Wedding photos in Nazi uniform criticized by netizens

| September 13th, 2011

From MOP:


A newlywed couple posted their wedding photos on the Internet. The post titled "My Wedding Party Photos in Nazi’s Military Uniform! Everyone, Don’t Be too Harsh!" included photos of the couple playing costume play (Cosplay). The bride was dressed as robot girl, a figure from a famous Manga and the groom who is more controversy dressed as a Nazi in a SS military uniform. Instead of blessings their wedding photos are criticized by the netizens.





















Comments from MOP:

a24939702(小猫)2011-08-15 10:10:11 发表


"Ignorant and boring.
I feel sorry for the 50 millions victims."

KGB老大(猫王)2011-08-15 10:23:00 发表


"You should wait for the Europeans and the Jews to arrest you."

在瓷砖上拉屎的猫(野猫)2011-08-15 10:25:48 发表


"Maybe you should put on a Japan military uniform, salute in front of your grandpa and kneel down and kowtow…"

愿望吓掉流星(小猫) 2011-08-15 10:34:55 发表


"Don’t tell others you are a Chinese, seriously. China’s reputation is not so good now, don’t make it worse. "

sun700(小猫) 2011-08-15 10:35:41 发表


"If you shoot photos like these and keep them to yourself, then it’s ok. But you posted them here, you are a pure moron. You are definitely a dumbass. "

VERUE(波斯猫)2011-08-15 10:44:57 发表


"The stupid bride has made the SS military uniform look like a security guard uniform."

mop男人帮-走Zou道傻了 2011-08-15 10:55:57 发表


"Is this what you call "Individuality?"

Spencer_ok(蓝猫)2011-08-15 16:21:10 发表


"Blind worship moron!"

我不是美女诶(蓝猫) 2011-08-15 16:56:33 发表


"Have some sense of historical facts, please. Do you think you are awesome (when you are in that SS military uniform)? "



Netizen put the couple’s wedding photo with a historical photo of the Nazi massacre with sarcasm


Netizen put the couple’s wedding photo with a historical photo of the Nazi massacre with sarcasm

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  1. John says:

    It’s the most fucking stupid costume ever… Who the fuck wants to get dressed as a Nazi SS trooper?? I wonder who’s bright idea was it?? The wife should have got dressed up as a KKK Klans women hahaha.. more matching… Stupid dumbass people from China….

  2. Korean_guay says:

    Sighl hai ahhhcton!

  3. Korean_guay says:


  4. terror says:

    Disgusting! Don’t these Chinese people know that Jews have suffered the most in this world!

    They are so barbaric and ignorant. I wish the Japanese imperialists would colonized China – Japanese people are ruthless.

    • Huzhang says:

      derp derp derp

    • think_before_you_speak says:

      Jews suffered the most in the world??? Are you kidding me with that crap? 20 million Russians were murdered during the Second World War, over 30 million Chinese died during the Cultural Revolution, and let’s not even mention the goddamn Koreans! That fucking nut job in the north who has made millions YES millions of Koreans starve to death, and you think that the 3 to 5 million jews that died in the death camps suffered the most? It’s not the Chinese who are the problem. I mean look at those cowards in South Korea. They can’t even fight for their own country. They have kept the Americans there for 50 years!! Bunch of pussies, can’t even fight for their own country!

      • Ramon Flores says:

        Thank god you are a right minded thinker. Here in America the average idiot just gobbles up the revisionist crap there are feed in schools. Thirty years ago this argument would never have happened. I think these pix are just fine, and since they are in costume even better. Yes the south would get its ass handed to them…Big time in any fight with the North.

    • ken snyder says:

      Don’t you know how much suffering the zionist khazar jews have and are causing in the history of the world? Probably,not because you are just another dumb ass sheeple hard under the propaganda of the kikels.

  5. John says:


    Koreans to this, too. 🙂

    Fucking hypocritical Koreans. Why don’t you Zipperheads grow a pair and go take out that Faggot in the North, Kim Il Jong? Too busy sitting here on your faggoty asses dissing the Chinese?

    A small photo of Adolf Hitler adorns the entrance to the Fifth Reich, an upscale watering hole in Seoul’s Shinchon university district. A larger picture of the F�hrer hangs across from the bar, where waiters and waitresses with swastika arm badges mix drinks that have names like Adolf Hitlerand Dead. Young people chat at booths surrounded by statues of golden eagles, romanesque columns and large glass display cases of SS insignia. Nazi pins and Iron Crosses are on sale beside the cash register. It almost looks like a quiet shrine to the man who sent 6 million Jews to their deaths in the Holocaust. But this isn’t a neo-Nazi hangout. Some of the patrons aren’t even quite sure who Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were. Others, like regular patron Chung Jae Kyung, 22, are aware of the evil the Nazis did but not especially moved by it. I don’t hate them, I don’t like them, says Chung, a neatly dressed English-lit student with an easy smile. But at least they dressed well.This is Nazi chic, Korean-style. An unthinking fascination with the icons and imagery of the Third Reich is a small but troubling trend in South Korea, a country that suffered enormously under the harsh colonial rule of Germany’s ally, Japan. The Fifth Reich is one of at least three bars in Seoul that have decked themselves out in Nazi regalia over the past year. A big confectioner, meanwhile, used Hitler’s image in a television advertising campaign. And the subways carry an ad, for a popular online community, that features a young man dressed in leather Nazi garb.

    Read more:,8599,2053797,00.html#ixzz1Xtv3xePM

  6. John says:

    More South Koreans enjoying some Hitler fun.


  7. John says:

    Korean models dress up as Nazis

    There’s so much of this stuff out there it’s a joke. 🙂


    Yim Jae-beom performs on stage wearing a Nazi uniform

    Stay klassy, Korea.

  8. Huzhang says:

    You guys are just lifting articles from Chinasmack now

  9. angrywhitewoman says:

    You’re a sick fuck! This is so incredibly racist! If some white person dressed like a Japanese in a Military WWII uniform, many asian people would be disturbed, including you. This is a slap in the face to all Jewish peoples and Europeans. This is a dark peice of our history, something you clearly do not understand you seem to look at this like its some kind of joke. FUCK YOU!!!

  10. Mark says:

    This clown is not wearing just a German army uniform but the uniform of the Schutz-Staffel or SS, which was Hitlers personal body guard, and chief thug, war criminals.

    The SS ran all concentration camps where Hitlers political opponents and subversives such as communists , Catholic priests, homosexuals, etc were beaten, tortured and liquidated along with the racially unfit such as Jews and gypsies.

    Since life imitates art, it is only fitting to include herewith excerpts from Liaw Yimwu account of his escape from the Chinese gulag state.

    “YUNNAN PROVINCE, in southwestern China, has long been the exit point for Chinese who yearn for a new life outside the country…..

    So each time I set foot there, in a land where red soil gleams in the sun, I turned restless; my imagination ran wild. After all, having been imprisoned for four years after I wrote a poem that condemned the Chinese government’s brutal suppression of student protesters in 1989, I had been denied permission to leave China 16 times.

    Until earlier this year, I had resisted the urge to escape. Instead, I chose to stay in China, continuing to document the lives of those occupying the bottom rung of society. Then, democratic protests swept across the Arab world, and posts began appearing on the Internet calling for similar street protests in China. In February and March, there were peaceful gatherings at busy commercial and tourist centers in dozens of cities every Sunday afternoon. The government panicked, staging a concerted show of force nationwide. Soldiers changed into civilian clothes and patrolled the streets with guns, arresting anyone they deemed suspicious.

    Meanwhile, any reference to Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution (and even the word jasmine) was censored in text messages and on search engines. The police rounded up human rights lawyers, writers and artists. The democracy activist Liu Xianbin, who had served nine years in prison for helping to form the China Democratic Party, was given a new sentence of 10 years. The artist Ai Weiwei vanished in April and has lived under close government surveillance since his release in mid-June….

    When public security officers learned that my books would be published in Germany, Taiwan and the United States, they began phoning and visiting me frequently.

    In March, my police handlers stationed themselves outside my apartment to monitor my daily activities. “Publishing in the West is a violation of Chinese law,” they told me. “The prison memoir tarnishes the reputation of China’s prison system and ‘God Is Red’ distorts the party’s policy on religion and promotes underground churches.” If I refused to cancel my contract with Western publishers, they said, I’d face legal consequences…

    Then an invitation from Salman Rushdie arrived, asking me to attend the PEN World Voices Festival in New York. I immediately contacted the local authorities to apply for permission to leave China, and booked my plane ticket. However, the day before my scheduled departure, a police officer called me to “have tea,” informing me that my request had been denied. If I insisted on going to the airport, the officer told me, they would make me disappear, just like Ai Weiwei…

    I had no intention of going back to prison. I was also unwilling to be treated as a “symbol of freedom” by people outside the tall prison walls…

    Only by escaping this colossal and invisible prison called China could I write and publish freely. I have the responsibility to let the world know about the real China hidden behind the illusion of an economic boom — a China indifferent to ordinary people’s simmering resentment.

  11. Mark says:

    I will add that the term applied when opponents of Hitler disappeared into the Nazi concentration camp system was “nact und nebel” which means night and fog. Interesting China uses a similar term.

    “However, the day before my scheduled departure, a police officer called me to “have tea,” informing me that my request had been denied. If I insisted on going to the airport, the officer told me, they would make me disappear, just like Ai Weiwei…”

  12. Well then says:

    This blog seriously needs a better moderation system for the comments section. I’m all for free speech and as anti-Rivercrab as it gets, but ignorant thuggery and uncivility should not be tolerated in discourse. Racist trolls and whiny hypocrites should not be given an opportunity to post their trash. If you want to do that, go to 4chan or tiexue.

  13. ChinaMan says:

    To who ever that’s not Chinese and hate the Chinese i ask only one thing
    What the fuck are you on this site?
    the site is call China hush not the Weed hush ppl smoke dumb fucks, and if you really hate chinese that bad it make your blood boil why are Ya’ll so fucking dumb keep coming back on the site to get you blood boil AGAIN And AGAIN and AGAIN and it goes on WHY DUMB ass? sorry my bad answer my own Q cuz Ya’ll DUMB not just a little DUMB but DUMB AS FUCK.
    ya i admit i got cheese still from reading some of these shit that ppl wrote about chinese people only judging from these pictures, I’m not gonna lie the dude that’s wearing the Nazi SS military uniform is a FUCK DICK HEAD that need to be cut and burn alive RIP to all Jewish ppl and the ppl that die in Nanking and forever FUCK hitler and those japanese invaded China at that time.
    don’t be calling ppl Racist when you have all kind of name calling us Chinese ppl on this page. So check yourself


  14. Antonio says:

    It´s amazing how WWII Nazi stuff keeps making it wo mainstream. It´s like 3rd Reich´s stuff was Asia´s Vampire/Gothic after all. Sad thing is WWII was for real, kids.

  15. blaqsea says:

    this stupid mofo… goes to show the education that’s in china, is he not aware nazis want his yellow ass dead too. god the chinese just keep creating more reasons to seriously hate them. and i’m talking far from racewith the way they think they’re just retarded

  16. Your Mama's ass says:

    It’s cosplay (cross dresser players) not real geez , if you wanted a real nazi for yourself build a time machine for your imaginary world from 70 years ago…(nazi) that dose not exist no more in the current age and time, speak of the devils ….. if they where alive theyd be 70 years old and half dead like a zombie in the movie = Dead Snow (2009)

  17. Dragon says:

    That @$$holes who said Han Chinese are racist scum, go to hell! Don’t group us all into one basket you fool! I’m from Hong Kong and a Han Chinese, and I would appreciate it if you don’t equate me with that idiot who thinks it’s cool in that uniform!
    I’m actually spitting on the government in mainland, since they refuse history such as the Holocaust to be taught in schools. Heck, no high school students in China know about the T-square massacre! My wife from China knew nothing about it at all until her friend and I told her about it.

    • yellow monkey says:

      Free tibet!!! F**k u yellow monkeys. and your women too! China belongs to japan.

      • voiceofhomer says:

        Tibet belongs to the British Kingdom.

        Burma belongs to the British Kingdom.

        Japan, Taiwan and South Korea belongs to the United States of Amerika which is now a colony of Afrika.

        So even if Tibet is free from China, is will still belong to the another foreign Kingdom and Tibet will end up like Jamaika.

        Yeah mon.

      • voiceofhomer says:

        Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik testified Thursday that he had planned to capture and decapitate former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland during his shooting massacre on Utoya island.

        Breivik said his plan was to film the beheading and post the video online. Brundtland had already left the Labor Party’s youth camp on Utoya when Breivik arrived on July 22, after setting off a bomb in Oslo that killed eight people.

        Sixty-nine people, mostly teenagers, were killed on Utoya, where nearly 600 members of the Labor Party’s youth wing had gathered for their annual summer retreat.

        “The plan was to behead Gro Harlem Brundtland while it was being filmed,” Breivik told the court.

        “The goal was not to kill 69 people on Utoya. The goal was to kill them all,” Breivik said.

        “Breivik said, “One half of us says you should attack Muslims and minorities. The other half says you should attack elites, those who are responsible.”

        Now why is the Chinese nationalists not doing more in China to get rid of the China muslims and Tibetan minorities?

  18. Der Fuehrer says:

    Sieg Heil to Japan! We Germans still love Japan so lets send together USA and Israel to hell!

    • MarshallVonStrong says:

      In Deutschland gibt es keine eindeutige Beziehung zu Japan. Hör auf zu reden Scheiße und Kennzeichnung Deutschland als ein Land mit Japan gebunden und gegen die USA und Israel.

      Germany has no unique relationship with Japan. Stop talking shit and labelling Germany as a country bound with Japan and against USA and Israel.

  19. MarshallVonStrong says:

    Ihr seid verdammt dumm! Ich sag dir jetzt bist du kein reines Blut deutschen Nachfahre so kippe um das Tragen der Uniform im Zusammenhang mit catstrophic Veranstaltungen und auch nur von Deutschen worned gehen. Lassen Sie die Geschichte Vaterländer Deutschen!

    You people are fucking stupid! I’ll tell you now you are no pure blood German decendant so cant go around wearing a uniform linked to catstrophic events and also worned by only Germans. Leave the fatherlands history Germans!

  20. cindy says:

    These china people are such publicity hound.

  21. cindy says:


    Actually I’m a Chinese girl from Hong kong and I have never eaten a dog or cat or worm or cockroaches in my life because I am not South Korean. Nor did I have any plastic surgery done like the 50% of the south koreans. I am 100% natural woman with natural big round eyes with double eyelids, small nose, narrow face unlike the super mongoloid down syndrome facial feature natural south koreans. I love my natural Chinese facial features and my natural body 34C2434 5ft2 given by God to many Chinese girl. God bless. And I don’t suffer from inferiority complex like 99% of the south koreans. Thank God!

    I am friendly with all girls especially Japanese and chinese from hongkong and Taiwan. But the south korean girls are repulsive. They don’t like me because I don’t share the same enthusiasm like they do about plastic surgery. And they hate me because I don’t like those gay korean dramas.
    I like all men and will date them except for south korean men, because they are low lives and they have really disgusting hygienes. They smoke like a chimney. They spits. They urinate in the street. They are alcoholic beating their women. Treat their women less than coakroaches. They steal and are liars with no shame. Never do business with them or sign any contract with them. 100% lack of decency.

    In general south koreans give the word “low lives” to a whole new level. Talking about lower than low.
    You can’t take the south koreaness out of a south korean no matter where they are born. Korean will be korean. A cockroach. And all educated chinese and japanese girls know. I just want to say I´m just Trolling U.

    • 老外 says:

      I’ve eaten a dog in Yunnan, and a donkey in Hubei. I must say they’re quite delicious, and have no problem with anyone eating such food. Killing any kind of animal and not wasting the body is very honorable.

      Since you like all men except South Koreans, would you be willing to date me? 😀 I’m so nice! 😀 Well, most of the time…

      > because they are low lives and they have really disgusting hygienes. They smoke like a chimney. They spits. They urinate in the street. They are alcoholic beating their women. Treat their women less than coakroaches. They steal and are liars with no shame.

      Have you ever been to mainland China? Hmm. Very few people take showers often in rural areas. The hygiene practices are absolutely horrific everywhere. Not that I mind… I mean, I realize they’re very poor.

      But everyone smokes and spits everywhere. I’ve seen people pissing in the streets, getting drunk and abusing their women, etc… in fact, many Chinese women tell me how much they dislike Chinese men. 🙁

      I feel bad for Chinese dudes, especially for my friends; they have everything against them. More than 32 million men who won’t be able to find wives by default. Then there’s all the Chinese women who either can’t stand them and want to find a foreigner, or realize they’re a hot commodity and only go for the rich guys. I think that leaves over 100+ million men who won’t be able to find a wife.

      China’s got problems. South Korea’s got problems. Japan’s got problems. USA’s got problems. The world’s got problems. None of us are above anyone… except maybe we’re all above those crazy-ass muslims.

      • cindy says:

        I am actually a non Asian fat woman from USA. I just want to say I´m just Trolling U.

        I just want to point out all the facts about south koreans because they troll too much.

        • 老外 says:

          Oh, you’re fat? Hmm. If you were Asian, I’d be okay with it. Unfortunately, since you’re not Asian, I can’t accept you as my life partner. 🙁

  22. Anti-italian soldier says:

    You really suck as a person …. Even more than you married that witch is as beautiful as idiot … I have no words ….

  23. Malay guy says:

    I think Chinese people should learn their manners in doing something that doesn’t offend other people. You people should learn how to be ethical, appropriate and respectful. You wouldn’t like me to offend you, would you? Be like the Japanese people. Not only they are very hardworking, very creative and vey discipline, they are very ethical, full of principles in doing something and treat people appropriately, respectfully and have deep understanding of manners. In a way, they are very polite. Chinese should learn from Japanese. Chinese like to argue to defend they wrongdoings most of the time, get away with it and the facts contradict them. Japanese just keep silent, move on and think better things to do. Moreover, being ethical and very polite is part of Japanese culture. Whereas Chinese, it is not even their custom to be polite and ethical and they need to learn to behave by experience and others. Moreover, Chinese like to cheat, do dirty tricks and not creative in doing things. Well let’s facts speak for itself shall we, in case you think I am being non-sense. Don’t throw fire at people when you yourself know you can get burnt from the fire and getting pain at the end. Just don’t play with fire!

    • Anti-italian soldier says:

      malay guy, It just happens I was talking on the Chinese and Japanese with an Argentine friend of mine and we were just saying more or less the same things. However, you have guessed in full. The Chinese is very bad as a person. But I assure you that the Italian is worse

  24. Malay guy says:

    In this world I only hate two groups of people fake Jews such as Khazars, Illuminati, Zionists and some other unnamed fake Jews who worship Satan and Exploitative Sinocentrism imperialistic money culture. One group pretended to be Jews and the other are bunch of evil Chinese but not all Chinese who try to make East Asians and South East and Asians are descended from Chinese which not true and want to control the people’s country through political and economic means. If there is a military means of conquering other people’s territory through war, invasion and occupation, they will use it by force as they willing to do it. Both are influentially and economically strong and humiliated other people and invade other people’s territory such as Palestinians and Tibetans. Both also brainwashed people through their propaganda of Holocaust and Nanking massacre and many other things are make believe to be true, which is actually false. The Fake Jews also created evil Banking system of usury to gain economic power and funded wars and the other evil group used their exploitative methods to get anything especially money by any means necessary and having the advantages of massive lands and hundreds of millions of people to spread their evil exploitative Sinocentrism imperialistic money culture. One is in the West and the other is in the East. Similar in Satanic and evil conquest but different in territory of two separate worlds.
    I don’t hate people for their race, looks, and color of their skin or their ugliness. I hate people who attack other people’s country economically or by force and capable of exploiting other people’s national territory whether it is externally or internally.
    The truth behind World War 2 is that it was orchestrated and funded by Zionists who pretended to be Jewish. Zionists funded both sides the allied forces and the Axis powers. World War 2 was about establishing United Nations and State of Israel. Zionists who supported fascist Italy and put Benito Mussolini as their pawn to get what they want. It’s not Italian you should is the Satanic Zionists who funded and control Italy you should hate.
    These cruel and evil people are the ones who wanted to create New World Order. Now they are targeting and attacking Muslims. The Zionists are actually behind 9/11 and that is why some people say it is an inside job, which is true. How in the world a Super power nation like United States of America with best security and the best technology in the world could let some planes fly into buildings and yet they have well advanced camera that can record everything very well. Also when Building 7 suddenly collapsed with no planes flying into it at the time 9/11 event occurs just makes you wonder probably it’s a demolition? The photo of Osama death seems fake to me. It’s computer-generated photo because it doesn’t look real. Don’t believe in the same intelligence that told people there is weapon of mass destruction in Iraq and there isn’t any at all. You must see this is their plan, the plan to rule and conquer the world. The Muslims will fight back. The one-eyed Dajjal will be defeated and Illuminati’s symbol is the one eyed-pyramid and their satanic worshippers are making way for his arrival. Moses who was sent by God defeated the Pharaoh of Egypt for deifying god and One-eyed Dajjal who also defied God will also be defeated by Jesus who is son of Virgin Mary is now waiting in the sky for his arrival.
    By the way Italian food are nice Pasta, Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna and many other wonderful dishes and the people are quite friendly too. Well some people are good and bad just like in Italy just my country they wonderful and nice ones and there are also evil and retarded ones.

  25. ThePaleWolf says:

    The male looks pretty boss and the female is alright, they both looks very happy together and i think everyone is just jelly 😛 mean while they are having homos and dikes marry each other… which is something that i would care about then these to nice normal happy people.

  26. tom says:

    It’s a costume party, what’s the big deal, I don’t get it? Lighten up people.

  27. zzzz says:

    Wow You people are so full of yourself. It’s just a costume, get over with it.

  28. Dianne Scuttes says:

    that guy in the Nazi Uniform is really hot and sexy the and so good lucking that Nazi Uniform turns me on big time I wish I was his bride getting married to him he is really hot guy I would love to be in his arms not

  29. David says:

    This guy and his cohorts are fucking cunts. My Mother’s cousin a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force was shot down over Caen in France by the Nazi bastards. The rest of my family during WWII were constantly living in fear of a Nazi bomb landing on their house. I hope they are not planning on honeymooning in Europe – They just might end up like Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Goebels, and the rest of the Nazi scum.

  30. LOL says:

    LOL Nazi does not fit with Asian. Nazi fit more with White people!! Return that custume back to White PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are Asian, then try imperier Japanese soldier suit!!! LOL. If White have Nazi, then Asian have Imperial Japan. LOL

  31. Efe says:

    I didn’t expect anyone’d take an asian in Nazi uniform seriously, lol.

  32. Richtofen says:

    I think these are very beautiful wedding pictures.

    Nazis are no longer doing the crimes that they used to. It’s over, stop being Yankee Doodle Dummies and realize that.

    It’s a very nice uniform after all, and the bride is gorgeous. 🙂

  33. Michigan Patriot says:

    The wives should then strip their husbands of their military uniforms and dressed in these uniforms themselves; women look great in cross-dressing drag !

  34. Ragnar says:

    Hello Friend

    Nice to see that you put on some historical clothes from a golden time.
    Though this is old stuff, since you posted it a long time ago.

    I like it, we like it.
    If you were living in europe, north of europe, I would have used your
    fotos in my campaing. As there are soon to be elections where I live.

    SvP 2014

  35. GOD says:

    GOOD FOR THEM, they look adorable and the man is quite good looking himself. I support them 100%. <3 I LOVE wearing my nazi uniforms. Many people around the world do too for it is popular in fashion (especially music industry) and has a ever growing fetish in the kink world. DEAL WITH IT! Because fashion and cosplay is different from practicing the belief. Ha ha♫

  36. Tresi Nonno says:

    1. they obviously try to cosplay like Japanese;
    2. since they r trying to be like Japanese then, yep, Japanese uniform (of Kwantung army) would suit best.

  37. Mimi says:

    I love your costume! I think its sexy. Not sure what the problem is. You’re obviously not a real nazi. Its hot!

  38. ariel says:

    People calm down. I think nazi uniforms are very stylish and beautiful. It was just a cosplay. blessings to the couple.
    ah and, please educate yourself more. Jews aren’t as pity nation as they want to appear. By the way there’s a proof that the picture of a nazi soldier shooting a woman is fake. Just like many others 🙂

  39. Ma1107y says:

    Awesome M32 outfit. I wish i have one…

  40. nazis sind scheiß wichser says:

    ihr seid doch behindert in ner naziunform zuheiraten idioten wie euch hätten die als erstes in die gaskammer gestekt ihr idioten

  41. nazis sind scheiß wichser says:

    ihr spinner habt doch was am kopf solche idioten wie euch hätten die zuerst in die gaskammer geschmissen in einer naziuniform zu heiraten ihr seid doch behindert im kopf sone affen wie euch müsste man jeden tag in die fresse haun ihr spinner

  42. Amanda says:

    I pity both of them. On the road to Hell. Sad, pathetic, clueless, stupid and evil.

  43. Charlie says:

    This is a dark day for manga lovers.

  44. South-Korea says:

    I live in Austria… you stupid chinese and koreans (wannabe nazis) don’t know anything about nazis…
    Today in Austria and Germany most people have tanned skins.
    If you stupid fucking chinese or koreans dress like a nazi, please come to Austria or Germany and meet the real skinheads they will kill you and don’t care about your nazi dress.
    These stupid chinese and koreans never been in Austria or Germany. Stop buy this shit and make plastic surgery you ugly little monkeys…. chinese morons retarded koreans… It’s a shame for me!

    • Asianplumb says:

      South Korea’s comment is a real racist wannabee tough arse rant..truth is he or she probably left their mother’s tit or ventured outside the cabin in the woods.

  45. South-Korea says:

    I live in Austria… you stupid chinese and koreans (wannabe nazis) don’t know anything about nazis…
    Today in Austria and Germany most people have tanned skins.
    If you stupid fucking chinese or koreans dress like a nazi, please come to Austria or Germany and meet the real skinheads they will murder you and don’t care about your nazi dress.
    These stupid chinese and koreans never been in Austria or Germany. Stop buy this shit and make plastic surgery you ugly little monkeys…. chinese morons retarded koreans… It’s a shame for me!

  46. South-Korea says:

    PLEASE ALL PEOPLE HERE go to google and search “Chinese eat baby” chinese are so disgusting, sick and dirty pigs !!!

  47. Xam Takorian says:

    You people need to chill. It’s just some cosplay.

  48. C.C says:

    While I think what the Nazi’s did was bad, their uniforms are pretty sexy.

  49. Heinrich says:

    Fucking chinx thinks he could be a nazi. I hope they realize nazis hate squinted eyed freaks. They will never be white they will always be ugly fucking asians. word of advise GET UR OWN CULTURE

  50. Heinrich says:

    Fucking chinx thinks he could be a nazi. I hope they realize nazis hate squinted eyed freaks. They will never be white they will always be ugly fucking asians. word of advise GET UR OWN HISTORY

  51. Heinrich says:

    fucking chinx thinks he can be a nazi haha. You will never be white get that through ur heads. Go Get ur own history u stupid mother fucking ugly ass asian

  52. IknowDasTruth says:

    I hope someone kills all the jews for real this time, you know war is a lie, 6million jews didn’t die in the holocaust it was to make money from the hoax just like everything else in this world. world is nothing but a corrupt business. NASA is nothing but a con artist military organization, none of what you thought about this earth was true. It’s all backwards. We live inside a container. Jews jesuits and luciferian freemasons just factions illuminati is fake a double divergent psyop agenda. It’s all a luciferian psyop agenda(s). Military/police are nothing but funded gang member thugs protecting the rich criminal investments. The real criminals are the jews jesuits and luciferian freemasons. Control the media and private central banks you can fool the world. Everything you were spoon fed is all indoctrinated bullshit. Teach you while you’re young so you believe it. Thought control, everything from the news is fear mongering lies. The government doesn’t exist, just to control you through FEAR, free willingly.

  53. mark says:


  54. Bert Führmann says:

    SS, dead bodies mixed up with wedding and “love” is maximum of uglyness !
    Please read “Why Auschwitz?” written by G. Heinsohn.

  55. Bert Führmann says:

    YOU are total crazy by yourself “you know”, – I experienced the withnesses of holocaust — 5,5 to 6,5 million killed plus millions of Russians, Ciganos, Homosexuals and much oppositionels !
    Nazi leader also were linked to ISlam and provided DJIHAD antisemite killers, – the later PLO, Arafat & Co.

  56. Sheldrake says:

    They couldn’t possibly know what they are dressing up as…many Chinese are as dumb as dogshit about things like this. They are like children.

  57. Sheldrake says:

    They couldn’t possibly know what they are dressing up as…many Chinese are as dumb as dogshit about things like this. They are a little bit like children.

  58. Peter says:

    Great pics, love them. USA killed more with 2 H Bombs than anyone and keep on killing mothers children and doctors without boarders for gold oil and political implants!

  59. Amber says:

    I think they look beautiful. They guy looks great dressed like that.

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    ADOLF HITLER is still alive…….!

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