Merchant hangs dogs to death as protest in a relocation dispute

From ifeng and others:


In the morning of October 11th, people in Shenzhen Buji road near Shenhui road were stunned to see two dogs were hung from windows in a building and alongside were banners that said, "If cornered, even a dead dogs will jump off the building (“死狗急也跳楼”, adapted from a Chinese idiom "狗急会跳墙", literally means that a cornered dog will leap over the wall. The idiom means a man driven to desperation can do anything.) The incident seemed to be another relocation dispute.

While the banner claimed the dogs were dead dogs, witness said the dogs were still alive when hung in the air, " They were still struggling a bit". Netizen O nePiece-D _M an said in his Weibo page, "The dogs were hung to death. I was at the scene. Dead dogs? No. The dogs were strangled and I could tell they were still struggling…I was at the scene today and it was me who called the police."

The dogs were hung in mid-air between the third floor and fourth floor in this 5-floor building. The banners and the dogs had attracted quite the crowd. Later a few officers in the community workstation came. They removed the banners and released the dogs. The dogs were dead by the time.

Mr. Zeng is the one who hang the dogs and the banners. He’s the contractor of this five-floor building. "I was left with no choice. The tenants refused to pay the rent. Now I still owe my landlord 11 months’ rent. The tenants have made an agreement with the Community Residential Committee that they can stop paying the rent, because the transformation of this area was up in the air for a long time." The transformation might involve relocation and demolition of the building. It has caused the traffic difficulty and affected the commercial tenants’ business in the building. "The tenants complained and the Community Residential Committee told the tenants, because the project was not settled yet, the tenants didn’t have to pay the rent for the time being. For that reason, I haven’t received the rent for 11 months. I had no other option." Now the transformation project was completed and no demolition was required. As to the contractor’s 11-month tent lost, reporters contacted the Community Residential Committee but so far they gave no reply yet.

Mr. Zeng explained the dogs were beaten to death by the security guards for fear that they would bite the passerby. He claimed, "Dogs won’t die from this kind of hanging." However, dog lovers condemned Mr.Zeng as being cruel and he should protest in a humane way. "If people have a problem, they go on protest. But if a dog’s right was violated, who will protest for them? Don’t impose your problems onto the innocent people or animals." Ms. Her, a dog lover said.







While many people focus on condemning the dog meat eating practice, dogs are being abused in many other ways:

This May, netizen Zhu Guangbing claimed to kill 100 dogs in a row to force people and organizations who had rescued dogs by intercepting a truck on highway to donate money to poor children.

When negotiation didn’t go well, a property agent killed the land owner’s dogs as a threat.

  1. We have a man here that set himself on fire inside his car to protest, and just to get his way.

  2. F-ing ahole. Why not use some metaphor involving yourself or wife in the banners? Oh no cos that’d really hit close to home? He’s no better than Mexican cartels hanging from bridges those bodies deemed more disposable, to “make a point”. If he can easily kill dogs that are of no consequence to him, why should people in position to help care about his immediate inconsequence to their profit motive?

  3. This just is not good enough, I mean hanging those dogs like that. It would have been better if he skinned them alive first then hung them to get his point across.

    I sure hope that meat doesn’t go to waste, lord knows I have friends in Shenzhen that could use that meat to feed family members.

    1. I hope you are joking because right now I am thinking how much pleasure I’d get from shooting him maybe in the balls?

    2. I hope you rot in hell! how can you eat animals that can give so much pleasure and friendship you are obviously lacking in brain cells and are living in the 18th century… maybe in another life you will catch up with the rest of us and understand their suffering!!!

  4. Why is this so bad? Having lived in Dongguan for a year and traveled numerous times to Shenzhen it was common to see skinned and cooked dog hanging the windows of many restaurants.

    1. If you do not know, then you too are not human.

      Many of us have traveled the world. At 61 I have been to South America, Europe, Africa, Mexico and Central America. This is barbaric, offensive, evil, anti all religions, etc. Read about cats and dogs prepared live via boiling water and in pies. This is not something civilized people do. It is the stuff of lions, hyenas, etc. You know non-human animals (carnivores and predators) do. We are supposed to be “better”.

      1. I ain’t too keen on others eating dogs but I feel people value a dog’s life more than humans. Also, I don’t know who to reply to so I picked, drum roll pls, you!
        My point is dog’s have been seen to follow similar traits with humans like begging, talking, all kinds of things us humans see things as human. That is another reason why we adore dogs so much. You see a spider? Ew it’s so foking gross. Then that spider rolls over and begs for food and my heart breaks.
        It seems everyone loves dogs here but do you really have to call each other “not human” if any kind of dog killing is involved? You gotta look around, not everyone is civilized and some people won’t be. Let those people enjoy life by eating dogs( and cats)

    1. You know what, I do not care. The Chinese put live cats into boiling water to loosen the skin then skin them while in shock to eat. They put live dogs into pastries then bake them because they believe the adrenalin tastes good. This seems to be a cultural thing and needs to be addressed as uncivilized. Funny how the world points fingers at the US, but says nothing about China. Shame. .

  5. what’s wrong with the Chinise and dogs, instead of practicing animal cruelty to cope with their frustrations they should men up an fight with each other. I really hope for divine justice and hope this people pays for the suffering they cause to inocent animals.

    only cowards take on the defendless!!!

    1. Police in China should carry guns and be ready to kill, just like what we have here in Canada.

      Muddafucking SOB killer cops and nazy black shirt rcmp with taser at the ready to keep order.

    1. I whole heartedly agree. This is the most horrific thing I have ever heard of (there is a post on Care2 showing a dog pie for sale where dogs are packed in pastry while still alive and cooked because the adrenalin tastes good Also UTube video on boiling cats alive to loosen their skins so they (still alive) may be skinned more easily). I am offended and horrified beyond words. I have never once in 61 yrs. of life heard of anything so foul and anti-human as this.

      1. Dog steak is fucking delicious, and I highly recommend it! I also ate an entire plate of donkey stir fry when I mistook 驴 for 鸡. The brown flesh should’ve been a dead giveaway, but I figured they colored it for some reason. So delicious!

        As for putting human lives before animal lives, I think you’re the sick person here. A human’s life is infinitely greater than the life of an animal. However, I don’t agree with tormenting my dinner. A quick, humane kill is needed. Killing animals for sport and not using their meat or fur is sickening.

  6. HANG HIM. I will do it if none of you have the backbone. It is murder to me and I do believe in capital punishment. These animals trusted him just like a child, a retarded person, or an old person does. To viciously hurt where they are crippled for life, or kill any of these is a capital offense in my eyes. Pay my way over, appoint me as hangman so I am carrying out a legal sentence and am safe from charges and I WILL hang the bastard with a smile on my face and God behind me. .

  7. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Ghandi

  8. I hope that piece off shit and his whole fucking family get burnt to death slowly.His a fucking cunt that needs to be fucked up . IF YOU HURT A ANIMAL YOU ARE A FUCKING WHORE CHILD THAT NEEDS TO BE BURNT ALIVE.Fuck this piece off shit . You do bnot deserve to walk on this earh . FUCKING SHIT


  10. Esse povo é sem coração , eles não respeitam nenhum animal , por isso acontece tanta coisa ruim nesse pais , e Deus vai não falha ele é fiel

  11. There are liberal groups that exist that make claims such as “we should respect other cultures” they spiritualize and glorify barbarians in an ethereal light, such as the phony “Native American” in Western movies, always the smarter and more godly one, meanwhile these same groups gloss over their barbaric practices. I watched a famous film where the native peoples of Central America were “viciously slaughtered” by evil Spaniards, yet the part about the Spaniards being so disgusted with the natives child human sacrifices and child marriages the Spaniards murdered them all, it disgusted them so much. The Spaniards called them savages because they were savage, not because they were “racist” as the leftists would care for you to believe. Same thing with the Asians, on our American TV screens we never see the Chinese gleefully choking a helpless little doggie- we only see them quoting ancient poetry and evoking miracle cures.

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