Philanthropist dumps pile of cash on patient’s bed

| August 11th, 2011

From IFeng:


Li Chunping, a philanthropist  from Beijing donated 300,000 yuan (46,800 dollars) to a poor girl who suffers from acute severe aplastic anemia. He piled all the cash in the hospital bed for the girl who is going to take bone marrow transplant surgery. Many people criticized this controversial action.

On August 3 LI Chunping read the newspaper to find a 14-year-old girl named Yang Liu who suffers from acute severe aplastic anemia in Guizhou Province. But she is too poor to afford the treatment. Without bone marrow transplant surgery Yang will die. LI decided to help this girl. He went to see Yang in the hospital and donated 300,000 yuan in cash to Yang for the surgery. Yang’s mother was shocked to see so much money in her hands. Then the picture of piles of money on the bed of Yang was taken by the journalist.

Many netizens said it is kind of a propaganda show, because many philanthropists give money not for helping those in need, but to advertise themselves. And some think it is an insult to Yang: "you can give as you like. But why did you put it on the bed of the little patient?" But some people support LI and said this kind of donation can prevent the charity fraud. The cash in hands are more reliable than the donation promise.

Li explained that what he did was to arouse the sympathy of the society and to prevent charity fraud. He was sad to hear the negative comments, "I gave the money to the mother of the child and left the hospital. I was there to save the girl’s life. Those who criticize me didn’t donate a cent but criticized me. I dare not to donate any money anymore!"

Secretary general of Guizhou Youth Development Foundation confirmed that it is a habit of Li’s to donate in cash. "On August 1, Mr. LI donated 1,280,000 yuan to our foundation. It was also in cash. We had to ask the bank staff and Securicor to take the money. We spent hours to count the money. That’s Li’s style."

Yang’s parents were very annoyed by the journalists recently. "Our family is very grateful of Li. I don’t understand why they keep asking the boring questions." Yang’s mother said. She said that when Li came to the hospital, he gave her 30 bulks of money. And the room was so small that she couldn’t find a place for the money. So she just put it on the bed. Yang is still having a fever. Her life is still in danger. The family is trying their best to look after her. "Without the money from Li, my girl is probably died. We are villagers with little education. But we know clearly that life is important than dignity." Yang’s father said angrily when he knew the accusations against Li.


Yang’s father found a bag for the cash, to take to the bank


Li Chunping gave cash to the mother in the hospital


Mother socked to receive so much cash, not knowing where to put it

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  1. Ben says:

    Li did not place the money on the bed. Yang’s mother was the one who put in in her bed. I don’t understand why did the journalists made those negative comments on such a noble act!

    He should be commended for such a noble act!!!!!

  2. michel says:

    Li did a good thing , just imagen it was your child

    • dongshizhang says:

      you know, the letter e can be combined with other vowels to make new sounds and spell words correctly!

  3. vic2u says:

    “Many netizens said it is kind of a propaganda show, because many philanthropists give money not for helping those in need, but to advertise themselves.”

    Those Chinese dumb ass netizens are the scum of China, they know shit and they will get killed if they ever go to the west and bull shit like that.

    Sure hope they will need money one day to save their lives, people of China will say to them, no money for you so go and die now asshole.

  4. Reader says:

    This story has too many conflicting elements

  5. Mr. T says:

    I have often wondered why China does not have a bill larger than 100 Yuan?

  6. xino says:

    ” “I gave the money to the mother of the child and left the hospital. I was there to save the girl’s life. Those who criticize me didn’t donate a cent but criticized me. I dare not to donate any money anymore!””

    Retarded! We hear so many stories of sick people in China who needs surgery but can’t afford it. Doctors will not treat them unless they pay so those people die or suffer.

    Now someone donates money to a girl dying and Assholes of China criticized the guy. Seriously wtf?
    Do you want the girl to die or someone to pay for her surgery? yet none of them did not even raise a single penny.

    The Devil’s of China are really successful because they turned Chinese people to scum! They are so racist, don’t know what sympathy is, so naive as half of them don’t even know the war that happened in China.

    Man…China! They are a rising force, soon they would be a treat to the nation. And the people to blame are the Devils of China aka Governments.

    • expatrick says:

      So true! Chinese people really are devils! They are pure evil! They are a bunch of racist, naive, stupid, and immoral MONKEYS.

      That’s we I’m saying we need to BOMB them so that they don’t become a bigger threat. I think a better way is to keep giving China’s neighbors weapons and create conflict in East Asia.

      Then we can train all other Asians to fight Against China – but on our terms of course.

      It’s a win win because we can get China out of the way, and not lose any of OUR resources. That way, America can swoop and and take the rewards. 😉

  7. korean_guy says:

    I like korean sluts. They are leggy. Their face is slutty too.

    ofc by korean sluts i mean korean men.

    I an gay



    • Jason says:

      Why is it you don’t like his postings yet kept on coming back to feed him?

      Philanthropy or not, they needed the money.

  8. Crystal says:

    But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…

  9. Stu says:

    “Mother shocked to receive so much cash, not knowing where to put it”

    That’s not really a problem. I’m sure the hospital will be happy to take all of that and more.

  10. WTF Guy says:

    wow! this korean guy really has a lot of time on his hands. hes even talking to himself now?

  11. Sum Youn Guy says:

    Philanthropy can not exist in a communist country since it instantly dispels the notion that all are equal. They way to obfuscate the noble deed, is by vilifying the giver, claiming the gift was for free publicity. Thats fine. People with a brain will see through the bs, and sheep will remain sheep

  12. Sum Youn Guy says:

    Korean Guy,

    “certain moral values are tied in with religions.”

    No. Morals are universal (and do not confuse morals with cultural idiosyncracis). Religion attempt to explain them and teach them and infuse relevance into the society.
    I am afraid you are completely, 100% wrong by saying that morals are universal. Morals come from religion or whatever replaces religion (communism, liberalism, new-age cults). Vegans consider eating the flesh of animal to be highly immoral, even if they come from vastly different cultures, societies, etc. Muslims consider it immoral to have 5+ wives whether they are from Indonesia, Sudan, or Syria. If you call those examples idiosyncrasies, than you are confusing or distorting the meanings of the words.

  13. Skaught says:

    The journalists are right. He should have donated the money directly to Red Cross so that it could be spent on LV handbags.

  14. So Sad says:

    The guy means good but too crass….

  15. Yousef Hag says:

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