Woman undresses and changes clothes in public on subway

From IFeng:


"A young girl undressed and changed clothes on Subway Line 2 in Shanghai! When did the Shanghainese girl become so bold? " – On August 22nd, A post with photo of a young girl publicly changing clothes inside the subway spread online and sparked discussion: some guessed she was "late for work", some believed it’s just another "Internet publicity stunt" and she was "desperate for becoming famous."



Sleeted comments from ifeng.com

2011/08/22 20:52 山东省济南市网友 冷风语


If a man did something like this, the ladies would define it as a sexual harassment and dial 110 right away. But because she’s woman and that’s ok. This is totally unfair for men.

2011/08/22 19:29 湖北省武汉市网友 saber1949


It’s a shame that her face was not captured in the picture, now she lost the chance to become famous. She has to do it one more time.

2011/08/22 21:21 上海市网友 lenkanhuangdixinyi


Nowadays, many Chinese women think exposing their cleavages and their hips is a fashion trend to follow, while going out in your pajamas is too out-of-fashion- I never support the idea of going out in one’s pajamas though.

2011/08/22 19:58 广东省网友 gzls


Do you know what’ the society is like now? We need to embrace everything: embrace corruption, embrace "living without self-esteem"; embrace homosexuality; embrace unfairness; embrace "show-off" behaviors; embrace mistresses; embrace all kinds of publicity stunts; more importantly, embrace individualist…

2011/08/22 20:19 江苏省网友 九神


Every single day, there’ll be some strange and interesting thing happen. What a funny world!

2011/08/22 20:32 四川省达州市网友 今生活为她

有什么大惊小怪的 社会发展就应该是多元化的 老是传统观念 跟不上形式了 大家还记得80年代 偷看女厕所被判死刑的 现在想起来是不是做得太过了

What’s all the fuss? A developed society should be diverse. If you stick with the old ideas, you would fall behind in times. Do you guys still remember back in the eighties, a man who peeped in the lady’s room would be sentenced to death. Now we look back, that punishment is just too severe, right?

2011/08/24 12:49 广东省东莞市网友 手机用户


If she gets raped, who is the one to blame?

2011/08/25 09:23 广东省东莞市网友 手机用户


She is not even naked. What’s about changing clothes that’s against the law? Only those with a filthy mind would have those strange comments!

Selected comments from Sina.com

2011-08-24 12:07:29 新浪网友杨昊


Changing clothes is nothing wrong as long as you don’t care. The question is whatis the motivation behind this behavior? Does she want to get famous from "undressing in public"? That’s a social values issue.

2011-08-24 09:42:46 新浪手机用户


Why all the guys in near the girls are so indifferent to a sexy girl in front of them? Fake!

2011-08-23 13:23:09 新浪网友春深似海


She’s just changing clothes. No big deal!

2011-08-23 07:20:07 新浪手机用户


Am I behind the times or the world has turned all crazy?

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