Hacker gets laughed at for his poor English in an attack at a foreign language university

| September 4th, 2011

From QQ:


Grammar and spelling errors in the pop-up window of the hack attack pointed out by the hack attack victims

On the first day of the new semester in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies(GDUFS), the school’s campus network experienced a hack attack. "My computer was running when suddenly it shut down." One student said. The same thing happed to all his roommates. When they restarted the computer, a window popped up, assuring the students that the hacker is not destroying their files and it’s just to show off their technical skills.

The hacker was later found to be a senior student, named He Jianzhi, in the university’s information technology department. He was once the leader in the biggest IT service group in the university. After he failed an interview for an Internet company, he indulged himself in the hacking knowledge. In his interview with the journalist, he explained the hack is just a test and he didn’t do it to cause students’ inconvenience on purpose. He has posted an entry in his microblog page to apologize to all those involved.


The hacker’s microblog page

But the students in GDUFS didn’t believe his story. Chen Qin, a student in GDUFS, said, "I think it’s more like a prank, to show off his skills. Although no damage is done and he probably means no harm, but I don’t agree with this kind of behavior."

However, the hacker would never expected that the hack attack victims soon shifted their attentions from the harmless attack to the hacker’s English skills. The window that popped up with the context in English, reads

"Your computer have been invaded by us, you can see the D disk have File GWHack.txt, don’t worry, we don’t detroy your coputer, it just a techonology show! If you have Dream&Skill, you can public a topic(@GWHack)in SinaWeibo to introduce yourself!@GWHackTeam

is pointed out by The students in GDUFS that there are many spelling and grammar errors in this short message and soon become a joke among the students.


If you want to add GW (acronym of the University’s Chinese name) before your title, please work on your English first.


Even the hacker knows "When in Rome, do as Rome does"… GDUFS has been dedicated to the study of foreign language. now this just proved that if you don’t do well in English, you would be despised even you are a hacker.

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  1. Laoshi says:

    Astounding news!

  2. expatrick says:

    Chinks suck at hacking because they’re inferior and stupider. No wonder these zipperheads can’t think of anything on their own. They have to steal the WHITE man’s inventions!

    • Davidoff says:

      Love comments like this, because it usually comes from someone who hasn’t invented a single thing other than a new way to get money from their parents.

    • DazsnoGüd says:

      Well common sense would tell you that if you hate the Chinese so much you would fuck off home?

    • Ignorant People These Days says:

      “stupider” is not a word. I believe you meant more stupid, as in your knowledge is clearly inferior to this Chinese man.
      A “Chink”

  3. dan says:

    I was expecting something along the lines of, “All your bases are belong to us”. :/ Would’ve made my day.

  4. Huzhang says:

    He’s prolly just mad cus he got rejected by the honkers

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