Shop owners lie on zebra line, calling for life protection

| September 22nd, 2011

From nddaily

Afraid of being killed by gangsters, 9 people consist of 3 barbershop owners and their employees lie down in line on a zebra line in order to call for protection from the government.“I dare not to go back there, or they will chop me into pieces.”Said Chen Mingxing, one of the barbershop owners who claimed that they couldn’t take the extortion and threatening from gangsters anymore.

Protestors lied in the middle of a busy road of Dongguan City for 2 hours and only left after the police on spot guaranteed their safety.

Last July, Chen Mingxing opened a barbershop in Hengli Town, Dongguan City. With his excellent practice his shop was looking at a very good prosperity had it not for a gang who came now and then black mailing him. These people would came in hordes sometimes, finding unnecessary charges such as bad shaving or giving them fake money in change so as to ask for 4400 or 4600 yuan compensation, otherwise they would beat up their employees or smash the shop.

“We have no choice but give them the money, though we manage to settle it around 2000 yuan.”According to Chen, there are 6 shops of the neighborhood that were constantly black mailed, but only 3 shop owners dare to stand up and come to protest. Chen’s shop was extorted 7 times since last December, he had called the police many times only to get a few thugs detain for a while and soon leveled up their extortion after they got out.

On Sept 16th, Chen had two of the gangsters caught by the police, which fueled the gangster head’s anger and declared to chop him to death at sight. Helpless, Chen and other shop owners as well as their employees lied and blocked the road during rush hours in order to catch city leaders’ attention to protect their lives.

Chen said he has never encountered such thing during the 6 years he worked in Shenzhen. He came to Dongguan City to earn a better living, but with constant black mailing, his business would never pick up. The other 2 shop owners silently sat aside, frustrated.

The police on spot told them that they had caught Chen’s two black mailers, but one of them was underage,they couldn’t do anything about him, the other was already in custody. The police also reminded Chen and others to call the police immediately when they encounter similar situation again. Protestors then left with the police’s absolute guarantee for their safety.

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  1. Korean_guy says:


    The true Colors of the Chinese folks……

    Someone please help these guys/women of this country people call 中国。

    They need help……

    wtf is this shittttttttttttttttttt!


    let the media take these sucka’s out.

    such a damn shame.

    nothing else left to say…..

    from now on let the facts speak for themself’s………………………….




    E-nuff said.

    Korea is the new World-Order………..

    Don’t believe th hype- Spike lee

    He was not Chinese.

    Real niggaz don’t fight real nigga’z put in work, do whats right, all the blk people that are in the news and on T.V. are not real nigga’z………………

    Real nigga’z don’t speak………


    GOOGLE IT……………………….

    1 LOVE……………………………………………………………………

  2. Korean_guy says:


  3. Korean_guy says:





  4. Jeffy says:

    Time for China’s citizens to arm themselves with gun! Where’s Bernard Getz when you need him?

    US Gov’t send guns to China’s people now to protect themselves!

  5. Augis says:

    Hmm… are they really doing haircuts there?

  6. Mark says:

    Riots in Southern China

    BEIJING — Rioters in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have besieged government buildings, attacked police officers and overturned SWAT team vehicles during protests this week against the seizure of farmland, said officials in Shanwei, a city not far from Hong Kong that skirts the South China Sea.

    • Mark says:

      The violence was the latest outbreak of civil unrest in China fueled by popular discontent over industrial pollution, police misconduct or illegal land grabs that leave peasants with little or no compensation. Such “mass incidents,” as the government calls them, have been steadily increasing in recent years, providing party leaders with worrisome proof that official malfeasance combined with a dysfunctional judiciary often has combustible results.

      According to a recent study by two scholars at Nankai University in Tianjin, there were 90,000 such episodes in 2009, a figure that includes melees and mass petition campaigns by people seeking justice. Government censors often work hard to make sure such events stay off the Internet and out of newspapers.

      Last week, hundreds of residents protesting environmental contamination by a solar panel factory in Zhejiang Province stormed the factory and destroyed office equipment and vehicles. Weeks earlier, 12,000 people peacefully gathered in the city of Dalian to demand the closure of a chemical factory.

      • terror says:

        The CCP are a bunch of fucking useless NIGGERS. How lazy, corrupt, and just plain evil can they be? After the US liberates Libya and kills the Muslims, we need to obliterate China and conquer Asia like the good ol’ days.

        Asians cannot govern themselves. Actually Blacks and Natives can’t either. That’s why they need leadership from the west. We tried to help them buid a respective civilization with MANNERS but those savages revolted. France is partially to blame because they never taught those Viet Gooks hygeine, education, or dentistry. Have you ever seen a Vietnamese person’s teeth? Ew.

      • Mark sux cock says:

        You learnt to copy and paste, good girl!

  7. nonamemon says:

    Hong Kong was like that until the pinko commie cops killed all the gangstas.

  8. Curren$y says:

    Joonggook saram

  9. ChinaMan says:

    every motherfucker here talking shit about China is fucking gay there’s name for ya’ll is call Dick Rider,all of ya’ll are mad as hell for what? ya’ll act like there’s only gangsters in China, what about the US where ppl sell crack Yo korean_guy you know your a crack head tell them. The USA ain’t shit cause they own China money and these dick head USA try to find way to paid less, when shit happen these country ask China for help but after we help these bitches they try to fuck us over like in the past Kiss China’s Ass cause we’ll ass hole right,we’ll ass hole cause the world made us like that. don’t talk shit when ya’ll know nothing about the past how it happen and shit.


    • Xiongmao says:

      Relax, sit down and drink a cuppa. It’s the same 2-3 people writing that shit and killing every thread every time. Nobody read the comments on hush or smack any more because of it so why do you?

  10. ChinaMan says:

    all i see is the same motherfucker in almost every fuck post, you all are loser

  11. So Sad says:

    Nothing will happen sadly. Those teenage thugs will come back. They need to start jailing or executing criminals of all ages.

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