Photo of Girl Putting Little Brother to Sleep in Class Moved Netizens


(From Xian Xiang Morning News) Yesterday, a photo named “Little brother needs to sleep” got retweeted almost 1000 times within one hour on QQ weibo (and the number mounts to 6962 within 24 hours). Many netizens were moved by the little girl’s love for her baby brother, and some offered to donate money.

The photo was taken on July 29th this year in rural primary school in Fenghuang County when the girl was listening to the teacher but her brother was crying for sleep, she immediately hugged and rocked him to sleep while at the same time feeling tired and sleepy too. According to photographer Lu Qixing, the girl’s parents were working in a city far away while her grandparents were too busy with farming, so she had to take care of her little brother herself. Her little brother’s head was bigger than normal due to malnutrition.

Teacher Wu Jianhui said the girl was in second grade, the phenomenon of stay-at-home children having to bring their little siblings to school prevailed in Miao ethnic villages of Shanjiang Town, Fenghuang County.



  1. Touching indeed.
    But in the aftershock of Yueyue’s death (the 2 years old girl hit by two vans) the “compassionate” netizens moved by this story somehow feel fake.

    1. Not likely. The Miao are rural and poor indeed, but they stay in their countryside villages at much higher rates than other ethnics. Their culture is completely unlike the majority of China.

  2. “The Miao should just fuck off to Laos or Vietnam or some shit”

    Miao people fucked your wife or mom?

  3. Touching!! I admire her a lot!! I wish her the blessings equal to her sacrifice, I hope she will grow up as a good girl and will not emulate others cause of hardship. God Bless!! <3

  4. The one child policy has for a long time (Perhaps for the entire time of the policy, I do not know.) had exemptions for some categories of people. The first two that I think of are for families actively engaged in farming. I believe that they can have a second child if the first is a girl (or has a disability). The second is for one of the recognized ethnic minorities. (China has many – I think of the Native American tribes in the US.)

    According to Wikipedia (Which is probably a better source than I am.)

    In accordance with PRC’s affirmative action policies towards ethnic minorities, all non-Han ethnic groups are subjected to different laws and are usually allowed to have two children in urban areas, and three or four in rural areas. Han Chinese living in rural areas are also permitted to have two children.[39] Because of couples such as these, as well as urban couples who simply pay a fine (or “social maintenance fee”) to have more children,[40] the overall fertility rate of mainland China is closer to two children per family than to one child to a family (1.8 in 2008).[41]

    The Miao are definitely a recognized ethnic minority in China.

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