Wendi Deng Murdoch wins her “tigress” title


Tiger, in China has always been used to signify people and thing with energy and authority, carrying a commendatory tone. Wendi Deng Murdoch married to the chairman and chief executive officer of News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch now is characterized as tigress by netizens because of her quick and powerful reflexes to smack down an attacker during the “phone hacking scandal” press conference.


Video and pictures of Wendi Deng jumping forward smacking the attacker are viral now online. During the question-and-answer session of the “Phone hacking scandal”, a man suddenly stormed out to the witness table and tried to hit Rupert Murdoch with a plate of shaving cream foam. While all were dumbfounded, Wendi Deng who was sitting behind her husband, leapt forward, swung her arms in a great arch and smacked the attacker right in the face (some say it was a right hook).

The scene was witnessed by millions television viewers and more netizens. Wendi Deng immediately became a hero because of her powerful hit and the composure and rapid reflexes she showed in this emergency.

But it wasn’t always like that. Before this attack, Deng seemed to have a negative image in most Chinese people’s mind. When they were married, Rupert Murdoch was 70 years old while Wendi was still in her thirties. In most Chinese people’s eyes, Wendi, who is from a humble family in south China and who doesn’t have a really pretty face, was viewed as a ruthless opportunist and a social climber who tries to get power and money by any means. Her marriage with the media mogul was mostly taken as a tool to get money and power.

Now Deng is viewed as a model wife. Many praised Deng’s smack as “Buddhist Palm”, a powerful Kong Fu move popularized in many martial arts movies in China. Her heroic leapt in defense of her husband wins her the title of “tigress” referring Deng as a powerful and royal wife. In A post on MOP joked that Norwegians should marry wife like Wendi Deng, so they can have a bodyguard and wife at the same time.

In another post “On Wendi Deng’s combat power”  netizen has calculated out the speed of Deng’s famous swing in the attack, which is 6m/s and based on that, estimated that the force of the smack is around 1.2 kN- don’t know what it is like? Just image a 120 kg heavy thing hits your face in 10ms.

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