Girl from Tsinghua University showing off on a train, claiming BMW sent by an official is waiting for her

From iFeng | Translated by Jenny Jiang


“I’m heading for Wuhan, where a BMW sent by an official is waiting for me.” A girl from Tsinghua University was honored as “Sister school show off” (炫校姐) because she was ostentatious telling her Tsinghua story to other passengers on the train. The message that the commentary editor of Shanghai Securities News Shi Hanbing wrote on his micro blog yesterday sparked heated discussions.

Shi Hanbing posted on the micro blog on July 30, “On the way from Zhengzhou to Wuhan, a girl from Tsinghua boasted the pride as a member of the university. She said that a BMW sent by an official would pick her up in Wuhan. And she received envy from the passengers around by showing her student ID as an evidence of her Tsinghua identity.”

This post has been forwarded by more than 3,000 times, receiving more than 1,200 comments. Shi Hanbing microblogged again 23 minutes later: “Universities should be proud of cultivating how many intellectuals with independent personalities who contribute to the society.” “It is tragic that the loss of this university spirit misleads our youth.” “Confidence, unquestionably, is essential, but diligence and practical are even more significant.”

The ostentatious girl aroused heated discussions among media. Liu Zanwei, editor of Power of the Sun of the mobile TV channel of Hunan Broadcasting TV Station said: “Prestigious universities like Tsinghua and Peking University should focus more on cultivating intellectuals who are intelligent, benevolent, and trustable. We hardly hope the “Tsinghua Girl” to lend benefits to the development of the society.”

Is the girl’s story true or exaggerated by the media? Many netizens suspected it. A netizen named “Sha Wen” said, “99 percent of the students from Tsinghua University are low-key. I cautiously question whether the case was true… If you really met such a student, please granted her understanding to some degree, for any birds could set their nests if the wood is big enough. The university spirit of Tsinghua can hardly bring up this type of person.”

Mei Zhigang, a sociology professor of Central China Normal University confirmed the case written on Shi Hanbing’s micro blog. Similar cases have been criticized recently. It reflected flaws in educational direction and social values.

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