Government official aims to sleep with 1000 women and keeps track in a journal

From Chinanews:


The former deputy secretary-general of Jiangxi provincial government Wu Zhiming was arrested on his bed with two of his mistresses. Along with his arrest, a few condoms, Viagra and two journal books titled "Pleasure diary". The first diary records the personal information of the 136 mistresses he had and the frequency, location, feeling, degree of satisfaction of the sex they had. On the second diary, each page was attached with one pubic hair from the women he slept with. He also set up an ‘ambitious’ goal for himself: by the year of 2015, at least sleep with 1000 woman, and one third of them should be non-prostitute. Now Wu is expelled from the Communist party and dismissed from public office for severe discipline violations.

Netizen’s comments:



Sleep with 1000 women by 2015, this is what we called "ideal", he surely has a clear goal of his life.



I just couldn’t figure out how these kind of people get promoted and who is the one behind his promotion?


Compared to the corrupted officials nowadays, the corrupted and debauched officials back in the late Qing dynasty is nothing worthy to mention, and the erotic 1943 manuscript Decadence Mandchoue (《太后与我》) by Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, who claimed to have a sexual affair with Empress Dowager Cixi.



what’s the relationship between power and sex? Following this "sexual conquest" is a sort of atavism, it’s against civilization. This kind of scandals has become quite common among the officials in the Communist party. There must be some psychological basis in the society. Psychologist should analyze it.


The journal book should be printed as a textbook and sent to all the government officials. That’s what we called a good official. He has goal and has motivation. With love and we can progress. We used to complain the textbook is too boring but now it’s time for a change, the materials should be more interesting and be easy to follow and copy. This would


比玩的女人多,比收的黑钱多.毛老头时代没有当官的敢伸手的.可现在… They compete with each other in the number of women they sleep with, they bribe they take. In the time when Chairman Mao was governing, no one would dare to take bribe, but now…..



I have concluded Mr.Wu’s ‘achievement’ in 8 words: "一日一记,集毛成裘"(means one diary one day,collect the pubic hair to make a hair coat. )


淫民LD的远大志向令我肃然起敬!淫民LD的身体更让我望尘莫及!!!按以上数据分析,领导离目标还剩1592天,人数833个,评价1.91天就要一位!效率之高非凡人所能及!!!BY THE WAY,LD的下场我不敢预测,但可以肯定的两点是:1、搜出的壮阳药肯定会超级火;2、LD的批判技巧出书的话肯定销量领跑!!

His ambitious goal is ‘admirable’, and his body is so much stronger than mine. This official still have 1592 days to finish his goal and 833 more women to conquer. On average he would have sex with one woman every 1.91 day. By the way, I couldn’t predict what would happen to him eventually, but there are two things that are sure: one, the medicine he used must sell well from now on; second, his journal books would be the best-seller if they get published.


不办他,他也活不长了,纵欲而死[url=]//@89_Grace[/url]:呸,恶心 呸 变态!
Even he’s not arrested, he would die soon…from having too much sex…ew..gross..pervert!



He would not die (from having sex with 1000 woomen) The Playboy founder Hugh Hefner had sex with over 5000 women and he’s living.

  1. A pathetic attempt by the CPC to clean out some of the endemic internal rot. Rot is the key word here and described the last dynasty to rule China as well…

    China will continue to produce creeps like Mr. Zhiming who exploit their position, power, and steal from the people, until China has a multi party political system with a loyal opposition which would detect every Mr. Zhiming, not just the creeps the CPC decides to throw to the wolves through the state controlled media.

    1. yeah…cause american politicians are so squeaky clean.
      people in power will exploit it.
      its human nature.

      1. American politicians are not squeaky clean by nature, but they are cleaner than Chinese officials (never call them politicians) because the scrutiny of the opposition party and a non state controlled media forces them to be cleaner or at least work harder to cover their tracks.

        Eventually most of the rats get caught or are thrown out of office.

    2. That’s so true! Those dirty yellow CCP apes are absolutely soul-less, moral-less, and downright evil.

      American politicians have honor, integrity, self-lessness, compassion, and only want the best for everyone. In america we have Freedom and our leaders are the best in the world! They not only truly care for the American people, but they care for the people of the world. The US is just doing what is best for everyone.

      Shame on the CCP for producing such savage barbarians. I suppose that it just their uncivilized mongolian side. I almost feel bad for those Chinese women who have to mate with Chinamen.

      The CCP media is absolute rubbish. It’s no wonder everyone looks towards the western media and Hollywood to tell the truth. Our media is free from bias and corruption.

  2. What kinda dumb women would sleep with such an all around loser?

    Oh wait, I realized that Chinese women are incredibly dumb.

  3. Maybe this goal can be achieved… If he was actually good looking hahah.. with face like that… Be has to be paying for it…. Hahah…

    1. looks don’t really matter that much over there maybe?

      but it reminds me of another recent case about chinese women.

      a 24-26 year old tried to get herself pregnant to make the guy marry her in order to get a better life.
      not something that’s going to work out well considering that the guy’s only 15.

  4. Fucking 1000 women is probably a surefire way to catch some nasty disease

    Enjoy your wart-encrusted dick

  5. Yeah.. that’s true about the Koreans and their plastic surgery.. did you read about how that one women tried to inject herself with cooking oil because she ran out of money… WTF…

    I think most of the younger generation of Chinese girls are all gold diggers and will fuck any thing with a gold card and some US dollars.. its amazing what money will make some girls do.. its quite sad.. but what other choice do they have?? Live like shit or get fucked by a rich guy and live the good life.. the choice is easy to see.. I guess those Fugly government officials have been tapping that puasy for years..

  6. Noted a lot of racist tone. Perverts are not the exclusive precinct of China. Politician sending crotch pic to unknown women. Partners swapping orgies. Beastility porno. Man enslaving daughter for sex. Av school girls, maids porno….perverts just like greed exist everywhere . Giving them a country and race label is unskillful. Sex is hard wired into human consciousness for evolutionary pro-creation purpose. Perversion happens just like greed ( too big to fail ) in well-intentioned capitalism. This is a human rather than a race failure. Granted in China, because of the inordinate power officials command and the lack of checks and balances, such abuses tend to be more prevalent. Government is well aware and reforms seem to be taking a serious turn. A still evolving country with 1.3 billion people , we can only wish them well.

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