Free admission to Hunan scenic resort for virgin girls over 22

From Chengdu Evening News:


If you are a girl over 22-year-old and a virgin, you can enjoy a free visit to the Zhouluo Scenic Resort in Hunan province During the Wild Osmanthus Festival! Many The news sparks a heated discussion among netizens, "First recruit the virgins to pick tea, now offer free entry to virgins, what on earth is it about the virgin?" "This is too vulgar. Use your brain, please!" but the scenic resort respond, "It’s just a creative idea."

There was a post on the Rednet forum saying that: during the Wild Osmanthus festival of Zhouluo Scenic Resort in Liuyang, Hunan (17th -25th September), those female who are over 22 years old who dare to declare that they are virgins and show their identification cards can get free admission and will be offered a gift. The idea is that the osmanthus represents the purity of the virgin girls. The introduction and several pictures of this scenic spot are included in the post. It is said that there are thousands of wild osmanthus at the resort.

This post aroused hot discussion among netizens. Some said “strongly requesting free tickets for virgin males.” But most of them opposed it and said “those scenic spots are using the name of virgins for publicity stunt again. What a vulgar advertisement!” A poll started by Chengdu Evening Post about this issue revealed that 77% of the netizens opposed it, while 11% of them thought it was creative. Another 11% said "it’s OK if it’s free". Netizen "七宝小爷" said, "Who is responsible to check whether a woman is a virgin or not? Do you need to get a certificate from the hospital first? This is not a promotion event but a retarded idea."

The director from Zhouluo Scenic Resort named Liao confirmed this activity, but tourists have to apply for it through a travel agency. When asked about how to identify virgins, Liao said "it relies on the tourists being honest". The director of the sales department told the journalist on the phone that there is a Little Fairy Lake which is very pure, and virgins are also very pure as well. He was also candid to tell that they indeed wanted the hype. "I keep my own opinion about it. This activity is designed by the head office" 

Zhou Lushen, manager in the sales department responded, "we just want to send a gift to all the women. But there are too many of them  we can’t afford it if we were to provide free entry to all of them, so we had to select a certain group out of it…To identify whether a woman is a virgin or not certainly violates their rights. So we simply trust our tourists being honest." and as to netizens’ opinion that the "free entry for virgins" activity is too vulgar, Zhou said, "This is not an activity planning, it’s just a little creative idea we had for the Wild Osmanthus Festival. And as to other issues, I have no comment."

In April 2010, the similar case happened in Henan province. A scenic spot in Henan recruited the tea-picking girls with huge salary. Those girls must be healthy virgins with sunny and pure image. They should not have any bad habits. What’s more, their breast size must be C cup or more. According to the requirement of the job, the appointed girls must pick the tea by the lips rather than hands. The container for the tea was put between the breasts. The girls picked the tea by the lips, and then put it in the container between the breast. But after the news was revealed, many netizens said it too vulgar. In the end, the recruitment plan was withdrew. The planner gave his apology to the public.

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  4. By 2040 it is projected that up to 24 percent of China’s male rural population will be unable to find wives due to the bride shortage.

    Already there are entire villages made up of male bachelors unable to find wives in China, and men are starting to marry their sisters or first cousins to find wives. A new term is emerging in the countryside called “incest villages” because so many have married close family…

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