Young girls in bikini on runway spark controversy

| August 17th, 2011

From MOP:


After the news of a 10-year-old French model’s (Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau) provocative pictures triggering a storm of controversy in China, there are initiatives to impose restrictions on the sexualisation of children in the media and sexual content in advertising. Recently another news about young models in China again gets people furious. On August 10th, in Jiangxi province, a young girl model contest was held in a hotel. In this contest, young girls wearing bikini and masks, walked on the runway like real catwalk models. The contest has triggered heated discussion and many people questioned its integrality, condemning it for being a show to satisfy some people’s twisted and disgusting fetish.






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mgl9000 2011-08-16 15:49:06

The government officers want to try a "new taste"…

蓝狐兰花 2011-08-16 15:55:44


(Tianchao is a buzz word nick name referring to the people’s republic of China, which has its origin in the Internet. TiancChao literally means "Celestial Empire", it is a term the ancient intellectuals used to describe the feudal dynasty. Nowadays, it implies many problems existing in current China society that resemble certain characteristics of the ancient imperial China, such as corruption and bureaucracy.)

食色和尚 2011-08-16 15:57:36


tips1116 2011-08-16 15:59:45

The training of becoming a Xiaosan begins when they are still young children.

(XiaoSan literally means "Little No.3", refers to mistress or woman who seduce a married man)

yl5801 2011-08-16 16:14:20

This is nothing weird. It’s but a show of children’s wear. Buy one piece for your kid and bring her to the beach. It’s on the runway, the audience just go there to look at the clothes.

休扑诺斯2011-08-16 16:26:19
个人感觉 没什么啊 LZ自己想歪了

I think it’s quite normal.

You(the author of the post) misunderstand it.

Nowadays there are so many people who like to distort people’s real intention.

This is indeed a very innocent show.

Mjjdy 2011-08-16 16:42:40

Fuck, they are still so young… their permanent teeth is still growing in…


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五道水 2011-8-14 16:00

Exploit the kids for this show… This is immoral.

为你默默祈祷 2011-8-14 16:09

The television industry should be responsible for that. Now the children TV programs also cater for the adults. I don’t know this is a platform for the children’s development or it’s just a way to destroy these children.

真金不怕火炼中国 2011-8-15 09:17
努力培养下一代为人民性服务的女性标兵啊!唉,社会堕落到这个地步,没救了! 谁之过啊?

It’s this an effort to train the next generation to service people’s sexual needs? The society has deteriorated so much. There is no cure for this society. Who should be responsible for that?

真金不怕火炼中国 2011-8-15 09:17

This is the "great achievement" we get under the government of the communist party.

真金不怕火炼中国 2011-8-15 09:19

This is the next stupid generation. What a waste!

wjea429 2011-8-15 11:54 发短消息 详细信息 #13

Lovely young girls, ridiculous parents and a pathetic show!

w372843168l 2011-8-15 13:08 发短消息 详细信息 #15

These people are sick! They are all ruthless business men.

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  1. xino says:

    WTF is this sh*?

    why would you wanna dress up young girls with make up and stuff and dress them in bikini?

    • vic2u says:

      It’s an Amerikan thing going to China, it is the latest hot TV show in the States for white men that likes little sexy things, they will like these little China gals.

    • SNOLeader says:

      Do you know the girl’s address?

  2. korean_guy says:

    I just hope that nobody finds out that I am one too.


  3. 老外 says:

    This is disgusting. I wish China would stop trying to copy our stupid shit.

  4. Jay says:

    What kind of runway show that doesn’t show the girl’s faces?

    I thought its about the facial beauty instead of the body…


  5. Li Da Zhao says:

    It’s depressing all the gains for women’s rights over the last century are being rolled back as the new bourgeoisie chases a Babylonian lifestyle…

  6. Mr.___Korean______GUY says:

    (I am the older Fersion of ‘Korean Guy’ ( a ”laowai” in china who pretends to be chinese because knowbody in china will hear me out because they dont want to agree with an American) (i love to miss-spell words too be a chrue china man)

    So I kant berieve china-ese peep-roll is this, eye am chrinise and this is just some of this lies of a website, dont bee rieve this in-justice of damning our peeproll, we not this, ok? 冲冲冲程成程冲冲吃年糕冲 chong chong cheng cheng ching ching chong, ok?

    Chinese people are sooooooooo not cool, I wont really bash chinese people, its not my job, stop it 5!

    I lived in China for 7 years……. If you think you know….. You have No idea…….

    Go to China, stay there for 7 years….. you dont have to be a GENIUS to see and understand what is going on in China. It is in front of your face, if you don’t know, your stou,pid!

    Dont open your ears to the Chinese, that says ” you have been here (in China) for 7 years?!?!? you have no idea what China is, our culture (Chinese culture) is 5,000 years old “

    It is too hard for me to explain these Chinese people, because it is like a idiot trying to be reasonable and smart, with a whole bunch of other ‘things’ mixed in.

    I wont say what I want to here, the Chinese Gov. is watching everything. but I will say I have video from 2004- now, I am working on a documentary, all footage, after recorded is sent to my apartment in Hong Kong and then sent to my house in LA.

    Wait for it…………….

    The truth about Chinese people’s thinking will be known across the globe.

    The video(s) don’t lie…

    Smart Chinese?

    You will see.

  7. korean_guy says:

    Fuck korea, fucking koreans. I hate being Korean, I wanna be chinese.

  8. white dude says:

    that just so wrong
    i wonder how does their daddy feel?

  9. korean__guy3 says:

    Im a troll

  10. John says:

    This is how they roll in Korea.

    Basically, no one gives a fuck. A guy is dead in the street, but no one cares.

    Korea: Wonderful.

  11. Skaught says:

    I love that there’s a “Meet Your Asian Lady Today” ad directly under this article. The woman in the ad looks like a grown-up, though.

  12. Joshua Hendricks says:

    I do not see anything wrong with this! Children need and do have a since of fashion all there own.

  13. SNOLeader says:

    Wow that girl is sexy. What’s her name and can she speak English? Also what is her address?

  14. Fairytale says:

    If this is wrong for an adult, why should a child do it? We should be guiding them with morals for the future!

  15. AON says:

    Beautiful girls! Can I touch their bellies?

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