц. она совсем ебанулась?! мне жаль таких людей.

  6. Damn,deserves it! Bitch is crazy,why would she do that? Even I wouldn’t,get a job lazzy but!

  7. I wonder how many nights I get for a used iPad (mint conditions and still in warranty!!). Chinese girls, make an offer!

  8. haha! If she hadn’t been found out, a typical mainland flat-chest dopey-looking slut wins. What fool pays 80 quid a night to bang that?! A mainlander desperate male with ill-gotten gains that’s who!, so she wins. And her former, no still current boobfriend (most likely he’s forgiven her as that’s the best he’s ever going to get in his Warcraft playing life) looks like a typical nice-guy chump – god knows how much money he spent before having his hand up her blouse; she wins again!

  9. “The chat log was posted online by her boyfriend who sadly stumbled upon this shocking truth.”

    TRANSLATION: The guy spied on her private conversation, got pissed off and posted it on the Internet.

  10. To make matters worse, the recorded measurments of Steve Job’s penis length and girth far exceed her boyfriend’s.

  11. Classic mainland Chinese women…
    Seriously, nowadays there are so many prostitutes roaming around the streets in mainland China just because it is so much easier to ‘earn’ fast money rather than finding an actual job and saving money from there. They’re just complete trash.

  12. Not that I have partaken in China’s booming prostitution business, but I have heard they won’t ‘do’ foreigners, and if they will, they charge 5 to 10 times more.
    I see ad’s on Craigslist for girls that charge 1500 – 2000 per hour all the time.

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