China sex education, who needs to lighten up

| September 28th, 2011


(A sex class in Nanjing University of Finance & Economics,

The recent World Contraception Day (Sept 26th) has brought the issue of China’s sex education to the table again. One of the World Contraception Day surveys looks at young people’s attitude towards contraception. The result shows that in China, up to 88% youngsters don’t know much about contraception or are confused about it compared to the world’s 28.1%; and 45% surveyed Chinese can’t find the right contraception method when in need (ifeng). As a result, China sees an average of 8 million abortion cases annually with up to 50% repetition rate (chinanews).

The unfamiliarity with contraception is one of the key factors that lead to China’s high abortion rate. The society is calling out for openness of sex education and related issues but many authorities are still cautious about it. In Nanjing City, a district family planning bureau suggests installing condom vending machine on campus to no avail since college authorities worry that there might be sexual implication (xinhuanet).

On one hand there is no proper education from the authority side, on the other hand commercialized medical organizations are bombarding young women with quick and painless abortion ads. I don’t know about other cities, but in Guangzhou City you can see abortion advertisement everywhere: TV, billboards, bus panels, metro TV, elevator posters, flyers etc.

Misled youngsters see abortion as a way of contraception. In an interview with gzdaily on Sept 26th, gynecologist Song Helan from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University told reporter that she just finished an abortion operation for a 19-year-old girl named Xiao Lan, who had just got an abortion last month. “I have met a girl that already been through 9 abortions when she was only 20 something.” Said the gynecologist, “There are more and more post-90s girls joining the abortion troop in recent years, some of them aren’t even 16 yet. Although I am not related to these young girls, I feel sorry for them.”

Coast News Guide (海峡导报) did a survey in several universities in Xiamen to look at the city’s collage sex education status (sohu). Result finds that 65.9% students didn’t receive any sex education from their colleges, 25.9% said their colleges do open sex education course but too few classes. The survey also finds that 48.2% students has never received sex education before college, and 31.9% received unsystematic classes, only 20% revealed to have had formal sex education before college.

If not from schools, then where do our youngsters learn about sex? A recent glorious crackdown on the world’s largest Chinese-language online porn operation by joint US-China operation (Reuters) revealed a not-so-glorious fact: 90% if its 10 million subscribers are Chinese, more than half of which are between 15 -30 with a good percentage of college students (ycwb). Because of the lack of proper sex education from schools and parents, porn websites have become one of the main sources from which students learn about sex, it is an unspoken secret especially on campus.

Authorities believe it or not, youngsters do talk about and/or have sex. Some netizens suggest that if the authorities are too occupied promoting harmonious society to get to sex education, they might as well let contraception product manufacturers do the job by unbanning them from mass media advertising, just to balance out the overwhelming abortion ads.

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  3. sExEd says:

    What has the korean stuff got to do with the article?

    • Augis says:

      Just a lack of moderation.

      Otherwise, it’s a good summary of the current state of sex education in China.

      Though, I believe that it’s more one child policy that is at fault for high abortion rates in China.

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  5. Huzhang says:

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    PS: University is way too late to be learning about sex.

  6. Cultural Imperialist says:

    The 90s ended after the 31st of December 1999. So a “post-90s” girl would be 11 years old *max*.

    That’s a lot of abortions for an eleven year old.

    • Key says:

      post 90s are people born after 1990, so they are 21 years old max.

      • Cultural Imperialist says:

        The Chinese phrase “90后的女孩子” may mean women & girls born *since* 1990 and are max 21 years old. But the words “post-90s girls” in English do not give that meaning.

        English has the word “90s”. That word has meaning. That meaning is the years 1990 to 1999. Not one year. Ten.

        English has the word/prefix “post”. That word/prefix has meaning. The meaning is equivalent “after”. Not “during”, not “since”. After.

        So writing “post-90s girls” to include girls & women born *during* the 90s is nonsensical and confusing. Might there not be a better way to translate the original into English? Perhaps “Women born since 1990”?

        I realize “90后” has become something of a buzzword in Chinese but doesn’t mean “post-90s” qualifies as a real English word.

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