Grandson of Mao Zedong and his handwriting

From Xinhua:


Mao Xinyu, grandson of China’s founding father Mao Zedong,. In 2010, His promotion to the rank of major general in the army his grandfather co-founded eight decades ago has put him under the spotlight of the Chinese public. Many people questioned his qualification of the promotion and decried it was a promotion of nepotism and "Promotions and government appointments should depend on a person’s ability, not their name, even if that name is Mao."

Following that controversy, Chinese netizens went on and poked fun at Mao Xinyu’s poor handwriting. A photo collection of Mao Xinyu’s handwritings went viral online. Many netizens responded, "If Chairman Mao saw these characters, he would faint from anger."


"Books are the stepping stones to human progress."


“Long live the unity of the Chinese nation!”


“Deeply yearn for my beloved grandfather”


“I will forever love, I hope to have the chance to frequently interact with netizens”


“One Normal (school) is a good school”


“考卵亚 is a good name”







Lately, Mao is invited as a guest professor in Guangzhou University and became a class adviser. In his first class meeting with the students, Mao told his students, who have just finished their military training, that they should "Participate more in social practices and pay attention to the politics besides the study in the class." He expressed that he is "eager to understand what the post-90s generation think". He has set up a microblog account ( and welcomed the 65 students in his class to communicate with him on the microblog platform. He said, "If I have more time, I would like to spend more time teaching you in the class."


Comments from

@威的小林绿子 #毛新宇做教授#你还敢报读广州大学吗?

"Do you still dare to apply for this university now?"

@萧的萧遥 今天是愚人节吗?

"Today is April fools’ day or what?"

@没劲的非正常人类 还好我没亲戚在广州大学上学,否则还不要退学?

"Thank God I don’t have any relatives studying in Guangzhou University, or else they would have to quit the school."



"A major general degrade to work as a class adviser? Principle of Guangzhou University, are you nuts? This major general can keep talking in two minutes and says nothing. Can you do that too?"

@过云yu ——


‘"If I have more time, I would like to spend more time teaching you in the class.’ …Do you guys believe that? I don’t buy it anyway. We can see him in school once a year at best."

@晴朗-9 别的不敢说,毛孙的书法还是不错滴,广州大学应该开一个毛氏书法专业,切切!

"I don’t know if he’s qualified in other aspects, but Chairman Mao’s grandson has a ‘great’ handwriting. Guangzhou University should open a Mao’s calligraphy class instead. "

@骆冬宾 就当听笑话,去上上他的课也不错。

"Just take his calss as a joke, then it would not be that bad."


"Major General Mao Xinyu become a class adviser in Guangzhou University. Thinking of what he had said about the education and housing problems, I’m really worried, if he would lead the students astray."


"Mao became a class adviser. He didn’t violate laws or do anything immoral. Why’s that wrong? Many uneducated celebrities go to famous university to teach class, why Mao Xinyu, with a doctor’s degree, can’t be qualified as a class adviser? Some people should direct their anger of Mao Zedong to his grandson. This is very irrational and narrow-minded."


"Major general Mao Xinyu would teach you how to keep talking in the whole class while actually say nothing but nonsense. "

  1. What a disgusting, fat Chink. Nothing good can come from Mao. If he weren’t Mao’s grandson he’d be working as a migrant worker. He kind of looks like Kim Jeong Il. Why are Koreans and Chinese so fat?

    I’m glad I live in America where nepotism is illegal! And don’t bring up George Bush Jr. because didn’t get voted because of nepotism. He went to Yale for god’s sake! He was qualified. Btw, America is so advanced that we have a BLACK president and racism is gone.

    1. Your racist! Just look at your previous comments. I have seen your post all over this site and they really are ignorant and disgusting. I wish there was a little more mediation on this site to curb the negative impact from the likes of you and others like you. Ok now go ahead and spew some ignorant rebuttal.

  2. China has accomplished in 1 decade what it took the USA, Japan and Europe to do in the last 50 years financially.

    The NEW WORLD ORDER is here and China is is it’s head.


    1. Japan rose when the world only let yellow men shine their shoes and pick their crops. Japan rose when China was a European economic exploitation zone and colony.

      If Japan had not been so stupid as to attack the U.S. you would be shoe shine boy for the Japs right now. Chop chop!

  3. Chinahush, I know these days it seems the only comments you get are racist trolling, but you should ban all these assholes anyway. I’m sure they discourage proper comments.

    1. The internet is full of trolls, can’t escape that fact.
      It’s the only place where those who don’t recieve the attention yearned for can achieve.

  4. Major general? more like major fatty. A man who can’t keep himself in shape has no right to hold such a rank. Such a bad example to the peons.

  5. his blog is full of mao in every other sentence. does he have a single thought of his own? smart man to keep playing the card though (maybe even lays 1/10 the chicks mao got through cult of personality.)

    atrocious writing and laughably pat life coaching “advice” indeed.

  6. The more i read of these stories the more china reminds me of the u.k..There really not so different just look at our royals.

  7. George W [as in Worst] Bush got a legacy admission to an ivy league school which put him on the path to the presidency where he became a war criminal responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. You decide which system is worse. Or ask the Iraqis. They have some direct experience with such things.

  8. My hanzi writing is crap but I can honestly say that it’s better than this guy’s. A foreigner who’s never studied writing Chinese characters beats Mao’s grandson’s. I can understand why he’s poked fun of.

  9. Stupid fat fuck. The only reason he’s where he’s at right now is because he’s Mao’s grandson. Can’t stand either Mao Zedong or this fat ass. People need to stop worshipping Mao Zedong as a god and get their shit straight. Mao Zedong never did anything for the country except throw the country into anarchy using bastard “waste of space” children called the red guards to destroy a beautiful culture 5,000 years old in only 10 years. Mao Zedong has nothing to be proud of, neither does this fat communist fuck. This “thing” deserves to be lynched.

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