Knockoff famous buildings seen in China’s richest village


Located in the middle of Yangtze River Delta, Huaxi Village (华西村) is arguably the richest village in China with every household in possession of 1 – 10 million worth of assets and 1—3 cars and living in villas of 400 – 600 sqm. To take its welfare benefits to another level and boost tourist industry, Huaxi Village has recreated some of the most famous buildings so that its villagers can enjoy famous city symbols right in front of their doorstep. While the village is happily celebrating its 50 years birthday and proudly presenting its accomplishment of recreating so many famous buildings, many netizens think it is just another squander by the government and refer the village as the most remarkable knockoff village in history (from


Clone Tiananmen stands on top of a mountain at north of Huaxi Village, occupying nearly 10,000 sqm. It looks fine but something important is missing.



Also on the mountain, mini Great Wall that is 10,000 m in length. It’s said that Huaxi Village spends up to 100 million yuan in building the knockoff Great Wall.

W020111011474252760369瘦西湖 五亭桥

Knockoff Five Booth Bridge (up) V.S. the real Five Booth Bridge in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province (down).


The U.S. Capitol knockoff.


The White House knockoff.


Triumphal Arch knockoff.


Sydney Opera House, very knockoff.

  1. My house looks like the houses in another city, so my house is a knock off those houses or the other houses are a knock off of my house.

    And they have a knock off the Luxor pyramid in Giza.

    1. There’s a tall building in the background of the five booths bridge picture, is that what you’re thinking of?

  2. korean guy,

    we need a corean voice on this article.

    where my partner at?


    ha, just playing.

    your pal

    1. You probably don’t know this because you didn’t go to school but the Chinese invented self-respect so stop being ignorant

  3. This article forgets to mention that people in the village work 7 days a week and have no vacations. That’s why the village built the tourist sites because the people do not have the luxury to travel to the actual places.

  4. Been there couple of times…..and to be honest…that place is really a ****hole…

    the “park” itself is an example of an abandoned theme park… …it was dirty, looked shabby…

    the “villas” or house…. well, to be fair….I’ve seen much better design in hangzhou or shenzhen…

    ….not to mention the complex that we stayed…the buildings surrounding the world largest bell(or something like that)… is a total joke for the richest village in china…

    sure…they are wealthy…but…they really need to re work the whole village to show that….as they advertised..

    all in all…..a very huge disappointment…for travelling…

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