Exposure of Imitation foreign brands scandals

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"山寨Shanzhai’ (knockoff) was once a buzz word referring to imitation and pirated brands and goods in China. Shanzhai products always have the obvious "signature": its crappy-looking appearance and dirt-cheap price. Thus a consumer buys the knockoff products and is prepared for its bad quality. For that reason, one doesn’t feel much cheated after buying the Shanzhai products. Now there’s another kind of Shanzhai– imitation foreign brands products. This time, the "signature’ is gone, for those imitation foreign brands products are well packaged, sold at a far more higher price, and with a fake "foreign-made" label.

DaVinci brand furniture is a well-known luxury brand in China. The price of a DaVinci single bed can be more than 100,000 yuan. The reason for its high price, as the company claimed, is because "DaVinci is an Italian international super brand and its furniture is produced in Italy. In addition, its raw materials are high-quality natural materials without pollution".

However, news investigation program "Focus" produced by the national television CCTV reveals that the claimed Italy-made DaVinci products are actually made in China. According to the survey, a large amount of the DaVinci furniture are made in Dongguan City of south China and then directly shipped to Italy from the Shenzhen port, and then back to Shanghai. As a result, that furniture will have complete import formalities. Some DaVinci furniture in Shanghai even did not leave China but only stayed at the bonded warehouse in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone near Shanghai for 24 hours and returned the market as foreign-made products. As to the "high-quality natural raw material" they declared, most of them are actually polymer resinous materials. Worse still, as exposed, some of the DaVinci products are even unqualified products.

In the press conference after the exposure, the general manager Pan Zhuang Xiuhua first denied the accusation and insisted the DaVinci furniture were all made in Italy and she got so emotional that she shed tears. However with more and more evidence appearing, DaVinci furniture company finally admitted that they lied.


Pan Zhuang Xiuhua tears in the press conference


kuso pictures of mixing Pan Zhuang Xiuhua in DaVinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa


Kuso pictures of mixing Pan Zhuang Xiuhua in DaVinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa

But DaVinci is only one of many "imitation foreign brands" that has been exposed and there are far more unexposed companies:

The Scient formula milk powder was once a well-known "foreign brand" trusted by many Chinese parents. They claimed the source of the milk was 100% from America while in fact, it’s a shell company in America and the formula milk powder is produced in Shanxi and Hei Longjiang, some northern cities.

Order floorboard claimed to be a 100-year old German brand. In 2004 they even launched a luxury floorboard that cost 2008 yuan per m². After the investigation by the CCTV, there is no floorboard company named Order in Germany and the trademark Order is actually registered in 2000 by a Beijing company.

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    1. Urban China is culturally about 100 years behind the West. Rural China probably 200 years.

  4. i don’t know why China can never come up with their own original content. If someone can replicate any given product, wouldn’t you call them a genius? but if that person who is so good at replicating a button but cannot create his/her own original content then you can remove the genius rank from that person.

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