Man lies to parents about studying in UK for 6 years, spends 6 million

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Beijing Morning post reported (via Netease): a man has been living in Beijing for long time, but his parents far away in Jiangsu Province thought he was studying at Oxford University. For 6 years, parents sent him over 6 million yuan. But now, he spent all 6 million yuan and also owed another 400,000 yuan to the loan sharks. Parents finally found out the truth, he had nothing to say but to threaten to commit suicide. Yesterday, he finally gave up on suicide after firefighters and the police persuaded him for over 2 hours.

“My son said he is going to commit suicide, please come and help me.” Yesterday, a woman on the phone said anxiously, her son is threatened to commit suicide in a residential building. Badachu firefighters arrived at the site, a skinny man, around 1.70 meters tall is talking with the police. “Leave me alone, let me die.” The young man shouted, feeling very emotional.

According to his parents, the man is their son, 31 years old, form Jiangsu Province and had been living in Beijing for the past 6 years without a job. Their son planned to go to Oxford University to study but because of some personal reason he could not go. So he came to Beijing by himself. The parents always thought he was studying in the U. K. until September of this year they came to Beijing after finding out the truth. In the past 6 years, they sent over 6 million yuan to their son over bank transfers. Their son now still owes over 400,000 yuan to the loan sharks.

According to the mother, their son had a girlfriend who was also from Jiangsu Province. In September they stopped sending more money, so two of them broke up. The man confirmed that during the relationship with this girl, they spent 2 million yuan of his parent’s money. In order to cover the truth from his family, he constantly were looking for agency to help him with procedure of studying in the UK, but they were unsuccessful and some money where swindled by these people.

The parents said, they operate a small silk factory back at home, making money is not easy. So they were very angry after learning the truth and called the police after their son threatened to kill himself.

The man finally agreed to reconciliation with his parents after 2 hours of conversation with the firefighters and the police. Parents: “Thank you, things have been resolved, we already talked to our son.”

(illustration by Brain Chang)

  1. What’s the point of keeping such a useless son? Might as well forget about him and let him die, I don’t really understand what the parents doing. It is such bullshit

  2. What a waste of a space… Loser man.. its ad enough to lie to other people.. but to your own parents??? That’s just beyond belief…

  3. About US$940,000.00

    So, it is obviously a very rich family. It is sad that the son only knows how to spend money, not earn it!

  4. I am a student at University in Australia. This kind of behaviour is very common across all nationalities. I see many students here from India, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China all rorting thier parents of there precious savings.

    Many students come to Australia and at first have language difficulties and drop out of degree/bachelor subjects to go off and study hopsitality, trades or even nursing. A great many that do complete the degrees get permenant residency then become taxi drivers as they paid for or cheated thier way through University and have acquired no professional skills to work.

    Most of these students continue to lie to thier parents fearing that they would be unearthed as the failures that they truly are. One Pakistani I know has been here for 4 years obtaining money for Uni fees, books, rent and living expenses from his father. The parents believe that he is now starting his masters in Bachelor of Business Accounting, he has not passed a single subject let alone been to school once in the last 2 and a half years. The bulk of the money is spent on cannabis, ice and gambling.

    Another Japanese girl I am aware of has lied to her parents at home saying she also has completed a degree and is doing her masters, she is actually enrolled in a hospitality college that upon completion will not get her work anywhere in Australia above waitressing, yet she will spend $20,000 Australian dollars per year on tuition fees of her parents money and continues to lie and end up with no professional qualifications.

    Melbourne’s biggest money earner is education, the influx of foriegn students and the money that they spend trying to attain degrees at Universtity. The government here like the various educational institutions are vultures feeding off of them, niether could give a damn if the students succeed just as long as the money continues to flow.

    Several years ago we were really lax as to the immigrants that were allowed to get permenat visas. At one stage you just had to do hairdressing, bricklaying or carpentry to live here permanently. Now there are restrictions to stop immmigrants from obtaining degrees and applying for permanent residency without working in their chosen fields and professions for a given period of time before they are allowed to become bottom feeders in society.

    1. That is good information. Thank you for sharing, aodaliya ren. As to the unfairness of it, let me offer a somewhat different perspective:
      As a local student in the US at a respectable university, I find that the foreign students are bringing this trouble upon themselves. They don’t even try to adapt to American culture, and they end up making friends exclusively with their country-mates. This hinders them from learning English to any acceptable level of proficiency, which, I might add, was expected of them to even be admitted to the university. They not only fail classes on account of their poor English ability, but also because they treat their studentship in the US as a time to party it up. Most foreign students attend at least 5x as many social events and parties (mostly exclusive to international students) than local students. While they’re out having a blast, those of us who earn high marks are studying. That’s not to say that all foreign students are English-averse, status-obsessed party animals, but neither do all foreign students fail at my university. The majority of them, however, don’t do so well.
      On an additional note: most local students pay their own way, or at least a large part of it. The fact that so many foreign students not only have no compunction about spending absurd amounts of their parents’ money, but go so far as to buy luxury goods, expensive cars, and designer clothes and handbags all on their parents’ dime speaks volumes about their sense of responsibility, and an irresponsible person typically does not make a good student.

      1. Zvi would have to agree with you fully.

        The same problem exists here too, non of these students want to assimilate into thier new surrounds let alone the culture. I have been studying Putonghua for 4 years now and encourage the Chinese students to make Australian friends, if not then atleast converse in English so that there education can be more rewarding and easier to tackle.

        These students don’t seem to have the ability or motivation to want to intergrate or socialise outside of the culture and friends from which they came. I can’t comment on any other western cultures but Australia is a melting pot for a diverse cultural mix from all across the planet. However the vast majority of Australian’s are still naive to the reality of what is truly going on. Most still think that immigrants are arriving just to take thier jobs, I find this humourous as these are the low paying jobs that they themselves refuse to do.

        Often I have friends that see fellow students driving around in BMW’s, carrying Lou Vuitton handbags or accessorising with the most expensive items imaginable, thay all ask the same question “How the hell do they afford these things?”.

        The reality hit home when a Chinese girl I was dating moved into share accomodation. 12 people lived in a 2 bedroom unit that had been converted into 4 rooms to all save money, they all lived off of 2 minute noodles and were lucky if they ate 3 meals a day, yet the majority of them drove cars worth more than $20,000. The girl I was dating had been living of off 2 minute noodles for 16 months, I asked her “why she would not eat better” Her response was, “to save money”. But there she was at the Louis Vuitton shop every six months spending between $1500 – $2500 each on 3 to 4 handbags with the money her parents had sent her. It is just crazy!

        1. Those China girls are there for sex with white guys, you like to get them in bed too and that’s why you want them to speak English, otherwise who gives a shit.

          Never see a China man in OZ with any white girl, have you?

    2. This is truly a heart wrenching reality of parents wanting to give the best for their children but all gone to waste. You know I have to work my way part time doing freelance programming and other kinds of stuffs during my college days. Today’s kids don’t appreciate what they have and what their parents has gone through to send them overseas for good education.

  5. this guy is as much evidence of trends as he is criminal. he was conning his parents. the girl was conning him. Who gets conned next. It seems no one was suspicious enough, careful enough or attentive enough. It seems that gullibility is an inherited trait. 信任但验证的. Would this be correct?

  6. This dude is just sad. To have squandered off so much money on excuses, lies, scapegoats, and schemes of his own and others.

    Not even a legitimate money vacuum like drugs, gambling, alcoholism.

    1. Oh yes, it would have been better if he spent almost a million USD on alcohol in the span of 6 years! Actually, g-hutong, I agree with you, except I would also add the inflated cost of education to that list of rackets.

  7. He might as well study at University of Nottingham in Ningbo or any other
    foreign university in China.

    He is a disgrace to all chinese people, to spend his parents hard earned
    money on his lust for luxury.

  8. That’s why you gotta beat em with an extension cord when they’re young so they don’t pull this shit on you when they’re old. My parents did and look how I turned out.


  9. The parents should have sent him off at the airport instead of taking his word that he is going to the UK to get a postgrad.

  10. I’d just like to add that so many of your comments are ignorant regarding Australia. I was born and bred here and no, not all internationals act that way. Some do, not all. We don’t fear them taking our jobs, as yes they generally take jobs we don’t want. Not all of them are slobs who squander their parents’ money to buy flashy brands and cars. Some do work hard and get results. I agree it’s a problem that most internationals are not proficient in English as it should be a requirement to study and work here. Hell, half the stores in Melbourne are owned and run by foreigners who can hardly put an English sentence together! They cater for the influx of foreigners and international students we get, and because of this it is a lot easier for internationals to not pick up the language. What makes lots of Australians angry is the fact that internationals complain about how expensive it is to study here, when they should be thankful for the opportunity. Places are RESERVED for them to study here so they pay for that. Locals miss out on university places because of internationals, so when the ones who abuse that privilege come here and mess around instead of studying.. that makes people angry.

    The guy in this article is just a leeching idiot, but shame on his parents for being so stupid.

    And Korean Guy.. From your racist comments to your hugely unattractive profile picture, you’re obviously not very intelligent at all. There really isn’t much more to say about you. Just another retarded keyboard warrior who would not have even half the balls to say what you type aloud in real life to peoples’ faces. What an achievement.

    That is all.

  11. Oh, and yes I see many Chinese and other Asian guys with white girls.

    In fact there are many Asian-white couples here in Australia.

    And yes though Chinese girls and pretty much every race of foreigner who wants to get a PR here will try and con locals into their traps.. It generally does not work unless the local is completely stupid or desperate. Also, for Asian females who cannot speak English, mostly older men will have them in desperation for some sort of company.

    We are aware of it. But it doesn’t happen unless people are stupid or want it to happen.

    Don’t assume things 😉 It’s ridiculous that you haven’t seen Asian guy – white girl couples! They’re everywhere! In fact, I’m in one of those relationships myself, though he was born here.

    The reason we want everyone in Australia to speak English is because it’s an English speaking country! If you plan on staying here, you should have to learn it. It’s super difficult to do lots of seemingly simple things in Melbourne now, like make an enquiry over the phone to a business or even make a booking in person at a restaurant, because the people who run the places can’t speak English! Most of the time you have to bring along a Chinese or Korean or whatever nationality friend who speaks that language, just to make sure it’s done correctly! That, or you just hope it will work out. It’s slightly ridiculous that I can’t make a booking in my own language in my own country because people who want to move here refuse to speak it! This is just one of the reasons why you should have to learn to speak the language of the country you want to live in.

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